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Business Spotlight: Vitality Room A Harmonic Egg Location

History has taught us that light heals, sound heals, sacred geometry heals, energy heals, love heals,
color heals, and community heals. We are light and sound beings, so why not heal our bodies, minds, and souls with light and sound?!

Michelle Buck is a Windham resident
and founder/CEO of Vitality Room.
Now you can, thanks to Vitality Room in Windham which is home to the Lake Region’s only Harmonic Egg® / Ellipse®!

By combining multiple ancient practices into one service, The Harmonic Egg® uses a combination of light, sound, and vibration therapy to create a life-changing sensory experience. This private wooden resonant pod envelopes guests in a relaxing zero-gravity chair and uses the combined frequencies which are customized to your intentions.

The Harmonic Egg® allows you to tap into your body’s own repairing energy and amplifies the positive signals through your body, while releasing the negative. It unblocks and rebalances your body’s life energy to promote mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and wellness.

Vitality Room came together when the founder, Michelle Buck, accepted that her “successful” career was working against her, appearing successful on the outside but dying and screaming for help on the inside. Her nervous system couldn’t keep up with the fast pace of corporate demands, marketing trends, digital cookies, AI, increasing expectations, and the pure chaos we’ve all experienced in the past 4 years.

On a journey seeking a better lifestyle, she stumbled upon a Harmonic Egg®. Her first experience triggered a mental and emotional shift that quite literally changed her life. Weeks later, she went to work researching what it would take to bring one of these magical energy pods to Windham.

What does an Ellipse® appointment look like at Vitality Room?

1. Enjoy a hot cup of herbal tea while you complete your intake forms in the Vitality Lounge.

2. Get vulnerable and, most importantly, be heard during your comprehensive consultation.

3. Your first session will always include an autonomic nervous system reset. This aims to remove fight or flight so your body can access its natural healing abilities.

4. Relax in the zero-gravity chair inside of the Ellipse® for 50 minutes. Includes 40 minutes of consciously created music followed by 10 minutes of silence to begin nervous system integration.

5. Finally, replenish with an electrolyte beverage in the Lounge with a brief post-session discussion and after-care instructions.

Since opening in January, Vitality Room has been a part of numerous transformations. They’ve witnessed clients improve or completely heal from crippling anxiety, frequent headaches, alcohol addiction, sexual abuse trauma, childhood trauma, self-hatred, ringing in ears, depression, long-covid symptoms, grief, toxic overload, career decisions, ability to govern reactions, move through divorce, autism, anger, Parkinson’s symptoms, Lyme symptoms, weight control issues, and so much more.

In addition to a most unique whole-body service, Vitality Room also offers a few items available for purchase to enhance your wellness journey at home. They carry Superieur Electrolytes, Therapeutic Music, Raw Silk Garshana Gloves for Dry Brushing, BioRay’s NDF Heavy Metal Detox Formula, Silver Biotics Immune Support Oral Spray, and Gail Lynn’s book “Unlocking the Ancient Secrets to Healing. Why Science is Looking to the Past for the Future of Medicine.” Gail Lynn is also the inventor of the Harmonic Egg®.

New products and services are coming soon. Check their FB page and website for updates. If you have an idea of a product or service that you can’t seem to get anywhere around here, and would like to see it come to Windham, please let them know through their contact us form on their website:

In celebration of 6 months helping others become the best versions of themselves, Vitality Room is hosting an open house on Friday, July 19. The event is free of charge.

Community members will have the opportunity to experience the Ellipse® with a FREE 10-minute demo. Gifts, giveaways, refreshments, and deep discounts will be available to all who attend.

They’ll begin with a Ribbon Cutting from the Sebago Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce at 8 a.m. and the center will remain open to the public until 6 p.m. No appointments necessary.

Vitality Room is located in the same building as Mullen’s Driving School at 104 Tandberg Trail in Windham. Free Ellipse demos on July 19 on a first-come first-serve basis and there is no age restriction.

Experience the newfound mystery of Ancient Medicine Practices for your Body, Mind, and Spirit on Friday, July 19 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Vitality Room.

Can’t make it on Friday, July 19th? Schedule your private session at The center is open from Tuesday – Saturday; 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Article written by Michelle Buck, Windham Resident, Founder, and CEO of Vitality Room.

Friday, July 5, 2024

Business Spotlight: The Outpost Scoop Shoppe

Looking for a cool treat to beat the summer heat? The Outpost Scoop Shoppe, a new ice cream shop in Standish, is sure to have something to satisfy you. This quaint ice cream shop, situated near the water with a spacious lawn and friendly staff offers a delightful escape from the ordinary ice cream shop experience.  They invite customers to indulge in a world of creamy, sweet perfection where creative flavor combinations will please any palette.

The Outpost Scoop Shoppe at 380 Pequawket Trail in 
Standish invites customers to indulge in a world of
creamy frozen delights that are unique and innovative.
Since opening its doors in May, The Outpost Scoop Shoppe located at 380 Pequawket Trail has garnered a loyal following, thanks to its commitment to quality and service.  The building formerly known as the Inlet was acquired in January 2023 by the Decrow family and is now home to The Outpost Scoop Shoppe and an independently owned family restaurant.

While the Scoop Shoppe is a family-owned business, Abigail Decrow’s passion and inspiration are what make this business thrive. Abigail’s enthusiasm for community engagement is evident in every aspect of their ice cream business.

“The Outpost Scoop Shoppe prides itself in offering quality ice cream and supreme service. Our weekly specials are unique and keep our menu fresh.” Decrow said. “We introduced a few new products to the local market, including ice cream nachos, flights, and specialty stackers also known as parfaits. Some of our unique specials have recently been picked up by other local ice cream shops.”

Abigail’s journey began in a little ice cream shop in Falmouth who also served Shain’s of Maine and Hershey. She was mentored by veteran ice cream shop owners and that experience is the foundation of her operation model today. Her time in a local Windham ice cream shop allowed her to explore her creativity.

At The Outpost Scoop Shoppe customers will find a kaleidoscope of many different flavors of ice cream produced both locally and nationally, best sellers, and in both hard and soft-serve options. The menu which features many original combinations is a testament to Decrow’s dedication to innovation and creativity.

Specialty drinks offered by The Outpost Scoop Shoppe include energy surges, frozen lemonade, nor’easters, milkshakes, frappes, floats, spritzers, freezes, and ice cream sodas.

Customers can try out tempting tasty sundae flavors such as Granny D's Whoopie Pie, Watchic Wonder, or Ultimate Brownie Sundae. Customers don’t need to be limited by the menu options, they can also branch out and create their own sundaes. They even offer pup cups topped with a doggy biscuit for a tasty refreshment for your furry friends.

“If you have dietary restrictions, we have you covered. We offer vegan, dairy-free, low fat low sugar yogurts, and no-sugar added ice cream options,” Decrow said. “We have over six different dairy-free options and an array of frozen energy drinks and specialty drinks. Our prices are competitive, our service is exceptional, and our specials are worth driving past your regular ice cream spot to give us a try.”

The Outpost’s specialty stacker flavors include Oreo Bliss, Bass Master or Campfire or you can build your own unique creations. The Outpost Scoop Shoppe prides itself in serving weekly exclusive specials which are advertised on their social media channels - try them before they sell out. And if you have not tried their ice cream nachos yet, you are missing out on an exceptional delicious treat you won’t find anywhere else.

In the future, Decrow plans to expand the business to include ice cream cakes, pies and other baked goods. She would also like to take her business on the road in an ice cream truck for birthday parties and special event catering.

