Friday, April 28, 2023

Business Spotlight: Knuckle Up Customs

Motorcycles give a feeling of power and freedom to those looking to explore the open road anytime, anyplace, and especially here in Maine including some of the most scenic surroundings anywhere in the country. And for those who love all things motorcycle, Knuckle Up Customs in Windham is the one shop in town to take care of your body and painting needs, audio systems, air ride and all aftermarket accessories.

Anthony Scamman owns Knuckle Up Customs, which is 
hosting a Grand Opening celebration event on Saturday,
May 6 at 875B Roosevelt Trail in Windham.
Anthony Scamman owns Knuckle Up Customs in North Windham and is proud to welcome the community to his shop’s Grand Opening event, starting at noon on May 6. The celebration will feature acoustic music from Kris Hype, a comedy performance by Ian Stuart, multiple vendors, and barbecue and non-alcoholic drinks available. Participants will also learn more about Bikers Against Child Abuse activities. Doors to the Grand Opening open at noon.

But the real reason that Scamman hopes everyone interested will attend the Grand Opening is to showcase his expanded business, as it has been transformed into something so much more than just service. It has become a destination nationally for Harley enthusiast to get quality customization and specialty work.

“We offer an unforgettable experience and unbeatable value,” Scamman said. “Knuckle Up Customs is a leading dealer, proudly serving the Windham area. Our goal is to help with all your Harley Davidson needs, from sale to service to parts. Since our doors first opened, complete customer satisfaction has been our top priority. Our experienced staff is committed to finding the right Harley Davidson products for you at the best possible prices.”

At Knuckle Up Customs, certified technicians are always on hand to take care of your service needs and they have a large stock of parts to make sure your vehicle stays moving forward and out of the shop. They have a wide variety of accessories and riding gear and specialize in Harley Davidsons but will paint almost any type of bike.

Scamman certainly knows the ins and outs of motorcycles, having started in business detailing bikes in 1991. Now with more than 32 years of experience in the field, he’s able to focus on providing quality products and exceptional service that customers deserve.

“We feature Harley stereo systems, air ride, body kits, parts and accessories and custom Harley builds,” he said. “We are a certified shop for SystemX Ceramic Coatings and complete bike detailing. Whether you are a veteran rider or are planning your first adventure, we welcome you to experience everything Knuckle Up Customs has to offer.”

That includes the widest selection of premium parts and accessories and competitive pricing. Services available include everything from body and paint to audio systems, air ride, detailing, aftermarket accessories, brake service, tire installations, oil and filter changes, bars and exhaust installations and custom builds.

According to Scamman, the best aspect of his expanded business is pleasing his new and returning customers.

“I love making someone’s bike a part of them,” he said. “It’s very gratifying to customize it and in doing that, it really becomes a part of who they are.”

The most challenging part of Scamman’s work involves constant research and trying to stay up to date with the latest products and popular accessories to hit the market.

“The key to lasting success for our business is listening to our customers and what they say they want,” he said. “If you do that and make sure that everyone is happy with the finished product, you can be successful.”

Through expansion of the Knuckle Up Customs shop, Scamman is seeking to dispel the misconception that the business is just simply a basic service shop.

“We focus on products and services that other people don’t, such as music systems and a variety of other items and that’s what we want to highlight during the Grand Opening events,” he said.

Knuckle Up Customs is located at 875B Roosevelt Trail in Windham and is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

For more info about Knuckle Up Customs or the Grand Opening event or to set up an appt for custom Harley work, call 207-636-6415. Shop on their website 24/7 at: and find them on Facebook <

Friday, April 21, 2023

Business Spotlight: Top Leaf Tree LLC

The annual effort to protect your trees and property from harmful insects while safeguarding your health has arrived and everyone could use a knowledgeable ally to assist them. Kevin Prevost of Top Leaf Tree LLC is just that person.

