Friday, December 22, 2023

Business Spotlight: Tim Graham Modern Woodmen of America

As a Modern Woodmen representative, Tim Graham uses his extensive knowledge of financial products to help his members in Windham plan for a secure financial future.

Tim Graham of Modern Woodmen
of America can help Windham residents
plan for a secure financial future.
Modern Woodmen is a fraternal benefit society that offers a unique blend of financial services, member benefits and community impact designed to improve quality of life for its members and the towns where they reside.

With an office conveniently located at 909 Roosevelt Trail in Windham, Tim Graham of Modern Woodmen of America helps individuals, families, and small businesses meet their financial needs with products such as Life, Long Term Care and Disability insurance and assists members to save through investments and fixed products.

“It’s rewarding to help people plan for their retirement and seeing it happen,” Graham said. “I personally work with members in multiple states as well as right here in Windham and surrounding areas.”

Modern Woodmen is a national company and was established back in 1883 and is turning 140 years old this year.

AM Best, an independent rating agency, has affirmed Modern Woodmen’s A (Excellent) financial strength rating, with a stable outlook. This is the third highest of 13 ratings, assigned to companies that have an excellent ability to meet ongoing insurance obligations.

Graham said that Modern Woodmen of America is a Fraternal Financial Services Company and not-for-profit.

“As we grow, we are able to give back more and help individuals in need and other not-for-profits in our area,” he said. “We are wholistic in our approach to planning. “It means we take risk management seriously with insurances and investments through our Broker Dealer, MWA Financial Services.”

Pricing for Modern Woodmen of America insurance products, fixed interest rates and investments offered through MWA Financial Services is highly competitive, Graham said.

“We don’t put our members in products that are not in their best interest and that don’t meet their financial goals,” he said. “We have a very high retention rate of our products issued with our members. We care about our members and the communities in which we live.”

The Modern Woodmen philosophy is that life insurance is the foundation of planning and offers affordable options for member families including plans specifically designed for children and young adults, and permanent life insurance plans that provide permanent solutions for permanent needs without permanent premiums. Available options from Modern Woodmen of America include Whole Life, Universal Life and Term Life insurance plans.

Graham has been in business for 24 years and for the past 15 years with Modern Woodmen of America.

“We currently have about 20 representatives in the state of Maine, and I manage about 10 of those people,” he said. “Each representative must complete many tasks in order to do business in the state. The Life and Health License is first and then Securities License, which consists of multiple tests in order to be ready to do business.”

According to Graham, the reasons he’s been successful with Modern Woodmen of America in Windham through the years are basic.

“Honesty, integrity, and good morals,” he said. “We believe if you do good things, good things will come around. When it comes to financial planning, we can help you meet your current needs, achieve your future dreams and plan for all stages of life.”

Graham said it’s a daunting challenge to keep up with all the new regulations while staying current with clients and all services available for Modern Woodmen of America members, but it’s something that gives a competitive edge to Modern Woodmen of America.

“We try to stay up to date on current trends and products, however each person is different,” he said. “Some people want guarantees and others want to be in the market. We ask a lot of questions so that we can understand each individual’s situation. Guarantees are popular right now, but again, everybody is different.”

For more details about how Tim Graham of Modern Woodmen of America can help you plan for a comfortable retirement, visit or call 207-892-0302. Find them on Facebook under Tim Graham Modern Woodmen of America. <

Friday, December 15, 2023

Business Spotlight: Red City Ale House

Great food, great drinks, and great friends amount to an awesome experience each time you visit Red City Ale House in South Windham.

Red City Ale House opened in June and has
developed a loyal following for it's outstanding
food, drinks and service. COURTESY PHOTO
Located at 8 Main Street, (Route 202) in historic South Windham, Red City Ale House offers casual dining in a family-friendly neighborhood pub experience.

“We serve customers from Gorham, Windham, Westbrook and all around the Lakes Region,” said Ben Smith of Red City Ale House. “We are also happy to host anyone who is visiting from away.”

Situated in the remodeled old South Windham Fire Station, Red City Ale House is known as a warm and welcoming, family friendly neighborhood pub which features nothing but the finest in upscale American pub-style food and drinks.

Open for lunch and dinner seven days a week, Red City Ale House provides a comfortable ambiance for guests in a unique building and offers the utmost in customer service that keeps guests wanting to come back again and again.

“We are able to raise the large doors to the front outside patio on nice days and we offer, weather permitting, a deck on the rear of the building which overlooks the mighty Presumpscot River,” Smith said.

Red City Ale House opened on June 1 and has two sister restaurants in Gorham, the Sidecar Pub which has been in business for two years, and Junction Bowl which has been open for four years.

Customers visiting Red City Ale House for the first time will find a generous selection of soups and salads; burgers and sandwiches; pizza; wings and chicken tenders; steak; fish and chips; wraps; shrimp; and much more. Portions are generous and Smith said the value of the meals is outstanding.

