Friday, June 5, 2020

Business Spotlight: Spectrum Orthopaedics Care in Windham Has Never Been More Convenient

It has been an exciting few months for Spectrum Orthopaedics in Windham. Spectrum Orthopaedics
– which includes OA Centers for Orthopaedics – recently unveiled an expanded space, which includes the opening of OrthoAccess, an orthopaedic walk-in clinic, and the expansion of the physical therapy center.
OrthoAccess is designed to offer quick, cost-effective, and specialized care for a range of acute orthopaedic needs such as sprains, strains, fractures, and other activity-related injuries.
Spectrum Orthopaedics in Windham is led by Jeffrey Bean, DO. Dr. Bean is a board-certified, fellowship-trained sports medicine physician who specializes in the treatment of non-surgical sports-related and other musculoskeletal injuries. He is a familiar face around town, as a Windham native and sports medicine consultant to local schools, including Windham High School and Bridgton Academy. Dr. Bean also serves as the team physician for St. Joseph’s College and the head team physician for the Portland Sea Dogs.
Dr. Bean has always embraced a practice where patients can walk in and be seen.  “Since I arrived at OA Centers for Orthopaedics 11 years ago, I’ve been committed to providing care to the local community, the community where I was born and raised. I understand the desire and need for immediate, stress-free access to high-quality, cost-effective orthopaedic care. Every year, I provide walk-in care for the local summer camps and most all other patients throughout the year who need to be seen acutely are accommodated same day. Now, it officially has a name! OrthoAccess Windham.”
The new physical therapy center has state-of-the-art equipment and offers patients more room for exercise and functional movement. It also allows patients to be seen in an expedited fashion. Megan Cutter, DPT, physical therapist at the Windham practice states: “Our new expanded space allows patients more room to move around and gives us the ability to provide therapy in a way that feels like what ‘real life’ is to our patients. So, when they’re discharged from our care, they know what to expect at home or on the field."
As the state progresses on its reopening plan, more people are getting involved in outdoor recreations and hobbies, increasing the likelihood of an activity-related injury. The walk-in clinic cares for patients of all ages and offers immediate assessment for a wide range of activity-related injuries, such as a sprained ankle while out on a hike or a back injury while gardening.
No appointment is needed, and specialists are available to assess and treat injuries. Some of the advantages of OrthoAccess include:  
·         No appointment needed: skip the ER and start with a specialist. This saves you both time and money.
·         Specialized treatment: you will always be seen by an orthopaedic specialist.
·         Lower cost: because OrthoAccess is an extension of an orthopaedic practice, their charges and co-pays are generally the same as a visit to a specialty doctor. Charges and co-pays at hospital emergency departments or even urgent care clinics are generally much higher. 
·         Shorter wait: the wait time is typically shorter at OrthoAccess than at a hospital emergency department. The longest waits are usually during the first hour of clinic time. At other times, patients are often seen right away.
In Windham, the Spectrum Orthopaedics clinic, OrthoAccess, and physical therapy centers are conveniently located on Commons Avenue. There are also OrthoAccess clinics located in Portland, Saco, and Auburn. 
Quality and patient safety have always been a hallmark of Spectrum Orthopaedics and have been an even greater focus during the pandemic. “We want to ensure all of our patients, and those visiting our clinics, can be seen and treated safely, effectively, and efficiently. We have instituted a variety of protocols based on best practices in infection control,” stated Herbert Cushing, MD, Spectrum Healthcare Partners chief medical officer and infectious disease physician. The Windham practice currently screens patients before entering the clinic, requires face coverings while in the building, and has implemented new check-in procedures minimizing patient time in common areas.  Exam rooms, furniture, and commonly used items are frequently sanitized.  
The OrthoAccess walk-in clinic is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. (no appointment needed). Dr. Bean and his team also see patients by appointment in the clinic Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4 p.m., or for physical therapy, Monday to Thursday from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. To learn more or to make an appointment, call 207-893-1738 or visit

Friday, May 29, 2020

Business Spotlight: Busy Bee Laundromat who’s spent any time in Windham and Raymond has probably visited the Busy Bee Laundromat in Windham and knows of its longevity in business and reputation as the place to go in town when you need to wash and dry clothes.
Owner George Bartlett has operated Busy Bee for the past 35 years and as times have changed, he says the laundry business has too. Busy Bee’s vast array of washers and dryers still accept coins as the traditional method of payment, but now also take debit and credit cards.

Washers and dryers are more powerful and more energy efficient than ever and the customary method of dry cleaning has been discarded in favor of a safer and more environmentally friendly way of cleaning materials using water instead of dangerous chemicals.

Busy Bee Laundromat’s Natasha McFarland, left,
 and George Bartlett, are ready to assist the public
with resolving cleaning issues for fabrics and clothing.
 Busy Bee is open seven days a week and has
 launched a new pick-up and delivery service
for the Windham and Raymond area.
Bartlett said that through the years Busy Bee has evolved from a simple self-service coin laundry into a high-tech, highly efficient cleaning company featuring the newest high-efficiency washers and dryers available.
And Busy Bee has also made the transition to using the new standard process for cleaning clothing and materials called “wet cleaning.”
Water has been a normal cleaning solution, but many garments had problems with water cleaning. Over the years many solvents evolved to replace water as the cleaning medium,” Bartlett said. “The original solvent was petroleum and the term dry cleaning developed since water and petroleum do not mix. Eventually a solution called perchlorethane became the solvent of choice and has been used for decades since it cleaned better, faster, and safer than petroleum.”
According to Bartlett, with today’s focus and emphasis on the environment, the use of chemical solvents in dry cleaning have become unacceptable.
“Enter the digital age where we can now control the agitation, heat, drying times as well as the amount of moisture left in the garment to eliminate shrinkage,” Bartlett said. “Reenter water as the cleaner of choice. We can now safely clean delicate fabrics such as wool, silk, rayon and many synthetics with our highly refined cleaning system. This also means we use less energy, less water and the results are nicer looking and nicer feeling garments.”
Serving the public and helping everyone find affordable and available laundry solutions is key to the continued success of the Busy Bee Laundromat.
“My father was in business for many years and he gave me some great advice. He told me that a business goes through ups and downs and the best way to keep a business going is to serve the people,” Bartlett said. “That’s exactly what we do here.”

