Friday, July 29, 2022

Business Spotlight: Sebago Station Four Runway

As dedicated professionals who put their lives on the line each time they answer a call for help,

firefighters know how important food can be and put a lot of effort into preparing tasty and healthy meals for crews on duty at the fire station. Now two retired firefighters are sharing the cooking expertise they developed on the job and the result is a diner featuring savory dishes that everyone can enjoy.

Chrys Nolan and her husband, Fred Harrington, are both retired firefighters who launched the Sebago Station Four Runway diner a year ago, recently relocating it from its original site in Sebago to a new spot at 13 Airport Drive in Limington, which is conveniently located on Route 11.

Breakfast is served all day and it’s a scenic spot for families to enjoy a meal and watch the planes taking off and landing.

They called the old building in Sebago when they were in the department “Station Four,” Nolan said.

“Sebago only has three stations, and Station Four was a local code meaning they were going to eat or meet over coffee,” she said.

The owners began slinging burgers, preparing meals and flipping eggs while attempting to serve the community in a whole new way.

“Instead of answering calls, we were now feeding the community they love so much. It became a hang-out for the locals, as well as a place to listen to one another,” Nolan said. “We are also known for helping and giving back to their community. As Sebago Days were going on, we had no problem after the diner closed for the day to cross the street and go across the road to cook for the Sebago's Fire Auxiliary.”

Now the public and first responders are enjoying the results of the couple’s devotion to great food and dedicated service to the community.

“The most significant aspect is our story. We are two retired firefighters who decided to start a diner, and neither of us went to school for it,” Nolan said. “We are known mostly for our breakfasts.”

This past year Sebago Station Four’s seven employees participated in the “Hike for Hospice” in which more than $2,000 in tips were collected and donated to the Gosnell House, a part of Southern Maine Hospice.

Nolan said that they have been such an influence in the community including “paying it forward” to locals who were short on cash and covering their bill, and in return, recipients “pay it forward” by paying for others’ meals in times of need when they were able to.

Both Nolan and Harrington are committed to shopping local and that means purchasing an array of local products such as getting their maple syrup from Greene's Maple Farm in Sebago.

“We offer 10 percent discounts to first responders, healthcare workers, veterans and seniors,” Nolan said. “We also serve free biscuits complimentary.”

According to the owners, Sebago Station Four often serves the community in ways the public doesn’t always see.

“We have built a family and care about our customers,” she said. “We have come to feel like a close-knit part of the family in many cases. We’ve had customers undergoing cancer treatment or in hospice that we’ve become friends with. Everybody’s part of the family when they eat here.”

Offering competitive prices, quality meals and exceptional customer service, Sebago Station Four’s following is growing by the day.

“We keep the prices low so everyone can afford it,” Nolan said. “We strive to provide the best food possible.”

Harrington’s favorite dish Sebago Station Four serves is called “Hogfat Hill,” and it includes crispy hash browns topped with crumbled sausage, crispy bacon, onions, peppers, and eggs. He also says he enjoys “Fred’s Breakfast Burrito” as well.

Nolan said her own favorite dish at the diner is a Lobster Omelet.

“I never had one until my husband made one for me and it is fantastic,” she said. “It’s a three-egg omelet with lobster meat and American cheese.”

Nolan and Harrington say the secret of a successful business is simple.

“You have to know your customers, provide quality food that tastes great, offer outstanding customer service, serve affordable food and be connected to the community,” they said. “That’s what we’re trying to do here at Sebago Station Four.”

For up-to-date menus and more, visit them online at or find them on Facebook at <

Friday, July 22, 2022

Business Spotlight: Bryant Bros. Painting

For the past few years, homeowners have been taking a long look at their residences and finding a variety of ways to improve them. While many proposed renovations are attached to expensive estimates, perhaps the easiest and best way to transform a home is through painting.

Based in Windham, Bryant Brothers Painting has been in business since 2009 and has become a trusted resource for homeowners and contractors in the Lakes Region. They’re family owned and operated and have an exceptional reputation for quality workmanship, expertise and attention to detail.

Bryant Brothers Painting provides high-end and custom paint jobs and interior and exterior painting.​

“We’re known for excellent quality, efficiency, interpersonal skills with customers and other contractors,” said Shayne Bryant. “We almost always meet our deadlines, cleanliness, educated, and family owned.”

He said the company aims for a different sort of experience than what is typically associated when working with painters.

“We want to create a different environment than what is expected,” Bryant said. "We create this with skills, cleanliness, friendliness and personality.”

According to Bryant, ensuring customer satisfaction is paramount to Bryant Brothers Painting because word-of-mouth in a small town is everything to the success of their small business.