Kevin Prevost of Top Leaf Tree LLC
is an expert in effective insect and
pest control for trees and shrubs.
Based in Raymond, Prevost has more than two decades of experience in the field and is an expert at taking care of trees and shrubs providing customer training and pesticide management, and effective insect and disease controls for invaders such as mosquitos, ticks, Browntail Moths, poison ivy, Japanese beetles, Fall Webworms, Hemlock Woolly Adelgids, and more.

“I have built this business with one thing in mind, to educate the customer with understanding of how the insects and diseases they carry impact their trees or their personal health,” Prevost said. “I never sell something that is not discussed with a customer and with their understanding. I also have equipment to reach over 60 feet in height to control some of the worst insects like Browntail Moths. I love meeting new people and taking care of their trees.”

According to Prevost, the most gratifying aspect of his work is when a customer tells them they are experiencing a great summer because they are free from harmful insects after he’s treated their property, trees or shrubs.

“It’s comforting to know that I’ve given them the reassurance to be safe in their own yard again,” he said.

Prevost launched Top Leaf Tree LLC from the ground up in 2014 and he has been on the front lines of educating the public about the hazards and health risks that ticks, mosquitos, and other invasive pests pose to families and how to resolve problems associated with them.

“I try to get to know my customers and their needs for my services. You can’t control everything and with most things in life there are no guarantees. It’s a battle with Mother Nature,” he said. “By contacting me to come out and evaluate the problem, the customer can feel reassured that they are getting the facts to their pest problems from a knowledgeable professional. If I can’t answer the questions, I will look for the answer or direct them to someone who can. I won’t ever sell something that is not needed or that I don’t know.”

Offering exceptional customer service, and the expertise to choose precisely the right and affordable products to treat any pest, Top Leaf Tree LLC also takes great pride in showing up on time to perform work and notifying customers in advance for when they will be visiting them.

“The feedback I get from my customers is reliability. The customer will understand what to expect from the services I provide,” Prevost said. “I always call the day before and also give a window of time when to expect me. I show up when I say I will, and they can count on me to do the job they hired me for.”

Top Leaf Tree LLC is licensed to apply pesticides from the State of Maine and is fully insured. Prevost earned an Associate of Science degree in forestry technology from the University of Maine at Fort Kent. He also has held a Commercial Masters’ Applicators license in six specific categories since 2007 and a Maine Arborist license in Landscape and Utility categories since 2001.

Prevost constantly stays current in the industry to offer the most up-to-date treatments and applications available.

“Besides books, I continue to learn every year through the University of Maine Cooperative Extension where you learn from professors and other professionals within the industry throughout New England,” he said. “The State of Maine Board of Pesticide does a fantastic job of putting discussions and webinars on throughout the year covering many different topics pertaining to my industry. The trend is leaning into organic products, but there is still a lot of hurdles to get over, like costs and their effectiveness and toxicity to the environment and applicator. Browntail Moths and Spongy (Gypsy) Moths are repopulating and starting to spread into the Lakes Region. The advantage of controlling these insects is protecting the trees. Once these insects cause damage to the trees year after year, the owner of the trees finds that the tree regresses or dies. They don’t know what happens to a beautiful healthy tree until several years after infestation.” 

For more information about Top Leaf Tree LLC services or to make an appointment for an evaluation, call 207-712-7864 or visit <

Friday, April 14, 2023

Nonprofit Spotlight: Windham Farmers' Market

 A local tradition in town is about to make its annual return as the Windham Farmers’ Market is preparing to welcome shoppers again next month.

The Windham Farmers' Market is seeking new seasonal
and daily vendors for the 2023 market.
Located on Turning Leaf Drive in North Windham, the Windham Farmers’ Market will be open every Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. from May 20 until Sept. 30.

According to Lisa Fisher, Windham Farmers’ Market coordinator, the market strives to support area farmers, food producers and artisans through a venue where they can sell their products and to offer improved community access to fresh, healthy, and affordable local foods.