Located at 771 Roosevelt Trail, Suite 7, in the Windham Shopping Plaza, Busy Bee is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week during the spring, winter and fall months and remains open until 10 p.m. during the busy summer tourist and camp season.

Busy Bee Manager Natasha McFarland has worked for the laundromat for nearly two decades and said that everyone who walks in through the doors to Busy Bee finds a clean and safe facility with friendly and knowledgeable staff.

“It’s a small business and we really get to know our customers and their needs and preferences,” she said.

To assist the community further, Busy Bee has established a new and convenient 10-mile pick-up and delivery service in the Windham and Raymond areas, McFarland said.  

“To arrange for the pick-up and delivery service, all a customer has to do is come in to the laundromat and set up an account,” she said.

As a mechanical engineer, Bartlett says he’s always striving to find the best way to solve cleaning problem and has learned the latest and top techniques for cleaning garments through constant schooling, seminars and personal experience.

“Many people come in with stains and problems that need our expertise and specialized equipment to help solve,” he said. “We’re here to help and everyone leaves here as a friend.”

For more information about Busy Bee Laundromat, call 892-5914 or visit  <

Friday, May 22, 2020

Business Spotlight: Maine Locksmith Service

For generations, area residents have come to rely on the Crommie Family for quality locksmith and automotive ignition services, but now in addition to that expertise, the Crommies have become a dealership offering Old Hickory Buildings for sale at competitive pricing.
Alec Wurfel has joined his grandfather, Martin Crommie, and his father, Kirk Crommie, in showcasing a vast inventory of Old Hickory Buildings at the Maine Locksmith Services and the Windham display lot at 459 Roosevelt Trail just north of the Route 302 and Route 202 rotary.

Wurfel said that Old Hickory Buildings produce prefabricated structures nationwide and in Canada and are a leader in the portable storage industry providing dependable storage solutions of highest quality for customers.
“We know there are certainly a lot of dealerships and businesses that offer sheds and portable storage buildings,” Wurfel said. “They all look pretty much the same but when you open the door, you’ll find cheaper materials that won’t last. Old Hickory products are produced using quality materials across the board.”
According to Wurfel, Old Hickory Buildings are durable and can be used for a variety of purposes while standing up the harshest of weather condition.
“We've seen them used as simple storage for anything from lawn tools to vehicles, and some costumers have completely insulated our sheds as workshops, or even houses,” he said.
Old Hickory Buildings offer quality
 portable storage solutions for
almost every budget and can
 be viewed at 459 Roosevelt Trail
 in Windham.
The sheds they offer are built with 2x4s or 2x6s at customer request, industry standard T-11 siding, and in-house metal roofs with shingles available upon request. The most common shed size is 10x16, but they can provide any size from 8x8 to 14x40.
“We offer six standard roof colors, 17 siding color options, and color matching for siding as well if a customer would like to match their home,” Wurfel said. “Old Hickory provides us with their own drivers based out of their Cornish build lot that deliver the sheds by trailer. Anything within 30 miles our shop in Windham comes with free delivery and set up.”
Despite being of higher quality than can be found elsewhere, Wuerfel said that Old Hickory Buildings remain competitively priced and they offer a three- and four-year rental option for all of their sheds. Why rent a storage space forever when you can rent to own your shed instead?
“We also offer a five-year warranty on all our sheds as well as a limited lifetime warranty,” he said.
“From the premium materials that are used to the engineering certification process, customers can be confident that they will receive the best building to fit their needs and stay within their budget,” Wurfel said.
Before deciding on a shed or building, Wurfel suggests that customers explore town or municipal policies to meet established requirements.
“Windham has a square-footage policy where past a certain size a customer will require a permit,” he said. “We however are not familiar with every town policy in our 30-mile radius, so we always recommended customers to contact their town hall beforehand.”
Old Hickory takes a local approach to stay environmentally friendly and to support local businesses during the construction of their sheds, Wurfel said.
“The best thing a customer can do to help lower any potential environmental impact is to be careful where they place their shed and to contact their town halls to conform to local guidelines for runoff,” Wurfel said.
Unlike other businesses that come and go, the Crommie Family has built up a unique trust in the community through longevity and a shining reputation for dependability and standing behind the products and services they offer.
“My grandfather started Maine Locksmith Services over 30 years ago, and we have been working as a dealership for Old Hickory part time for two years now,” Wurfel said. “We also have been designing and managing master key systems as well as working on automotive locks for 30-plus years. We began cutting and programming high-security transponder keys 10 years ago and have since added proximity and push button start ignitions all while staying at half the price of most dealerships.”
Sheds can be viewed in person at 459 Roosevelt Trail in Windham weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
For more information about Old Hickory Buildings, visit or call 207-838-4368 for shed sales and auto ignition service and 207-892-8366 for locksmith or visit

Friday, May 15, 2020

Business Spotlight: KnitWit Yarn Shop was once perceived as a craft reserved for grandmothers in rocking chairs has shifted in recent
years. Knitting and crocheting has been on the rise as a popular form of creative outlet among all age groups/genders and the knitting renaissance continues to grow without any indication of having reached its peak. The desire to create, combined with the recent longing for some form of “normal” reality, has only increased the need and want for this contemplative craft.

