Friday, October 29, 2021

Business Spotlight: Sherman's Maine Coast Book Shop

A new chapter has opened for area residents who appreciate books and reading with the opening of Sherman’s Maine Coast Book Shop at the Windham Mall.

Open for less than two weeks, the new Sherman’s shop in Windham is one of three new locations for Sherman’s Maine Coast Book Shops, joining other new sites in Topsham and Rockland. Sherman’s is the oldest book store in Maine and was founded in Bar Harbor in 1886, making it one of the 10 oldest book stores in the United States.

Besides offering a wide assortment of general interest books, Sherman’s of Windham carries a wide selection of stationery, cards, puzzles, games, toys, and gifts, many produced right here in Maine

“The best thing about what we do is partnering people with books that make them light up, especially children,” said Jeff Curtis, CEO and co-owner of Sherman’s. “We’re not some big chain, we’re a Maine family-owned business with multiple locations.”

Continued customer support during the pandemic both online and at Sherman’s retail shops led to a search by the company for a new location to replace one in Camden that closed in 2020.

According to Curtis, the Sherman’s team did a great job of creating a healthy shopping environment for our customers and themselves during the pandemic, and its customers deeply appreciated being able to come in Sherman’s locations and browse. The resulting surge in business left the company looking for growth opportunities.

“We went looking for an opportunity to open a new store and found three opportunities instead. We couldn’t decide between them, so we decided to open all three,” Curtis said.

The greatest misconception the public may have about running a bookstore is that smaller shops can’t compete against Amazon and other online retailers, but Curtis says it’s not true. 

 “We have a very devoted following and its evident that our attention to detail and personalized service are something our customers want,” he said. “This is a satisfying business, and we are greatly appreciated for our work. Every Christmas there’s always a surprise new book or runaway best seller and we help connect and find our customers those books and they’re always grateful.”

The selection of books at Sherman’s Maine Coast Book Shop in Windham is exceptional and if a book can’t be found there, employees will locate a copy for those searching for it.

“We excel at customer service and our staff in each store will be more than happy to help you find the right book,” Curtis said. “In my opinion what really makes the bookstore special is the staff and we have great staff.”

The new Windham location has six employees and is managed by Windham resident Taylor Rice. The shop is open seven days a week all year round.

Curtis said that the Windham location is ideal and since its opening, business has been great.

“The abundance of available parking is an asset for the store,” he said. “Many of our other locations are located in downtown districts and customers have to search for parking spots to visit us there. The new Windham Sherman’s is fortunate to have such ample parking.”

Special events such as author visits and book signings have been shelved because of COVID-19 restrictions but will resume once the pandemic is over.

Sherman’s offers a wide assortment of popular books, Maine books, bargain books, young reader books, cookbooks, and travel guides.

Maria Boord Curtis, Director of Operations, and the co-owner of Sherman’s said that the company’s basic business philosophy is simple.

“We put people first,” she said. “Our customers are important to us. We strive to create a place for both our customers and employees to flourish and that’s what truly makes a business successful.”

She said personalized service is standard at Sherman’s Maine Coast Book Shops.

“We have grown over the years by listening and catering to our customers,” Boord Curtis said.

The Windham location of Sherman’s Maine Coast Book Shop is at 795 Roosevelt Trail in the Windham Mall next to Renys.

For more information about Sherman’s Maine Coast Book Shop in Windham, call 207-857-7111 or visit them online at or find them on Facebook at Sherman’s Book’s and Stationery. <

Friday, October 22, 2021

Business Spotlight: Sky's Aesthetics

Aesthetic procedures have been gaining popularity for years and now Windham has a facility that puts people first and genuinely cares about outcomes and achieving results.

Sky's Aesthetics at 4 Whites Bridge Road, Suite 225, in Windham is a Medspa and works with a medical director to provide anti-aging and aesthetic treatments along with botox, dermal fillers, microneedling, PRP, Cryoskin, anti-aging facials, body treatments and lashes.Owned and operated by Erin Thompson, both an RN and licensed aesthetician. “I’ve named Sky’s Aesthetics after my only son, Skyler,” Thompson said, “calling him ‘Sky’ for short.” Sky’s Aesthetics is truly a dream come true for Thompson.

