Friday, March 25, 2016

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Business spotlight - Jet Ski guy - By Michelle Libby

Summer is coming and for the Jet Ski Guy Tim Gaudet it’s the best time of the year. With his latest shipment of jet skis, Gaudet now has five personal watercrafts to rent for the ultimate in affordable fun on the lake. 
“We’re hoping for an explosive season,” Gaudet said. With the new jet skis and delivery to the lakes in the area, renting has never been easier.  “We even lowered our price to make sure the skis are out there every day being used,” he added. 

Jet Ski Guy opened officially in 2011 after working from his garage for several years. Now at 999 River Road, he has more room to work on jet skis and has a base of operation for rentals. 

“I love the water. We do not like winter at all,” Gaudet said. His love for the power sports industry is what got him involved in jet skis at the start. “Everyone loves something small and fast,” he said. 
Alex Hurtubise and the Jet Ski Guy, Tim Gaudet.

Signing up for rentals is simple and even easier now that it can be done on their website, through a new reservation system. The jet skis Gaudet has can seat three and have enough power to pull a tube, skier or a wakeboarder. 

The average jet ski user only runs the ski for five to eight hours a season. When figuring the cost of buying the machine, insurance, maintenance, registration fees and possibly training, it’s a whole lot cheaper to rent. 

This year Jet Ski Guy is renting out three 2015 Yamaha VX deluxe, and two 2013 Yamaha VX deluxe.  Life jackets are included in the rental. 

Delivery fees will apply if the travel time is more than half an hour. There is a $100 deposit required when the reservation is made and a $1,000 security deposit due the day of drop off. The cost for a daily rental is $275 per jet ski. Call or check on the website for multi-day discounts. Renters must be 21 and have a major credit card. Rentals start next week. Although Jet Ski Guy doesn’t rent wet suits, he does rent tubes, wakeboards and skis. 

Jet Ski Guy has insurance which also covers the renter. There is a contract that the renter signs before taking the jet skis. 

Jet Ski Guy services all makes and models like Polaris, Kawasaki, Sea-Doo and Yamaha. From spring start up to new engine rebuilds, they work on anything personal watercraft including jet boats. This spring owners can bring their jet ski to the shop by appointment to have spring maintenance done to make sure the machine runs great right off the trailer. 

“People need to know they’re not locked in with dealers,” Gaudet said. “More people need to know we’re out there.”

Currently, they are running some aggressively priced spring start up specials that make getting tuned up more affordable by booking early. Turn-around time on service is generally one to three days. Motors are usually serviced for one to two weeks. Ski guy provides mobile service and general repairs on the water too. More extensive repairs have to be brought back to the shop. They also do recovery of jet skis if one should sink. 

“I treat every customer as if they’re my only customer. I find out what their needs are and go from there,” he added. There is also free pick up for customers in Windham. 

New this year is injector cleaning for $25 per injector, which will give the machine better performance.
Jet Ski Guy is also the home of VP gas cans, a virtually leak proof can with a price that rivals online retailers. They stock a variety of colors with camo and pink being the most popular. 

Jet Ski Guy has a total of three employees. They accept all forms of payments. 

Summertime hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or by appointment. 

For more information or to rent jet skis and equipment, call 939-6235, visit or like them on Facebook.

Friday, March 18, 2016

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Business spotlight - Cumberland Title - By Michelle Libby

Cumberland Title Services has been involved in home closings for more than 30 years. Anyone who has purchased a home has most likely used a title company to check the deed to the property, set up the closing and arrange all of the paperwork. 

In 2008, Matthew and Randee McDonald purchased Cumberland Title and they haven’t looked back.
“I knew this was what I wanted to do in law,” said Matthew, who is the lawyer on staff as well as the owner. “Not every title company has a lawyer on staff.” 

Title companies are often over looked between the realtor and lender, however, clients need to know that they have a choice of title companies when it comes to their home purchase. Matthew recommends that people shop for a title company just like they shop from lenders. “When shopping for a title company you should ask if they have an attorney on staff,” he said. 