The list of regulars is growing by the day and their passion for creating memorable moments is evident in every scoop they serve.

Online reviews are extraordinary.

“We’ve stopped in three times now. The sundaes are amazing, waffle cones were great, and flavor/topping selections are fantastic!! Prices are amazing and will keep us coming back." ~ Heather Marx    

“Dairy free vegan options. I got the flight, and all six flavors were amazing. I have a lot of food allergies. and this was the first time in many, many years I was able to enjoy ice cream.” ~ Aimee Esty

 In a world where life can sometimes be overwhelming, The Outpost Scoop Shoppe offers a simple, yet profound reminder: sometimes, all you need is a sweet treat and a smile. Ice cream solves everything!

Take a trip over to The Outpost Scoop Shoppe and take the trip often. They offer loyalty cards to earn free ice cream and are open daily Noon to 9 p.m. through Labor Day. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok under the handle OutpostScoopShoppe to keep up with the latest creations and specials or visit their website at: <

Friday, June 28, 2024

Business Spotlight: LocalCentric

One of the top places to purchase a unique gift in the Lakes Region of Maine is full of handmade, locally sourced items and offers an amazing selection of Maine-themed products you can only find there. LocalCentric in Gray continues to impress customers with its range of quality items produced by local artists and companies.

Mother-and-son team Rhee Michelle-Smith and Travis
Connolly co-own LocalCentric, an eclectic market and
gift shop in Gray. The shop is filled with handcrafted items
and a curated selection of snacks and beverages you
won't find just anywhere. COURTESY PHOTO  
LocalCentric, located at 4B Brown St. in Gray, has been around for the past eight years but is now owned and operated by the mother-and-son team of Rhee Michelle-Smith and Travis Connolly. Michelle-Smith has served as the store’s manager for the past three and a half years under the previous owners and became LocalCentric’s owner in April.

“The previous owners Jen and Tom wanted to focus on their other business Human Nature and gave us the opportunity to purchase the store and continue to provide local artisans with the opportunity to showcase their work,” Rhee said.

Along with her son, Rhee has embarked on a mission to reorganize operations and has intensified efforts to promote the business through social media campaigns and with store consignors.

“The best thing about what we do at LocalCentric is that we support local artisans and provide them with an outlet for their products,” Rhee said. “Although we are a retail shop, we attract visitors to Maine by featuring locally produced and marketed Maine themed products that you can only get here in Maine.”

The store features many local artisans and entrepreneurs, showcasing and selling their candles, home decor items, art, clothing, jewelry on a daily basis, and also offers a vast selection of locally made snacks, treats, craft beer, wine and mead. Tailor and notary services are available and LocalCentric also has a consignor that sells live plants and flowers and consignors that create paper and wooden flowers.

“Our business is quite unique in the Gray/New Gloucester area,” Rhee said. “We are like a brick-and-mortar craft fair in a store with snacks, treats, craft beer, unique Winterport wines and The Fat Friar’s Mead from Newcastle, all made in Maine. I think it’s safe to say we are the only store around here that offers mead.”

First-time visitors to LocalCentric have expressed to Rhee that before walking in, they didn’t know quite what to expect, but were pleasantly surprised with what they found there.

“We offer competitive pricing throughout the store,” Rhee said. We are family owned, completely local, with convenient hours, and a welcoming atmosphere.”

You’ll find beer, cider and kombucha from 11 different Maine breweries, Crossroads coffee, scones, biscotti and buckwheat snacks, Maine crisps, Jack’s Crackers, Coastal Maine Popcorn and candy and chocolates from four Maine candymakers.

According to Rhee, the funniest feedback they have received so far is “this is the best smelling beer store.”

Reviews posted online are nothing short of spectacular.

“This shop is so cute! There’s so many different types of local goods for sale, from art and jewelry, to craft beer and homemade soap. I enjoyed poking around and found some lovely gifts.” ~ Elizabeth Stroka

“Hidden gem! This place is great. I was able to get many unique gifts here, including beer that is hard to find in this area! My husband and friends were so happy. It is definitely worth a stop if you are in the area! I have only been here once, but it looks like they have new inventory often.” – Anna K. Biddle

“Adorable shop. Music entertainment outside was outstanding.” ~ Valerie Nahorney

Hours for LocalCentric are from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sundays.

For more details about LocalCentric, call 207-657-4445 or visit their website at You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram under LocalCentric. <

Friday, June 21, 2024

Business Spotlight: The Libby Starnes Team with Signature Homes Real Estate Group

With a passion for helping clients make informed decisions while fostering lasting relationships, the Libby Starnes Team with Signature Homes Real Estate Group continues to impress buyers and sellers in Maine's Lakes Region and beyond with their professionalism and expertise.

Pamela Starnes and Tiffany Libby co-own and
operate The Libby Starnes Tea, with Signature
Homes Real Estate Group with an office in 
Windham on Turning Leaf Drive.
Conveniently located at 8 Turning Leaf Drive, Suite 3, Windham, the Libby Starnes Team has been serving the community for the past nine years. During this time, they have built a solid foundation of individualized services, outstanding communication, and flexibility in working with clients.

The team provides a comprehensive range of real estate services tailored to meet the needs of both buyers and sellers. These include residential sales, where they assist buyers in finding their dream homes and help sellers to market their properties effectively. They also specialize in commercial real estate, helping businesses find the perfect commercial space, and offer consultations, providing expert advice on real estate investments, market trends, and property valuations.

Tiffany Libby and Pamela Starnes, friends since sixth grade, decided to form their own real estate team in 2015. They believe that communication, setting upfront expectations about the current market, and educating their clients about the real estate process are essential elements of their success.

Both Pam and Tiffany highlight the unique selling points of their team. “We pride ourselves on providing highly personalized service to each client, understanding that every client’s needs are unique,” Pam said. “Having deep roots in the Lakes Region, we offer unparalleled local market knowledge.”

Tiffany said that their client-centric approach has been crucial.

“Our business thrives on building strong relationships with clients, focusing on their long-term satisfaction rather than just completing transactions,” she said.

Meeting new people and creating relationships that extend beyond the sale or closing is a key part of what makes their work fulfilling. “At The Libby Starnes Team with Signature Homes Real Estate Group, the client always comes first,” Tiffany emphasized. “Our goal is to make the real estate process as smooth and rewarding as possible, whether you are buying your first home, looking to sell, or seeking investment opportunities.”

While the team’s primary focus is on the Lakes Region, they also serve clients in surrounding areas such as York, Cumberland, Sagadahoc, Kennebec, and Androscoggin counties. This ensures a broader range of options for their clients.

“Our journey in real estate began with a passion for helping people find their perfect homes and a keen interest in the local property market,” Pam said. “Over the years, this passion grew into a successful business built on trust, local knowledge, and a commitment to excellence.”

Their goal is to use their market knowledge and top-notch negotiation skills to get buyers and sellers the best deal possible in the shortest amount of time. Acknowledging that this process can be one of the most stressful times in the life of a buyer or seller, they aim to reduce stress by consistently providing top-notch communication and support throughout the entire process.

“We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality in all services offered,” Tiffany said. Feedback from clients often highlights their dedication, professionalism, and the personalized attention they receive. “Our clients appreciate the smooth transactions and successful outcomes facilitated by our team. A common misconception is that being in real estate is easy, but we’re up at the crack of dawn trying to find the best fit for our clients. We ensure all deadlines are met and the documentation is correct. We are involved in the whole process of buying and selling, and we take the time to educate our clients every step of the way.”