“We strive to create delicious food and drinks at a fair price,” Smith said. “Prices have gone up, and are going up, on anything and everything, so like every business we are attempting to adjust accordingly while still providing a good value.”

The menu includes an array of tasty appetizers that almost are a meal in itself such as Allagash Mussels; Chili Cheese Fries; Bang Bang Shrimp, a Mega Meatball, which is a house-made meatball covered in marinara sauce. topped with basil ricotta and served with toasted points; and Fried Cheese Curds.

The drink menu is to die for and includes popular selections such as an Apple Cranberry Mule; a Cocoa Old Fashion; a Grapefruit Pomegranate Vodka Sour; Red City Rum Punch; a Gin and Sin; a Blueberry Smash; and Lime in the Coconut Margaritas, which feature 1800 Coconut Tequila, Fresh Lime Juice, Coconut Cream, and Sour Mix shaken and topped with soda.

There’s also a kids’ menu and save some room for dessert as Red City has some of the best Peanut Butter Pie and New York Cheesecake to be found in Southern Maine.

Feedback on social media from customers is nothing short of exceptional since Red City Ale House opened.

“Great experience! Food was delicious and the customer service was wonderful!” Madison Marzul

“My son and I had the poutine, steak salad and bacon cheeseburger… all three were AMAZING!!! Great, friendly service with smiles. I love how they kept the fire station’s big doors/windows as their front wall. Nicely done! We loved it. I will be telling everyone!” Kristen Holly

“Went there tonight with my boyfriend and it was perfect! Staff is very friendly, and our drinks and food came out to us so quickly! Everything was yummy!! We will definitely be going back!" Denise Marie

“Very friendly staff and the food was delicious!!” Kelly McCafferty

“The Seafood Fra Diavolo was simply incredible! I asked if I could have it lightly spiced and the chef was able to accommodate! Fun, relaxing atmosphere! Friendly staff! We highly recommend!” Erin Poore Dupree

Smith said that Red City Ale House keeps up to date on current trends in the restaurant industry but its menu is based more on tradition than in chasing the hot new trends and that simplicity has helped the restaurant to develop a devoted local following.

“We offer simple delicious food and beverages with a smile,” he said.

For more details about Red City Ale House, visit or call 207-370-6440. Reservations are welcome. Find them on Facebook under Red City Ale House. They are open everyday!

Friday, December 8, 2023

Business Spotlight: Dobson Family Funeral & Cremation Services

The top priority of Dobson Family Funeral & Cremation Services is assisting families to honor their loved ones at the most difficult of times in an authentic and meaningful way. Its mission is to care for your family as they would care for members of their own family by providing information, services and merchandise of the highest quality at competitive prices in a dignified and professional manner while acting with honesty, integrity, compassion and sensitivity.

Jeff Dobson has opened Dobson
Family Funeral & Cremation
Services, which helps families
throughout Southern Maine.
Locally owned and operated at 782 Alfred Road in Arundel, Dobson Family Funeral & Cremation Services offers full burial and cremation services, green burials, church services, graveside services, direct cremation, direct burials, prearrangements and specializes in international shipping to South Sudan and The Democratic Republic of the Congo. It serves all Southern Maine and parts of New Hampshire with extensive experience in Windham and the Greater Portland area.

“First, we are family owned and operated and we are very proud that one thing that is different about us is that we do not focus on profit. We truly focus more on helping each family by offering cremations and burials without all the hidden costs that many providers today charge,” said owner Jeffrey Dobson. “We are extremely transparent. We are one of only a couple funeral homes that I know of in Southern Maine that fully publish all our prices on our website. We do not hide anything, nor do we require a family to come in and see us to get the basic information they need to make informed choices.”

Dobson said their prices are on average thousands less than other funeral homes while also maintaining the highest level of service.

“We do this by keeping our overhead as low as possible. The average direct cremation in the Windham and Portland area is around $4,000. Our basic direct cremation starts at $1,285 which also includes a death certificate which no other funeral home does. They charge families for every copy of the death certificate,” he said. “We believe that providing that one copy can make a difference and help a family dramatically. We also have a direct cremation which includes an urn from a choice of five different ones. We include a memorial tribute video in that package as well for $1,985 in comparison with other funeral homes charging $4,000 not including an urn or a death certificate or a tribute video. We also provide full traditional burial starting at $6,950 including a casket and grave liner. For most funeral homes, a family would spend about $6,000 plus just for the services of the funeral home not including a casket and vault which will bring their cost up by another few grand.”

According to Dobson, he understands that everyone he serves has experienced a loss and comes to him looking for compassion, honesty and peace of mind.

“The most important thing to know about this business is that we truly care about each family and that families can obtain the services they need after a loss without the high cost that most services charge today,” Dobson said. “We want people to know that we provide the highest quality and dignified services while also offering the most affordable cost. We do this with our experience and knowledge which includes over 15 years in funeral services and 10 years licensed in Maine and New Hampshire.”