KnitWit Yarn Shop, a first-rate yarn store since 2004, located at 247A Congress St. in Portland, has recently seen this spike and the desire for high-quality yarns, patterns, books, and kits even in the midst of the present stay-at-home order.

“The timing has been very interesting,” said new Owner Jennifer Fleck, about her March 2020 purchase of this popular Portland shop. “We bought KnitWit Yarn Shop on March 9, and unfortunately we had to close the doors just a few days later to be in compliance with the self-distancing measures. Needless to say, we were very nervous about our business purchase due to current circumstances.”

It turns out, however, that Jennifer and her husband Chuck, who is the General Manager of the shop, had nothing to worry about. With the surge of knitting popularity along with KnitWit’s devoted customers from all over the U.S., it wasn’t long until enthusiastic patrons were at their online “doorstep.”

“We knew we had to shift our business plan more quickly than anticipated, which included updating the website for easy online and curbside purchases and services,” Jennifer said. “But because our customers were not able to make the purchases online and little income was coming in, I set up a GoFundMe® account. Loyal customers from around the country, as well other people, contributed enough donations for us to be able to set up an updated website. I am very happy and honored to provide this craft for so many dedicated knitters. Also, people from everywhere visit Maine and Portland on their vacation and the knitters out there always make sure to stop by our shop when they are here in the summer.”

KnitWit Yarn Shop is the original flagship store for the Maine-based fiber company, Quince & Co, and it carries a large offering of their beautiful yarns. We also offer a nice selection of other Maine-based yarns as well as other yarn and supplies from other companies as well.

“We pride ourselves on carrying a wide selection of high-quality yarn offerings for all of our customers’ knitting and crocheting projects,” Jennifer said. “In addition to Quince & Co, some of our other customer favorite yarns include: Woolfolk, Berroco, Dirty Water Dyeworks, Magpie Fibers, and Malabrigo to name just a few.”

To see the products, services and upcoming events KnitWit Yarn Shop has to offer, peruse their website and shop online at 

“We add something new almost every day to our website, so people should check it often,” said Jennifer.

In addition to the various yarn and kit products, Jennifer offers classes.

“I’ve been meeting with people on Facebook and Zoom and it has been quite popular,” she said. “It is not only a place to gather with other knitters, but training is available for those who purchase our products. In the near future, I will invite well-known Maine designers to participate and teach our groups.”

Although Jennifer learned how to knit at a young age, her real passion began when she visited a local yarn shop 15 years ago. It was then she decided to take the craft to the next level.

“The owner of the shop was very helpful to me as I relearned the craft,” Jennifer said. “With her support and teaching I gained a new level of interest and my excitement about knitting grew.”

Jennifer also founded and became the first President of the Lighthouse Knitters’ Guild of Maine in 2015. Prior to the social distancing measures, the Guild met in person the first Saturday every month at the Windham Public Library. It quickly outgrew the library space, having to move their gatherings to the Windham/Raymond Adult Education building. The guild currently has over 50 members, many of whom rely on the high-quality fibers at KnitWit Yarn Shop for their supplies.

“It is true that people can purchase yarn at big box stores at a slightly lower-cost, but the final product will clearly show it – the look will be very different,” said Jennifer. “Not only that, but when you purchase from a small local Maine store, you receive personal attention, support, and classes.”

Whether you are a long-time knitter or thinking about exploring a new artform, visit them online at or contact Jennifer and Chuck at 774-6444 or <

Friday, May 8, 2020

Business Spotlight: Custom Closets of Maine one is making plans to build a newly constructed home, currently lives in an older Victorian house or resides in a small lakeside cottage, storage is one of the biggest challenges many homeowners face. Randy Campbell, owner and designer of Custom Closets of Maine in Windham can work with any size room or location and create the perfect space to meet the unique needs, style and budget of their customers.

"We have designed and constructed many unusual spaces into creative closets, pantries and mudrooms to maximize the unique situations into functional and beautiful rooms and cabinets,” stated Randy. He further explained the variety of space challenges they have successfully completed. Custom Closets of Maine has worked in older homes where there were no closet spaces, converting a very small bedroom into a convenient walk-in closet. Also, they have taken small reach-in closets, increasing the storage potential by building in shelves, drawers and more within the tiny space, allowing for added area for shoes, clothing and other accessories.

Custom Closets of Maine, a local and independent business in operation since 2004, also constructs practical storage space in garages, transforms small guest rooms by building stunning wall bed cabinets and converts rooms into functional and comfortable office or workspaces.

From phone call inquiry to finalized product, Randy is there throughout the whole process, providing personalized service he is proud of.  “He first sits down with the customer and determines their exact needs and wishes,” Randy explained. “From there, he uses a computer generated 3-D design package that will show the outcome of the space being converted and he discusses various styles of cabinetry that best fits the space and meets their needs and budget.”

It is important to note that all cabinetry is custom-designed and constructed on-site. They never hire a contractor to make the cabinets for them. They do it all – every step of the way.

As noted on the Custom Closets of Maine website, all closets are made using the highest-quality products. The cabinet material is a 3/4” cabinet grade with a laminate finish, which resists scratches and stands up to heat, moisture, stains and dirt more effectively than other products. They also offer a full line of high-quality closet accessories in a variety of finishes to keep your belongings clutter free and easily accessible. All cabinet doors and drawers come standard with soft close hinges & full extension soft close slides. They also offer LED lighting for the closets.

