Friday, May 27, 2022

Business Spotlight: Southern Maine Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Visiting an oral surgeon is not something many look forward to, but patients of Southern Maine Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery often come away pleasantly surprised at how pain-free and comfortable procedures are compared to just a decade ago.

According to Dr. Timothy Mitchell and Dr. Rick Crawford, Southern Maine Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Windham strives to make patients feel at ease and it comes from experience.

Through the years, Mitchell and Crawford have treated thousands of patients at their 12 Drive In Lane location in Windham and at their offices at 131 Johnson Road in Portland and 20 West Cole Road in Biddeford.

“The best review we receive regularly goes like this,” Crawford and Mitchell said. “Before I came in, I was nervous about my procedure, and I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t want to come in! But your staff made me feel comfortable, informed, and at ease.”

Mitchell said that when the Southern Maine Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery staff is asked what their favorite part of their job is, a popular answer is: making patients feel comfortable.

“That speaks to a big part of why we’ve been able to keep a practice in Windham for 50 years,” Crawford said.

Since the practice began, it has consistently ranked as one of the top oral and maxillofacial surgical facilities in Maine by patients, fellow dentists and physicians.

The staff of Southern Maine Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
puts patients first. The practice has been around for 50 years.

The goal of the practice is to offer exceptional care that is safe and comfortable in a modern facility with state-of-the-art technology with underlying core values emphasized such as quality, integrity, compassion and accredited services.

That advanced technology includes equipment such as the CS 9300 system using cone beam CT technology to help them diagnose potential issues more accurately and provide treatment with unprecedented confidence, the surgeons can efficiently deliver a painless and positive treatment outcome.  

Southern Maine Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is known as a full scope OMS practice and treats patients for a wide range of conditions in both office and hospital settings.

They perform oral surgery for dental implants; bone grafting; wisdom teeth extraction; jaw surgery; for facial trauma and tooth extractions, among many other surgical procedures. They also perform dentoalveolar surgery; pediatric oral surgery, orthognathic and reconstructive surgery, treat maxillofacial tumors, cleft lip and palates, snoring and sleep apnea and temporomandibular joint problems.     

But Mitchell and Crawford both say the best part of their work is meeting patients, hearing their stories, and trying to figure out a way to help them.

“The most challenging aspect of what we do is trying to stay current with the advances being made in technology,” Mitchell said. “When we’re doing procedures or techniques, we want them to be the most up to date as possible and using the technology that is the most appropriate for our patients.”

Crawford says that working in the Windham community is a benefit to the practice.

“The relationships we’ve made through the years are simply invaluable,” he said. “We have forged excellent relationships with many local dentists and built strong and close relationships with Windham residents. We’re really plugged into the dental health of Windham.”

Mitchell and Crawford both say the keys to Southern Maine Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery’s success through the years involve putting people first.

“We keep our work patient focused and we make sure that we’re available and affordable,” Mitchell said. “We don’t cut corners and we put our patients above all else. It’s better for our patients.”

Crawford said another factor in the practice’s success is they treat everyone with respect and make people feel comfortable.

“As such, we’re the choice for this service in the Windham community,” he said. “I’ve been a part of this practice for 30 years and it’s been a wonderful experience here.”   

The success of Southern Maine Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery has resulted in its continued growth and recently a new surgeon, Dr. Kris Cooper joined the Windham practice and Mitchell and Crawford say that more new surgeons are in the pipeline.

For more information about Southern Maine Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, call 207-892-3100 or visit their website at
Find them on Facebook and Instagram at southernmaineoralsurgery <

Friday, May 20, 2022

Business Spotlight: PeoplesChoice Home Loans

As a Mortgage Loan Originator, Jenn Leanhart of PeoplesChoice Home Loans in Windham is focused on providing an exceptional mortgage experience. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, or looking to move into a new home, PeoplesChoice Home Loans has the experience, expertise and skills to listen to members and make obtaining a mortgage a smooth process from start to finish. 

According to Leanhart, besides being able to offer a variety of loans to fit a member’s needs, personalized customer service is her top priority.

“I listen to a member and get to know them and what their needs are. I explain the process in full detail and make myself available for them whenever questions arise,” she said. “Whether it is a refinance with cash out to update their home, or a first-time homebuyer, I like to listen in detail of what they are looking to do.”

With nearly 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Leanhart stands ready to help members find the best options available for financing and she takes the time to guide you throughout the process, making sure you understand what is needed to reach your goals.

“I have two favorite parts of my job, the first-time homebuyers and the members that I like to call my puzzles,” Leanhart said. “The excitement of watching the first-time homebuyer completing a purchase that they thought impossible, or when members have been turned down elsewhere and they have a situation that makes getting a home loan difficult, I look for creative solutions and help them reach their goals. I love that each member brings something new for me to learn. There are never two days the same.”

