Friday, October 28, 2022

Business Spotlight: Harmon’s Cleaning Service

Those seeking a dependable and trustworthy local cleaning service have found a friend in Harmon’s Cleaning Service of Raymond.

Harmon's Cleaning Service is veteran-
owned and operated by husband and wife
team Jamie and Dennis Harmon. They take
pride in providing a quality clean that will
pass a white glove inspection every time.
See their ad to take advantage of $25
off your first service.
Dennis and Jamie Harmon established the company in 2022 and have been working hard at becoming the preferred choice in the area when a thorough yet affordable cleaning is needed. The married couple have been working together for six years and decided to form Harmon’s Cleaning Service to offer exceptional customer care and attention to detail at a fair price for the community.

Harmon’s is not your typical cleaning company. With just two employees, clients can be assured they will know who will be in their home each clean. They are responsive and answer every phone call. And they show up on time, use quality products and have their own equipment, and perform outstanding work that exceeds all expectations.

“We are a locally owned, veteran-owned and operated, husband/wife cleaning team, with white-glove clean expectations,” said Jamie Harmon. “We do not have other employees and our clients will know each clean exactly who will be in their intimate private space of their homes. We show up each time and make sure to complete the job to satisfaction. Often, we ask a homeowner, when possible, to take a walk through before we leave to make sure we met all their expectations of the clean.”

Services are available for residential and commercial clients, including rental turnovers, camp opening and closing cleans, one-time deep cleans, move-in and move-out cleans. Harmon’s Cleaning Service also performs window cleaning and lawn clean-ups in the spring and fall.

Prices are competitive and highly affordable but the attention to detail they exhibit on every job and the quality of the cleaning they perform surpasses expectations.

They treat every home they work on as if it were their own, taking exceptional care of client’s furnishings and genuinely caring about those they serve. Quality work and exceptional customer care are the calling card of Harmons’ Cleaning Service. They are courteous, friendly, neighborly and believe that to earn a client’s repeat business that their work must always be outstanding.

Clients who have used Harmon’s Cleaning Service say that their work is amazing.

Here are some reviews that have been posted online about them:

"I was lucky to find such a meticulous and competent cleaning service. Jamie and Dennis were always available as promised for before and after rental cleanings. They also dealt with any problems during and after the rentals if required. Great service and responsible people.” Christine R.

“Jamie and Dennis are the best! They are hard-working, trustworthy, and just all-around wonderful people.” Jen W.

“We utilize Harmon’s Cleaning Service and are exceptionally pleased with the outcome! They are very nice people and do a great job. We enthusiastically recommend them to you.” Gary B.

“Responsive, prompt, easy to schedule, did a great job, great price and nice people!!” Vanessa D.

According to Jamie Harmon, the best aspect of working for Harmon’s Cleaning Service is always seeing the finished product when the job is done.

“To see the transformation is pretty exciting,” she said. “We have the expertise and the experience to make that happen and we only use safe quality cleaning products to accomplish our work. We take pride and really care about what we do and how we can make our customers lives just a bit easier each day. I am constantly saying the phrase, let us clean so you don't have to.”

They welcome new clients and to schedule an appointment or to learn more about Harmon’s Cleaning Service, call 207-595-9568, find them on Facebook under Harmon's Cleaning Service or visit them online at<

Friday, October 21, 2022

Business Spotlight: Sky High Tree Service

Trees certainly add charm to the landscaping of homes, but poorly maintained trees or trees damaged by storms create safety hazards for families and inflict costly property damage to a home. But that’s where Sky High Tree Service can lend a hand.

Based in Buxton and serving the entire Lakes Region, Sky High Tree Service has been in business for four years and is owned by Marcus Lefebvre, who has the expertise and equipment necessary to remove tree problems before heavy winds or a sudden snowstorm can result in disaster.

Sky High performs hazardous tree removals, crane work, chipping, stump removal and pruning work, along with tree trimmings and takedowns close to buildings and structures, in and around leach fields, close to power and utility lines and hanging over roadways. It also works on roofing, spring and fall cleanup jobs, and paving and sealcoating projects.

But the company specializes in tree work, no matter how large or small a project may be.

“I truly enjoy hazardous removals and seeing how the properties look before and then after,” Lefebvresaid. “The work is remarkably transformational for properties.”

Licensed and fully insured with contract climbers available, Sky High’s owner accepts how challenging
Marcus Lefebvre, owner of Sky High Tree
Service, takes pride in providing expert
service at a fair price. His customers rave
about his friendly demeanor, clear
communication and thorough work.
it can be to maintain properties in today’s economy, so Lefebvre strives to make services more affordable than the competition.

“Everyone thinks tree work should cost nothing,” Lefebvre said. “This is a physically demanding job that requires attention to detail. Experience matters significantly when it comes to crane work and when trees are near structures. We do recognize that affordability is important, and we always do our best to offer the lowest prices possible.”

