Friday, July 12, 2024

Business Spotlight: Vitality Room A Harmonic Egg Location

History has taught us that light heals, sound heals, sacred geometry heals, energy heals, love heals,
color heals, and community heals. We are light and sound beings, so why not heal our bodies, minds, and souls with light and sound?!

Michelle Buck is a Windham resident
and founder/CEO of Vitality Room.
Now you can, thanks to Vitality Room in Windham which is home to the Lake Region’s only Harmonic Egg® / Ellipse®!

By combining multiple ancient practices into one service, The Harmonic Egg® uses a combination of light, sound, and vibration therapy to create a life-changing sensory experience. This private wooden resonant pod envelopes guests in a relaxing zero-gravity chair and uses the combined frequencies which are customized to your intentions.

The Harmonic Egg® allows you to tap into your body’s own repairing energy and amplifies the positive signals through your body, while releasing the negative. It unblocks and rebalances your body’s life energy to promote mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and wellness.

Vitality Room came together when the founder, Michelle Buck, accepted that her “successful” career was working against her, appearing successful on the outside but dying and screaming for help on the inside. Her nervous system couldn’t keep up with the fast pace of corporate demands, marketing trends, digital cookies, AI, increasing expectations, and the pure chaos we’ve all experienced in the past 4 years.

On a journey seeking a better lifestyle, she stumbled upon a Harmonic Egg®. Her first experience triggered a mental and emotional shift that quite literally changed her life. Weeks later, she went to work researching what it would take to bring one of these magical energy pods to Windham.

What does an Ellipse® appointment look like at Vitality Room?

1. Enjoy a hot cup of herbal tea while you complete your intake forms in the Vitality Lounge.

2. Get vulnerable and, most importantly, be heard during your comprehensive consultation.

3. Your first session will always include an autonomic nervous system reset. This aims to remove fight or flight so your body can access its natural healing abilities.

4. Relax in the zero-gravity chair inside of the Ellipse® for 50 minutes. Includes 40 minutes of consciously created music followed by 10 minutes of silence to begin nervous system integration.

5. Finally, replenish with an electrolyte beverage in the Lounge with a brief post-session discussion and after-care instructions.

Since opening in January, Vitality Room has been a part of numerous transformations. They’ve witnessed clients improve or completely heal from crippling anxiety, frequent headaches, alcohol addiction, sexual abuse trauma, childhood trauma, self-hatred, ringing in ears, depression, long-covid symptoms, grief, toxic overload, career decisions, ability to govern reactions, move through divorce, autism, anger, Parkinson’s symptoms, Lyme symptoms, weight control issues, and so much more.

In addition to a most unique whole-body service, Vitality Room also offers a few items available for purchase to enhance your wellness journey at home. They carry Superieur Electrolytes, Therapeutic Music, Raw Silk Garshana Gloves for Dry Brushing, BioRay’s NDF Heavy Metal Detox Formula, Silver Biotics Immune Support Oral Spray, and Gail Lynn’s book “Unlocking the Ancient Secrets to Healing. Why Science is Looking to the Past for the Future of Medicine.” Gail Lynn is also the inventor of the Harmonic Egg®.

New products and services are coming soon. Check their FB page and website for updates. If you have an idea of a product or service that you can’t seem to get anywhere around here, and would like to see it come to Windham, please let them know through their contact us form on their website:

In celebration of 6 months helping others become the best versions of themselves, Vitality Room is hosting an open house on Friday, July 19. The event is free of charge.

Community members will have the opportunity to experience the Ellipse® with a FREE 10-minute demo. Gifts, giveaways, refreshments, and deep discounts will be available to all who attend.

They’ll begin with a Ribbon Cutting from the Sebago Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce at 8 a.m. and the center will remain open to the public until 6 p.m. No appointments necessary.

Vitality Room is located in the same building as Mullen’s Driving School at 104 Tandberg Trail in Windham. Free Ellipse demos on July 19 on a first-come first-serve basis and there is no age restriction.

Experience the newfound mystery of Ancient Medicine Practices for your Body, Mind, and Spirit on Friday, July 19 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Vitality Room.

Can’t make it on Friday, July 19th? Schedule your private session at The center is open from Tuesday – Saturday; 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Article written by Michelle Buck, Windham Resident, Founder, and CEO of Vitality Room.