“We are a maker’s market. Our vendors have locally raised, created, or produced the items they sell,” Fisher said. “I find many appealing aspects to the market. It is easy to get to, located on Turning Leaf Drive, at the intersection of River Road and Route 302 in North Windham. There is adequate parking available. The marketplace provides enough space for comfortable shopping. We have fun things for kids to do. Our vendors have a variety of food and artisanal items. There is fresh air and sunshine. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday morning.”

Fisher says the market offers a unique opportunity for vendors to gain public exposure, and to cultivate customers for those who have an existing business or who are working to promote a new business.

“For other vendors, their market booth is not a primary business. They are creating something that other people will enjoy using; it provides some income; and enjoyment in meeting those who appreciate their craft. Either way, our market is a supportive venue to accomplish their goals,” she said. “We advertise locally, and the market’s social media promotes our vendors and their products as well as providing contact information for each vendor. Our vendor fees are reasonable, and we offer the option of being either a seasonal vendor or visiting vendor. We still have a few vendor openings available.”

The vendor list for this year’s Windham Farmers’ Market is not yet complete, but Fisher says she’s excited about those who will be a part of this year’s lineup.

“So far, we have agricultural vendors who will bring fresh produce, eggs, herbs, Angus beef, microgreens, honey, flowers, and potted plants. We will have tasty fresh sweet and savory baked items, breads, and sweets,” she said. ““Our artisan vendors sew, macrame, crochet, quilt, weave baskets, create jewelry and glass art, and coax charcuterie and cutting boards, bowls, and other vessels from raw wood. We also welcome a variety of visiting vendors throughout the summer. Saturday morning, before the weekend gets into full swing, is a good time to do what can’t be done during the week. Our market lets you shop and wander and relax outside with your family and friends.”

New vendors considering joining the market will find that it is truly a platform for small businesses to thrive.

“The Windham Farmers’ Market has a two-fold commitment to supporting local farmers, food producers, and artisans in their pursuit of economic viability; and in providing a vehicle for improved community access to fresh, healthy, and affordable local foods, and that’s what the first paragraph of our mission statement reads,” Fisher said. “The best compliment that the market has received is from the vendors and customers who return to us every summer. It is the people who enjoy seeing us on social media, and who come each week to shop and visit. Our customers welcome the chance to explore the market each week. Sometimes they know just what they want to buy, but just as often they come to shop for the new and different things that are available.”

The market is authorized to accept SNAP and throughout the summer it invites civic organizations to the market for public outreach. Its schedule of market guests and events is always changing and allows the market to take advantage of opportunities as they arise and to enrich its environment.

“We have something for everyone, and everyone involved in the market has contributed to making it an enjoyable place to be,” Fisher said. “This is our sixth year and I still meet people who didn’t know that Windham has a Farmers’ Market. I invite everyone to come and see us.”

For more information, visit and find them on Facebook at WindhamFarmersMarket. Their email address is or call 207-894-4097. <

Friday, April 7, 2023

Business Spotlight: CoActive Wellness, LLC

If recent years have taught us anything, it’s that we all need to support investments in our health and well-being and now the Lakes Region has another resource to help us live our best lives. Integral Hypnotherapy provides an opportunity for clients to create positive, lasting changes.

Tawnya Brown, President, CoActive Wellness
Whether you want to manage stress, change your relationship with food, let go of trauma, or boost confidence, CoActive Wellness can help.

Tawnya Brown, a Medical Support-Clinical Hypnotherapist, and the President of CoActive Wellness, says she helps people to remodel their beliefs to heal and reach goals they have set.

“Our team guides individuals to change their mindset by changing limiting beliefs so they can reach their desired outcomes and improve overall well-being of mind, body and spirit. Your mindset is responsible for 95 percent of your results, emotions, behavior and beliefs,” Tawnya said. “Our goal is to help remodel the mindset and exchange negative thoughts that have been affecting your outcomes and replace them with positive thoughts that produce successful results.”