“I have the knowledge of skincare in addition to my nursing degree which I’ve been told is rare to be both a nurse and an aesthetician,” Thompson said. “I’ve been in the aesthetic industry for five years and a nurse since 2012. I worked in medical spas in Texas and Tennessee and worked with master injectors before deciding to open my own business. The unique feature Sky’s Aesthetics offers is pairing aesthetic procedures with customizable home-skincare regimens through facials. We can assess and analyze skin types, plus offer aesthetic procedures that make a significant difference in enhancing someone’s natural beauty, without surgery.”

 “We have purchased some incredible equipment for aesthetic procedures. We offer monthly promotions to keep giving customers discounts,” she said. “We also have a membership program for a skin wellness approach which locks in discounts on all our services. We believe in introductory pricing and giving when we can.”

Thompson said she loves helping people feel good and confident about themselves, but also wants everyone to know that these services are part of self- care. Skin is the largest organ, yet it is often neglected.

“I’m not sure why we have created a society of feeling guilty for taking care of ourselves. Truly if you’re good to yourself, you will be even better to others,” she said.

By focusing on quality services and paying personal attention to patrons, Sky’s Aesthetics has developed an exceptional reputation, a fact not lost on Thompson and her team.   

“I’ve always felt that if I didn’t offer quality, it would be cheating someone. If I couldn’t offer something great then I just wasn’t going to do it,” she said. “I believe in my services as I personally have tried them out. I’m also a nurse, so I’m going to give you my best even on my worst day.”

She said the feedback that Sky’s Aesthetics has received has been outstanding, and people single out her facials as being the most relaxing and best that they’ve ever received.

“I customize each person’s facial to their skin needs, as well as botox and lip augmentation with fillers. Everyone’s face is different so there’s really an art to it all,” Thompson said. “I take a natural approach of less is more, and I ask everyone to do a two-week follow-up after injections, so we can assess the progress and get it down to an exact science going forward. Right now, the trend is lip augmentation. We offer mini lip plumps that can give them such a great “lip show” while still saving them money.

Feedback about the facility has also been tremendous, she said.

“Everyone comments positively about our spa space,” Thompson said. “My husband renovated it completely by himself, and I love how the spa environment has a masculine appearance. Its entrance is a hallway to the upstairs and then a private spa room that I’ve been told is clean, relaxing, and cozy. No one has to walk through an intimidating big spa where everyone is staring at them. It’s very intimate.”

She said a major misconception about aesthetics is it’s about vanity or that it is not for men. Women tell me they love when a man has great skin and takes care of himself.

“There’s not a lot of information about Aesthetics in Maine,” Thompson said. “Aesthetics help people build confidence and take care of themselves. This is not a typical Medspa. We will be bringing on more as we grow. Our goal is to help people, our near future involves bringing on a doctor to offer PRP joint injections and hormone replacement therapy. Our team is one of integrity and compassion. We will be a team or force to be reckoned with.” 

For more information, visit, call them at 207-413-6209 or find them on Facebook and Instagram at Sky’s Aesthetics. <


Friday, October 15, 2021

‘Customized, Attentive Care’ a hallmark of Maine Optometry’s growing practice

Maine Optometry opened its Windham location in 2016. Just five years later, the practice has grown so much that they needed to add a new doctor. In October 2021, they moved into a larger location on Roosevelt Trail, which now includes three doctors. 

“We’re so pleased the community trusts us to take care of their eye health,” says Dr. Achenbach. “My family and I live here in Windham.  We love this community and enjoy giving back both through our work and in other ways. As Windham grows, we’re excited to grow along with it.”

Dr. Rachel Achenbach, Dr. Abigail Delahanty, and Dr. Jacquelyn Wills all welcome new patients at the Windham location of Maine Optometry. Dr. Wills, a recent graduate of NOVA Southeastern University College of Optometry, had previously completed her primary eye care rotation at Maine Optometry.

Though the practice is located in Windham, the doctors serve patients from a much wider geographical area. Some people even come from New Hampshire to see Dr. Achenbach, Dr. Delahanty, and Dr. Wills.

In addition to the new Windham location, Maine Optometry has six other doctor-owned locations throughout southern and central Maine.

With the move into the larger office in Windham, Maine Optometry is also adding the most up-to-date technology and new equipment. The retail area for selecting glasses will be updated, giving clients even more opportunity to find just the right frame for their style. They carry all the latest lens options—including blue light blocking lenses, no-line bifocals, sunglasses with options including polarized, mirror, and transition lenses, scratch coating and non-glare lens treatments, specialty lenses for digital screen and occupational use, and sports and safety eyewear.

