Friday, May 26, 2023

Business Spotlight: Goodhue Boat Company

This boating season is going to be an exciting one for Goodhue Boat Company. Goodhue acquired Panther Run Marina on Sebago Lake in Raymond, Maine in March of this year, while also working diligently on the recent launch of Lake Life Experience: A Goodhue Boat Company, which is the company’s new lifestyle brand that will focus on retail and lessons.

Panther Run Marina in Raymond is now part of the
Goodhue Boat Company. SUBMITTED PHOTO
Goodhue Boat Company is also gearing up for the launch of their brand-new Goodhue Boat Club at all five locations. With these expansions come added team members, coordination for these new projects, and most importantly: more experience opportunities for customers.

"The strength and growth of Goodhue Boat Company over the last five years really comes from three sources. We have the best team in the business that focuses on the customer and our core values. We have the best waterfront locations on beautiful lakes. And finally, we partner with only industry-leading manufacturers and vendors that share our interest in premium products and exceptional customer experiences.” said Cody Gray, Vice President of Operations. “These three ingredients have guided us to also look to the future of outdoor recreation and consider how people enjoy the water with their family and friends. The reality is that some of the traditional ways we access and use water don’t work for everyone. For example, some people want to see the water solo from a personal mobility perspective on an efoil. Some may be interested in renting a boat for a day or even just taking a guided tour of part of the lake. And for others, they want a more traditional boating experience without all the costs and work of boat ownership. Our new Boat Club might be a good fit for them. Ultimately our marina locations offer the products, services and access that allow us to truly experience the lake lifestyle.”

The new boat club Goodhue has built with Carefree Boat Club truly gives members the opportunity to enjoy the water without the cost of ownership.

With on-the-water training for all new members regardless of experience, the goal is to get people on the water with safety as a top priority. Members will have unlimited access to multiple boats at all Goodhue Boat Company locations, as well as reciprocity with over 100 other Carefree Boat Club locations across the globe. For more information about the boat club, visit

The acquisition of Panther Run Marina on Sebago Lake has been an exciting time for the company. The new location is managed by the great Captain Bob Adams. With a colorful background in the boating industry, his pledge is to deliver a premium customer experience to every client and customer.

Adams was previously a USCG Master Boat Captain with experience as a coastal cruise boat captain, resort marina manager, and as a leader with large outdoor retailers. You can find him enjoying the lifestyle one finds on the water fishing, scuba diving and boating. If you get the chance to visit Maine this summer, make sure to swing by and say hello to the Panther Run crew!

Peter Curless is the General Sales Manager at the new Panther Run location and wrote this on looking forward into the 2023 boating season: “When you think about Goodhue Boat Company at Panther Run a key phrase is commonly heard and emphasized within our team of professionals. That phrase and focus is delivering a life enhancing experience for our customers.

We want you to enjoy your journey with our team every step of the way. We can support you with our customer-first focus on Sales, F&I, Service, Parts, Pro-Shop, Rentals and Boat Club. Located in the heart of Sebago Lake allows us to partner with our community on a local level as well as supporting you at the state level as the only Cobalt Dealer in Maine. Stop by, say hello, and let us earn your business the right way.” <

Friday, May 19, 2023

Business Spotlight: King + Miller Real Estate

Real estate might conjure visions of contracts and closings, but the King + Miller team’s true pride is in having the biggest hearts in the business. Patient, passionate and highly skilled, this caring collection is connected by their love of Maine and the people who call it home. Windham’s small-town charm, endless amenities and abundant opportunities for outdoor adventures largely influence the team - Brokers Bridget King & James Quimby and Copywriter Lisa Bassett grew up calling Windham “Home,” and both James and Associate Broker Ben Schulz currently reside in this well-loved locale.

Bridget King and Jason Miller came together to create 
King + Miller Real Estate in 2015. SUBMITTED PHOTO
Created in 2015 by Jason Miller and Bridget King and currently comprised of renowned brokers, client care and transaction coordinators, an in-house stager and a copywriter, the agency’s brand is inspired by authenticity, driven by relationships and founded on decades of combined industry expertise.

“In this market, it’s nearly impossible to be a single agent navigating all aspects of real estate transactions - especially at a high level. When Jason and I decided to collaborate, it was based on our passion to help people through one of the biggest transitions of their lives. Our favorite conversations with clients are the ones where we help them gain clarity on their dreams for the future, and then facilitate their success. By combining forces, we were able to cultivate a powerful team of smart, creative, and caring people who guide our clients seamlessly through our time-tested process to get to their destination with ease. We love working together and are proud of the service we provide to our community. Our group is like a family, and we consider our clients members of that family,” Broker Bridget King said.