Features to include:
– Velveteen jewelry drawer insert with sliding acrylic tray
– Solid birch drawer boxes with full extension soft close slides
– Variety of hardware options-oil bronze, matte-gold, aluminum, nickel, graphite, polished chrome
– The cabinets are offered in 14 different finishes and 7 drawer/door styles
– Crown and base molding available

Whether it is the upscale European elegance or the New England or another style you prefer, you can rest assured that Randy the design professional is a native Maine pro and has you in his best interest – meeting the needs of your storage challenges. If one views Custom Closets of Maine website, ( there are many accolades by previous customers.

“We love our closet,” began Lynda. “Randy and his team were efficient, dependable and knowledgeable. The whole process was completely seamless from a quick visit, onsite design in 30 minutes, customized changes on the spot, order in, phone call to setup and onsite build done in a day to perfection. Thank you!”

Lesa offered a more detailed review that will convince anyone considering Custom Closets of Maine to call today. “Mr. Campbell, the owner of the business and his partner came over to look at the site to help us select options and design a plan for two closets. As Mr. Campbell worked on the plan, his partner showed us finishes and options that are available. We selected some and Mr. Campbell incorporated them into the design. He gave us the opportunity to review the design and make changes. We did and the design was updated immediately. The cost was given after the design was completed. We tweaked a few items to fit within previous obligations, On the day of the installation, the crew came in with the system components. We live in a condo with rules about loading times and using the elevator and the crew went along with them without trying to change the process. Actual installation was done professionally, and the crew cleaned up afterward. The system is beautiful and what we wanted. I would recommend using Custom Closets of Maine and plan on doing so with a project for utility room.”

If you are thinking about creating more efficient storage space in your home, office or garage stop thinking about it and call Randy today at 207-650-4659. You will receive great customer service and high-quality products at a fair price that include a LIFETIME WARRANTY against any material defects. YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR COMMITMENT! 

Friday, May 1, 2020

Business Spotlight: Asphalt Experts the business name implies, Asphalt Experts are the go-to licensed specialists and top industry professionals for both home driveway and commercial asphalt paving and repair. Offering services in the Greater Portland and Sebago Lakes Region areas, Owner Joe Sparks is a third-generation paving expert. He was trained and inspired at an early age by both his father and his grandfather, who owned and operated an asphalt paving company in the Kennebunk area over 60 years ago. Sparks’ father followed in the family business, building his own successful company in Northern Maine.

“I began in the asphalt industry as soon as I could begin working,” explained Sparks. “As a young boy, I would go to work with my dad during summer months and school breaks.  Eventually, I realized that I could take that experience and build my own company in the Southern Maine area. I love what I do, and it is a business goal that my experience and dedication to a company that has supported my family for generations will continue in the same manner as my father and grandfather.” That is - to provide high-quality service and product to satisfied clients.

It seems he may be reaching his objective. Sparks and his company of Asphalt Experts have received many accolades. “I can’t recommend Joe Sparks and Asphalt Experts enough,” stated one testimonial on the company’s Facebook page. “Joe did my driveway and my neighbor’s driveway last year. Joe showed up on time and did exactly what he promised he was going to do. I waited until we got through the winter to write a review to see how our driveway held up. Both my driveway and my neighbor’s driveway held up great. I have already recommended Asphalt Expert to friends and family.”

Another satisfied customer wrote: “Joe was nice enough to take his time to notice that we had some issue with our parking lot and paved for free. He is a super nice guy, as are his employees. Great company and people!”

What makes Sparks and Asphalt Experts stand out among the rest is that this company is an owner/operated business. With Asphalt Experts you get personal care. “You do not go through a sales manager – you talk directly to me - the owner - who has experience in the field and can give the client exactly what they want and need,” Sparks stated.

Another outstanding feature is Sparks takes great care to give an accurate estimate. “We don’t simply submit for the paving project itself,” Sparks continued. “We take the time to fully understand the unique paving situation a client has. I listen to their requests and needs, and from there I can determine what they want and find the best method to accommodate that specific project.”

Sparks and the rest of the Asphalt Experts team will make sure the preparation and finished project is done correctly. “We take our time and do it right,” Sparks said. “If it takes us an extra day or day and 1/2 than we had anticipated to complete the unique needs of the project, we do not tack on an extra charge to our customers. We do not sacrifice quality for quantity of hours.”

This level of the company’s integrity is an assurance to all home and business owners. After all, your home and business are the two largest investments one can make and Sparks and his team treat your home and business as if it were their own. 

Asphalt Experts’ work ethic is unmatched, and their pricing is highly competitive.
Whether you’re in need of a residential driveway or a commercial parking lot, count on this professional company for quality workmanship and attention to detail resulting in a durable, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing asphalt surface. Call Joe Sparks today and speak directly with him for a free estimate at (207) 252-9821.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Business Spotlight: Petals Farm and Garden has been said that there are so many reasons to be happy – and flowers are among one of them. A fresh bouquet sitting on your dining room table not only inspires happiness but adds beauty in the home and hope in the soul. What makes the multi-colored spray of natural luxury more special is if it arrives fresh into your home straight from your garden. But not everyone has easy access to such an idyllic situation or do not know where or how to begin to create a flower garden for all seasons.

