Friday, September 29, 2023

Business Spotlight: Windham Rental Center

If you think you know Windham Rental Center, you might want to think again. Under new owners Joe and Donna Poulin, the longtime business at 730 Roosevelt Trail in Windham is growing, all while adapting to changing times with increased rental and retail inventory and featuring quality products that can help get the job done, no matter how large or small the project.

Joe and Donna Poulin took over Windham
Rental Center in 2022. They are proud to
keep the business family owned and 
excited to continue to grow inventory
based upon customer needs.
With a staff of eight, Windham Rental Center has a distinguished 27-year record of success as Maine’s premier rental center and serves the entire state, offering the finest in construction and landscape equipment rentals, product delivery, as well as service for the products they sell - and always at competitive and fair pricing.

“The best thing about what we do is helping people,” Joe Poulin said. “We have a truly amazing staff and among us we have a wealth of knowledge and can help advise and provide guidance to those who come in. We offer paths and solutions for projects, what products to use, and how to use our products safely.”

The business has concrete and asphalt rentals; excavation rentals; hand and power tool rentals; home repair rentals; lawn and garden rentals; moving and cleaning rentals; party and event rentals; plumbing rentals; light, power, air, and heat rentals; and pressure washing rentals.

No job is beyond the capability of what can be accomplished with equipment from Windham Rental Center. It has brush cutters; leaf blowers; post drivers; stump grinders; lawn rollers; woodchippers; and post hole diggers. Need an excavator, a skid steer, or a backhoe? Same thing for moving dollys, wet and dry vacuums, saws, airless painters, and hydraulic jacks. All of those and more can be rented from Windham Rental Center.

Trusted brand-name products from Kubota, Bobcat, Black Rhino, Genie, Toro, Rayco, Mud Mixer and Greenworks Commercial, among others, can always be found at Windham Rental.

The business stands behind every product it rents and guarantees that when you take delivery, the equipment is clean and in proper working condition.

“We focus on catching stuff here instead of when you have it out in the field,” Poulin said. “When you pick it up, it will be clean and full of fuel and ready to go.”

According to Poulin, a common misconception is that because of the size of their location, Windham Rental Center may not have the equipment to meet their needs. “Our inventory is posted and updated on our website and people often are surprised by what we have,” he said. “We took over here in May 2022 and have changed the look and the inventory. We also have increased our retail products to meet the needs of contractors and residents and have everything from gloves to beef jerky.”

While they do everything possible to be ready to meet demands, reserving ahead is always recommended, as seasonal demands for some products rises significantly.

“One of the most challenging aspects of what we do is staying on top of the latest and greatest tools for our customers,” Poulin said. “We are always open to feedback and suggestions from both homeowners and professionals to be sure we have what they need.”

Online reviews are exceptional.

“After using Windham Rental Center, I won't go anywhere else, Service was top notch and the equipment was well taken care of! I will be referring my friends and family!! Great job Windham Rental Center!” Robert Duclos

“I had a great experience with Windham Rental. I rented a tractor and mini excavator two days apart. They dropped off the mini-ex machine late in the evening at exactly the time they said they would, and then they returned, picked up the excavator and dropped off the tractor. I had no experience with either machine and they gave me the five-minute run through about how the machines worked and told me they took a few minutes to get used to. They were professional, helpful, and easy to work with.” Paul J.F.

“Great staff that’s very helpful and an incredibly easy process of renting equipment. I would recommend Windham Rental to anyone and I myself will definitely be back!” Sam Pattee

Free quotes are always available at Windham Rental Center which strives to exceed expectations. Call 207-892-7743 or stop in today. Also visit and find them on Facebook. <

Friday, September 22, 2023

Business Spotlight: Woodman Mansfield Company, PC

Making an informed decision when choosing a Medicare insurance plan can be difficult and perplexing process, but Woodman Mansfield Company stands ready to help bring clarity to a confusing subject and bring people to a point where they feel comfortable about their healthcare choices.

Hilary Mansfield, left, and her father, Robert
Woodman, are the team at Woodman Mansfield
Company and specialize in bringing clarity 
to the confusing subject of healthcare choices.
Robert Woodman and his daughter, Hilary Mansfield, make up Woodman Mansfield Company, and are independent insurance agents who specialize in Medicare plans. They educate people about how Medicare works and why it works as it does and guide them about the correct process for enrollment to prevent penalties or dissatisfaction with their chosen plan.

“We listen to their needs and goals and compare plans available in their county so that they can make an informed decision about which plan will work best for their needs,” Mansfield said.