Bryant Bros. Painting is owned and operated by three
Windham brothers. For over 13 years they have been
providing quality interior and exterior painting and have
a growing list of repeat customers due to their high
level of customer satisfaction. SUBMITTED PHOTO 

“We are not your generic paint company and do not fit the typical stereotype,” Bryant said. “We are family-based company with great communication skills that provide an exceptional final product and outstanding service. We are a 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. company Monday to Friday. We enjoy spending time with our families just like everyone else.​​”

He said people may have a misconception that painting is a task that most everyone can do.

“Many think that anyone can do it and that anyone can paint, no schooling is required,” Bryant said. “What we’ve found though that putting out a high-level product takes experience, skill and paying extraordinary attention to detail.”

Bryant Brothers Painting is lead certified and keeps their liability insurance up to date with the required amounts by the state.

“We do keep up to date with new products and trends as this helps us communicate with customers but in the end the customer needs to choose what they want to be completely happy,” Bryant said.

The toughest part of their work is finding enough time, including meeting all deadlines, and getting to work when promised to be there.

“Some might say we are high priced, and others think we are fair,” Bryant said. “We tend to work for contractors and customers that are willing to pay for high quality and great service regardless of the price. Feedback is 99.9 percent positive, no matter if it is our own customer or a general contractor. Comments such as ‘if they say they are going to show, then they show up,’" and ‘you guys do unbelievable work,’ and ‘We love the Bryant Bros,’ are what we receive. I could go on and on.”

One Windham customer, Linda Freese, said “They had a pause between two big jobs and were kind enough to put my condo on their schedule. They arrive early, set up quickly and proceeded to get the job done within two days. Shayne also helped me choose the colors. His suggestions were perfect. I was so happy with their work and how fresh the condo looked. They were polite, professional and cleaned up so well that they left no trace of having been there. The only clue that they had worked in the condo was the sparkling new look and beautiful complimentary colors. They turned tired looking walls, ceilings, and a cathedral ceiling into looking clean, crisp, and brand new! I highly recommend Bryant Brothers for your interior or exterior painting jobs.”

For more information about Bryant Brothers Painting, call 207-939-5519 or visit their website at <

Friday, July 15, 2022

Business Spotlight: Sebago Outfitters

From hiking to kayaking to hunting and fishing, the Lakes Region of Maine offers plenty of opportunities for individuals to get outside and experience an active life. And now a new store, Sebago Outfitters in Raymond, provides the gear to explore the outdoors like never before.

Located at 1254 Roosevelt Trail next to the Aromas Joes in Raymond, Sebago Outfitters opened last fall and is a 2,000-square-foot retail shop providing an array of equipment to enjoy outdoor activities, guided tours by Maine Registered Guides, state fishing and hunting licenses, and FFL firearm transfers.

Owned and operated by Leah Drinkwater, Sebago Outfitters aims to get residents and visitors to explore more of the finest outdoor activities Maine and the Lakes Region has to offer.

“We have something for most anyone. We have the retail outfitter store for families, lake life, kids’ games, fishing, camping, hiking, and local Maine products,” Drinkwater said. “We also have an attached gun shop for the outdoor sportsman or woman.”

She said that the Lakes Region provides a diverse kind of atmosphere with gear that is perfect for family excursions and creating lasting memories for a lifetime while encountering nature at its best. 

“We’re local female-owned and operated,” Drinkwater said. “We focus on education, training and purchasing outdoor gear and whatever you need in a comfortable environment. We are a location where you can find something to do.”

Featuring exceptional customer service, invaluable expertise, a diverse selection of gear and equipment required for all types of outdoor adventures, trained and experience guides familiar with the Lakes Region, and a convenient location to shop close to home, Sebago Outfitters has rapidly become a local favorite in Raymond. 

Emphasizing “Old School Maine Culture” while leading a transformation and renovation of the facility into the first female-owned outdoors sporting goods store in the Lakes Region is a significant accomplishment that Drinkwater says that she’s proud of.

She said that as a local family-owned business that supports other local businesses, Sebago Outfitters strives to be a location where area residents and families can feel right at home.

“Everything from the sign out front and the build out for the renovations of the store were done by local contractors,” she said. “We feature ‘Made in Maine Products’ in particular. Most of our inventory has been supplied by local businesses.”

Drinkwater said Sebago Outfitters is a place where women can learn what they need to know about hunting, fishing or anything related to the outdoors.

“We have had great feedback on our women’s-based hunting and firearms classes last fall led by Maine Guide Emily Parker,” she said. “Across America hunting and fishing are becoming more popular activities for women and that’s evident here in the Lakes Region as well. We can help them do that.”

Surveys show that women are the fastest growing demographic in hunting and fishing nationally and are taking up outdoor activities in record numbers since the onset of the pandemic, reflecting an appreciation for nature and being outdoors, along with a passion for wildlife and public lands.

Drinkwater said families and children are always welcome, and that Sebago Outfitters offers “Wildlife in a box” classes over breaks from school for children that are fun and educational.