That is where Petals Farm and Garden can be of service. Owner Lyndsay Stretch offers fresh cut flowers from her and her husband’s eight-acre farmstead, located at 11 Brick Hill Road in Windham. Additionally, the company can provide an opportunity for an individual to create their own beautiful year-round landscape, too. Recently opening her doors, Petals Farm and Garden services include garden design, installation and maintenance at both your home and office locations.

With over 20 years of professional experience in designing, installing, and maintaining gardens, Lyndsay is so passionate about gardening and sharing her knowledge and experience with her clients, that she provides services and products beyond expectation. “I will walk you through the steps and listen to your vision in order to make your gardens the gardens of your dreams,” Lyndsay said.

Furthermore, Lyndsay is currently growing rows of cut flowers on the farm. “I cannot wait to share these beauties with my customers,” Lyndsay stated. “All people need to do is enroll in the weekly flower subscription program to have a piece of the farm grace their own home each week.” Lyndsay will also be selling cut flowers by the buckets at her flower stands on Albion Road in Windham and on Brook Road in Falmouth.” The stands will be opening soon.

You may have known or heard of Lyndsay before. She, along with her husband Seth started StretchWay Yard Services in 2015. “It was a big transition for the both of us,” explained Lyndsay. “Seth needed a change of career and this gave me the opportunity to get back to work part time while raising three kids. Together we built a local landscape business, and each found our niche. I followed my heart by offering garden maintenance and installations.  By year three, garden designs and gardening kept me busy the whole season and it continues to grow today.  I started Petals Farm and Garden as a way to pivot from StretchWay and to continue to follow my path.” Seth and Lyndsay still own and operate StretchWay Yard Services.

In assisting the customers with their dream landscapes, Lyndsay is following her own dream. Her gardening vision all began in culinary arts and business. “I went to culinary school in New York City and spent a year cooking in some of the city’s top restaurants,” Lyndsay explained the journey from her culinary adventure to her horticulture aspirations. “I followed the farm to table movement and sought out restaurants who farm onsite. I soon discovered I loved the growing and harvesting from the restaurant farm and knew I wanted to learn more about farming and growing. One summer, when my thirteen-year-old was a baby, I started to explore becoming a personal chef. I would cook for client events or while clients were on vacation in Maine. That same summer, I took a part time job working in gardens. I learned to love the seasons and watch how the gardens change.”

In 2013, the Stretches purchased one of Windham’s oldest homes, a 1767 center chimney colonial. The land provided the space for the dream she had developed of owning her own flower farm and garden in that first summer 13 years ago.

Once she and Seth created StretchWay Yard Services, Lyndsay began to build additional knowledge about soil, drainage, plant health, companion plants, hardy and reliable shrubs and the various soil types found in the Sebago Lake region. “Gardening brings me such joy and satisfaction,” she explained. “I love the opportunity to create a beautiful space to enjoy and a curb appeal to be proud of. Petals Farm and Garden presents me with the best of both worlds.”

In addition to providing fresh cut flowers at the farm stands, Petals Farm and Garden participate in the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) subscription program as an option for their fresh cut flower service. “We also have a goal to sell wholesale to Bio Market in Windham and Good Life Market in Raymond and I am interested in providing flowers for events or by the bucket.”  
It is without a doubt, flowers inspire happiness and hope – both indoors and out. With that being said, “Here's to 2020 and to growing flowers and growing friends,” Lyndsay stated about her new gardening business.

Call now and book a consultation with Lyndsay today and make your own gardening dreams come true. For more information or to enroll in Petal Farm and Garden’s weekly flower subscriptions, peruse their website at or call 207-892-8000.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Business Spotlight: Aerus Pure Water of Portland the April 3rd edition of the Windham Eagle, readers discovered that Aerus Pure Water of Portland
is offering a free one-time air purification service to area residents. In light of recent circumstances, sanitization of surfaces and the air we breathe is of the upmost importance and concern.

“I would like to provide a decontamination service free of charge to any individual in the greater Lakes Region area and beyond, whether it’s in the home or office,” Chris Tarr explained in that article. Tarr is the owner of Aerus Pure Water of Portland, located at 352 Warren Avenue. He has been the owner since July 2019.  Tarr is still contributing this free offer to anyone who requests it.

But what many may not know is Aerus offers much more than the ActivePure Technology. The company offers water conditioning and filtration services as well.

Aerus originally began as Electrolux – the renowned high-quality vacuum cleaner. Since 1924, Aerus has been a leader in the healthy home space and has been honored by the Smithsonian for the invention of the first canister vacuum.

The company has grown by leaps and bounds, adding the cutting-edge water and air purification systems, including the revolutionary ActivePure Technology in 2000.

Its accolades have only continued to include engineered products that aid in creating a healthier home. In fact, ActivePure Technology was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame, an honor shared with only a handful of other influential technologies like GPS, hearing aids, and LASIK.

Additionally, Aerus continues to invent and upgrade water purification systems that meet the needs of homes across the country, including the homes right here in Windham and Raymond where many rely on well water. Well water is known for the scale build up created from hard water. Often, well water includes contaminations that make drinking the clear liquid unsafe.

Aerus’ water conditioner system reduces water contaminants, scale build-up from hard water, electricity use, and even extends the life of your appliances all while delivering better-tasting water and providing relief for those with sensitive skin and who care about the environment.

“Water conditioning aims to address three major issues that are present in most water sources: limescale, bacteria and algae,” Tarr said. “These problems can cause issues in water systems, including the insides of pipes, on heat exchangers and water fixtures. We also offer Origins Reverse Osmosis for those who want to improve the taste, odor and appearance of their water.”