Lefebvre also believes that being up front with homeowners regarding services is paramount to establishing a great relationship with potential customers.

“Communication is key to what we do at Sky High Tree Service,” he said. “I’m a firm believer in doing what you say you will for the price that you quote. The price you are quoted will always be the price you pay.”

Every property they work at is different and most jobs are priced according to the proximity to nearby structures, size, weight and other factors, Lefebvre said. “We specialize in top quality work all the way from roofing to tree pruning and removal. Spring and fall are the busiest months, but we do work year-round.”

Because of the company’s thorough knowledge of trees, precision extraction experience and exceptional customer service, Sky High Tree Service has a loyal following of satisfied customers.

“Marcus did a fantastic job, and we would highly recommend him and his crew!! We had four major trees removed and 20 others of medium size. Marcus gave us a price, a timeline on when he could do the job and the best part, he showed up and on time! Great job, great work ethic and very reliable!! We will use it his services again. Thank you Marcus!!” Colleen O’Connor Griffin

“HIGHLY recommend these gentlemen for any tree needs!! We had a huge tree in our front yard that was close to powerlines, the road, our house, and our well but they did a FANTASTIC job getting it down safely for us and we are SO grateful!! They are fully insured, but even beyond that, the gentleman in charge (Marcus) was amazing! Super professional, understanding, clearly cares about his customers, reasonably priced, and definitely knows his stuff! I've never experienced a tree professional (or much of any professional really) SO wonderful and gracious!! SUPER impressed and SO beyond grateful for their help! Will definitely call them again if we need work done!” Helen Wood

“Did an amazing job grinding down our tree stumps. Went above and beyond. Were quick and reasonably priced. I will use them again.” Megan Boldter

“Very professional. Easy to work with. Fast efficient work and cleaned up the yard 100 percent after. Highly recommended.” Don Jamison
Providing peace of mind, free estimates, affordability, outstanding customer service, expertise, and all necessary equipment to get the job done right, Sky High Tree Service is the first and only call a homeowner needs to make when experiencing a tree problem. For more information about Sky High Tree Service, call 207-651-2158 or find them on Facebook at skyhightree1 <

Friday, October 14, 2022

Business Spotlight: Mist Natural Spa

“I want people to step into a space that they feel connected with nature, that is inclusive, that their

skin needs and wants are being heard,” Munster said. “I want clients to leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and renewed. I believe and practice with natural skincare and wanted to offer mindfulskincare to the Lakes Region area.”
A new facility is opening soon in Raymond that promises a relaxing experience and a space that will invite your senses to reconnect with nature and unplug for a little while.

Located at 1288 Roosevelt Trail, Unit 4 in Raymond, Mist Natural Spa opens Nov. 1 and specializes in facials, nourishing body scrubs and wraps, and a sip, soak, and mask bar, along with a breathtaking site to relax and unwind with friends, family, or by yourself. Mist Natural Spa is owned by Megan Munster, who has created a spa that focuses on the whole well-being process in beautiful surroundings inspired by nature and lush flora.

Megan Munster is the owner and creator of
Mist Natural Spa, opening on Nov. 1 in
“This is a new and exciting journey for me. I come from a 15-year career with NetJets private aviation,” Munster said. “When COVID entered our lives, flying globally was no longer an option for our family. I was lucky to have the financial support and emotional backing of NetJets to move onto a new chapter. Traveling to a multitude of countries allowed me a unique opportunity to talk to a wide variety of skin care professionals and experiment with products I was unable to find stateside. I was able to take part in skin care rituals and beliefs unique to the counties I visited. This showed me the importance of natural skin care, but also the mind, body connection and the importance of family, nature, and all things water.”

Intended to serve clients throughout the Lakes Region and Greater Portland area, Mist Natural Spa aims to deliver exceptional customer service, attention to detail, effective communication and a reliable and trustworthy experience while listening to and responding to client concerns.

“I think the most significant aspect of my business is my journey here, my personal skin challenges and my love of natural, clean products. Having struggled with rosacea, reactive, and keloid forming skin my whole life, I haven’t been able to receive a lot of services available today,” Munster said. “I needed to explore through school, the trial and error of what services and products work best for my skin and others, and what reactions were caused.”

She says what will distinguish Mist Natural Spa from competitors is the overall vibe that she wants her clients to feel.

Aimong the other services available at Mist Natural Spa are microcurrent facials, often called the non-invasive face lift, that delivers true microcurrent.

“The 7E Myolift 600 sets the standard for non-invasive technology and the ability to provide a lasting, natural lift and toning results for all clients,” Munster said. “Celluma-led light therapy facial is a wonderful device that addresses both aging skin and acne. The high intensity light emitting diodes (LED) improve skin health, tone and texture. Detox and Sculpt is a great way to get your lymphatic system moving. Helping to reduce puffiness, push waste and toxins from our lymph nodes, the youth facial is an excellent and informative introduction to skin wellness.”