While the move means a new space and updates to the equipment, one major thing won’t be changing—existing and new patients will still be able to count on the unparalleled service and care they have always received from the doctors and staff.

“I hear all the time from patients how happy they are with our staff’s positive attitude and willingness to go above and beyond,” said Dr. Achenbach. “It’s always wonderful to get that feedback, and we love being able to provide such a positive environment where people feel comfortable as they are taking care of an important aspect of their health.”

As a doctor-owned practice, Maine Optometry is able to offer a broad spectrum of eye health services while also providing customized, attentive care to the patients they see.

In addition to annual eye exams and vision correction, the doctors at the practice can diagnose and treat glaucoma, cataracts, eye health conditions related to diabetes and high blood pressure, dry eye, and other visual problems in children and adults.

Handling emergencies is also a specialty of Maine Optometry. They have a doctor on-call every night until 10 P.M. who is available to handle situations such as flashes, floaters, and irritated or swollen eyes.

Maine Optometry is committed to making eye health as easy and as accessible as possible for their patients. Insurance is a major piece of accessibility - Maine Optometry accepts most major insurances to help make their practice a viable option for more people in the community.

“Convenient access to high quality care—that’s what we want to provide our community,” said Dr. Achenbach. “Eye health is so important to overall health and quality of life, and we want to help make sure people are able to get the care they need. We’re a private practice and doctor-owned, so we have the knowledge and flexibility to provide our patients with personalized, expert care.”

Maine Optometry is also increasing accessibility and convenience by offering online options. Recently, they’ve made it possible to order contacts online through their website with a feature that also allows people to see their order’s progress.

Maine Optometry’s website - - lists out the insurances they accept, and also allows patients to download forms and pay their bill right on the site. Current and prospective patients can also keep up with the practice on Facebook. For more information or to make an appointment, please call 207-729-8474. <

Friday, October 8, 2021

Business Spotlight: Sebago Dock & Lift, Inc.

Living in the Sebago Lakes Region is a lifestyle second to none and for many that means boating and access to lake recreation is forefront to them. Fitting comfortably into that equation is Sebago Dock & Lift, Inc, a company with a sterling reputation for quality, craftsmanship, value, and customer service.

Headquartered at 96 Roosevelt Trail in Naples, Sebago Dock & Lift, Inc. has been a trusted partner of lake residents for years and offers expertise in the installation and management of docks and other waterfront requirements. 

“We’re a one-stop for all your waterfront needs,” said Sebago Dock & Lift owner and founder Jim Wynn.

As waterfront experts, Sebago Dock & Lift provides exceptional customer service along with the ability to resolve any dock issues that may arise.

“People may not realize that we are also the manufacturer for many of the products that we offer,” Wynn said. “We work year-round and when not out on the water in the winter, we’re manufacturing items and doing custom work.”

Wynn has been working in the dock service field since 1986 and founded Sebago Dock & Lift, Inc. in 1994.  

The company offers Alummikon dock systems, which are known for durability and versatility during even the harshest of Maine winter seasons. Their cedar, aluminum, and vinyl decking panels are removable and Wynn said the Alummikon design features corner pockets built into the frame, so that the dock’s leg pipe isn't held off to the side with external dock brackets. This allows for easy assembly, and the flexibility to reconfigure the dock as desired and to help make adjustments as needed.

Sebago Dock & Lift also features Alummilite products, a lightweight low-cost option for those living on small to mid-sized lakes and ponds which are a highly affordable addition to existing dock systems.

Wynn said that these dock sections are not only the most affordable in all of New England, but they are one of the lightest dock systems around.

“Their price, weight and simplicity make them a perfect alternative for the do-it-yourselfer with both the economy and functionality in mind,” he said. “The Alummilite Dock System dock was built to be not only tough, but to beat out our competition while maintaining the lowest price points on the market as well as making it one of the lightest docks on the market weighing in at only 65 pounds for the frame. They’re way easier than the heavy wooden docks we’re all used too.”

Wynn said Sebago Dock & Lift products can also be used for oceanfront gangways, stairs, ramps, and all types of decks and platforms. 

“We provide products for everyone from lakefront owners to land-locked customers as well as oceanfront property owners,” he said. “The ease of accessibility and durability help us to offer a great alternative to permanent wooden structures.”