With reverse osmosis you get the quality of bottled water without the cost and environmental impacts as a result of plastic bottles. This system has easy-to-change filters that provide premium water, exceptional taste, and total convenience. Reverse osmosis filtration system is a compact, space-saving design and produces 75 gallons of water per day. The system includes a classic faucet, a 3.2 gallon tank and all the hardware. What is even more exceptional is that the Origins Reverse Osmosis is offered at a reasonable rate.

Aerus also offers a whole home water filtration system. Contaminants like disinfectants, chemicals, and other deposits often sneak into the water even after public water filtration systems have cleaned it, making water taste worse. This is a perfect option for those homes with city water and need additional water filtration.

Finally, of course, is the amazing air purification and sanitization system, ActivePure. This system is used by hospitals, schools and sports stadiums to end staph infections and other viruses.

As stated in the April 3rd article, ActivePure has virtually eliminated bacteria, infection and fungus at a major sports stadium. After four players in the Texas Rangers Major League Baseball organization contracted methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections in one year, the team installed ActivePure air purifiers in its stadium’s locker room and gym. Over 30 major league baseball stadiums use the systems at the present time, keeping the infections and bacteria at bay.

Local Windham resident, Lorraine Barrett has been using the purification system in her home for over seven years. “I must admit, my husband and I both smoke in the house and the purifier is amazing at keeping our indoor air clean and smelling fresh. When our kids come to visit – they never complain about the smell,” Barrett laughed and then continued. “We also have a home in Florida, and I have an Aerus purifier there too. Although we don’t smoke in that house it does magic on keeping the pollen count down.”

Call Tarr today and get your free decontamination service. “And if an individual wishes to learn more about the other services we offer, I will go over all the alternatives,” Tarr said. “Together we will find the best option for their home and budget.” For more information, contact Tarr at 207-400-6437.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Business Spotlight: Pillar To Post Home Inspectors - The Lussier Team by “Entrepreneur” magazine as one of the top 500 Franchises in the U.S., Pillar to Post Home Inspectors, located at 243 Roosevelt Trail, Suite #1 in Windham is the premier local home inspector service in Maine. Brandon Lussier, Franchise Owner and Operator and the rest of the Lussier Team and experts assist home buyers, home sellers, and real estate professionals in numerous ways, offering high quality inspections since December 2013.

In addition to being recognized by the well-respected magazine, out of the approximately 700 franchises throughout the U.S. and Canada, Pillar to Post’s Lussier Team is in the top 15 of all. As a result, the company prides itself on holding the highest standards for the home inspection business. The team has completed over 5,000 paid inspections and they also offer radon air, water quality testing, camera septic inspections, sewer scoping, mold, asbestos and lead testing.

Recently they have added virtual home inspections to their list of professional services.

“We are considered an essential business,” began Brandon. “So, we are still here to provide certified home inspections and, in light of present circumstances with social-distancing, we also want to be mindful of keeping everyone safe and healthy and still assist home buyers and sellers in reaching their real estate goals. The virtual home inspections can make that happen.”

Brandon stated that the Lussier Team can deliver these virtual inspections thoroughly and comprehensively and – still – maintain a service that is highly personable. “Of course, it goes without saying that the in-person home inspection is still the preferable method, but the virtual inspection is a perfect alternative until the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us. Until then, the user-friendly virtual alternative is easy to understand and very intuitive to operate.”

In this online home inspection program, the user will get the opportunity to see the result of the inspection from the comfort of their home. It includes the floor plan and a real -life version of the home and property. The user can easily navigate and take a 360-degree tour through the house, examining each room and level/floor, as well as a floorplan of the home with measurements. As one “enters” each room, a list of inspection notes will be displayed to the right of the screen. The tour, however, does not replace the official written inspection report which will be delivered through the mail.
Brandon Lussier, Owner

“One amazing feature about this virtual inspection program is that you can share it with family, friends and contractors for those who are thinking about doing renovations,” Brandon said. “And, you can go back and revisit the tour at any time. For some, this comes in handy as they decide on furniture placement, etc.”

Both virtual and in-home inspections are performed by an unbiased and extremely detailed report which includes color photos. This report is printed on site before the inspector leaves, which is a unique service in the industry.

The inspection report will include the site location, the home’s interior and structure, the plumbing systems, bathroom fixtures and components, built-in appliances, heating, cooling and electrical systems, the garage, basement, attic as well as kitchen components and the roof.

More importantly, all Pillar to Post Lussier Team inspectors continually upgrade their skills and keep current with new technologies and professional standards in order to examine all types of homes and residential structures in the Maine area. This includes anything from condominiums to single family homes, town homes, mansions, estates, historic residences and manufactured homes.

Brandon and the rest of the Lussier Team are your ideal home inspectors as they are fully licensed in the state of Maine for radon air/water, mold and lead testing, hold the highest standards for home inspectors as Lussier is a Certified Master Inspector. Additionally, the qualified and courteous professionals are appreciated by their clients for their ability to explain their findings in the right perspective so there is no undue alarm or concerns. And – with worries over the COVID-19 virus, the Pillar to Post home inspectors have gone above and beyond to alleviate apprehensions.

In fact, a recent review on the Pillar to Post website stated the following from one of their clients, a real estate agent: “Amazing doesn’t begin to cover this inspection. Remember, this is Coronavirus time. The inspectors wore their own booties and wiped down everything! They kept appropriate distance and did their job quickly and thoroughly. I am so impressed. After 21 years in this business and hundreds of inspections, I think that Pillar to Post has earned my gold star.”

