Friday, September 18, 2020

Business Spotlight: Asphalt Experts

As the business name implies, Asphalt Experts are the go-to licensed specialists and top industry
professionals for both home driveway and commercial asphalt paving and repair. Offering services in the Greater Portland and Sebago Lakes Region areas, Owner Joe Sparks is a third-generation paving expert. He was trained and inspired at an early age by both his father and his grandfather, who owned and operated an asphalt paving company in the Kennebunk area over 60 years ago. Sparks’ father followed in the family business, building his own successful company in Northern Maine.

“I began in the asphalt industry as soon as I could begin working,” explained Sparks. “As a young boy, I would go to work with my dad during summer months and school breaks.  Eventually, I realized that I could take that experience and build my own company in the Southern Maine area. I love what I do, and it is a business goal that my experience and dedication to a company that has supported my family for generations will continue in the same manner as my father and grandfather.” That is - to provide high-quality service and product to satisfied clients.

It seems he may be reaching his objective. Sparks and his company of Asphalt Experts have received many accolades. “I can’t recommend Joe Sparks and Asphalt Experts enough,” stated one testimonial on the company’s Facebook page. “Joe did my driveway and my neighbor’s driveway last year. Joe showed up on time and did exactly what he promised he was going to do. I waited until we got through the winter to write a review to see how our driveway held up. Both my driveway and my neighbor’s driveway held up great. I have already recommended Asphalt Expert to friends and family.”

Another satisfied customer wrote: “Joe was nice enough to take his time to notice that we had some issue with our parking lot and paved for free. He is a super nice guy, as are his employees. Great company and people!”

What makes Sparks and Asphalt Experts stand out among the rest is that this company is an owner/operated business. With Asphalt Experts you get personal care. “You do not go through a sales manager – you talk directly to me - the owner - who has experience in the field and can give the client exactly what they want and need,” Sparks stated.

Another outstanding feature is Sparks takes great care to give an accurate estimate. “We don’t simply submit for the paving project itself,” Sparks continued. “We take the time to fully understand the unique paving situation a client has. I listen to their requests and needs, and from there I can determine what they want and find the best method to accommodate that specific project.”

Sparks and the rest of the Asphalt Experts team will make sure the preparation and finished project is done correctly. “W

Asphalt Experts has a limited
number of openings left
for the season. Book before
Oct. 15 and receive a
10 percent discount.

e take our time and do it right,” Sparks said. “If it takes us an extra day or day and 1/2 than we had anticipated to complete the unique needs of the project, we do not tack on an extra charge to our customers. We do not sacrifice quality for quantity of hours.”

This level of the company’s integrity is an assurance to all home and business owners. Afterall, your home and business are the two largest investments one can make and Sparks and his team treat your home and business as if it were their own.
Asphalt Experts’ work ethic is unmatched, and their pricing is highly competitive.
Whether you’re in need of a residential driveway or a commercial parking lot, count on this professional company for quality workmanship and attention to detail resulting in a durable, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing asphalt surface. Call Joe Sparks today and speak directly with him for a free estimate at (207) 252-9821. <