According to Munster, Mist Natural Spa’s sip, soak and mask area is a real treat.

“You come in solo, with friends or family. It’s a space to unwind, laugh and share stories,” she said. “The music is a little more upbeat than the treatment room. You can choose an invigorating cup of tea or a relaxing herbal cup, next is your choice between a dry sauna or a river rock soak for your feet, followed by a mask choice for your eyes, lips, d├ęcolletage or hands.”

The microcurrent and Celluma devices are FDA cleared and Mist Natural Spa strives to provide products that are free from harsh chemicals, parabens, perfumes.

“I am not always a fan of trends. I like to stick with devices and services that I see results with,” Munster said. “However, I am always searching to further my education and training. I am very excited for additional training I will undergo in January which will allow me to offer additional services. I will always continue to peruse future education and training.”

Pricing for services offered at Mist Natural Spa are competitive but attainable. 

“I have made sure to include options for a wide variety of finances. You can come in for a full-service facial, body wrap, express light therapy, or enjoy time hanging with your friends or family,” Munster said. “My goal is to provide something for everyone’s time and budget. I look forward with a passion, excitement, and never-ending curiosity for how our skin behaves.”

To make an appointment or for more information about Mist Natural Spa, call 207-939-2513 or visit <

Friday, October 7, 2022

Business Spotlight: Blush & Brow Permanent Cosmetics

With abundant expertise and experience in permanent makeup, Blush & Brow Permanent Cosmetics of

Windham is striving to make customers feel confident and beautiful every day.

Owned and operated by Samantha Clark, Blush & Brow Permanent Cosmetics is located at 936 Roosevelt Trail Suite 4 in Windham and offers a range of permanent makeup services such as microblading, powder brows, eyeliner, and lip blushing, and soon to be offering tiny body tattoos. Clark also is adept at wedding makeup and makeup services for other events.

Clark, now in her 10th year as a certified makeup artist and her second year as a permanent makeup artist, says that the top aspect of what she does is watching her customer’s reactions once she’s done transforming their appearance.

“I love the way I make people feel when they leave,” Clark said. “They are always so happy and excited, and everyone is looking for that in their work.”

She is a micropigmentation specialist based in Windham who specializes in attention to detail and providing clients with exceptional customer service every time they visit Blush & Brow Permanent Cosmetics.

Micropigmentation is the art of the application of permanent makeup and permanent cosmetics and is a cosmetic procedure used to improve or replace lost coloring on the skin. It is most often associated with facial applications including to enhance eyebrows, eyelashes, eyelids as eyeliner and for the lips. It’s also used to camouflage or improve scars, even out skin coloring and to restore color to areas of skin that have lost color for one reason or another.

It’s highly skilled work and an art form all to itself, but its transformative results are nothing short of amazing, Clark said.

“Brows have to be shaped out first and a stencil is then made that has to be perfect,” she said. “It’s time consuming and tedious and in the end, it’s worth every minute.”

According to Clark, the permanent makeup industry is constantly changing as new advances in technology and cosmetics are achieved.

“Through constant trainings and practicing non-stop, I work hard to give my best work to all my clients,” she said. “I am always learning and keeping up with what products are new and making sure to use only high-quality products for my clients as it really does matter in this line of work.”

Because permanent makeup is highly visible, Clark said the transformative nature of the cosmetic procedure makes an immediate impression.

“This is something that is on their face, and they are not only a walking advertisement for Blush & Brow, but they come trusting in me to give them permanent makeup that looks good,” she said. “The favorite part of my job is when clients react after I’m finished my work. I love seeing those big smiles and loving how happy it makes them that they won’t have to wake up and apply makeup anymore.”

Anyone who performs microblading or works with permanent makeup must obtain a micropigmentation license through the health inspection department from the state of Maine and Clark says it’s important to always check if a permanent makeup artist is licensed. They also must complete a blood-borne pathogens certification course every year.

Blush & Brow works with all types of clients and Clark suggests that if you’re unsure about permanent makeup you can schedule a free consultation to discuss all questions you have to see if you’re a good candidate for it.

Clients say Blush & Brow is simply one of the best, and Clark’s reviews are outstanding.

“For the first time in over a decade, I have eyebrows again. I don't have to worry about getting them wet and rubbing off or stressing about a daily makeup routine. She was able put a confidence back in me that I had been missing for a long time. She is so talented at what she does and her passion for it shows. I highly recommend that anyone who is even considering having their eyebrows done, go see Samantha Clark. She is a truly gifted artist. – Deanna Tarbox

“The best makeup I have ever seen. if anyone can make me look good, trust me they are the best. Highly, highly recommend. She is professional and she really should be doing makeup for the stars. You need to be in Hollywood but glad you are not. Thank you thank you thank you. – Kim Newton

For more information about Blush & Brow Permanent Makeup, call 207-200-5886 or visit Find them on Facebook at @blushandbrowME or on Instagram @blush.and.brow <