From their office in the Old Richardson Place at 510 Main St., Suite 109, in Gorham, Woodman Mansfield Company offers complete Medicare solutions, and they are licensed to assist anyone whose primary residence is in the state of Maine. They typically focus on the southern Maine region, but if someone needs their assistance elsewhere, they are happy to travel further.

“Our business is unusual because we are a father and daughter team,” Woodman said. “We take our time with our clients. We like to get to know each potential client well, and we encourage people to make a decision only when they feel confident and ready. And we maintain relationships with our clients. If there is a problem, we are here to assist.”

The company is particularly proud to feature a team of highly qualified individuals who work with them to provide educational “Retirement Planning For All Ages” workshops. These cover topics relevant to anyone planning for retirement. They typically provide an overview of the Medicare insurance process, investment strategies for retirement planning, and estate planning topics, such as the best way to transfer property to relatives. Participants are encouraged to set up a free initial consultation with any of the presenters, and their Medicare insurance consultations are always at no cost.

There is no cost to attend the workshops, and no pressure; just good information and an opportunity to ask questions. The workshops are held in the conference room at the Old Richardson Place in Gorham, and the event list is readily available on the Woodman Mansfield website.

For those turning 65 or looking for answers to Medicare plan questions, Woodman Mansfield Company is a trusted resource and available without expense to clients.

“We try to have some fun. Medicare is confusing, and we are here to help,” Woodman said. “Our consultations are no-cost to our clients. We are paid by the carriers who represent the plans they choose. This is why we take the time to certify with as many different companies as possible; we want to ensure that we can find the best plan for each person.”

Mansfield said that in speaking with her clients, she’s found that the public’s perception is that everyone promoting Medicare plans on television or online are local and that most of the plans are similar, and that’s not the case.

“We understand that choosing the right plan is a very important decision, and we understand how confusing this process can be. There's a lot of misinformation out there,” she said. “I have a background in education, and my dad has been in the industry for many years. We both enjoy working in a profession that allows us to help people every day. There's no better feeling than knowing that the work you’re doing is making someone's life a little easier. It's great to know at the end of each day we've achieved that goal.”

Woodman said that because their company is small, it’s able to offer personalized service and individual attention to clients.

“We try to go the extra mile for people,” he said. “We do whatever we can to get people what they need based upon their individual circumstances, needs, and goals.”

According to Mansfield, their business has grown primarily through referrals.

“There is no better testimonial than a client who is satisfied with the experience they had with us; so much so that they want their friends and family to have the same experience,” she said. “My dad has been working in this business for many years. I'm grateful to be learning from him, and now that we have our own agency, we can take the time to advertise a little bit, such as in this great local publication.”

For more details about how the Woodman Mansfield Company can help you, visit or call Robert at 207-951-2485 or Hilary at 207-466-4929. Find them on Facebook at Woodman Mansfield Company. <

Friday, September 15, 2023

Business Spotlight: Numbers By Nikole, LLC

Ask any successful business owner and they’ll tell you that a great bookkeeper can be the difference between profitability or merely treading water and hoping for the best.

Nikole Clough has owned and operated
Numbers By Nikole, LLC for four years
and has more than 20 years of
bookkeeping and financial experience.
With more than 20 years of experience and a thorough knowledge of financials, hiring Numbers By Nikole, LLC to handle their bookkeeping is one of the smartest decisions a business owner can make.

“Our main goal is to help ease business owners' minds by taking the finances off their plate, by providing useful reports to show their profit and help with maximizing their deductions,” said Nikole Clough, the owner of Numbers By Nikole, LLC.

Located in Gorham but having a virtual setup that allows her to work with clients throughout the United States, Numbers By Nikole, LLC has been in business for four years and is known for its reliable and personalized “done for you” bookkeeping services.

“Working with a bookkeeper and taking steps toward knowing your finances doesn’t have to be scary,” Clough said. “The majority of our clients say they waited so long to hire a professional because they were embarrassed. Being in this industry for 20 years, we have seen and heard a lot and there is zero judgement. We are here to help and be a comfortable space for you to know your numbers.”

Numbers By Nikole, LLC provides an array of helpful monthly bookkeeping support that includes making sure income and expenses are categorized correctly; reconciliation of checking, savings, credit cards or third-party payment accounts; loan tracking and reconciliation; a customized chart of accounts; and monthly financials to include a profit and loss and balance sheet and other reports that can be generated and customized based upon client needs.

“We also offer cleanup/catchup services, so for the business owner that has tried to keep the bookkeeping current but just doesn't have the time or it’s not coming out right and is a mess, we can come in and get the books all cleaned up and organized,” Clough said.