Above all else, Wynn said Sebago Dock & Lift is known for its attention to detail and the outstanding way the company treats its customers.

“We strive to ensure our customers satisfaction is met every time. We’ve been working hard for over 20 years to have a well-rounded, hardworking, and dependable service team available to help you with all your waterfront needs,” Wynn said. “There is no other dock company fit to take care of your dock installation or removal needs like Sebago Dock & Lift. With our years of experience and expertise in taking care of our customers, Sebago Dock & Lift takes great pride in being the best that we can be.”

He said the company’s core philosophy is that it takes a strong team, a commitment to detail and a focus on customer service to run a successful dock sales and service business.

“We offer free consultations, free estimates and free dock designs,” Wynn said. “It’s never too late to start thinking about your dock configuration and asking yourself if you are happy with the current design and the company that installs and removes your docks.”

For more information about Sebago Dock & Lift, Inc. and products and services they offer, visit or call 207-693-1307. < 

Friday, October 1, 2021

Business Spotlight: Sebago Stoneworks & Stone Engraving

Among the oldest forms of art known to man is stone carving or turning a rock or something natural into a thing of beauty or to convey a message. And now thanks to the marvels of modern technology and the talented artistic designers at Sebago Stoneworks & Stone Engraving, all kinds of this form of unique artwork is obtainable right here in Maine.

Owned and operated by Devin Fahie, Sebago Stoneworks & Stone Engraving at 206 Ossippee Trail (Route 25) in Limington, the business produces some of the most captivating engraving to meet individualized specifications of property owners and the public.

Their attention-grabbing products can engrave an address or large house numbers on boulders or create an everlasting pet memorial or art for the garden. They can carve a company name onto a granite sign for a business entrance or transform a stone’s surface into carrying personal messages or images.

Whether it be a personalized wedding memento and keepsake, remembering a remarkable athletic achievement, putting names on brick pavers or a genuine and simple expression of love for a departed family member, Sebago Stoneworks & Stone Engraving can masterfully craft a treasured work of art to fit the individual situation.

Devin Fahie, the owner of Sebago Signworks
and Sebago Stoneworks & Stone Engraving,
joins his wife and children. He is a second-
generation signmaker and operates the 
family business in Limington.
“We are local, we serve New England,” Fahie said. “When you engrave, it’s a forever impression. Our mission is to provide long lasting relationships with our customers and serve the community the best we can.”

According to Fahie, Sebago Stoneworks & Stone Engraving is completely mobile, and their designs can be carved at the shop in Limington on smaller rocks, or they can come out and engrave larger projects at a customer’s location.

“We are happy to come to wherever you are located to meet all of your stone engraving needs,” he said. “We engrave stones, both onsite and at the shop. We can do memorials, pet memorials, veteran’s tributes, names and addresses, Mancave style.”

The graphic artists at Sebago Stoneworks & Stone Engraving can take a customer’s basic idea and develop it into an everlasting tribute or a work of art or to simply add letters, a date or a message to an existing stone memorial. Their customed-designed, sandblasted, and etched products are stunningly detailed and are made to stand the test of time, no matter what the season or the type of weather.  

The advantages of working with Sebago Stoneworks & Stone Engraving are multifold, including knowing that you are supporting a local, Maine-owned family business and giving an affordable and a one-of-a-kind unique gift typically not found at a big box store that will last forever.

“These make great gifts to complement a hobby, house, garden, car or motorcycle,” Fahie said. “They’re customer-designed just for you and no two are exactly alike.”

Fahie said because of recent advances in engraving technology available from Sebago Stoneworks & Stone Engraving, rocks selected for projects do not necessarily require a perfectly flat surface.

“We will work with the surface of the stone you have,” he said. “And if you don’t have a suitable rock, we can provide rocks for you of all different sizes to suit the project.”

In business for more than 15 years, Sebago Stoneworks & Stone Engraving is a division of Sebago Signworks of Limington, which has grown through the years to now employ a staff of seven workers.

We are strong at design with our signage background,” Fahie said. “Starting in November, our Sebago Stoneworks & Stone Engraving website will give you an option to design your own rock. If you envision it, we can carve it!”

For more detailed information about Sebago Stoneworks & Stone Engraving, call 207-793-4440 or visit their website at or find them on Facebook at  <