Friday, September 11, 2020

Business Spotlight: Acadia Adoption Center in the Lakes Region, Acadia Adoption Center is changing the narrative about birth parents placing a child for adoption and transforming their lives, the life of their child, and the adoptive parents, alike.
“Here everyone experiences new beginnings and not a sad ending,” said Janet Knights, assistant director of Acadia Adoption Center. “We empower birth mothers by reviewing their options for an unexpected pregnancy and providing them with information about the adoption process so that they can make the best choice for themselves and their baby, even if adoption is not their choice.”
Working with women who suddenly find themselves pregnant and unprepared, Acadia Adoption Center has been a life-changing alternative for pregnant women for more than a decade. From its office in Naples, the center assists birth mothers through the process of adoption and helps them reach a decision they can be proud of.
“Every birth mother should know that we don’t ever judge them,” Knights said. “We treat everyone with respect and full discretion so that birth mothers have peace with their decision.”
Many of the birth mothers who reach out to Acadia Adoption Center for help find them online at their website, or are referred to by other birth parents or area hospitals for sensible guidance.
Knights said that through the years, the center has found that the situation of every birth mother experience is different and strives to be supportive in every aspect of their adoption journey.
“Adoption for your child is a loving, brave, caring, and positive choice,” Knights said. “But it can bring uncertainty about finances, your safety and where you’ll live, the birth father, your family and friends.”
She said that because every situation is unique, Acadia Adoption Center takes the time to get to know every birth mother and listen to what they are going through so that the advice and suggestions they offer are relevant to their particular circumstances.
“Birth parents make adoption plans for different reasons,” Knights said. “We are here to answer their questions about adoption so they can decide whether it is right for them and their child.”
As a licensed adoption agency that works with expectant parents from all over the United States, Acadia works with a network of social workers, lawyers, hospitals and other professionals who help facilitate the entire adoption process.
They can provide financial support for birth mothers and help with pregnancy related expenses such as rent, food, transportation, cell phone bills, and maternity clothing if needed.
And Knights said the support of Acadia Adoption Center doesn’t end once the child is born.
“We also offer a post-birth scholarship program which allows them to cover their living expenses while they get back on their feet, prepare for their future, and decide what to do next.  Many birth parents choose to use their scholarship to further their education,” she said.
According to Knights, birth mothers choose the family that fits the hopes and dreams they imagine for their child and can communicate with the adoptive parents using a web-based transparent platform for updates and pictures for the next 18 years, if and when they choose.
“We are committed to providing you (birth parents) with as much support and help as you feel you need.  As you investigate and gather your choices, we encourage you to follow your instincts and make the best decision for you and your baby, without pressure or judgement” Knights said.
For more information about Acadia Adoption Center, call 207-467-8110 or visit .

Friday, September 4, 2020

Business Spotlight: Pit Stop Fuels matter who you are or what you do, we all have a basic need to stay warm during the heating season and here in Maine, Pit Stop Fuels is a trusted ally for many residents in keeping the cold at bay.  
Offering reliable and friendly service for heating oil, propane, K1 and diesel fuels at highly competitive pricing, Pit Stop Fuels is committed to serving the community by providing efficient and environmentally safe products while supporting nonprofits working to make a difference locally.
Pit Stop Fuels has a strong presence in our area. We support our local people and value the importance of community involvement,” said Aimee S. Carlson, Pit Stop Fuels general manager. “During the pandemic it has been challenging for everyone. We understand that safe and efficient deliveries are very important as well as maintaining consistent pricing, like not charging for HazMat or Fuel Recovery fees. Offering programs like our Budget, Pre-Buy and Fixed price options help customers plan for their needs.”
Carlson said that what makes Pit Stop Fuels different is their customers, who are loyal and help promote them and the services they offer to their friends and families.
“Pit Stop Fuels understands that there is a choice, we know that safety, reliability and ease are important to our customers,” she said. “We have customer service representatives in Maine and we have the ability to order online and have highly trained, skilled employees.”
The company has been in business in Maine for more than 20 years and remains vigilant ahead of when storms strike the state, planning ahead to keep customers prepared during the most challenging of weather conditions.
According to Carlson, a lot of work is done behind the scenes by the company to ensure that customers can count on Pit Stop Fuels drivers to be on time with deliveries and that those with emergency generators are tracked and have adequate fuel in the event power is lost.
“We have a responsibility to those who rely on our services,” Carlson said. “Our drivers work very long hours through the snow and sometimes handle 50 to 55 different tickets a day. Our customers appreciate our diligence and the relationships we’ve forged with many of them are very gratifying.”
During the peak heating season, Carlson said that Pit Stop Fuels dispatchers remain in constant touch with their drivers, following them in real time by GPS in order to make certain deliveries are made dependably and on time.     
The company also is focused on treating the environment with respect and to accomplish that, it delivers ultra-low sulfur heating oil and premium fuels.
“These fuels are clean and environmentally friendly and reduce the sulfur content in the oil, which compared to traditional heating oil reduces nitrogen oxide emissions up to 30 percent and sulfur oxide and particles by 99 percent, Carlson said.
The use of propane fuel is nontoxic and is an approved clean fuel listed in the 1990 Clean Air Act, she said.
“The Propane Education and Research Council says that using propane reduces the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and air pollutants like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides,” Carlson said.
Propane tank installation and generators for home or businesses are also available through Pit Stop Fuels, along with set-up, maintenance and repair of home heating and home comfort equipment including furnaces, boilers, water heaters, gas fireplaces, hearth products such as stoves and gas logs and propane generators.
To be as transparent about fuel costs as possible, customers can view prices for heating oil and kerosene daily on the Pit Stop Fuels website at
“The best part of our business is certainly our customers,” Carlson said. “Without them, we would have no reason to come to work. We also make managing your heating costs simple too with our EZ Pay plan in which you can spread 12 even payments over the year making your home budget easier.”
For more information about Pit Stop Fuels call 207-352-7800 or visit <

