Friday, July 30, 2021

Business Spotlight: Survive Maine

Being prepared in the event of an emergency makes sense and in the aftermath of the global pandemic, has prompted many to think about what would be needed to survive should another crisis arise. 

Now a new local store makes it easy to do just that with an assortment of goods and products made right here in America for nearly every survival situation. Survive Maine at 608 Roosevelt Trail in Windham is ready to assist everyone to be prepared should an emergency occur.

“We’re trying to sell strictly American-made goods for every survival situation,” said Aaron Karp, Survive Maine owner.

Survive Maine offers an assortment of freeze-dried foods and dehydrated foods. They also sell medical equipment, first-aid kits, tourniquets, fire-starters, equipment required for camping and hiking, tactical gear, knives and products from Black Rifle Coffee Company. They can help everyone equip for any type of situation and storage use.

“A lot of people are under the assumption that if food is freeze-dried or dehydrated it doesn’t taste good and that’s not the case,” Karp said. “We sell dehydrated food made by the Good to Go Company in Kittery and it’s really delicious, comes in many different sizes and has a 2- to 5-year shelf life.”

According to Karp, freeze-dried and dehydrated foods weigh very little and as a result are preferred by camping enthusiasts and hikers because they can be stashed away in a backpack and are easy to transport because they are so lightweight.

Blue Force Gear is sold at Survive Maine including plate carriers, tactical belts and slings. They can assist in creating 72-hour emergency preparedness bags featuring blankets, knives and tools, water filters, pre-made hiking bags, and an array of other survival gear.

Karp said he’s wanted to open a store offering survival supplies for some time, but he could never find the right location for it until he decided upon Windham.

“This is a great community and we’re in a great spot here,” he said. “Since I’m a camper and a hiker myself, I’ve been very interested in survival equipment and gear for a while.”

Survive Maine’s prices are highly competitive and may in fact be substantially lower than what’s typically available at big box stores with more product diversity and availability.

“The most challenging aspect of setting up this store has been getting the supplies we need as everything’s been shut down for a while,” Karp said. “But we’re working with wholesalers and that helps save our customers money as the prices are set by the dealers.”

Preparations to open Survive Maine have been about eight months in the making and Karp said they are ready to be a resource for the community for everyone’s survival needs.

“What we offer is reliability and we stand behind every product that we sell,” Karp said. “Our staff is familiar with every product in the store and has the product knowledge to make recommendations for nearly any kind of situation whether you are going camping deep into the woods, stuck in your car during a snowstorm, or for any situation at home.”

The store also has a classroom and is used to teach CPR, first aid, and basic life support, with each course certified by the American Red Cross.

Survive Maine is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“Communications is essential in any business and having used all of our products, we have the expertise and the knowledge to advise you what you will need for any survival situation,” Karp said. “And, best of all, you can feel good that many of these products are made right here in Maine or elsewhere in the United States.” 

For more information, call 207-572-1008 or visit <

Friday, July 23, 2021

Business Spotlight: Pure Clean Company

For those seeking value, quality, and attention to detail, look no further than Pure Clean Co. of Windham for your residential and commercial cleaning services.

Founded in September 2020 and serving all of Southern Maine, Pure Clean Co. is owned by Kayla and Cory Beaulieu, whose decades of experience in the cleaning industry have given them unique insight into how valuable a trustworthy and thorough deep-cleaning service can be for families and businesses.

Pure Clean offers residential and commercial cleaning, moving in or moving out cleanings, one-time cleanings, monthly, weekly, or biweekly cleanings and they specialize in deep cleanings that focus on removing dust, germs and bacteria from the hardest locations to reach. Coming soon, Pure Clean will also offer professional residential and commercial carpet cleaning.

“Since COVID, many people have not been able to deep clean their homes, and that’s where we come in,” said Lauren Austin, Pure Clean Co. manager. “We’re all about giving people a fresh start and we pay attention to detail.”