Jenn Leanhart is a Mortgage Loan
Originator for PeoplesChoice Home
Loans in Windham.

Even after all these years of working in the mortgage industry, Leanhart said she still feels incredible in helping people realize their dreams.

“There is nothing more exciting than watching a new homebuyer trying to concentrate on signing the paperwork in front of them while their eyes keep shifting to the keys to their first home on the other side of the table,” she said. “I share in their joy knowing that my background in Quality Control Underwriting combined with nearly 20 years in the Mortgage Industry played a significant role in helping navigate the complexities of buying a home, which brought them to this point in their journey.”

PeoplesChoice Home Loans opened their lending focused office in Windham in 2020. The credit union has other locations in Saco, Biddeford, Wells and Sanford. As a not-for-profit financial institution, they are able to offer very competitive rates and do not charge additional fees for services.

“We do both commercial and residential mortgages. Along with your typical FHA, VA, RD, and conventional loans we have our portfolio program that allows us to offer a wide variety of options to our members,” Leanhart said. “These include commercial properties, land loans, construction loans, we lend on mobile homes on their own land, condos, and seasonal camps. The list goes on. I love that we have such a wide variety for everyone’s specific needs. One of the major reasons I decided to come to the credit union, just like myself, not so cookie cutter.”

Leanhart said what separates PeoplesChoice Home Loans from other mortgage companies is their devotion to helping members and being in their corner every step of the way during the mortgage process.

“We provide personalized service to our members,” she said. “We’re responsive to everyone who calls our office, and it is our job to explain details of the process. The greatest misconception some may have is they feel like they may not qualify or are intimidated by the process. A lot are hesitant because they don’t know enough about how things work.”

She said she’s humbled in assisting members seeking a mortgage.

“The greatest compliment I get is when I get a phone call from someone that says ‘I was given your number by (my mom, my friend/coworker) they spoke very highly of you and said I should give you a call.’ That makes me smile every time,” Leanhart said.

To learn more about PeoplesChoice Home Loans, visit their office at 824 Roosevelt Trail, Suite 3 in Windham, call 207-710-1907 or visit

Friday, May 13, 2022

Spotlight: Windham Farmers' Market

The Windham Farmers’ Market is a terrific way to start the weekend. Located on Turning Leaf Drive in North Windham, it is open every Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. from May 21 until Oct. 1. 

According to Lisa Fisher, Windham Farmers’ Market coordinator, the two goals of the market are to support our farmers, food producers and artisans by providing a venue where they can sell their product and to be a vehicle for improved community access to fresh, healthy and affordable local foods.

“We add fun for kids, some entertainment, special events and then offer it up in a happy, stress-free place for our customers to spend the morning,” Fisher said. “This will be our fifth year with that philosophy. We have developed a really nice market community, so it seems to be working.”

She said that Windham Farmers’ Market vendors live and work in Maine and most of them are from the Lakes Region.

“Some are with us every Saturday, and others are visiting vendors who come for a few Saturdays,” Fisher said.

Farmers bring eggs, freshly cut flowers, seedlings, potted herbs, berries, melons, apples and vegetables in standard varieties as well as organics, like rainbow carrots, striped zucchini and blue potatoes to sell at the market. Customers will also find an assortment of locally raised meats:  beef, chicken, pork, lamb and rabbit which are great for grilling.

There’s also honey, maple syrup, jams and pickles to round out tasty possibilities for your table and a generous assortment of sweet treats including freshly baked whoopie pies, cookies, cheesecake, bars and fudge.

Fisher said artisan vendors featured at the market craft seasonal and everyday items for person and home.

“If you like to entertain, we have wooden charcuterie boards, bowls, coasters, and balancing wine bottle holders and wine butlers,” Fisher said.

The Windham Farmers' Market opens for the season at 8:30
a.m. Saturday, May 21 and continues each Saturday through
Oct. 1 featuring goods and products from local farmers.
Want to brighten your home and garden space? There are decorative solar lights, custom signs, photos, and framed art prints, fused and stained glass, table runners and bird houses.”


Quilts, cloth bags, table toppers, aprons and gifts for baby are available in an array of colors and prints and Fisher said that the selection changes weekly and many of the vendors accept special orders.

“The best thing about working for the Windham Farmers’ Market is being there every Saturday morning seeing people enjoy themselves and knowing that the market has created such a positive impact on the community,” Fisher said.    

The support and well-being of our community is important to everyone associated with the Windham Farmers’ Market, she said.