Friday, August 28, 2020

Business Spotlight: Kindred Farms Market & Bakery’s an old saying that reminds us that love starts with the family, and in the case of the family that owns and operates Kindred Farms Market & Bakery in Casco, that expression is heartfelt.
Kindred Farms Market & Bakery is the realization of a dream for Corrin Conforte-Albrecht and her mother, Shirley Greeley, and their love for family and baking is evident with every bite of every item on their menu. When her daughter was only 8, Greeley took her Corrin on a trip to Lake George, New York and while there, they visited a market and deli housed inside an old restored farmhouse. They dreamed that someday they would create such a place and their persistence paid off.

Three years ago, together with their family, they launched what many customers lovingly refer to as “a little slice of heaven on earth.”
Located at 595 Meadow Road at the intersection of Route 11 and Route 121 in Casco, Kindred Farms opens at 8 a.m. every day and closes at 7 p.m. daily.

Working at the market and bakery is a genuine labor of love for their entire family and despite the long hours and time spent preparing everything just right, their devotion to each other and to providing the finest baked goods, sandwiches and pizza has been popular with the public and visitors to the Sebago Lake Region.
“I’d like to think that our customers can taste the love and the passion for what we do,” Conforte-Albrecht said. “We are a family business, and we’re so grateful we get to do this together.”

Along with her mother, Conforte-Albrecht’s husband and their two daughters work there too and that has led to a unique camaraderie and closeness among the staff.

We work really hard, but we also have a lot of fun working together and that time is precious and invaluable,” she said. “It shows in everything we make and serve to our customers.”

Open seven days a week, Kindred Farms Market & Bakery offers a large variety of baked goods, breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices, gluten-free, keto, vegetarian and vegan options, seasonal lobster rolls, fresh pizza, take-out items, vegetables, ice cream, special orders and catering. For holidays and special occasions, they take orders for pies and other assorted goodies.

“We bake every day,” Conforte-Albrecht said.  “I hope our customers know how much we care about making them happy. “We’ll do anything it takes to bring a smile to their face.”

Each day, the family pours its heart and soul into running the Kindred Farms Market & Bakery. Greely is there early to do the morning baking and the rest of the family continues to see things run smoothly until the doors close in the evening,

“We just want everything to be as delicious as possible,” Conforte-Albrecht said. “We’re so grateful for the support of our community and customers. We’ve even had customers send us thank you notes for staying open and how we’ve dealt with the pandemic.”

Regular customers to Kindred Farms Market & Bakery return time and time again for mouthwatering breakfast sandwiches, chicken salads and an out of this world array of whoopie pies, cinnamon buns, cupcakes, brownies, iced coffee or homemade smoothies.
A convenient take-out window is available and Conforte-Albrecht said many breakfast, lunch and dinner items are cooked to order.
“We don’t take shortcuts,” she said. “We don’t rush things but make every meal we serve delicious and worth it.”
There’s no question that the most popular item Kindred Farms Market & Bakery sells has strong appeal to local residents and tourists alike. Mainers - it’s the traditional Maine favorite, the whoopie pie, which comes in many yummy flavors and fillings. To accommodate all the numerous requests for different whoopie pie tastes from the public, each week Kindred Farms hosts “Whoopie Wednesday” with flavors suggested by customers.
“It’s our best seller year in and year out,” Conforte-Albrechi said. “Every so often we’ll get a request from someone visiting from out of state to send them a box of whoopie pies. So sometime soon we’re going to have a mail order business too, so stayed tuned for that.”
To review a complete and up-to-date menu, find them on Facebook. To place a take-out or curbside order, call 207-627-5224. <