The team boasts impressive stats, but their top priority is a commitment to taking the fear and overwhelm out of real estate, helping Maine families to buy and sell with ease.

“I have known Bridget since grade school and was always impressed with her fortitude, work ethic, and for just being a great person. I stayed in touch and knew that she was a well-respected and successful agent. She really loves what she does. When I decided to change careers and got my real estate license, I knew that I would learn more with Bridget and Jason than with anyone else. They are both truly knowledgeable and care about their clients. It has been a wonderful fit for me,” says Broker James Quimby.

“Bridget (King) and I are lifelong friends, and I’ve always been in proximity to her infectious energy and love for her career. Bridget’s loving presence is magnetic, and when she asked me to come on board to tell the tales of homes for sale and the adventures of the agency, I happily scooped up the opportunity. The entire team’s kind vibe has made my transition into the real estate industry easy and enjoyable,” Copywriter Lisa Bassett said.

The focus on community connections has paid off for King + Miller, who has helped an average of 122 families buy and sell annually since 2015 and consistently ranks in the top 1 percent of real estate teams in Maine. Pouring love back into the community is a key facet of the company’s philosophy, resulting in excess of $25,000 donated by K+M to local charities including the Center for Grieving Children, Full Plates Full Potential and the Maine Alzheimer’s Association.

The agency's powerful personal connections, marketing reach and visibility are robust and respectfully regarded, which caught the eye of Associate Broker and current Windham resident Ben Schulz, who joined the team in early 2023:

“I joined King + Miller because of its small boutique agency vibe combined with all of the marketing/offerings and more of any big agency,” he said.

King + Miller Real Estate is an independent agency that recently moved to its new location at 201 Main St., Suite 5 in Westbrook. “Our office is centrally located, with easy proximity to Windham and the greater Portland area and we are really excited about that,” Bridget said.

The agency offers Buyer’s Agent, Listing Agent, Relocation and New Construction services. They love what they do - and it shows!

For more info and to work with this amazing team call 207-805-3716 or visit <

Friday, May 12, 2023

Business Spotlight: Mainely Ticks

May is Lyme Awareness Month. Increase your awareness and educate yourself about ways to reduce you, your family’s, and pets’ risk of contracting tick-borne diseases. Summer months in Maine are peak for Lyme disease – a result of our extended outdoor activities in proximity to the tiny nymphal deer tick. Maine has the highest incidence rate of Lyme in the United States, with senior citizens, aged 65 and older, and children ages 5-14 at greatest risk. If you have a woodpile, stone wall, bird feeders, a field with tall grass, leaf litter on the edge of your property, see mice or chipmunks in your yard, or have deer near your home, you may have a population of deer ticks in your area, and be at risk of contracting tick-borne diseases, including Lyme disease.

Tick vectors…

Small rodents, not deer, are responsible for transmitting the Lyme disease bacteria to ticks. A typical field mouse can carry more than 100 ticks during peak activity periods, and all of those ticks have the potential of transmitting Lyme disease as well as other tick-borne diseases. Nymph ticks, about the size of a poppy seed, are active now through the end of July, while adult female deer ticks will be laying up to 3,000 eggs on the ground at the end of May, completing their two-year life cycle. Mouse and chipmunk activity on your property may be supporting the presence of deer ticks.

Tick habitat & landscape modifications…

Ticks need moist areas to survive. Modifying your landscape is a simple way to reduce tick populations. Clean up your yard and keep grass short. Trim branches to let the sunshine in. Sunny areas are less likely to harbor ticks. Remove leaf litter and brush from your property and the perimeter. Move bird feeders and wood piles away from your home. Consider a run or invisible fence to keep pets out of the woods and reduce your pets’ risk of contracting Lyme.

Tick check…

Develop a routine of checking yourself, your children, and your pets frequently after outdoor activity. When showering or bathing, do a full body inspection for a rash or attached ticks. Also use the sensitivity of your fingertips to feel for attached ticks, which will feel like small bumps or scabs. Pay special attention to favorite tick spots-including between toes or fingers, the back of the knees, groin, belly button, waist, armpits, behind ears, and scalp. If you do find a tick, use fine pointed tweezers to gently remove the tick from where it is attached. Pull upward with steady pressure. Do NOT try to smother it, squeeze on it nor apply lotion or heat. Ticks feed by secreting a cement to attach to their host, then inject anesthetics to numb the area. Once they have inserted their barbed mouthpart, they feed by sucking and spitting the contents of their gut into the host. Adult female deer ticks will feed for up to 7 days, if undisturbed, and can engorge up to the size of a raisin. The longer a deer tick is attached, the greater the chances of contracting Lyme and additional tick-borne diseases.