“The feedback we get from doing that is great and we’ll continue to offer upcoming classes for the summer and fall,” Drinkwater said.

Opening and renovating the store has been a vision come true for Drinkwater.

“I have my Federal Firearms License and I have personally been training with firearms for over a decade and encourage everyone to practice training, safety, and education,” she said. “You can always expand your knowledge. Our Maine Registered Guides that provide classes and tours must pass the state exam. Fishing and hunting licenses are provided by the state where we are a kiosk location. Everything outdoors has increased in popularity since the pandemic, and we look to help people explore more of the outdoors. Our goal is to have something for everyone. We want everyone to grab a fishing pole and explore more.”

Sebago Outfitters is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays.

For more information about Sebago Outfitters, call 207-655-3700 or visit or find them on Facebook and Instagram at Sebagooutfitters <

Evergreen Credit Union expands to four more Maine counties

Those who live, work, worship or attend schools in Androscoggin, Oxford, Sagadahoc, and Lincoln counties can now access all the financial services of Evergreen Credit Union.

The Maine Bureau of Financial Institutions granted this expansion, enabling the credit union now to provide personal and business banking throughout 6 counties in Southern Maine. Evergreen currently had served those in York and Cumberland counties.

“This is a major win for everyone in these four northern counties bordering Cumberland County who have been asking us for years if they could access our services,” said Evergreen President and CEO Jason Lindstrom. “There are so many that filter between all these counties that now can take advantage of our technology and products. We’re ready to serve their financial needs.”

Evergreen Credit Union is the fifth largest in the state based on asset size, serving all Southern Maine.

Forbes recently named the credit union to their Best-In-State Credit Unions 2022 for Maine. <

Friday, July 8, 2022

Business Spotlight: Maine Power Wash Pros

The arrival of warmer weather is when Mainers can carefully look over what has happened to the exterior of their homes over the past year. Moss growing up the sides, black soot and lichen on the roof and an overall dull look to houses demand attention. After only a few hours, Maine Power Wash Pros can transform a home’s exterior, roof, and decks back to something a homeowner can be proud of.

Brian Condon and Mike Morin opened Maine Power Wash Pros in 2011 and since they have continuously grown every year thanks in part to their professionalism, knowledge, excellent customer service and dedication to satisfaction. They continue to take classes and seminars to improve their skills and keep up with the trends.

The business is seasonal from April to October, and in that time, they will clean around 1,000 homes and 200 to 300 roofs in Central, Southern and Mid-Coast Maine. With six employees working in teams of two, they cover a lot of ground to service Maine. Maine Power Wash Pros work on residential homes and commercial properties, including condominium complexes.

“Some people are do-it-yourselfers. Power washing homes is a dangerous venture for homeowners to take on themselves,” said Condon, who once saw a homeowner fall off a ladder, while power washing his home and the man broke his back. “We don’t stand on ladders to wash homes,” he confirmed. 

The services offered by Maine Power Wash Pros starts with washing houses. Using a bleach solution, they clean vinyl and wood siding, eliminating it of mold, mildew, and dirt. They also do a low-pressure roof cleaning that uses less pressure than a garden hose to clean shingles. “We go by the National Roofers Association guidelines,” said Condon. “It’s a different process. Pressure washing is not for roofs.”

They also wash decks, full surrounds, cement and more. They refresh and sanitize pool decks, sidewalks, and other cement surfaces, efficiently removing gunk, organic stains, deep-set oil and grease, rust stains and more. “We are very careful of the homeowner’s home. We leave the property in better shape than when we arrive,” said Condon. They are careful not to disturb flowers and shrubs as they are working.

The employees are referred to as co-workers and most come back season after season. All are well trained and insured.

“Every job has its challenges. There’s nothing the guys haven’t seen before,” said Condon. Part of their jobs is educating the homeowners that if there’s moss, lichen or algae on a roof, a simple roof treatment can take care of the issue. They don’t have to put on a new roof, he said. “We’re very particular. Whatever we see – we take care of.”

“There are challenges that some people face, but we don’t have those problems. We have the equipment to be prepared. We’re ready for it, ready for anything,” Condon said.

Most jobs will take between one and two hours to complete, unlike when it might take a homeowner a whole weekend. Don’t spend valuable time doing this job, have Maine Power Wash Pros professionally take care of the power washing and leave your house with a restored beauty and curb appeal. They can easily make your home and surrounding surfaces look years newer and brighter.

The team at Maine Power Wash Pros are honest, trusted, efficient and fast – just ask one of their many repeat customers or check out their website to read their numerous five-star reviews like this one from Michael F. of South Portland: “I hired Mike and the crew at Maine Power Wash Pros to clean the outside of my home. His professionalism began with his prompt arrival the day he came to give me an estimate, which he provided (Printed out! In his car!) on the spot. Mike’s crew was clean, uniformed, professional and personable. They did an amazing job from start to finish, and I am very, very happy with the results. The price was more than fair and the whole process was simple and pleasant. I cannot recommend Maine Power Wash Pros highly enough. Mike and his crew are outstanding and deserve the highest recommendation.”