Let the Lussier Team of Pillar to Post Home Inspectors earn your gold star. They are at your service now and will continue to be providing services for years to come. For more information or to schedule your next home inspection, peruse their website at or call them at 207-749-3775.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Business Spotlight: Mainely Ticks we all are protecting ourselves, our loved ones and the world from the spread of COVID-19, we
also need to remember that with children home during the day and playing in their yards, we need to protect ourselves and family members from tick bites.

That is where Mainely Ticks, an Integrated Pest Management company that has served Cumberland and York counties for 15 years, takes a community-based approach with their mission of Tick Management through Education and Science.

“We make sure people know how to protect themselves and their children from contracting Lyme and other tick-borne diseases,” stated co-owners Bob and Barb Maurais.

“Right now, while everyone is focused on the virus, we do want to remind and educate people that deer ticks are already out,” Bob said. “Seventy-five percent of all Lyme is contracted 100 feet from the home and senior citizens and children have the highest incidences of Lyme disease here in Maine.” Adult Deer Ticks as well as newly molted nymph ticks (which are about the size of a poppy seed) are active and can transmit Lyme disease along with other tick-borne illnesses.

Barb reminds us that with children now at home and encouraged to spend time outdoors, it is important for everyone to actively pursue personal protection.  “Before hiking and playing outside, make preventing tick bites part of your plans. Apply repellent to exposed skin and consider wearing protective clothing pretreated with 0.5% Permethrin.”

In 2005, when Bob and Barb began building the Mainely Ticks website, Barb wrote, “You may have Lyme disease and not even know it.” Little did she realize that she was talking about herself.  Later that year, Barb was diagnosed with Lyme disease, Bartonella and Babesia.  After treatment, they renewed the company’s mission of advocating, educating and increasing awareness about tick-borne diseases through talks and conferences throughout Southern Maine along with distributing educational materials throughout the state.

In the January 16, 2020 edition of the Portland Press Herald, Staff Writer Joe Lawlor wrote about this subject in his article, “Lyme Disease cases in Maine hit a record high last year”. He stated that there were at least 2,079 Lyme cases in 2019, eclipsing the previous high of 1,852 cases in 2017. Quoting the Maine Center for Disease Control, Lawlor wrote, “Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases are on the rise, so Mainers need to proactively protect themselves.”

Bob reiterated that personal protection is important for everyone. “Prevention is the best prescription,” he said. “Adults should do a nightly tick check on themselves and their children and pets.”

Tick Removal. If a tick is found, use fine-pointed tweezers to gently remove the tick from where it is attached.  Pull upward with steady pressure.  Do NOT aggravate the tick by trying to smother it, squeeze it, apply lotion or heat.  Upset ticks will regurgitate their stomach contents.
Tick Avoidance. Deer ticks require a damp, humid environment to survive and are most often found in wooded edges, especially in leaf litter and low ground cover. They are usually picked up on the lower leg and tend to crawl up the body looking for a place to attach and feed.  Modify your environment by cutting lawns and removing leaf litter.  Keep children’s play areas away from wooded edges and tall grass.  Deer ticks will not thrive in sunlit areas.
Protective clothing. Wearing light colored clothing whenever working or playing in tick endemic areas makes spotting ticks easier. Also, you can pretreat clothing and socks with 0.5% Permethrin spray to provide up to six weeks of protection even after repeated washings.  is a company that professionally treats clothing.  Save 20% at checkout by using promo code MAINELYTICKS1 when sending your own clothing to be treated, or promo code MAINELYTICKS2 when you purchase clothing.
Tick repellents. You can substantially increase your level of protection against ticks and mosquitoes by applying a DEET based repellent (20% to 30%), IR3535, Picaridin, or oil of lemon eucalyptus to your skin. Go to and take the quiz to determine which repellents are appropriate for you and your family.
Frequent tick checks. The single most important step to reduce your chances of contracting tick-borne illnesses is frequent tick checks. Be sure to check yourself, your children and pets after spending time outdoors in tick endemic areas. Use the sensitivity of your fingertips to feel for small bumps, starting with a thorough inspection of the scalp, in and around the ears, hairline and neck, arms, armpits, back, torso, belly button, groin, front and back, between all skin folds, legs, behind the knees and between your toes.

Mainely Ticks offers residential tick and mosquito spraying options in select communities in Cumberland and York counties.  For more information or to request a quote for services, visit

Friday, March 20, 2020

Business Spotlight: Maine physician has started the second season of a new online medical service in Maine designed
to help prevent new cases of Lyme disease by increasing patient access to early evaluation and treatment of tick bites. Dr. Catherine Lockwood has founded, a first of its kind online service where anyone in Maine can use a secure online connection and have a video consult with a physician to have their tick bite assessed for the risk of Lyme disease and be treated with preventative antibiotics when needed.

Online medical services make getting care easier by avoiding waiting rooms and doctor’s offices,
avoiding waiting for return calls or delays in appointments and avoiding costly emergency room visits when people have nowhere else to receive care.

Some cases of Lyme disease can be prevented when early medical care identifies which tick bites are worrisome so preventative treatment can be started as soon as possible - but timing is key. The goal of is to decrease the barriers between people getting bites and getting care. The site's online services are available seven days a week during tick season which typically is mid-March through November. Appointment times vary each day but are offered as early as 6 a.m. and as late as 9 p.m.