He said that the quality of the services they offer is of the highest importance to them and they will never sacrifice quality and compassion. The cost of the services should never be a factor in the quality of the services a family receives.

“I have gotten feedback from families who have reached out and have gotten an email back after hours,” Dobson said. “We respond to families 24 hours a day and families see that and they know that if they call us, we are going to be there for them. We also have a brand-new renovated facility with security cameras for the protection of families’ loved ones. Our facility is still being renovated but we are close to finishing, and we are proud to have a beautiful clean facility to care for families’ loved ones.”

Open since July 1, Dobson Family Funeral & Cremation Services has five employees and is fully licensed by the State Board of Funeral Services to operate a funeral establishment. All staff have been trained by Dobson, who is a dual licensed funeral director, and its funeral attendants are all licensed by the State Board of Funeral Services.

“We do stay on top of current trends, and we have designed our funeral home to be one that is ready for the future,” Dobson said. Many families today are choosing to not have the large funeral of the past and we understand that. We also see a big movement toward green burials, and we provide the lowest-cost green burial services that we can find.”

To reach Dobson Family Funeral & Cremation Services call 207-494-7583 and see their transparent pricing at <

Friday, December 1, 2023

Business Spotlight: Yolked Farm to Table

A new culinary oasis has emerged in the heart of Windham where husband and wife team are inviting patrons to embark on a gastronomic journey like no other. Yolked Farm to Table is a dream come true for Executive chef Jesse Bouchard and his wife Mindy. The much-anticipated opening of the state's newest gem, a farm-to-table restaurant, has stirred excitement and anticipation among food enthusiasts and locals alike.

Mindy and Jesse Bouchard own Yolked Farm
to Table, now open at 868 Roosevelt Trail
Yolked began in 2019 as a food truck situated in rural Maine alongside NU Brewery, building relationships with local farms and producers to evolve into what it is today. The Yolked concept was born from their personal small flock of chickens and the value of knowing how your food is raised. Utilizing whole foods is the main staple of their menu and they are proud to offer it to you in their new space at 868 Roosevelt Trail in Windham.

Yolked Farm to Table is more than just a place to dine; it's a celebration of the region's bountiful harvests and a commitment to sustainable, locally sourced ingredients. As the doors swing open, patrons are welcomed into a warm, rustic ambiance that mirrors the genuine and unpretentious nature of the farm-to-table movement.

The concept of farm-to-table dining is not just a trend but a philosophy that emphasizes the importance of using fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced directly from local farmers. Yolked Farm to Table, with its commitment to sustainability and supporting local agriculture, embodies this ethos to create a truly unique dining experience with flavor combinations you will not find anywhere else in the area.

One of the restaurant's defining features is its partnership with nearby farms, ensuring that the ingredients used in each dish are not only of the highest quality but also reflective of the changing seasons. From heirloom tomatoes plucked at the peak of summer to root vegetables harvested in the crisp autumn air, the menu is a testament to the richness and diversity of Maine's agricultural offerings.

The chef, a culinary virtuoso with a passion for local flavors, orchestrates a symphony of tastes and textures, transforming the raw bounty into culinary masterpieces. Each dish and cocktail tell a story – a narrative of our Maine land combined with flavors based on their unforgettable travel dining experiences, the hands that cultivated it, and the season that inspired it. The menu, though subject to change with the seasons, boasts a consistent commitment to creativity and excellence.

As diners savor each bite, they are encouraged to appreciate the interconnectedness of the local community, recognizing that their choice to dine at this farm-to-table establishment contributes to the prosperity of nearby farmers and the sustainability of the region. The restaurant serves as a hub for local producers, creating a symbiotic relationship that benefits both the establishment and the community.

Five-star reviews for Yolked Farm to Table are stacking up, where patrons rave not only about the beautiful atmosphere and amazing selection of dishes but also boasting about the creative cocktail specialties and dessert that is to die for. One customer went on to say, “Upon entering the restaurant we found the decor to be warm and inviting. The food was levels above anything we’ve had at other restaurants in the area. Everything is homemade and seasoned to perfection, with large portions that will more than satisfy your appetite. We ordered a slice of Espresso Cream Cheesecake to go. Our server was attentive and it was clear she cared about making our experience a great one!”

In a world where fast-paced living often disconnects us from the origins of our food, this Maine farm-to-table restaurant stands as a beacon, reminding us to savor not just the flavors on our plates but also the stories embedded in each ingredient. It's a celebration of Maine's agricultural heritage, a nod to the hardworking farmers who till the land, and a promise to patrons that every meal is a testament to the beauty of simplicity, sustainability, and the vibrant flavors of the region.

Visit their website at to peruse their menu of food and cocktail options available now. Also follow them on Facebook to keep up with seasonal changes. They are open for dining in or take-out Tuesday through Thursday from noon to 8 p.m., Friday and Saturday from noon to 9 p.m. Reservations are not required but in order to ensure a table, they are highly recommended. Reserve on their website or call 207-749-4097.