Title companies do three things. The closings, including all of the paperwork, emails and coordination of the buyer, seller. They preside over the closing dispersing the papers and making sure the transaction is complete. They do the title search, which is where they research the property history to assure that the seller has a clear title to the property. They also issue title insurance, which is an insurance policy that says that you are the owner of the property. “That’s the only thing backing up your ownership of the property,” said Matthew. 

Cumberland Title can do closings anywhere in the State of Maine. They have a main office in Portland, but have satellite offices in Brunswick, Lincoln and soon Windham. Their newest office in Windham at 585 Roosevelt Trail, will be open in the next few weeks, according to Randee. The McDonald’s have lived in Windham for 10 years. The company has 12 employees. The company is growing and will continue to grow. Matthew has his eye out for a processor for a location in Bangor and one in York County. The company does not have sales people only people who can get things done for their clients.
“With 8,500 real estate transactions, we have a deeper level of experience. And we’re locally owned,” Matthew said. “We are looking to service realtors, home buyers and lenders in the community.” 

Some lenders own their own title company, but according to Matthew that’s not good for the consumer. Check out title companies and don’t just follow the lender or realtor blindly. 

Cumberland Title has a strong social media presence and has started a YouTube series titled “How to Purchase a Home in Maine.” Seven episodes have already been shot. The general series can help novice home buyers to the more advanced. 

“The title is a fairly large charge. They should know what we do and how we do it,” Randee said. 

The company is also involved in a program called Homes for Heroes for military, police, fire, teachers and medical personnel, where they receive an automatic $100 discount. “Those are the people we want living in our communities,” Matthew said. 

Matthew also does some estate planning, simple will creation, power of attorney and advance healthcare directives for his clients outside of the title services he offers. 

Randee is the affiliate director of the Greater Portland Board of Realtors for 2016. The company works with Habitat for Humanity and Woodford Family Services. 

“Homeownership is important and good for communities,” Matthew said.

Friday, March 11, 2016

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Business spotlight - Kline Realty Group - By Michelle Libby

Finding an individual or a family their perfect home, be it a first home or a home away from home, can be a challenge. The brokers at Kline Realty Group specialize in helping their clients get exactly what they want and make it look easy. 

Kline Realty Group opened its doors on February 1, but brokers Carol Kline and Debbi Webber have a combined 42 years of experience selling and purchasing real estate in the Sebago region and beyond. 

“I want to be able to offer a high level of service and have control over how my business is run,” Kline said of the new agency. “We are a boutique real estate group. We’re small with only a few agents and we’re local.” 

Kline grew up the area and went to local schools, had children who went to school here and now has four grandchildren who also attend local schools. “We’re familiar with what makes people fall in love with the Sebago Lakes region,” Kline said. Kline and Webber know about the activities and lifestyles each community has to offer be it lake living, skiing or suburbia. 

Many of her clients have been referrals or repeat clients who are ready to upsize, downsize or purchase a vacation home. 

“We’re unique. We’re not about selling someone one house. We develop a relationship so they will buy and sell with us and continue the relationship indefinitely,” said Kline. 

Kline Realty Group works primarily in a 30 mile radius from Windham concentrating on homes between Portland to Bridgton and to Fryeburg on the New Hampshire border. They list and help purchase residential homes, land, second homes, new construction packages and condominiums. The majority is residential homes, but there is a very strong secondary home market in the area, she said.
“I love selling real estate. I love helping my clients buy and sell real estate,” Kline said. She listens to what the clients are looking for and then talks to them about the uniqueness of each area they are looking at. 

“Buying or selling is emotional. It’s not just the bottom line,” Kline said. She uses her knowledge and experience to put her network of local providers and professionals to work for her clients by putting them in touch with reliable contractors or service providers. 

“The best part is finding people what they want for the family and themselves whether it’s their first or fifth home,” she said. Kline Realty Group’s experience comes into play when it comes to negotiations. They want what’s best for their clients. 

Kline and Webber are directors on the board of the Western Maine Board of Realtors. In 2010, Kline was named Realtor® of the year for Western Maine. Kline is also the director of development for Cristo Salva, a ministry of encouragement for people in Honduras and Central America. 