With highly competitive pricing and an experienced cleaning team of experts in the field, Pure Clean Co. takes pride in their work and goes above and beyond to do what needs to be done to thoroughly clean a home or business.

“Life is difficult, and we know that maintaining your home is difficult,” Austin said. “We’re here to provide the expertise to make everyone’s lives less stressful.”

She said many individuals looking to hire a cleaning service usually have a preconceived notion of what to expect and are thrilled to learn otherwise from Pure Clean Co.

“From a quality standpoint, everyone thinks they’re getting a wipe-down, but when they find out what products we use and how much emphasis we place on deep cleaning and that what we do kills the COVID virus on home and business surfaces, they come away very happy.”

Pure Clean also places a strong focus on deep cleaning the rooms used the most in a home, specifically the kitchen and the bathroom.

“Most everyone we work for mentions those two rooms are always the hardest to clean and are the most frustrating for them to keep clean because they are used so much,” Austin said. “Before we leave each job, those are the two rooms where we make people feel the happiest.”

Shown is a before and after example of the work
performed by Pure Clean Co. staff members.

Austin said the key to Pure Clean Company’s success is their teamwork and experience.

“With just eight employees, we’re small and highly professional,” she said. “Our camaraderie is excellent and leads to us getting along great with our customers and working well together as a team that personalizes what we do.”

According to Austin, each home or business setting provides different challenges, so Pure Clean specialists meet with each customer to perform a walk-through of the premises and find out exactly what are the most important things a customer is looking to accomplish with each cleaning.

“Communication is highly important and the number one aspect of what we do,” Austin said. “Our customers know exactly what we are going to do and how we are going to do it.”

She said that often customers have the misconception that they need to clean up some before the cleaning service arrives.

“People usually feel like they need to clean before we get there and that’s not the case,” Austin said. “This is our job and we’re here for you. We’re fully insured and trustworthy and have many five-star reviews. Paying attention to the little things and going above and beyond expectations has given us a stellar reputation among our customers.”

Through careful attention to detail, they delve into the nooks and crannies of homes, including the baseboards, ceiling fan blades, light fixtures, surfaces and even the insides of ovens, microwaves and dishwashers in kitchens and make bathrooms a priority, including the removal of troublesome water stains and leaving tubs, tile and grout behind that shine and sparkle like they are brand new. Estimates are free and convenient bookings are available.

“If you are looking to have your home or office space cleaned by our professional cleaners, we would be happy to add you to our schedule,” Austin said. “We always provide quick and free estimates so give us a call or send us a message today.”

For more about Pure Clean Co. services or to schedule a walk-through and free estimate, call 207-408-1909 or visit them on Facebook at <

Friday, July 16, 2021

Business Spotlight: Chase Custom Homes and Finance, Inc.

Ask John Chase and he’ll tell you that the homes he works on are more than bricks and beams, they are a refuge for those who hope and dream for a better tomorrow.

Chase is the owner of Chase Custom Homes and Finance, Inc., a 35-year company that specializes in new home construction, creating new communities, renovations, additions and modular structures. He originally launched the business in 1986, when he was working as a police detective, and at first only worked four days on and four days off.

“We pride ourselves on the workmanship and commitment we provide our customers,” he said. “The sale does not end on move-in date, and we continue to work with clients for years to follow if they ever need us for anything.”

According to Chase, the company also offers services such as no construction loans needed, and they are able to purchase land for clients even if they choose not to live in one of their communities.

“In 35 years and counting, I've seen everything from basic homes to million-dollar custom homes. There's nothing that Chase can't do in the building industry, from commercial to residential, from building neighborhoods to building sheds,” he said. “One call does it all when you call Chase Custom Homes & Finance Inc. for any and all construction needs."

John Chase

He said that what distinguishes Chase Custom Homes and Finance, Inc. from other companies offering similar services comes down to quality and experience.

We have been doing what we love, building homes, for the last 35 years. A marketing department was only implemented in the last few years. Before then all our business came in by word of mouth and referrals. We are successful because of the quality work we do for our customers, and we won’t stop until the job is done correctly.” 