They are also accredited through the Better Business Bureau. Maine Power Wash Pros offer free estimates, and they accept Visa and Mastercard. 

To contact the company, visit them at or call 207-320-1801. You can also find them on Facebook. When you call don’t forget to mention their $50 off coupon and ask about their senior discounts. <

Friday, July 1, 2022

Business Spotlight: Harcourts Waterfront & Fine Properties

The allure of Maine’s picturesque waterfront views and high-end properties will never diminish and now Harcourts Waterfront & Fine Properties, affiliated with one of the oldest and most trusted real estate companies worldwide, stands ready to assist buyers and sellers.

Although new to Maine, the company did more than $50 billion in real estate sales globally last year and features experienced Maine agents with local expertise who know the state and the real estate market inside and out. 

Harcourts Waterfront & Fine Properties is headquartered in Augusta and led by Charlene Hamiwka, owner and designated broker. Before being recruited by Harcourts to open their first East Coast office, Ms. Hamiwka was with Legacy Properties, Sotheby’s International Realty for 10 years and has been a licensed agent since 2009. Prior to her career in real estate, she was an executive for high tech companies on both the east coast and Silicon Valley, with global responsibility.

One of the company’s key real estate areas is found right here in the Lakes Region. Cindy Rague, who is the local agent and lifestyle expert in the Lakes area, has been a licensed agent for 10 years and lives on Little Sebago Lake.

“We work with sellers and buyers of waterfront and fine properties across the state of Maine. For sellers, we offer true international exposure and networking with other Harcourts business owners around the world,” Hamiwka said. “Harcourts North America is located in high-net worth communities, such as Beverly Hills, California; Baja, Mexico; Vancouver, British Columbia; and Las Vegas Nevada, which offers great exposure to high net-worth buyers for our sellers. Our company also offers a luxury auction option that is a unique route to market and totally different from a typical U.S. auction. It is more of an open bidding platform that offers complete transparency to the buying and selling process. Although it is a new concept in Maine, Harcourts has been running these types of auctions globally since 1888 in New Zealand, Australia, and other parts of the world.” 

Charlene Hamiwka is the owner and
designated broker for Harcourts 
Waterfront & Fine Properties.
“To provide the best national and international exposure, we go the extra mile to present our listings. Professional photography, Matterport 3D tours, and drone photography ensure the property is showcased in a professional manner and allows out-of-state buyers to thoroughly view the property prior to visiting – which saves everyone time,” she said. 

According to Hamiwka, for sellers, the option to incorporate the luxury auction process into the selling process, in addition to networking with other Harcourts business owners around the world is a key service. History has shown that selling a home through auction will increase a seller’s chances of getting the absolute top dollar for their home, rather than dealing with multiple offers and escalation clauses.

For buyers, Hamiwka said that Harcourts Waterfront & Fine Properties focuses on finding a property that fits the lifestyle the buyer desires.

“Many of our buyers are out of state, and as such don’t really know much about the areas,” she said. “It isn’t enough to just find a home, it’s more important to find a home that will match their lifestyle. We can help a buyer narrow down their search to find the right location that will make them happy. Our agents have sold properties in every county in Maine. No one knows Maine better than we do. Customer service is of the utmost importance, and we strive to make every transaction as smooth as possible.”

Harcourts Waterfront & Fine Properties agents cover the Lakes Region, Greater Portland, Southern Maine, Midcoast Maine, Downeast Maine, and Interior Maine including the Rangeley Lakes and Sugarloaf region, Sunday River/Bethel region, Moosehead Lake region, and Central Maine.

Hamiwka said that Harcourts Waterfront & Fine Properties agents are all experienced and full time. As an agency, Harcourts Waterfront & Fine Properties pays attention to the market conditions to better advise its buyer and seller clients on prices, days on market, mortgage rates, and other trends.

“We also have experts we partner with to assist buyers and sellers with decorating trends and remodeling options,” Hamiwka said.

The cornerstone of the company is customer satisfaction and ethical agents who understand the differences between properties, locations and lifestyles, and then match their clients up to them.

“Harcourts is a new name in Maine, and this is our first year as a company in the Lakes Region so our focus is to let people know about the unique offerings we have. Our slogan is “Rethink Real Estate” and our auction process, along with a traditional sales approach and other offerings, is a game changer in the industry.” Hamiwka said.

FMI about Harcourts Waterfront &Fine Properties, visit, or Customers can call toll free at 877-276-5859 or reach Cindy Rague at 207-756-1901 or <