For further information about The Libby Starnes Team with Signature Homes Real Estate Group, call 207-838-8051 or 207-712-2424 or visit Find them on Facebook at <

Friday, June 14, 2024

Business Spotlight: M'Raj Nails

Comfort, convenience and relaxation are in store for you when you book an appointment with M’Raj Nails of Windham.

Mary O'Donal, owner of M'Raj Nails, is
excited to now be offering complete nail
services full time at her inviting salon
space located at 123 Varney Mill Road
in Windham. From basic manicures and
pedicures to intricate nail art, she will
provide personal service that is hard
to match at bigger nail salons.
Mary O’Donal owns and operates M’Raj Nails out of her home at 123 Varney Mill Road in Windham and says she enjoys meeting new people and building a close rapport with her clients.

“At M'Raj Nails, I am passionate about providing high-quality nail care services to my clients,” O’Donal said. “I am also a small business who strives to create a welcoming atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy some well-deserved pampering. My salon has a professional and relaxing atmosphere and I am always excited to meet with my clients.”

She has created a clean and comfortable studio to provide an enjoyable experience each time a client visits and strives to achieve the utmost quality nails.

M’Raj Nails offers manicures, pedicures, dips, paraffin wax, hot stones, sculpting with acrylics and gels, all at affordable pricing.

Basic nail care includes cleaning and maintaining nail cuticles, shaping nails, and any necessary care for the skin and nail bed. Nails can be polished with an array of colors and different polish types. Nail tips can then be sculpted with acrylic or gel nail tip and attaching them to the nail with an adhesive. A paraffin dip is a soothing treatment in which feet are submerged in a warm mixture of paraffin, a petroleum-based wax and mineral oil and is intended to moisturize and soften the feet.

“I also truly enjoy doing nail art,” O’Donal said.

Nail art includes creating patterns, pictures, and jewelry applications on the nail and this service at M’Raj Nails is all about specialization, precision, and design.

Whether you're looking for a classic manicure or an intricate nail art design, M’Raj Nails can work with you.

“I use only the best products and techniques to ensure that you leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated,” O’Donal said.

She got into the nail business almost by accident.

“I saw something on You Tube and wanted to try it,” O’Donal said. “It took me four hours, but I finally figured it out.”

From there she completed a Spa Tech course and opened her salon in 2017 on a part-time basis. Earlier this year, O’Donal quit her job to devote all her energy to her nail business.

“As with any business, there is always a learning curve, and I am almost always practicing and/or learning new techniques and processes,” she said. “I have a quiet and clean environment for you to enjoy a mani, pedi, choice enhancements and designs.”

Quality work is important to O’Donal, who says she wants her clients to leave happy and ready to show off their nails to the world. She emphasizes that communication is paramount to her business and many of her clients are so happy with her work that they refer friends and family to M’Raj Nails.

“I also guarantee my work for up to two weeks,” O’Donal said. “I think my pricing is very fair and reasonable. I have increased my prices only one time thus far since I opened in 2017.”

According to O’Donal, the public may believe a misconception that M’Raj Nails is only for women, but she says it’s not true.

“I’ve created a relaxing experience here for both men and women,” she said. “It’s an enjoyable time for everyone.”

Maintaining the exceptional cleanliness of her salon is always a top priority with instrument sterilization and disinfectants used to eliminate harmful bacteria.

Convenient one-on-one appointments for M’Raj Nails can be made by phone by calling or texting 207-749-9320 or online at: and are available right up to 8 p.m. daily.

Complete pricing and service menu is also available online. Please be aware that in order to help keep her pricing low, she only accepts cash or personal checks. <

Friday, June 7, 2024

Business Spotlight: Dirty Bristles Chimney Sweep, Inc.

A chimney can be one of the most used and popular features of a Maine home, but often overlooked when it comes to safety and regular maintenance. That’s where Dirty Bristles Chimney Sweeps can share their expertise giving homeowners peace of mind and preventing dangerous fires.

Father and son team Jeff and Ethan St. Cyr
work diligently to keep your chimney free
of debris and burning flawlessly.
Based in Bridgton, Dirty Bristles services all locations in the Lakes Region of Maine and surrounding areas and has been in business for more than a decade. A family operated business, company employees believe that chimney inspections are just as important as chimney cleanings and can help ensure that chimneys are in good condition and ready to use.

Along with sweeping chimneys and offering chimney safety inspections, the Dirty Bristles team installs and properly maintains all brands of gas, wood or pellet stoves and fireplaces.

“We install Class A chimney systems and stainless-steel liner systems,” said Deb St. Cyr of Dirty Bristles Chimney Sweep, Inc. “We also install chimney caps and top dampers.”

Other services available include removal of clogs or blockages, diagnostic testing to resolve problems, installation of replacement parts, real estate inspections of chimneys and stoves, camera inspections, and wood, gas, or pellet stove cleanings.

Working efficiently and cleaning up thoroughly afterward, Dirty Bristles provides exceptional customer service, fair and affordable pricing and convenient scheduling for appointments.

“We always answer the phone and return all calls,” St. Cyr said. “Everything we do is for the benefit of our customers. Our mission is to help people keep their homes safer.”

Technicians Jeff St. Cyr and Ethan St. Cyr bring with them over 15 years of certified chimney experience. Having been trained through the Chimney Safety Institute of America, Certified Chimney Professionals, National Fire Institute, and a wide variety of factory specific trainings for hearth specialty items, gives them the opportunity to offer the best range of services to the homeowner.

“Jeff will explain each step to take should your chimney require further work,” St. Cyr said. “We are serious about your safety. We care about homeowner's safety. We see a lot of homes that need services, and they go ignored for years. If you are building a fire inside your home, please take the time to service those areas properly. We have really noticed a deficit here in Maine in proper chimney inspections/services with new homes being bought and sold. We continue to work building relationships with local realtors in the area getting these things accomplished before sales are finished instead of going in after a sale and sharing bad news with a new homeowner. Maine recognizes the national NFPA 211 code, which states that a Level II inspection of all chimneys be a part of every real estate transfer." It is listed on the purchase and sale list of inspections to have, and listed on the home inspection report, however many are overlooked and not done."

According to St. Cyr, the quality of services provided by Dirty Bristles speak for themselves.

“We will never leave your home with debris or creosote,” she said. “We use everything available in this field to properly clean and service your stoves and chimneys. Our reviews on our website and through square have been really great feedback.”

A sampling of those reviews include:

“We just had our first visit from DB yesterday and wanted you to know how very, very pleased we were with your service. Your crew was on time, courteous, considerate, efficient, professional and thorough. We couldn’t have asked for more. You guys are the best!” Bonnie

“Thanks for servicing my wood stove last Friday. The service was just what I wanted, the technicians explained everything and provided me the peace of mind knowing the stove is ready to face the upcoming winter. I look forward to doing business with you in the future, it’s nice to know we have honest and a reliable company available.” Charlie

“Great crew and polite and knowledgeable. Answered all questions. It was a pleasure doing business with Dirty Bristles. Thank you!” Cheryl

“Personal, professional, lightning quick response time. This is the company that you wish all companies were like.” Cliff

For more information about scheduling an appointment with Dirty Bristles, call 207-803-8195 or visit them online at <

Friday, May 31, 2024

Business Spotlight: Coastal Elite Exterior Care

It’s no secret that changing the exterior appearance of a home can not only update the style and maximize curb appeal, but also increase the value. That’s the objective of Coastal Elite Exterior Care and with years of experience, they can provide the highest excellence and affordable solutions to homeowners while helping to enhance their quality of life.