Above all else, Chase said that he’s guided by the simple fact that Chase Custom Homes and Finance, Inc. is in the business of helping people.

“When we build a home, we are building it for a lifetime of memories. It needs to stand the test of time and retain its quality for years to come,” he said. “We build each house with the same attentiveness and care as we would building it for our own family. We have years and years of great feedback, and we even have some video testimonials on our website from previous clients.”

The best tip Chase said he can offer to prospective clients is to do extensive research on the company they plan to deal with.

“Especially in the modern age, you can find any information about a builder or general contractor at the tips of your fingers,” Chase said. “Check credit references, check with local code enforcement departments and ask for a list of references from the contractors. Be especially cognizant of how long a builder has been in business."

Chase said that at Chase Custom Homes & Finance Inc., the philosophy is that they don't just build your home but go above and beyond to exceed all expectations a client may have.

“We have a team of dedicated individuals that are here to answer any and all questions you might have. I am available at any time to discuss concerns or questions,” he said. “Building a home can be stressful, we want to do what we can to make the process as enjoyable as possible.

This includes warranties that extend long past move-in day, so that you can have peace of mind knowing that Chase Custom Homes & Finance Inc. is here if you ever need us."

The responsibility of creating a home for families that will last for generations is significant for Chase.

"It gives me great pleasure and gratitude helping new homeowners have their own little piece of this great country, and a home that will last them for many years to come proudly built by Chase Custom Homes & Finance,” he said. “It makes me especially happy to help young homeowners build their first home and guide them through the process as smoothly as we can."

For more information about Chase Custom Homes, call 207-892-2700, visit their website at or on Facebook at Chase Custom Homes and Finance.  <

Friday, July 9, 2021

Business Spotlight: Chase-In-T's Septic Service

To John Chase, the owner of Chase-In-T’s Septic Service, the keys to operating a successful business are integrity, dependability, and expertise, and he believes that his company offers those essential factors every time they assist a customer in resolving a septic problem.

Based in Westbrook, Chase-In-T’s offers residential and commercial septic pumping, cleaning and emergency services to customers in Windham, Raymond, Westbrook, Gorham, Cumberland, Buxton, Freeport, North Yarmouth, Sebago, Standish, Casco, Gray, and Scarborough.

Chase said Chase-In-T’s is a small and affordable company with the resources of a much larger one.

“It gives me great gratitude to be a person who can help people when they need it the most,” he said. “If you come to me and you need help and a septic system pumped, it’s an emergency and we can respond quickly.

Chase-In-T’s is a division of Chase Custom Homes and Finance, Inc. which has been in business for 35 years, and offers highly competitive pricing for septic services below the market rate while giving substantial discounts to returning clients and first-time customers alike.

“We're honest and moral, once you call on Chase-In-Ts, the job will be done right the first time,” Chase said. “Being a new company, our emergency service calls have been overwhelming, but we have been able to keep up with the demand. We have a Five-Star rating on Google and always do what is right by the customer.”

 The Chase-In-T's company has been in business for a year and employs a staff of four highly proficient and highly responsive workers who specialize in outstanding customer service and strive to save their customers money. Chase-In-T’s uses state-of-the-art camera technology to determine the best course of action to take to resolve a septic problem. 

“Whenever we see a septic issue or a system blockage, we’re able to use a high-tech camera for an exact diagnosis underground,” Chase said. “That can save a client a lot of money. With the technology we have at Chase-In-T’s we’re able to assess if a new system is needed and so far, we’ve only found one that needed replacing. That helps save our customers valuable money.”

He said that the company stands out from the competition because not every septic company offers camera inspection services.

“Inspecting your tank can be used for both preventative maintenance, which can save you money in the end, as well as for emergency situations,” Chase said.

No job is too large or too small for Chase-In-T’s as they also have a 3,000-gallon truck for pumping waste and a 5,000-gallon truck too. They offer year-round services and work closely with area realtors for septic inspections and other septic-related issues. 