Friday, July 5, 2024

Business Spotlight: The Outpost Scoop Shoppe

Looking for a cool treat to beat the summer heat? The Outpost Scoop Shoppe, a new ice cream shop in Standish, is sure to have something to satisfy you. This quaint ice cream shop, situated near the water with a spacious lawn and friendly staff offers a delightful escape from the ordinary ice cream shop experience.  They invite customers to indulge in a world of creamy, sweet perfection where creative flavor combinations will please any palette.

The Outpost Scoop Shoppe at 380 Pequawket Trail in 
Standish invites customers to indulge in a world of
creamy frozen delights that are unique and innovative.
Since opening its doors in May, The Outpost Scoop Shoppe located at 380 Pequawket Trail has garnered a loyal following, thanks to its commitment to quality and service.  The building formerly known as the Inlet was acquired in January 2023 by the Decrow family and is now home to The Outpost Scoop Shoppe and an independently owned family restaurant.

While the Scoop Shoppe is a family-owned business, Abigail Decrow’s passion and inspiration are what make this business thrive. Abigail’s enthusiasm for community engagement is evident in every aspect of their ice cream business.

“The Outpost Scoop Shoppe prides itself in offering quality ice cream and supreme service. Our weekly specials are unique and keep our menu fresh.” Decrow said. “We introduced a few new products to the local market, including ice cream nachos, flights, and specialty stackers also known as parfaits. Some of our unique specials have recently been picked up by other local ice cream shops.”

Abigail’s journey began in a little ice cream shop in Falmouth who also served Shain’s of Maine and Hershey. She was mentored by veteran ice cream shop owners and that experience is the foundation of her operation model today. Her time in a local Windham ice cream shop allowed her to explore her creativity.

At The Outpost Scoop Shoppe customers will find a kaleidoscope of many different flavors of ice cream produced both locally and nationally, best sellers, and in both hard and soft-serve options. The menu which features many original combinations is a testament to Decrow’s dedication to innovation and creativity.

Specialty drinks offered by The Outpost Scoop Shoppe include energy surges, frozen lemonade, nor’easters, milkshakes, frappes, floats, spritzers, freezes, and ice cream sodas.

Customers can try out tempting tasty sundae flavors such as Granny D's Whoopie Pie, Watchic Wonder, or Ultimate Brownie Sundae. Customers don’t need to be limited by the menu options, they can also branch out and create their own sundaes. They even offer pup cups topped with a doggy biscuit for a tasty refreshment for your furry friends.

“If you have dietary restrictions, we have you covered. We offer vegan, dairy-free, low fat low sugar yogurts, and no-sugar added ice cream options,” Decrow said. “We have over six different dairy-free options and an array of frozen energy drinks and specialty drinks. Our prices are competitive, our service is exceptional, and our specials are worth driving past your regular ice cream spot to give us a try.”

The Outpost’s specialty stacker flavors include Oreo Bliss, Bass Master or Campfire or you can build your own unique creations. The Outpost Scoop Shoppe prides itself in serving weekly exclusive specials which are advertised on their social media channels - try them before they sell out. And if you have not tried their ice cream nachos yet, you are missing out on an exceptional delicious treat you won’t find anywhere else.

In the future, Decrow plans to expand the business to include ice cream cakes, pies and other baked goods. She would also like to take her business on the road in an ice cream truck for birthday parties and special event catering.

The list of regulars is growing by the day and their passion for creating memorable moments is evident in every scoop they serve.

Online reviews are extraordinary.

“We’ve stopped in three times now. The sundaes are amazing, waffle cones were great, and flavor/topping selections are fantastic!! Prices are amazing and will keep us coming back." ~ Heather Marx    

“Dairy free vegan options. I got the flight, and all six flavors were amazing. I have a lot of food allergies. and this was the first time in many, many years I was able to enjoy ice cream.” ~ Aimee Esty

 In a world where life can sometimes be overwhelming, The Outpost Scoop Shoppe offers a simple, yet profound reminder: sometimes, all you need is a sweet treat and a smile. Ice cream solves everything!

Take a trip over to The Outpost Scoop Shoppe and take the trip often. They offer loyalty cards to earn free ice cream and are open daily Noon to 9 p.m. through Labor Day. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok under the handle OutpostScoopShoppe to keep up with the latest creations and specials or visit their website at: <