Coastal Elite Exterior Care specializes in roofing, siding,
windows, insulation and more at highly competitive pricing
without compromising quality. COURTESY PHOTO
Based in Westbrook, Coastal Elite has been open for about a year and has multiple experienced crews available and ready to tackle any home remodeling project.

“We offer a variety of solutions for all roofing, siding, window, and gutter replacements at affordable, realistic prices and can even offer interest-free finance options,” said Joshua Ames of Coastal Elite Exterior Care. “Our prices are very competitive and often we’re able to give top-quality solutions at more affordable rates than some of the ‘bigger guys’ in the industry.”

The company is involved in all aspects of home care including insulation installation, painting, remodeling projects, windows, siding, roofing, and property maintenance.

“We are local Mainers with a passion for craftsmanship, superior work ethic, and attention to detail,” Ames said. “Our craftsmanship warranty and attention to detail ensures every job gets completed with quality and efficiency in mind. With a comprehensive range of services, we tackle projects of any scale, leaving no detail untouched from deck board replacements to complete home rebuilds.”

Ames says he launched Coastal Elite after leaving one of the largest corporations and seeing just how little they cared.

“We wanted to be different. We wanted to do good work, at fair prices, and be exactly what Maine needs,” he said.

According to Ames, no matter if you are looking to breathe new life into an outdated kitchen or bathroom or in need of a new roof, energy-efficient windows or siding, Coastal Elite Exterior Care has solutions to all those issues and more without breaking the bank.

When it comes to the curb appeal of your home, very few things are more important than the siding. Whether you're looking for modern chic vinyl to rustic cedar shake and everything in between, Coastal Elite works with a myriad of vendors to make your vision a reality and provide you a product that not only looks amazing but will hold up to the harsh New England weather for years to come.

“With our convenient financing options, there is no reason to let a big project become a big problem,” he said. “With payments starting as low as $89 monthly, and 0 percent interest options for 18 months, everybody can afford the peace of mind that comes with being a part of the Coastal Elite Family. With combined decades of experience and a passion for creativity and craftsmanship, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with the home of your dreams, one project at a time.”

Licensed and insured and using only quality materials, Coastal Elite strives to be the standard other companies only hope to be, especially when it comes to quality roofing.

“We provide you with a true, 25-year craftsmanship warrantied roof, guaranteeing you we will be there if, when, and where you need us,” Ames said. “We can offer this because we have collected the best individual products from across the industry regardless of brand. We use a fully synthetic energy saver underlayment as well as doubling any code requirements to give you and your family the most protection possible.”

Company reviews posted online are nothing short of exceptional.

“Excellent experience from start to finish! I love my new roof and windows! They were quick, clean, and affordable!” Janine F.

“I am amazed by the outstanding service and attention to detail provided by Coastal Elite Exterior Care. They transformed my outdated home into a modern haven, and the quality of their work exceeded my expectations. Their expertise and craftmanship warranties truly give me peace of mind, I highly recommend them for any home remodeling project.” Melissa Castle

“Hands down the very best in this area.” Doug H.

Coastal Elite Exterior Care, LLC is located at 24 Lowell St. in Westbrook. Estimates are entirely free. Call or text them at 207-550-7230 to schedule an estimate or by email at: You can also learn more about them and request a quote online at: <

Friday, May 24, 2024

Business Spotlight: On The Docks

Whether you’ve lived in the Lakes Region for your entire life, here for the summer, or just passing through town, visiting a new store called On The Docks is a must.

Jaime Anderson welcomes shoppers to On The Docks in
Windham for all your gift giving and home decor needs. 
The store offers quality customer service, personalized orders, and a relaxed shopping atmosphere from its convenient location at 889 Roosevelt Trail, Suite 1, in North Windham.

On The Docks owner Jaime Anderson has assembled a collection of unique gifts, local apparel, Maine goods, and home decor with the Lakes Region in mind. “The inspiration behind our store stems from a profound appreciation for the tranquil beauty of the Lakes Region,” Anderson said. “Our mission was to curate a collection of offerings that cater to our community's needs, providing them with gifts and home decor that capture the essence of serenity and tranquility. Imagine the peacefulness of sitting on a dock, gazing out at the shimmering waters of Sebago Lake, Little Sebago Lake, Long Lake, or Panther Pond. That is the feeling we aim to evoke with our carefully chosen items, a sense of calm and contentment.”

Anderson that vision extends beyond the lake shores.

“We want to transform your home into a sanctuary, regardless of its location,” she said. “That is where our customization comes in. What is your sanctuary? Is it by the pool, amidst the trees, at a cozy campfire, or in the garden? Whatever it may be, we can tailor our offerings with drinkware, signs, accents and more.”

They are the area's exclusive carrier of Built-to-Last Adirondack chairs which are the best in the industry and backed by a 25 year warranty. They are made in America using 100% recycled materials and come in a variety of styles and colors to fit perfectly with any home style. Whether on the water, front porch or circled around a backyard fire these chairs and accent tables will give the added comfort perfect to accent your outdoor living.

With reasonable pricing, On the Docks is happy to help any customer with their home decor or gift-giving needs, even outside the geographic area of the Lakes Region, Anderson says.

“We can custom order any lake and create personalized signs based on customer need,” she said. “We offer Maine merchandise, gifts, candles, faux floral, and many other things.”

Originally from Windham, Anderson owned a gift shop 15 years ago in a small town in rural Pennsylvania.

“I loved everything about owning and running a gift shop. We had to close due to some family health issues and it has been a dream of mine to open a store again,” she said. “I moved home to Maine about three years ago and have been dreaming, planning, and hoping to open a gift shop in my hometown of Windham. In November 2023, all the pieces fell into place, and we were given the keys to our amazing location.

The store includes a craft area where local artists can offer instruction and classes and Anderson said she hopes the location becomes a new focal point for local vendors in Windham.

Since opening its doors earlier this year, word is getting out about how friendly everyone is at On The Docks, their fantastic selection of unique gifts and lake-related items, their knowledge and expertise and exceptional customers service.

“We want everyone to know we are here and what we have to offer,” Anderson said. “We do not sell docks or dock supplies, but we do encourage everyone to stop in and see what’s available. We believe you will like what you find here.”

For those who have visited, their social media reviews of On The Docks are fantastic.

“We have received amazing feedback from our customers,” Anderson said. “We have five 5-star reviews on Google and have had many people say similar things in person at the store.”

Some of those comments include:

“On The Docks has really great local stuff. Not the typical selection of home decor. Much of it is designed for Sebago Lakes area. They also have a great craft room. Looking forward to shopping here for gifts, definitely some unique stuff here. Looking to coming back again.”

“The owners were amazing to deal with. On the Docks is a beautiful store! We will definitely visit again soon! Love my table and chairs!!!”

On The Docks is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more info call 207-332-5231 or go to their website at: Also follow them on Facebook under On The Docks Gifts and Home Decor to see new items being added all the time and to follow their DIY class events. <

Friday, May 17, 2024

Nonprofit Spotlight: Gander Brook Christian Camp

A beautiful camp in Raymond exists where children can experience adventure and what life was like decades ago, in a positive, safe, and encouraging setting. Gander Brook Christian Camp provides kids 8 to 18 with a rustic camping experience where they can make lifelong friendships, strengthen their faith and simply to enjoy what it is like to be a child.