Tick educational partnerships …

Mainely Ticks has partnered with University of Rhode Island’s TickEncounter TickSPOTTERS. Visit to learn about tick removal tips, tick identification with photo submission, and personalized risk assessment based on your specific tick photo submissions. Also, we sponsor Be Ready for Ticks trail signs, which are another tickborne disease prevention collaboration between Mainely Ticks and Tick Encounter. Learn about strategies to know and understand before you are out and about on the trails…and what to do when you get home. Discover best practice actions to take before, during and after your outside adventures. Go to to learn more.

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension: Tick Lab provides information on ticks of Maine, tick-borne diseases, prevention, Maine tick data, and tick photos. It also offers two services for Maine citizens- Submit a tick for ID (free) or Submit a Tick for Testing $20 fee. Details are on their website

If you’re finding ticks on your property…

Visit to learn more about our educational resources. Click Request a Quote for a complimentary site visit estimate for our professional services that will better protect your entire family. We also can assist with mosquito reduction and offer regular treatments as well as a one-time party spray for special occasions, including graduation, birthday, reunions, or other family gatherings. Prevention is the Best Prescription. <

Friday, May 5, 2023

Business Spotlight: Sebago Signworks

With more than two decades of experience and expertise second to none, Sebago Signworks is now in Windham and stands ready to assist everyone with products that stand out from the competition.

Located at 91 Tandberg Trail in Windham near the Route 302/State Road 115 intersection, Sebago Signworks is owned by The Fahie Family, including Devin, Renee and three kids, Meghan, Zachary and Jax Fahie, and has been serving customers in the Greater Portland area, while recently expanding into Windham to better serve the Lakes Region.

Sebago Signworks is owned by The Fahie Family, including
Devin, Renee and their three kids, Meghan, Zachary and 
Jax Fahie. Also shown is foreign exchange student Peter.
Sebago Signworks offers high quality, versatile, professional graphics and signage for customers and small businesses and contractors to meet their sign and vehicle advertising needs and large corporations with their fleet branding requirements. Services include custom signs; custom vehicle advertising; nationwide branding of fleet vehicles; business signage and graphics; specialty signage, banners, and promotional displays; trade show displays; interior signage; yard signs and flags; storefront signs; and other unique advertising applications.

“We design brand packages for small businesses like ours,” Fahie said. “We help business owners from 1 to 1,000 employees give themselves a competitive edge by having a brand that stands out from the competition. Design, then lettering and then signage and more. We are also one of the few shops that carve and sandblast signs that are often hand painted.”

Fahie says that what distinguishes Sebago Signworks from similar businesses is its family-oriented approach to customer service and plenty of expertise developed over the years.

“Many smaller shops like us haven't been around as long. We're 25 years in, with the same ownership,” Fahie said. “We have at this point systems in place that help our business, therefore helping our customers. Like anyone, we’ve had to learn and made mistakes along the way. After 25 years, we still do, but we have learned a lot and we really have an exceptional understanding of what small businesses like us need to move forward in a competitive environment.”

Fahie said Sebago Signworks’ pricing reflects the quality and value for products that its customers receive.

“Everything we do is custom, and the value is what you get,” he said. “The more you put in, the more you get out. We don't strive to be competitive against our competition in dollars as much as we do in having a long-term relationship with our customers. And if we do as we have, our services are benefitting them, and we both are prosperous.”

Sebago Signworks first started in Raymond 25 years ago, moved to Limington to a larger facility, and has now grown to include eight employees. Fahie said he’s happy to be back near Sebago Lake once more with the expansion into Windham.

The business strives to stay up to date with current trends in the industry, Fahie said.

“Vehicle graphics have been huge in the last decade, it's a low investment with a big return if designed properly,” Fahie said. “Another unique trend we have been seeing is people are getting tired of a ‘sticker sign,’ a flat sign with a big sticker on it. Our higher end carved and dimensional signs in the last five years have made a big comeback and after 20 years of vinyl, people are wanting a much more presentable look for their business/brand than that.”

According to Fahie, Sebago Signworks is a small business just like many others in the area.

“We are family owned by the same family for 25 years,” he said. “Many shops may have been around for 10, 20, 25 and 30 years but that experience has not carried over, just the name. We still have many of our original customers from 25 years ago.”

Reviews for Sebago Signworks are outstanding.