The Kline Realty Group is a major supporter of 150 children in a mountain village in Central America, making sure that they each get at least one meal a day. Kline has done mission work in Honduras. Kline Realty Group also supports Habitat for Humanity and Keep ME Warm heating program. 

“We believe in giving back,” Kline said. “It’s a blessing. We get much more than we give.” 

As a small business, Kline feels that they can provide better, more personal service. The agents are available 7-days a week and are in and out of their new modern office space at 940 Roosevelt Trail, Suite 10 in Windham. One of them tries to be at the office during business hours. Email inquiries and phone calls are always welcome. 

“Call us because we are your local experts in real estate who will put the client first and give them specialized service so they can feel great about making an investment in real estate,” Kline said.
Kline Realty Group has are huge presence online including a Facebook page and a Pinterest page filled with activities and things to do in the region with and without children. They use all of the technology available to market homes to the most people with professional photos. For more about Kline Realty Group, visit, email or call 207-310-8592.

Friday, March 4, 2016

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Business spotlight - Windham Powersports - By Michelle Libby

Since opening Windham Powersports at its present location on Roosevelt Trail two years ago, Chris McDonald has only seen his business grow. 
“Everything’s gotten bigger,” he said. “We’re growing fast enough that we need to expand.” 

Windham Powersports is not only known for their outstanding small engine repairs but has also become known for their plentiful line-up of youth sized 4-wheelers which can be seen on any given day in front of their shop on Route 302 at 1037B Roosevelt Trial. The shop buys and sells everything from 4-wheelers, dirt bikes and go-karts to lawnmowers and snow blowers. They expanded to selling brand new youth-sized machines after McDonald saw a need to fill this niche in the market. 

“The business is worlds apart from what I expected it to be,” McDonald said, not at all upset by that.
This past week, Windham Powersports opened up a new showroom in one of its garage bays. The new retail space is what McDonald needed to service his customers who wanted brand new machines and new parts to fix and upgrade the machines they already have. They are also an Interstate Battery dealer. The showroom even has a display of Hot Wheels that are 4-wheelers and snowmobiles. 

He is the exclusive carrier of Coolster kid machines, which are high in quality but lower in price than other manufacturers. Because they are assembled onsite, they are able to give customers a better price than almost anywhere else.

New stock is available year round. Used items are by season and obtain-ability. “Two or three years down the road, you can sell it back because we take trade-ins,” he said. “Then get the next size up.” 

“It’s a little store. It’s bright and vibrant,” said McDonald. In the store he carries parts for almost everything he sells as well as drive belts for most small engines like snowmobiles, ATVs, 4-wheelers and snow blowers, youth or full sized. He has rebuild and handlebar kits, youth helmets, gloves and goggles of all colors. “I want to expand the market and what’s available to offer to my customers,” McDonald said. 

Although service is a little less than half of their business, the mechanics are kept busy repairing and fixing machines for customers. 

“I can be the guy who works on everything,” said McDonald. “We have better rates than anyone and my two mechanics know what they are doing.” The number of mechanics increases in the summer to three or four, he said.  McDonald sells kid-wheelers and go-carts and also sells bigger items like scooters and adult sized machines. 

McDonald has developed relationships with other business people in similar industries. If he can’t meet a customer’s needs, he refers them to other places. 

Windham Powersports fixes items for people who have been driving the same lawnmower for 20 years or the 14-or 15-year-old kid who drives his bike out of the woods and says, “Dude it’s making noise, can you fix me up?” They do not fix anything that goes in the water or street bikes. They do fix scooters. 

“Building a relationship with the community is so important for me,” said McDonald. “Sitting around the dinner table, I want to be on the tip of the tongue when someone needs something fixed.” 

Windham Powersports is running a local special free pick-up and delivery to anywhere in Windham. “We’re trying to help solve that problem for people,” he said. 

Windham Powersports is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Everything Windham Powersports has for sale is also up on their FB page. More on the company can also be found at To schedule an appointment, call 893-8511 or email