Tawnya Brown, a Medical Support-Clinical Hypnotherapist, and the President of CoActive Wellness, 

According to Tawnya, Integral Hypnotherapy is a unique style of hypnotherapy based on a collaborative, client-centered approach. It’s a system that combines classic hypnotherapy with modern methods and conventions and it integrates philosophical counseling (reality-based coaching) and human potential training, which also includes life skills coaching.

“The Integral Hypnotherapy process was created by the Hypnotherapy Academy of America,” Tawnya said. “As part of this training, our team has completed five times more training than a typical U.S. hypnotherapist. We also have other certifications with many requirements that help clients feel rest assured that they are getting a qualified practitioner. Examples of what we can help with are anxiousness, fears and phobias, self-esteem and confidence, forgiveness, grief and loss, job performance, lack of motivation, body shape/weight loss, unwanted habits, sports performance and academics. Medical Hypnotherapy helps with chronic pain, accelerated healing, trauma, hypertension, overactive bladder and more."

CoActive Wellness works with clients across the country, and sessions can be done via ZOOM in the comfort of your home or office, onsite or at their office in Windham. They also provide experiences and workshops within the community.

Tawnya says the most challenging aspect of her work is educating people about myths and perceived limitations associated with hypnosis and how Integral Hypnotherapy is different in that it empowers individuals to take control of their own beliefs, release trauma and heal with the power of their own mind. Many individuals think of hypnotherapy for smoking cessation or weight loss only, when in reality it is an effective resource for so much more.

Feedback and reviews have been exceptional.

“Our well-being is determined by our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Tawnya offered my daughter a well-rounded self-care plan to address her overall health with great success. Tawnya’s exceptional training and expertise as a hypnotherapist coupled with the personal attention she brings to her clients is what I believe led to the significant improvement that my daughter experienced. Tawnya helped her develop life skills that she will benefit from indefinitely.” Dr. F.

“It’s hard to admit when you’re not fully healed from past trauma. It’s even harder to realize that the trauma is still actively affecting your day to day. When I started with CoActive Wellness, I was in a place where I was unsure how to help myself heal further. Tawnya reassured me that she would work with me to help me heal. Hypnotherapy with CoActive Wellness has helped me dive deeper into my subconscious mind and discover things about myself that I wasn’t aware of. I have only had two sessions so far, but already I feel I’ve dug up years of suppressed emotions and negative feelings, and I’ve watched as they’ve been replaced with feelings of self-worth, self-validation, and loads of self-confidence. I am so excited to continue my healing journey with Tawnya.” M.W.

“In my experience medication can be a short-term fix for a number of problems but can affect your life in different ways. I chose hypnotherapy because I believe it offers a more long-term solution without being reliant. Thanks to Tawnya at CoActive Wellness, I have been able to manage my anxiousness without medication and am more focused at work, home and in my daily life.” D.M.

“At CoActive Wellness, we recognize that each client requires a collaborative and unique approach to their own health and well-being. That is why we work together and develop a personalized plan for each individual, tailored to their specific goals to support changes in limiting beliefs,” Tawnya said. “We work closely with our clients to develop plans that are realistic, achievable and effective.”

At 9:30 a.m. April 12, CoActive Wellness will be providing a guided Hypno-Meditation session for veterans, a journey to a river where you can experience Forgiveness, Healing and Love at the American Legion Post 148 in Windham. Starting May 7, in collaboration with Redefining Yoga, 889 Roosevelt Trail, they will be offering Seven Sessions on Clearing the Chakras with Yoga Asana to open the body, Pranayama to ready the mind, and Hypnotherapy to remodel beliefs. For more information about these sessions or to sign up go to

CoActive Wellness is also offering $25 off the first session if booked in April.

For more information or to book an appointment, call 207-838-6332 or visit <