Owned and operated by the Churches of Christ in New England, Gander Brook Christian Camp is located at the corner of Ledge Hill Road and North Raymond Road and sits on 222 acres as well as additional waterfront property on Raymond Pond. Sessions are overnight and conducted weekly, running from the last week of June through the first week of August.

The camp is non-denominational, open to all children, and Gander Brook Christian Camp can accommodate up to 120 campers per session. Campers bunk in cabins with kids their own age for their weeklong stay and their daily schedule includes, meals, Bible classes, earning merit badges such as outdoor cooking, archery, ropes course, tie dyeing, sign language and more, afternoon sports and swimming/kayaking, cabin challenge games, evening activities such as skit nights, Crazy Olympics, scavenger hunts, nature classes, bonfires, and cookouts.

Steve Mezzapelle of Gander Brook Christian Camp first came to the camp at age 8 and attended every year until he was 18 and even returned as a camp counselor for several summers when he was in college and is currently on the camp Board of Directors.

“It made such a huge impact on my life,” he said. “This is a hidden gem nobody knows about. Gander Brook is the reason why I fell in love with Maine and the reason I wanted to move here. It had that great of a positive impact on my life.”

The camp has been operating in Raymond since 1959 and is guided by a Board of Directors of 17 people from around New England. It is staffed by two directors, a staff of 16 to 20 camp counselors and an activities director. Volunteers staff the kitchen, the camp canteen and camp laundry, and there are also merit badge instructors, nurses, and Bible instructors. Camp counselors change each year and are recruited from the leading Christian colleges across America. The two camp directors have been with the camp for over 20 years.

Gander Brook provides campers with a good, healthy, faith-based environment away from the chaotic stresses that can often surround children. No electronic devices are allowed so it’s a great place for kids to unplug and connect with people and nature and to just have fun. For many campers, lifelong friendships are forged, and those friendships and the people associated with Gander Brook Christian Camp are what make this camp special.

Mezzapelle said that campers find encouragement and an environment of making everyone feel special and respected like they are family.

The Gander Brook Christian Camp site itself is one of Maine’s historic properties. On the site, the Wilson Hotel and Spring Company, with its centerpiece inn known as “The Wilson” was built in 1890. In a newspaper ad from 1892, promoters of this impressive structure touted its “Spring of Wonderful Purity and Curative Properties.” Guests coming to “The Wilson” would only be able to enjoy those ‘curative’ waters for five years though, because it burned to the ground in 1895. The Noraco Inn was built on the site in 1929 on the berms seen in the Wilson Hotel pictures, and which still surrounds the lodge today at Gander Brook.

The Noraco Inn was owned by Joseph Dellamano and the property in its heyday was a getaway vacation retreat for summer vacationers from urban areas of New England and New York. Promotional literature from the Noraco Inn enticed the guests to visit “Maine’s Log Cabin Resort” and stay in the “well furnished” cabins and eat at the lodge in the spacious “Sunset Dining Room.” When the inn closed around 1950, the property was vacant for nine years. The Churches of Christ in New England saw a need for summer camping and organized a Board of Directors which purchased the property in 1959 and has been operating a summer camp program each summer since then.

“This is such a beautiful place, and we want the community to know about it and young people to experience it,” Mezzapelle said.

Openings for children are currently available at Gander Book Christian Camp for this summer.

You can sign up online or call 207-998-4369 or 501-827-7432 for the registrar throughout the year.

For more information about Gander Brook Christian Camp, visit or find them on Facebook and Instagram under Gander Brook Christian Camp. <

Business Spotlight: Robbins Pest Services, LLC

Peace of mind is what Robbins Pest Services offers customers by providing comprehensive pest control solutions and helping ensure they’re able to enjoy a pest-free environment in their homes or businesses.

Based in Gorham and servicing Greater Portland and the surrounding cities and towns, Robbins Pest Services offers a wide range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer with reliability and affordability.

Owned and operated by Rick Robbins and his wife Nicole, the company’s core services include general pest control by addressing common household pests such as ants, cockroaches, spiders, and rodents through targeted treatments and prevention strategies, including organic options for environmentally conscious customers. It also provides bed bug extermination and mosquito and tick treatments.

“Bed bugs can be a major nuisance and difficult to eradicate without professional help,” Robbins said. “We utilize advanced techniques, including organic solutions, to eliminate bed bug infestations and prevent future outbreaks. We also offer specialized treatments to control mosquito and tick populations, reducing the risk of bites and potential disease transmission to humans and pets.”

Robbins said the company is aware that every customer's pest control needs are unique.

“That's why we offer a variety of customizable plans to accommodate different schedules, budgets, and pest concerns,” he said. “Whether it's a one-time treatment or ongoing maintenance, we work closely with our customers to develop a plan that fits their specific requirements. We also understand the unique pest control needs of businesses and offer tailored solutions to keep commercial properties pest-free and in compliance with health and safety regulations, including organic treatments for businesses seeking environmentally friendly options.”

He said that Robbins Pest Services uses an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system.

“We advocate for sustainable and eco-friendly pest control practices through our IPM approach, which emphasizes prevention, monitoring, and targeted interventions to minimize environmental impact, including the use of organic treatments as part of a holistic pest management strategy, Robbins said. “Our experienced technicians utilize a combination of expertise and advanced methods to ensure thorough inspections and precise treatments, delivering long-lasting results. Additionally, we provide organic options for environmentally conscious customers seeking sustainable pest control solutions. Overall, our goal is to provide reliable, effective, and environmentally responsible pest control services that give our customers peace of mind, including personalized plans to meet their individual needs.”

What sets Robbins Pest Services apart from the competition is its exceptional commitment to customer satisfaction.

“As a family business, we prioritize personalized solutions tailored to each customer's needs,” Robbins said. “Our experienced team stays ahead of the curve with innovative techniques while promoting sustainability. We offer organic options for those seeking environmentally friendly solutions, ensuring effective pest control with minimal environmental impact. Ultimately, we're dedicated to making our customers happy and providing peace of mind. We aim to keep things competitive without sacrificing quality. Our prices are fair and upfront, with no hidden fees. We might not always be the cheapest, but we're all about giving you value. And hey, we've got different service plans to suit your needs. Our goal is to make sure you're getting top-notch pest control without breaking the bank. It's all about giving you the best bang for your buck.”

Having worked in the Pest Control industry for almost 10 years, Robbins said he recognizes the importance of offering reliable and personalized pest control services that prioritize both quality and community well-being.

“Leveraging that experience in the industry and fueled by a passion for making homes and businesses pest-free, my wife and I established Robbins Pest Services,” he said. “From Day One, we've infused every aspect of our business with a family touch, ensuring that each customer receives the care and attention they deserve. Our mission is simple, to protect your family and property as if they were our own, all while building a stronger, pest-free community together. We are deeply rooted in family values and community. My wife Nicole and I, along with our 4-year-old son Nolan, have made this area our home. Our commitment to serving the community drives everything we do, from our personalized approach to pest control solutions to our dedication to sustainability and customer satisfaction. When you choose Robbins Pest Services, you're not just getting effective pest control, you're supporting a local family business that genuinely cares about making a positive impact in the community.”

To learn more about Robbins Pest Services, LLC, call 207-770-0274 or visit <

Friday, May 10, 2024

Business Spotlight: Tinker Automotive Services

Expertise, keeping costs low, honesty and a passion for automotive repair excellence are the guiding principles of Tinker Automotive Services of Windham.

