Friday, June 23, 2023

Business Spotlight: Raymond Car Wash

When it comes to getting your car sparkling clean, nobody beats Raymond Car Wash.

A trusted community business for the past 19 years, Raymond Car Wash takes the extra step to ensuring complete customer satisfaction through meticulous detailing services and investing in a brand-new state-of-the-art touch-free automatic wash to leave vehicles immaculate and shiny. Located at 1249 Roosevelt Trail, Raymond Car Wash is open 24 hours every day and features quality products, reliability, and well-maintained equipment for everyone seeking an exceptional car or boat washing experience.

“We strive to make sure all of our customers are happy and to provide the best car wash available,” said Raymond Car Wash owner Drew Taylor. “We live here, we work here, and we push ourselves to offer the best car wash possible. The interaction we have with our customers makes it all worthwhile.”

There are four types of automated wash packages available and a handy self-service wash with high-pressure options for soaping, rinsing, waxing and spot-free drying. Raymond Car Wash also features an array of express and interior and exterior detailing services and complete inside and outside reconditioning for your vehicle at affordable prices.

The staff includes Car Wash and Detailing Manager Melissa Duchesneau, Assistant Detailer Linda Mayer, and Facilities Supervisor Derek Weltz, who take great pride in seeing clean vehicles leave the site driven by happy customers. Taylor said that their attention to detail and expertise is one of the reasons Raymond Car Wash continues to be a customer favorite in town for nearly two decades.

“The challenging aspect is making sure everything is operational and in good working order so you can drive away in a clean, shiny car,” Taylor said. “A misconception is that a business like this takes care of itself and that’s not the case. An automated car wash takes attention daily, weekly and we put in the effort to make sure everything is working properly every time our customers visit. If not, our policy is come back if you’re not happy, and we’ll certainly make it right.”

Basic detailing services are thorough and include hand wash and scrub, express wax and protectant, all glass and mirrors cleaned inside and outside, express interior vacuuming, the dashboard wiped down and tires dressed. Exterior detailing includes hand wash and paint decontamination, buff polish and protectant, vinyl trim reconditioned, windows cleaned inside and outside, wheels and rims cleaned, and tires dressed. Interior detailing features vacuuming and shampooing of carpets, mats, and upholstery, clean consoles, door panels, jambs, knobs and gauges, vinyl and plastic surfaces dressed, glass and windows cleaned, and leather cleaned and conditioned. Call for pricing.

Online reviews are exceptional.

“Amazing car wash! Best in the area.” Hayes Henderson

“Raymond Car Wash did an amazing job detailing my car. Melissa exceeded our expectations!” Susan Shoberg

“Such a great job! Drop off in the morning and pick up afternoon. makes me feel like a new car and not another payment. super clean and fresh!” Kim DeCesere Merrill

“Automatic car wash cleans my car pretty good compared to other car washes.” Brianna Palmer

“Updated automatic car wash works great!! My truck had dried mud all over it from a muddy road, and it did a great job cleaning it off. Did a better job than I was expecting!” Scott Allen

Taylor said Raymond Car Wash remains popular because the business and employees care about providing an exceptional experience and value to customers.

“We’re very mindful to take care of our customers,” he said. “Our goal is to deliver outstanding services to keep your vehicle as clean as possible.”

For a spotlessly cleaned vehicle or boat with attentive and personalized service to boot, call 207-655-4643 for detailing appointments or send an email to Detailing services are offered by Raymond Car Wash from May through October, weather permitting. Hours of operation for detailing are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays and on Sundays. The self-serve car wash remains open 24/7 year-round. <

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