“This team has helped PG Electric break ground. Nothing beats working with people that are highly invested in what they do. They were there a year ago to create the logo, now they are helping advertise it.” PG Electric

“Absolutely amazing service! Super Quality and their pricing is great. We will be using them from now on for all our sign and graphic needs. We were in a pinch and needed signs in a hurry and they happily accommodated our needs. A+++” Mark Call

"Very professional looking signs come from them. Looking to make the next step for your company a great one? Have Sebago Signworks lead you in the right direction!!” Dane Giallongo

For more information about Sebago Signworks, call 207-793-4440, or visit They are also on Facebook and Instagram. <

Nonprofit Spotlight: Gander Brook Christian Camp

At Gander Brook Christian Camp in Raymond, a summer adventure and rustic camping experience awaits children ages 8 to 18 in a safe, fun, joyful and encouraging setting.

Gander Brook Christian Camp still has openings for campers
ages 8 to 18 this summer in Raymond. The camp has been in
Raymond since 1959 and offers weekly overnight sessions
filled with a variety of activities. SUBMITTED PHOTO 
Owned and operated by the Churches of Christ in New England, Gander Brook Christian Camp is located at the corner of Ledge Hill Road and North Raymond Road and sits on 222 acres as well as additional waterfront property on Raymond Pond. Sessions are overnight and conducted weekly, running from the last week of June through the first week of August.

The camp is non-denominational, open to all children, and Gander Brook Christian Camp can accommodate up to 120 campers per session.

“Campers bunk in cabins with kids their own age for their week stay,” said Linda King of Gander Brook Christian Camp. “The daily schedule includes, meals, Bible classes, earning merit badges, such as basket weaving, archery, paintball, photography, sign language and more, afternoon sports and swimming/kayaking, cabin challenge games, evening activities such as skit nights, Crazy Olympics, scavenger hunts, nature classes, bonfires, and cookouts.”

The camp has been operating in Raymond since 1959 and is guided by a Board of Directors of 20 people from around New England. It is staffed by two directors, a staff of 16 to 20 camp counselors and an activities director. Volunteers staff the kitchen, the camp canteen and camp laundry, and there are also merit badge instructors, nurses, and Bible instructors.

“We provide a good, healthy environment away from the chaotic stresses that can often surround our kids,” King said. “Gander Brook provides a good place to unplug and connect with people and nature and kids wanting to have fun. It's a place where lifelong friendships have been formed. The friendships, and the people are what make this camp so special.”

She said that the quality of Gander Brook shines in the people who volunteer and serve the camp.

“The children are loved, cared for, encouraged and placed in an environment of making each one feel special and respected,” King said. “It becomes family.”

The Gander Brook site itself is one of Maine’s historic properties. On the site, the Wilson Hotel and Spring Company, with its centerpiece inn known as “The Wilson” was built in 1890. In a newspaper ad from 1892, promoters of this impressive structure touted its “Spring of Wonderful Purity and Curative Properties.” Guests coming to “The Wilson” would only be able to enjoy those ‘curative’ waters for five years though, because it burned to the ground in 1895.

Later, the Noraco Inn was built on the site about 1929 on the berms seen in the Wilson Hotel pictures, and which still surrounds the lodge today at Gander Brook. The Noraco Inn was owned by Joseph Dellamano and the property in its heyday was a getaway vacation retreat for summer vacationers from urban areas of New England and New York. Promotional literature from the Noraco Inn enticed the guests to visit “Maine’s Log Cabin Resort” and stay in the “well furnished” cabins and eat at the lodge in the spacious “Sunset Dining Room.” Water was pumped throughout the camp from the “famous Raymond Spring” in the valley 175 feet below the lodge where the camp’s lower well house still resides. At one time the property even had a small golf course, and the remnants of three greens remained when the camp site was purchased in 1959. The lodge sat upon the site where the magnificent Wilson Hotel once stood.

When the Dellamano’s closed the inn around 1950, the property was vacant for nine years. The Churches of Christ in New England saw a need for summer camping, so it organized a Board of Directors which found the property in Raymond. The property was purchased in 1959 and has been operating a summer camp program each summer since then.

Openings for children in Windham and Raymond are available this year and campers will find a new dormitory on site this year.

“Our prices remain competitive to similar camping experiences, and we provide as an overnight camping opportunity,” King said. “It is just $500 for a one-week session and first-time campers are now being offered $50 off for a one-week session.”

To sign up, call 207-998-4369 after June 18 or 501-827-7432 for the registrar all year.

For more information about Gander Brook Christian Camp, visit or find them on Facebook under Gander Brook Christian Camp. <