The Tinker Family welcome everyone to the
new location of Tinker Automotive Services
at 51 Tandberg Trail in Windham.
Now in an expanded site at 51 Tandberg Trail, the new location allows owner Levi Tinker and his team of technicians to deliver the highest quality vehicle repairs in a more convenient spot with more parking and easy access for many customers.

“The difference is significant because we’ve gone from one bay to five,” Tinker said.

In business since 2017, Tinker Automotive has worked hard to keep up with advances in the industry and has recently added wheel alignment racks for the new shop. They are also equipped to be able to do more rust repair work there.

In addition to performing state inspections for four-wheeled vehicles, Tinker Automotive Services also can perform state motorcycle inspections too and offers a complete line of affordable repairs and maintenance services for all types of vehicles.

“We’re really happy at this new place and glad that we’ve made this move,” Tinker said. “We’re grateful to be able to serve this community and have made so many wonderful friends through the years.”

Levi Tinker’s expertise in auto repair started at an early age and continues to this day.

“I’ve always liked to ‘tinker’ with repairs,” he said. “Even as a kid, I would go to the town dump to see if I could find a bike to fix up. For me, it was so much fun to take a broken bike and get it up and running again. There was a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in that. And there still is.”

He’s worked in the automotive repair field for all his adult life and worked his way up to owning his own shop through hard work and a willingness to be honest and deliver exceptional work in a timely manner while doing everything possible to keep costs as low as possible.

Tinker also believes in transparency and taking the time to explain the extent of work required to his customers.

“I will take time to show people what the problem is and do my best to explain in a way they can understand,” he said. “Unfortunately, in the automotive repair field, women are often taken advantage of, and we are adamant about not doing that. We never upsell anything and we are straightforward and honest.”

Tinker Automotive Services has been voted for several years as a leading choice in The Windham Eagle's annual Eagle Choice Awards and it doesn't look like this trend will end anytime soon. Their positive reputation continues to spread throughout the community because of their commitment to performing exceptional repairs and maintenance on all makes of vehicles for every customer everytime.

Outstanding reviews posted online confirm Tinker Automotive Services’ devotion to its customers and the quality work it performs.

We were referred to Tinker when our current mechanic retired. We were planning a long family road trip and wanted a thorough check of my vehicle before we hit the road. I immediately felt relieved by the fantastic customer service and great communication with everyone at the shop. When I needed to stop in with my kids they had toys and treats to keep them busy and were all very kind to my little ones. We had multiple issues with my vehicle that needed repair. The shop was thorough and very fair with their assessment and pricing. We feel that they went above and beyond to help us get on the road safely. It isn’t often that you find a kind and honest shop that is this great at repairs. We are happy to have found them and highly recommend to anyone in need of a good mechanic.” – Lynnsey Flynn

Our vehicle was down, and we were in a pinch to get it looked at and fixed. Tinker Automotive was not only able to to get us in to diagnose the problem quickly but they were able to get it fixed and back on the road fast. Communication and response time were fantastic. They even followed up after we picked up our vehicle to thank us for our business. We are very happy with our experience and will be using Tinker Automotive for all our future vehicle maintenance and repair needs. Thank you to Levi and the rest of your team.” – Aaron Pieper

Just had one of my vehicles fixed by the guys at Tinker. They did an exceptional job, and they stand by their work. And I liked that they visually showed me what needed to be fixed and the price was totally affordable.” – Ronnie Lee

The mission of Tinker Automotive Services is to help customers maintain a safe, reliable vehicle, and to provide the community with honest, reliable, and exceptional service. FMI or to make an appointment call or text 207-318-0342 and find them on Facebook. <

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Business Spotlight: Harry's Heat Pumps

When you’ve had enough of soaring energy bills and are considering a highly efficient heating and cooling pump, there are many reasons to choose Harry’s Heat Pumps of Windham.

Based in Windham, Harry's Heat Pumps can
help save home and business owners money
through efficient heating and cooling systems.
The company specializes in installation,
service and maintenance and is a family
Harry Wood has lived in Windham his entire life and has owned and operated Harry’s Heat Pumps for more than four years and has racked up a decade of expertise and experience in the industry. Besides that, choosing Harry’s Heat Pumps strengthens community resilience, uplifts the local economy, and paves the way for a more sustainable future. As a Windham resident, he also understands how important it is to save money on heating and cooling throughout the year.

“We offer a year-round product and provide exceptional customer service because we live locally and are aware of how costly it is to heat and cool a home,” Wood said. “We specialize in keeping you and your family comfortable year-round whether it’s in one room or the whole house.”

Based in Windham, Harry’s Heat Pumps sells heating and cooling pumps, installs them, performs service repairs, cleanings and all associated preventative maintenance.

Because his business is small and local, the response time for Harry’s Heat Pumps is quicker than the larger companies and is a highly affordable option to help community residents to save money.

“I’m the local guy you can call who will provide exceptional customer service and get it done right the first time,” Wood said. “We’re a family- oriented company.”

According to Wood, heat pumps use electricity to pull heat out of the air. In winter, they pull warmer air inside to heat your home while in the summer, it acts like an air conditioner, moving warm air out while circulating cooler air inside. When you’ve had enough of soaring energy bills and are considering a highly efficient heating and cooling pump, there are many reasons to choose Harry’s Heat Pumps of Windham.

Harry Wood has lived in Windham his entire life and has owned and operated Harry’s Heat Pumps for more than four years and has racked up a decade of expertise and experience in the industry. Besides that, choosing Harry’s Heat Pumps strengthens community resilience, uplifts the local economy, and paves the way for a more sustainable future. As a Windham resident, he also understands how important it is to save money on heating and cooling throughout the year.

“We offer a year-round product and provide exceptional customer service because we live locally and are aware of how costly it is to heat and cool a home,” Wood said. “We specialize in keeping you and your family comfortable year-round whether it’s in one room or the whole house.”

Based in Windham, Harry’s Heat Pumps sells heating and cooling pumps, installs them, performs service repairs, cleanings and all associated preventative maintenance.

Because his business is small and local, the response time for Harry’s Heat Pumps is quicker than the larger companies and is a highly affordable option to help community residents to save money.

“I’m the local guy you can call who will provide exceptional customer service and get it done right the first time,” Wood said. “We’re a family- oriented company.”

According to Wood, heat pumps use electricity to pull heat out of the air. In winter, they pull warmer air ins

He said heat pumps are very quiet and help improve air quality by filtering the air and dehumidifying a home.

“Air quality can be a key component for optimum health and prevention of illness,” Wood said. “Because a heating and cooling pump uses no fossil fuels, it is eco-friendly by reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere while saving a bundle on heating and cooling costs.”

Heating and cooling pumps require little maintenance and that can add up to substantial savings which can be used for other projects by homeowners, Wood said. “Right now rebates are running between $4,000 and $8,000.”

“The primary advantage of installing a heat pump is that it’s one of the lowest cost sources of heat and that when installed with multiple indoor units, heat pumps allow for room-by-room temperature control,” he said. “They are safe because heat pumps are electrically powered and there is no risk of combustion gas leaks. Many people have the misconception that the electricity consumption cost with a heat pump is higher, but in reality, are very efficient and also help dehumidify and cool homes in the summer.”

When compared to larger companies, Harry’s Heat Pumps is highly competitive in its pricing.

“We have much lower overhead allowing us to offer significant savings,” he said. “And heat pumps also typically provide 250 to 300 percent efficiency when compared to oil prices.”