“The market is authorized to accept SNAP and we provide Maine Harvest Bucks with all SNAP purchases,” Fisher said. “Throughout the summer we invite civic organizations into the market for their public outreach. Our schedule of market guests and events is always changing. This allows us to take advantage of opportunities as they arise and to enrich our market environment.”

Jen Kenneally, Celeste Kennedy and Fisher staff the market and the welcome booth and do the set-up and tear-down of market equipment.

“Jen and Celeste volunteer their time and wonderful energy to help guide market activities each week,” Fisher said. “I am endlessly impressed by them.

“When we originally conceived this market, we wanted it to be easy for the vendors to do business and our vendors are lovely people,” she said, “giving of their time, experience and suggestions to help us be better.”   

Other factors helping the market be the success that it is include the Baker Brook Farm Creamery which generously allows the use of their property as the market site and the Windham Economic Development Corporation which supports its media platforms, administrative and marketing efforts. “Several Town of Windham departments also participate in supporting market events.

“Our customers are the biggest reason for our success,” Fisher said. “They come back every week and support all of our vendors. It shows that when you’re nice to people, they respond.” 

The Windham Farmers’ Market wants to welcome everyone back this year, whether you are a veteran customer or if it will be the first that you’re visiting.

For more information, visit and find them on Facebook at WindhamFarmersMarket. Their email address is or call 207-894-4097. <

Friday, May 6, 2022

Business Spotlight: Nexgen Power Washing

With each job that Nexgen Power Washing performs, the company’s owner hears from her customers about how much they value her attention to detail and exceptional customer service and those are some of the main reasons that the company is held in such high esteem throughout the Lakes Region and beyond in Maine. 

Nexgen Power Washing is based in Gorham and owned by Michele Plourde, who says she loves her work and does her utmost every day to make sure each customer is happy with the results.

The company has been in business for about a year and washes exterior building surfaces, significantly transforming commercial and residential structures with vinyl, wood or metal siding. Nexgen also washes brickwork and concrete, including walkways, steps, foundations, and pool aprons and cleans roofs, patios, decks, boats, docks and fences.

“The best thing for me about what I do is the instant gratification I see from this work,” Plourde said. “I spent years in the corporate world where sometimes projects would drag on for months. Here, I get to go in and can see the results from powerwashing a surface immediately. It’s been a great experience for me, but it’s even better for my customers because they end up with a sparkling clean home.”        

A before and after photo shows how cleaning services from
Nexgen Power Washing can help to bring an exterior surface
back to life for area homes and businesses.

Covering all areas of southern Maine, Plourde takes great pride in providing a quality service and for being a female owned and operated small, local business.

“I use a softwash system that will not cause damage,” she said. “Keeping your house clean will not only improve a home’s curb appeal, it prolongs the life of your siding, roof or outside surfaces.”

Plourde attributes much of the success of her Nexgen Power Washing business to a variety of many different factors.

“To do a good job in this line of work, you must listen to customers, pay attention to detail, reliability and complete the job to the customer’s satisfaction,” Plourde said. “Effective communication with the customer is essential. You have to tell them when you’re going to be there and then arrive on time or let them know you’re running a bit behind and when you’ll be there if delayed. You must be reliable and do exactly, precisely what you say that you’re going to do for the customers.” 

Drawing upon her four years of experience powerwashing with her father’s company and the expertise and skill that she has developed performing powerwashing herself, Plourde’s business continues to grow, and customer feedback and positive reviews she has received have been outstanding.

From the Nexgen Power Washing website: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. I highly recommend Nexgen Power Washing. They are super friendly, very efficient and did an absolute amazing job on my home that was about five years overdue. When I called to get a quote, they were there in no time and extremely fair. I will continue to use them year in and year out... it's a great feeling driving up to my house and seeing it shine again!

Text from customer: Thank you again for Powerwashing my place in Old Orchard Beach. It looks amazing! I drove by today. Like brand new! -Eva

By offering highly competitive pricing for services and being responsive to customers are some of the other reasons Nexgen Power Washing is quickly becoming a preferred company that people entrust with their projects. She answers every phone call or message she receives and doesn’t leave customers hanging on waiting for days for a response.

“Even with the rising cost of gas and products, I have kept my prices affordable,” Plourde said. “I am local and experienced and take pride in my work.”

Of all the homes and commercial properties that she’s powerwashed since launching Nexgen Power Washing, Plourde says that one fact stands out above all the rest.

“Powerwashing is much less expensive than having to install new siding on your home or business or having to get an all-new deck,” she said. “If it can be cleaned, its more affordable than having to replace it.”  

For more information or to receive an estimate for services, call Nexgen Power Washing at 207-400-9432 or visit Find them on Facebook at powerwashing/