“We must follow all state and local guidelines for the discharge of the septic waste to approved state of Maine disposal sites,” Chase said.

According to Chase, how often a septic system needs to be pumped depends upon the type of septic tank and the size of the tank itself.

“Experts typically recommend servicing your septic tank every three to five years, however this can vary for each individual case,” he said. “I’ve spent my life helping and protecting people and honesty is huge to me. I stress for all of our workers to be honest and if they make a mistake to own the mistake and rectify it. We look for a good solid day’s work for a fair and reasonable price.”

He said he takes great pride in Chase-In-T’s’ ability to provide courteous and rapid customer service to those in need of help with a septic problem and to interact with all of their customers with integrity and reliability.

“We’re here to help in any way we can,” Chase said. Our top priority is assisting customers and responding quickly.”

Chase-In-T’s is located at 290 Bridgton Road in Westbrook. To schedule service, call 207-835-7750 or visit them online at or on Facebook at <

Friday, July 2, 2021

Business Spotlight: Ridgeline Exteriors

Finding a roofing company that offers quality and value, treats customers with respect and offers fair and consistent prices can be a challenge, but anyone searching for these attributes can feel confident in calling on Ridgeline Exteriors to get the job done. 

Owned by Wayne and Ashley Perry, Ridgeline Exteriors is based in Sanford and works throughout Maine and New Hampshire on a year-round basis. They’ve been operating Ridgeline Exteriors for more than 10 years now and Ashley is the only woman to co-lead a roofing business in Maine.

Wayne Perry has more than two decades of roofing experience and he says that the success of Ridgeline Exteriors is because of outstanding customer service, excellent communication with customers and workers who take great pride in their work.

“Ridgeline Exteriors provides a lifetime warranty backed by Owens Corning for their shingles known for their beauty, performance and variety,” he said. “We offer products that provide exceptional value and are backed by extended warranties.”

According to Perry, Ridgeline specializes in roofs, but company workers also are experts in siding, windows and gutter work too.

As their business has expanded through the years, the Perrys have been able to offer a variety of roofing types including asphalt shingles, metal, bitumen, flat, rubber or wooden systems.

With 20-plus employees skilled in the latest in roofing technology, Perry said what distinguishes Ridgeline Exteriors from the competition is that they are fully insured including roofing general liability and roofers’ compensation, their ability to offer a lifetime warranty from Owens Corning and the strong value of the products they offer.

“We’ve been able to hold the line on prices for the past three years and that says a lot right there,” Perry said. “We strive to offer pricing that is fair and consistent.”       

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Ridgeline accepts many types of payment options, including credit cards and an array of financing plans. They have a fleet of roofing vehicles and bring any tools they may need for a project, with most roofing jobs completed in a day or a day and a half and estimates are free.

"I take pride in my work and it’s great to meet new people through the work,” Perry said. “Every day is a new challenge and a change of scenery. One day you’re in a city, the next day by the lake and the day after that by the ocean. I like all of the places we work at.”

He said the hardest aspect of the roofing businesses right now is obtaining quality materials and holding the line on prices.

“The one thing about our company is that we believe in honesty and don’t try sell people something they don’t need,” Perry said. “I believe in listening to our customers and treating each and every one of them as we would want to be treated ourselves.”

To that end, Perry said that Ridgeline Exteriors always answers the telephone and believe in fully communicating with homeowners and businesses who call upon them for help.

“We walk them through the entire process and keep them informed every step of the way,” he said. “We pay attention to the details. It’s what makes our business work and the people we work for appreciate it tremendously.”

Ridgeline can perform home roof installation, local roof replacement, affordable siding installation, home window installation, seamless gutter installation, and affordable gutter replacement services.

“Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements,” Perry said. “And rarely can you predict when your home will be hit by damaging weather. Check us out to see what our dedicated roofing team can do to help you.”

To learn more about Ridgeline Exteriors, call 207-432-0810 or visit them online at or on Facebook at RidgelineExteriorsME. <