Numbers By Nikole, LLC also can help with State of Maine sales tax submissions; payroll support through a third-party vendor; annual budget preparation and tracking; estimated taxes of what should be set aside to make quarterly tax payments; helping business owners with knowing how much to pay themselves and setting up a payment schedule; accounts payable; and accounts receivable.

“While we do not perform tax services, we will have your books ready for a tax professional,” Clough said. “We do have some local CPAs that we can recommend for filing taxes.”

What makes Numbers By Nikole, LLC stand out from the competition is its core values.

“We believe in collaboration and strive to make sure our clients understand their numbers and how their business is doing. When a business owner goes from feeling overwhelmed with their finances to taking control, they are sure to feel empowered,” Clough said. “We are approachable. Whether you feel unsure or a bit embarrassed by the current status of your books, we will guide you through it in a judgment free zone. And we are trustworthy. We totally get that finances are a sensitive topic. Growing up we are taught not to talk about money, but here you are letting someone see all your transactions. We are not here to judge. You can count on us to help you create the business and life you dream of by having a strong financial foundation.”

Pricing is highly competitive and factors in Clough’s experience and expert knowledge of bookkeeping.

“We offer different levels of pricing based on what part of the journey a business owner is on. A business just starting out is likely to have a low volume of transactions and minimal complexity,” she said. “A business that is seasoned and growing is likely to have a higher volume of transactions and accounts with higher complexity. We base our pricing off all these factors.”

Online reviews of Numbers By Nikole, LLC are exceptional.

“Nikole has been a joy to work with. She’s professional, responsive, and extremely competent. Having her work on my books has relieved me of so much stress. It’s been a lifesaver.” L. Siviski

“Nikole is a great bookkeeper, we love working with her.” P. Anania

“Nikole has been fantastic in running my books for my gym. She is always prompt, super accurate, and really easy to get a hold of in case of an emergency. You will find her bookkeeping services superior.” S. Durfee

Clough said she enjoys her work and loves being able to help people alleviate the anxiety and stress associated with bookkeeping.

For more information about Numbers By Nikole, LLC, call 207-405-1633, visit or send an email to Find them on Facebook at numbersbynikole or on Instagram at numbers_by_nikole. <

Friday, September 8, 2023

Business Spotlight: Think Energy

Theresa Bouchard, a Windham, Maine resident of the past eight years, brings her expertise to Think+ Network, LLC ("Think+") as an Independent Energy Advisor. After Think Energy, LLC (“Think Energy”) rebranded and launch its exciting and innovative new program, Theresa has been dedicated to assisting customers since the early days of March 2023.

Contact local Think+ 
Independent Energy Advisor
Theresa Bouchard to learn 
more about how you can  help
shape Maine's clean energy
Theresa takes pride in presenting Think Energy's Vision for a Sustainable Future: Envision a world where your everyday actions contribute to a healthier planet, where your electricity choices not only reduce your carbon footprint but also bolster local communities.

Who is Think Energy?

Think Energy is redefining how Maine residents access clean energy. They're more than just an electricity supply service; they're pioneers of locally sourced, community-driven energy solutions. Think Community Solar's collaboration with a national independent power producer is set to revolutionize how Mainer’s access and benefit from clean energy.

Think Energy embodies a commitment to sustainability that aligns with your values. Whether you're new to clean energy or a seasoned advocate, their offerings empower your transition to a greener lifestyle.

Their foundation rests on three pillars: clean electricity, environmental preservation, and community engagement. Choosing Think Energy means access to clean electricity and becoming an environmental steward. Every enrollment contributes to safeguarding 50 trees in the endangered rainforest through their partnership with One Tribe. Learn more: One Tribe Global - Think Energy.

How can Think Energy offerings benefit Maine Customers?

Think Energy currently offers residential customers 100% clean energy, a fixed rate for 3 years with no cancellation fee, and cash back rebates through the Free Energy Club.

Consumers within the Central Maine Power ("CMP") service territory are free to select their own Competitive Electricity Provider ("CEP"). If a residential consumer doesn't choose to take service from a CEP, then they automatically receive electricity supply service from CMP, which is called CMP's Standard Offer Service. Until December 31, 2023, CMP's Standard Offer Rate for residential customers is $0.166310 per kWh.

Alternatively, Think Energy is currently offering residential customers a 3-year term with a fixed-rate price of 13.5 ¢/kWh. Eligible consumers who take advantage of Think Energy's offer will continue to receive a monthly invoice from CMP containing CMP's charges for electricity delivery service, except instead of seeing CMP's Standard Offer Rate, they will see Think Energy's supply charge. For more information about Think Energy's current offer, please review the Disclosure Label located at https://

Unsure about a long-term commitment? Thankfully, with Think Energy, there are no cancellation fees for residential customers.