Online reviews for Harry’s Heat Pumps are extraordinary.

“Harry runs an awesome operation. He is responsive, knowledgeable, and professional. He and his team showed up, treated the workspace as if it was their own house, knocked out the work expediently and with high quality. He communicated well throughout, and he (and his team) took pride in their work. All this great service plus the pricing was phenomenal. Highly recommend.” Matt Reichel

“My experience with Harry was by FAR the best I've had with any tradesman in years. Polite, professional, on time, responsive, answered all my questions and then some. A great guy! You cannot go wrong with Harry's Heat Pumps.” Fern Oates

Harry was great to deal with. He diagnosed the problem with my old system, recommended a solution, and got it done in a timely manner. Attention to detail was top notch, he was punctual, and communication was great. I am very happy and recommend using Harry's Heat Pumps.” Drew MacVane

Harry’s Heat Pumps is insured, licensed, fully certified to work on heating and cooling pump systems and they are a registered vendor with efficiency Maine.

The company is currently booking for the summer season. Find Harry’s Heat Pumps online at or on Facebook, Instagram and Google or call 207-310-3473 for Harry’s Heat Pumps. <

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Business Spotlight: Pine Tree Bakery

Baking is really all about transformation, from turning flour, sugar and eggs into delicious cookies and pastries, and baked goods into smiles, and it’s the essence of what the new Pine Tree Bakery is all about.

Lesa Beck owns Pine Tree Bakery on Route 302
on the Windham/Westbrook town line. It offers
a vast selection of pastries, cookies, brownies,
and breakfast sandwiches and everything is
made from scratch using high quality ingredients.
Located at 1557 Bridgton Road in Westbrook on the Windham/Westbrook Town Line, Pine Tree Bakery is owned and operated by Lesa Beck, who turns out baked goods by hand each day using only the finest quality ingredients. The bakery offers a vast selection of pastries, ​small cakes, breakfast sandwiches, coffee, tea and ​hand-crafted espresso drinks and a generous assortment of tasty desserts such as tarts, cookies, brownies, and more​.

“By far the best thing we do is bring smiles to the people we serve,” Beck said. “It makes them happy. Our friendly staff works hard to make sure you are happy with what you receive when you visit us.”

Pine Tree Bakery opened April 10 and uses exceptional ingredients such as Callebaut chocolate, Cabot butter, and King Arthur flour, which give their products a high-quality and delicious taste.

“While many bakeries use pre-made mixes or bought-in packaged products, at Pine Tree Bakery we make everything from scratch in house,” Beck said. “Our baked goods include a rotating selection of cookies, muffins, small cakes, pastries, and desserts. We update our selection each week to feature new flavors and items. While we don’t have a full lunch menu yet, it’s something we are working on for the future and we do offer a couple of savory baked items each day.”

For coffee, Pine Tree Bakery offers drip coffee and Espresso-based drinks with beans from Coffee by Design, a high-quality local coffee roaster right here in Maine.

“Our pastries and desserts are all individual serving size,” Beck said. “We’ve worked hard to keep our prices reasonable for our customers. Our pastries and desserts range in price from $2.25 to $5. What really sets us apart is our high-quality food and pastries and our customer service. We really want to make it a good experience for our customers so they will come back again and again.”

“And we are a great spot to grab breakfast and coffee on your way to work in the morning or stop by later in the afternoon for that end-of-day pick-me-up and a cookie,” she said. “We offer both take-out and dine-in so you can choose to grab and go if you’re in a hurry or sit and relax with some good coffee and a treat or two.”

Beck first learned how to bake as a child and found it to be wonderful stress relief when she worked in a technology career.

“I spent 20 years in the tech industry as a project and program manager but was ready for a change and had always dreamed of opening my own bakery cafĂ©,” she said.

Prior to opening the new bakery, Beck remodeled the 1,500-square-foot interior so it can now seat 38 customers at one time, transforming the former CeCe’s Diner into a new favorite gathering spot for locals.

“We have also created a comfortable and cozy space to hang out with a cup of coffee and breakfast or to spend time with family and friends,” Beck said. “We have a spacious dining area and plenty of parking.

Beck says that feedback from our customers has been incredibly positive to date, and she and her employees are so happy that their customers are enjoying their food.

“Some of our best sellers to date have been our Swedish Cinnamon Knots, Blueberry Streusel Muffin, Cinnamon Rolls, and Scones,” she said. “I’d like to give a shoutout to our amazing baker, Sue Jones, and to Jessie Farinella, the friendly face you’ll see at the front counter.”

Hours for Pine Tree Bakery are 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesdays through Sundays.

For more details, call 207-887-9087 or visit

Find them on Facebook at or on Instagram at <

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Business Spotlight:

When it comes to simplicity, efficiency, and customer support, stands out as an exceptional choice when choosing a dumpster company.

Owned by Paul Vail and based in Windham, is a new business that is available for both residential and commercial customers. No matter if you’re managing construction debris or taking on a home renovation project, stands ready to help.

Featuring a variety of cost-effective roll-off dumpster sizes and a hassle-free and convenient experience for customers, offers the best value and service for just about any project.

“I designed this company for it to be as easy as possible for making a reservation, payment, delivery and pick-up,” Vail said. “Our bins are clean and new and everything about our business is simple and effortless for our customers. We take pride in what we do.”

Vail said that can be used for home renovation projects for disposing of debris from home remodels. They also can be used to collect yard waste such as branches, leaves, and grass cuttings, or for spring cleaning to get rid of old furniture, appliances, and clutter from your attic, garage, or basement.

Contractors can use to keep construction sites clean by removing scrap materials and waste or to safely dispose of old roofing materials and shingles during a roof replacement. roll-off dumpsters can be used to haul away old refrigerators, hot tubs, mattresses, foreclosure clean-outs, trash removal, television disposal, and e-waste disposal.

According to Vail, when choosing the right dumpster rental service, it is important that your needs should guide your decision.

“It's essential to assess various rental options to ensure you're getting the best value and service for your project,” he said. “Considering the size and type of dumpster required is crucial in making an informed choice. At, we understand that reliability and affordability are key when selecting a rental for your requirements. Our services address these needs with a customer-focused approach, ensuring that your rental experience is as seamless as possible.”

Roll-off dumpsters are versatile, suitable for everything from home renovations to garden clear-outs, ensuring efficient removal of debris. On the other hand, construction dumpsters are designed for heavier materials often found on construction sites. Vail said that understanding the specifics of your project will guide your dumpster selection, ensuring the debris is managed properly.

“Our selection features dumpsters designed for specific materials and waste types, ensuring efficiency and compliance with local regulations,” Vail said. “You’ll find that each dumpster type has been crafted to facilitate different kinds of debris removal. From roll-off dumpsters perfect for bulky waste to compact bins ideal for residential clean-ups, is equipped to handle it all. Available dumpster options are just a click away, simplifying your project planning and execution.”

He said repeat rentals from our satisfied customers affirm the company’s commitment to meeting their service expectations every time. rentals are eco-friendly and that means you are choosing a partner committed to responsible dumpster management.

“By embracing eco-friendly practices, we minimize environmental impact and promote sustainability,” Vail said. “Remember, efficient waste disposal is about making greener choices for our community.”

He said the proficiency of ensures that your home or construction site remains orderly and efficient.