After having been a primary care provider and an urgent care physician locally, Dr. Lockwood now works to help people identify whether they should be concerned or not from a tick bite.  Lockwood said the idea for her online business grew out of her experience as an urgent care doctor in the lakes region. “During peak tick season, sometimes 20% or more of our visits would be related to tick bites,” she said. “People would often wait several hours and they or their insurance companies would be charged hundreds of dollars for the visit.  I was most concerned by the many people I imagined who didn't have hours to wait or hundreds to spend who rolled the dice, didn't have their bites checked and instead waited to see if they became sick. I just thought there really should be another option to help manage this need. So, was born.”

Dr. Lockwood grew up in Connecticut and was trained in medical school at the University of Connecticut with a residency at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor. “I married a native Mainer and we have settled here in Freeport for the past 13 years,” she stated. “As a teenager, I was drawn to science, writing and caring for people without thinking about where that would lead. It was simply what I enjoyed. After high school and college, studying science and writing, being a hospital volunteer and nurse's aide, I reached a point where I needed to make a career choice. Stumped, my father trying to help asked if I wanted to be a doctor. I said, ‘Doesn't everyone?’. ‘No,’ he said. ‘So, if you want to be one, it means something.’  Now, nearly 30 years later I still agree with him.”

Lockwood hadn’t been on the road to becoming a doctor very long when she first encountered Lyme disease. “I have been seeing cases of Lyme from early in my medical training as a medical student in Connecticut where Lyme disease was first identified,” Dr. Lockwood began. “I can remember as a medical student working with the Pediatric Rheumatology department and seeing dozens of kids sent there with swollen, painful joints, their doctors concerned they had Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Instead, they had Lyme disease and most parents would then ask what that was. This was 25 years ago. I don't think you could live in Connecticut or Maine now and not have some personal experience with Lyme disease. My mother and son and husband have all had early Lyme disease, were treated and fully recovered. Watching for ticks and signs of Lyme are a part of our daily lives at this point.”

Maine is the number one state in the country for Lyme disease with cases here being 10 times the national average for this potentially disabling illness including some of our more isolated island communities that experience cases at a rate 100 times greater than the national average.  Now, using this new service from home or work or even from a remote island accessible only by ferry, Maine residents and visitors can use a secure online connection to show a Maine physician the tick that bit them, the bite site, any rash that has developed and get direct medical advice and treatment tailored to their specific situation including medications if needed.

The site seeks to keep costs for patients affordable with a new patient video visit priced
at $29.

For further inquiries you can contact Catherine Lockwood MD at

Friday, March 13, 2020

Business Spotlight: Windham Youth Soccer Association

jasonweatherby@hotmail.comEntering its 39th year with a mission to develop, promote and administer the game of soccer to youth between the ages of two and fourteen, Windham Youth Soccer Association is one of the only soccer clubs in the state of Maine that runs both an In-House soccer program and a travel soccer program. The Association, which owns, manages and maintains their own soccer complex at Gambo Field, is run exclusively through a team of dedicated volunteers of coaches and board members with no direct town resources or affiliation.  

“Our long history of success is due to the devoted enthusiasm of our volunteers,” explained volunteer Board Member, Amy Bilodeau. “There is no way we could do this without the collaboration between parents, coaches, board of directors and other community members.”

Volunteers of the Windham Youth Soccer Association provide instructional, recreational and competitive soccer programs and leagues for all genders and playing ability levels for approximately 1,100 youth per year.

There are three specific soccer team options available for any child or teenager living in Windham as well as the surrounding communities who do not have their own recreational or travel soccer programs. The three programs include: Little Eagles, In-House (also referred to as recreation soccer) and Travel.

The Little Eagles soccer program is for children ages two to three years old. Lead by junior coaches, the 45-minute Saturday morning lessons during the spring and fall seasons include games and skill building activities. “It is a fun introduction to the game of soccer,” stated Bilodeau. “Often, most children discover after participating in the Little Eagles program that soccer is a game they want to continue to play and go on to participate in one of our other two programs.”

The Windham Youth Soccer Association also offers the travel soccer program. It is for players who are interested in participating in a more competitive environment and the team participates in the Soccer Maine’s Fall Classic League playing teams from all over Southern Maine. 

The Association website explains that travel teams are selected based on evaluations held in mid to late May with the goal to have a playing opportunity for all interested players and they frequently have more than one team in an age group. May 1st is the registration deadline for those who are interested in the travel soccer program.

No matter which soccer program a child or teenager joins, Bilodeau points out that a participant learns more than the sport itself. “Players learn about team building and playing respectfully with one another and other clubs. They learn to follow instructions and learn life lessons that they can be applied in adulthood.”

And there’s more. Bilodeau added that being a part of the Windham Youth Soccer Association also benefits adults as well. “Parents gain long lasting friendships. It’s as if we become a networking group of parents. I have had the best time as a volunteer, collaborating with other adults in the community in the five years I’ve been on the board.”

Bilodeau also pointed out that parents and youth alike work well together by helping to maintain Gambo Field. “Students and adults help clean and prepare the soccer fields as the season begins.” She especially noted that parents, Rick and Anne Drapeau who own and operate Wildwood Properties in Windham, have been instrumental in the maintenance of Gambo Field. “We’ve been really lucky to have them on board and volunteer with us,” she said.

The volunteer coaches, board members and referees are offered opportunities to help everyone succeed in the program. Windham Youth Soccer provides education and licensing while maintaining strong and consistent enrollment. “We also adhere to the Soccer Maine guidelines and do background checks and Safe Sport Training for all our volunteers,” Bilodeau said

To learn more about how to participate in the Windham Youth Soccer Association, whether it is as a parent, a coach, a referee or a player, contact Jason Weatherby, President at Or for travel soccer questions contact Travel Director Amy Bilodeau at Be sure to follow Windham Youth Soccer on Facebook and peruse their website at