Think Energy's cost savings on electricity supply through December 31, 2023, compared to CMP's Standard Offer Rate for residential customers reaches further through its affiliate, Think Community Solar. With community solar initiatives sweeping the state, you have the opportunity to be a part of something bigger. Think Community Solar's empowers you to receive 10% in bill credits on your electric bill for up to 20 years. This isn't just about cost savings; it is about actively contributing to the growth of local solar projects and reducing the reliance on traditional energy sources.

But the commitment doesn't stop there – it extends to you, the customer, through the Free Energy Club. Think Energy's innovative referral program empowers you to spread the movement and earn cash rebates on your electricity bills, up to $2,000 in any 12-month period. It's a win-win situation you're contributing to tree protection while enjoying the benefits of cleaner energy and financial rewards.

To learn more about Think Energy and community solar, or to enroll through its seamless enrollment process, go If you have any questions, call Theresa and her team at (C) 508-965-9224 or contact her via email at

Join Think Energy in Shaping Maine’s Clean Energy Landscape Think Energy isn't merely an energy provider; it's a driving force for positive change. Through a customer-centric approach, innovative technology, and a steadfast commitment to a sustainable future, Think Energy is rewriting the script on how we power our lives.

Maine's cleaner, greener tomorrow begins with you! <

Friday, September 1, 2023

Business Spotlight: Maine Management & Business Services

Barry Vaill of Maine Management & Business Services is not a Certified Public Accountant or a tax expert, but he could be the difference between profitability and treading water for a struggling business.

Barry Vaill of Maine Management & Business Services is an
expert at cleaning up company books and can help any
business with his personalized service and expertise.
Vaill is a former banking executive who founded Maine Management & Business Services to help companies clean up their books and understand to improve their profitability performance.

Working from his home in Otisfield, Vaill offers personalized service and the expertise needed for business owners to make sense of their finances.

“We are like a ‘business doctor.’ We clean up client's books either manual or a Quickbooks, then usually we take over the accounting up to income tax filings, done by their CPA,” Vaill said. “We usually take over the accounting after the clean-up. Also, we have a consulting niche advising clients regarding their profitability performance and offering solutions to improve profitability. I have 18 years of banking experience as an executive for large commercial banks. Therefore, we also render assistance in helping a business obtain business loans.”

Clients range from businesses in Cumberland County to Oxford, Androscoggin, and Kennebec counties and because its services are individually tailored to a client’s needs, many businesses feel that hiring Maine Management & Business Services is like adding a Chief Financial Officer at a reasonable cost.

“Most competitors perform bookkeeping and accounting, but they don't have my 50 years of experience doing it,” Vaill said. “I knock my brains out for my clients.”

Costs typically range from $200 per month to $2,500 depending upon the clients’ volume and needs with individualized services designed to fit a client’s business needs.

“If their books are a mess and they do not know how the business is performing, we fix the concerns,” Vaill said. “I just took on a new client close to Augusta, and they needed to file their 2022 Tax Return. They were at their wit's end. They called me, and it took 60-man hours to fix two years of major bookkeeping concerns. They are now ready for the CPA and now they have a greater understanding and knowledge about how their business is performing. It was a first for them after two years.”

According to Vaill, many business owners are so busy running the day-to-day operations of the company that their financial picture becomes overlooked, jeopardizing their success.

“The most challenging aspect of my work is always the clean-up of a client’s books,” he said. “Usually there’s a mess and some business owners have no clue as to the profit or costs associated with their business. We help them with that. We provide clarity and in some ways it’s like hiring a good business consultant and a reasonable CFO financial doctor.”

When he first moved to Maine in 2000, Vaill served as a General Manager for two retailers and then was CFO of a very large year-round resort. He has spent more than 43 years in business safeguarding company books.

“The misconception that some people may have about Maine Management & Business Services is that they think that I’m a run of the mill accounting service,” he said. “I do not do CPA work; what I promise to give my clients is a clean set of books.”

As the owner of a successful business himself, Vaill knows that time is a valuable commodity.

“I’m self-motivated and not a clock watcher at all,” he said. “If I must work on weekends to get caught up, I will. The quality of services that I offer to businesses is second to none and my clients will tell everyone that. When they call me, they get an immediate response and are not blown off. My clients become my friends and I establish long-term relationships with them.”

To learn more about Maine Management & Business Services and how they can assist your business, call 207-539-4076 or email <