“At, every customer benefits from the simplicity and effectiveness of our dumpster rentals, featuring an assortment of sizes to accommodate any project magnitude,” Vail said. “We offer more than just a bin, our comprehensive services include swift delivery and pickup, enhancing your overall rental experience. We’re dedicated to delivering exemplary waste disposal services, and is committed to ensuring your specific needs are met, catering to both residential and commercial projects in Windham.

To learn more about or schedule an instant quote, visit or call 207-404-1308. <

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Business Spotlight: Cleaning Essentials

The customer always comes first at Cleaning Essentials and it’s part of the reason the Raymond-based cleaning company remains successful.

Owned by Regan Burke, Cleaning Essentials offers personable, reliable, and experienced staff, flat-rate fees and customizable cleaning services while using green cleaning products and emphasizing efficiency.

“Helping our customers has always been our mission at Cleaning Essentials,” Burke said. “There are no surprises with our customized flat-rate fee based on the scope of work for your particular needs.”

She said that Cleaning Essentials has reasonable hourly rates for move-ins and move-outs or for deep cleans, and the company thoroughly trains its employees to be as efficient and productive as possible on the job creating total customer satisfaction.

Cleaning Essentials provides expertise in specialty surfaces. Regular maintenance includes floor care, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and making kitchens and bathrooms sparkle. Extra al la carte services include ovens, refrigerators, making beds, and windows. No job is too large or too small for its staff, many of whom have been with the company for years.

“Our team of people are fully trained staff that can efficiently clean a house in a reasonable period of time at a fair and reasonable cost,” Burke said. “We clean homes, businesses, and vacation rentals. We also work closely with homebuilders and real estate professionals to get the job done right.”

The Cleaning Essentials company also is socially conscious and participates in a wide array of community service programs, including Cleaning For A Reason for cancer patients, and also offer a FLEX program for teachers, law enforcement, firefighters, and the elderly.

“It's not the 1950's anymore. Cleaning services are more mainstream than ever before, especially after COVID,” Burke said. “Regular maintenance cleaning is proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and to improve household relationships and overall health. This is a no judgement zone. This is what we do.”

Burke says that she started cleaning in her neighborhood during high school as a way to help pay for her horse. “Thirty years later when he passed, I started making natural products called Noteworthy Naturals,” she said. “Simultaneously, I joined up with another single mom to clean for extra income. The products and the company took off. I’ve come full circle.”

Since launching Cleaning Essentials in 2017, the company now has just under a dozen employees but continues to grow. “We’re small but mighty,” Burke said. “Consistency and reliability are what we are all about and we are not like the rest.

Customers have certainly noticed and Cleaning Essentials is now an award-winning company, taking home the 2023 Best of the 207 Award and in 2023 it was the gold recipient of the Eagle Choice Award for cleaning services.

Social media and Google reviews are exceptional.

“I have been very happy with the services provided by Cleaning Essentials. The crew that cleans my house are on time, friendly, go about their work efficiently and are the least disruptive of any previous cleaning services I've used. In addition, the admin staff are very responsive and a pleasure to deal with. Thank you, Cleaning Essentials!” Connee Bush

“I was impressed by the cleaning results, but also by the efficiency – there was no wasted effort. The company came to us highly recommended by neighbors who would never recommend anyone who wasn’t superior. Later, I used this company for interim cleaning of the toilets and kitchen. Once again, the work was done very well.” Peter Greer

“Cleaning essentials did a fantastic job on our family's camp! They cleaned very thoroughly and left the place in pristine condition. Regan and Amanda were also responsive and were very clear on price (which was a great value for how deeply they cleaned). Thank you!” Anna Hartley

“Love working with Cleaning Essentials. Everyone is friendly, responsive, and efficient. They do a great job cleaning and go out of their way to make us happy. 10/10 would recommend.” Sofia Prado Huggins

“I’ve used Cleaning Essentials for years. It’s the best cleaning service I’ve ever had. The staff does an excellent job. I never hesitate to recommend them.” Kerrie Mangione

For more information about Cleaning Essentials services or associated costs, call 207-804-8966 or visit their website at You can also find them on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and on Facebook at <     









Friday, April 5, 2024

Business Spotlight: Lakes Region Enterprises

Whether you’re looking to add curb appeal to your property or just trying to create your own slice of heaven right here on earth, Lakes Region Enterprises can help you achieve your dreams.
Anthony Palla of Lakes Region
Enterprises takes pride in his work and 
treats customers like he would his own
family. He resides in the Lakes Region
with his wife, Kelli, and their son.

Located at 999 Roosevelt Trail, Unit 2 in Windham, Lakes Region Enterprises is owned and operated by Anthony Palla, who has the knowledge and expertise to transform any project while keeping the associated costs highly competitive.

Lakes Region Enterprises performs an array of landscaping, hardscape, and plowing services for customers throughout the Lakes Region and in the Greater Portland area, including mowing and weekly yard maintenance, mulch, clean ups, pruning, installations, parking lot sweeping, snow plowing and removal, and other hardscaping projects.

The company can provide expertise in the installation of interlocking pavers, bricks and stone, outdoor fireplaces and firepits, patios, pool decks and terraces, retaining and landscape walls and creating custom walkways. It also can handle any project involving grass cutting, edging, debris removal, lawn aeration, seeding, shrub and small tree pruning and initiating a cost-effective turf management program.

“The best thing about what I do is getting to work outside and helping people turn their vision for their property into a reality,” Palla said.

He has extensive experience in landscaping and field management and has managed both large and small companies while developing an intricate knowledge of landscaping and hardscaping over that time. That experience was developed from 10 years in the field and then as a supervisor and company manager in the Portland area before branching off on his own to create Lakes Region Enterprises.

Now with his own company, Palla focuses on training employees to perform tasks the correct way and the equipment needed to accomplish the jobs his customers need done.

“I have experience on the commercial side of things as well as on the residential side,” he said. “We always strive to provide the best possible service at competitive pricing including offering year-round and seasonal contracts.”

Because of this background, Lakes Region Enterprises has the right experience to properly address winter expectations for businesses that need to be open or remain open during winter storms.

“We have the experience, the expertise, and emphasis on quality to take care of any projects that any business or homes are looking for in year-round contracts,” Palla said. “We can take care of them, so they don’t have to worry about landscaping and plowing and they can focus on other things.”

His strong work ethic ensures reliability and always places the needs of Lakes Region Enterprises customers first.

“We show up when we say we will and we return all phone calls in a prompt and timely manner,” Palla said. “We provide the best quality possible, and word-of-mouth referrals have backed that.”

Online reviews for Lakes Region Enterprises are exceptional.

“Lakes Region has been our go to landscape and hardscape provider for a few years now. Anthony has been responsive and dedicated to working with us and within our budgets. There has been more than one occasion we had to call on them for a special project, installing new playgrounds, storm cleanup, or site work. Not once have they let us down.” Thomas Wood, Point Sebago CSA Property Manager

“Anthony is the best, and most knowledgeable guy when it comes to any property services. Very nice, and easy to talk to. The work that they do over at Lakes Region is second to none. I would recommend them for sure.” Bruce Smith

“Anthony did an excellent job with my yard cleanup yesterday. Such a genuinely nice guy and I’d hire him again for sure.” Julia Holden

“You guys did a great job with our yard. Thank you so much!” Destiny Johnson

Now going into its third year, Lakes Region Enterprises offers a staff of seven and stands ready to assist with whatever project you may have at your home, vacation home or commercial property.

For more details about Lakes Region Enterprises and for a free estimate, call 207-415-4296, visit them on Facebook at or send an email to <