Friday, August 21, 2020

Business Spotlight: Northern Light Mercy Health Center

Northern Light Mercy Health Center Article
How long has it been since your last health screening?
For many Windham residents, it’s been too long due to COVID-19 safety concerns. But one local business is helping its patients get essential health services without sacrificing safety.
Northern Light Mercy Health Center, located at the rotary on Roosevelt Trail, is home to a dedicated staff of medical professionals, including Dr. Su-Anne Hammond. Hammond and her team of physicians and nurse practitioners are currently accepting new patients for in-person and virtual visits while following strict guidelines to ensure a safe return for all.
Throughout the health center, social distancing is being practiced. The amount of people in reception areas has been limited. All high-touch surfaces are sanitized regularly. Meanwhile, all visitors, patients, and employees are required to wear masks or face coverings. Finally, anyone who is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms must stay home and call ahead so that they can be directed to the most appropriate location to receive care.
“We want to keep our patients coming in to get treated, but their safety is also our biggest priority,” Hammond says.
Before COVID-19, most patients used in-person and walk-in visits for necessary health screenings, routine wellness exams, and sick visits. Now it’s a good mixture of in-person services along with virtual visits through phone or web-based telehealth options. The center is open each weekday for in-person primary care appointments and seven days a week from 8 am to 8 pm for walk-in care. 
This dedication to their patient’s safety is part of the reason why readers of the Windham Eagle have voted Northern Light Mercy Health Center as the best physician’s office in the region. For many local residents, Mercy’s focus on personalized care is what keeps them coming back.
“My staff and I try to make sure our patients have peace of mind,” Hammond says. “Because that’s so hard to get right now.”
Many Mainers have not had a health screening since quarantine began in March. That’s why it’s important to the Northern Light Mercy team that their patients feel comfortable coming back in to get crucial care, including bloodwork or x-rays that are available onsite at the health center.
As Hammond explains, part of good primary care is about making people more aware of their health and preventing issues before they happen.
At the Northern Light Mercy Health Center, key services include blood tests, pediatric screenings, women’s health screenings, vaccinations, immunizations, same-day sick visits, Medicare wellness visits, minor wound treatment procedures, and even chronic disease education and management.
The office also uses care consultants that can help patients deal with substance use disorder, stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.
This is all part of what Hammond calls Northern Light Health’s “holistic” approach to medicine that puts preventive healthcare at the forefront. Now, patients can rely on their local doctor’s office to achieve better wellness overall.
“When patients come here, we focus on anything and everything they might be dealing with,” Hammond says. “It’s all about comprehensive care for us.”
The Windham office is able to do so much because it is part of Northern Light Health’s expansive integrated healthcare system, which has more than 35 primary care locations across the state, 10 hospitals, and hundreds of healthcare professionals.
To better help patients who need specialized care, Northern Light Health has recently added several new experts to Northern Light Mercy Hospital in Portland.
These gifted new hires include an ear, nose, and throat surgeon, a diabetes care expert, and the only Maine-based, fellowship-trained pediatric electrophysiologist in the state, who studies the electrical activity of the heart to make informed cardiology decisions.
With one visit to Northern Light Mercy Health Center, patients are able to connect with this vast network of specialists, who are all practicing the latest safety best practices to ensure the all patients receive care in the safest possible environment.
With this, Northern Light Health has found a way to make safe, in-person healthcare work for Windham residents and all Mainers.
“We all need to keep up with our health, so it’s good to know our guidelines are making this happen,” Hammond concludes. “We’ve been safely seeing patients throughout these uncertain times, and we look forward to continuing to be partners in their care moving forward.”
Mercy Primary Care is located at 409 Roosevelt Trail, Windham, Maine, 04062. For more information, go to or call 207-400-8600. To learn more about the safety measures being taken across Northern Light Health, please visit <

Friday, August 14, 2020

Mortgage Spotlight: Interest rate drop results in huge savings

For anyone considering purchasing a home soon or refinancing your current mortgage, Leigh Gagnon of Northstar Mortgage Group has a clear message: do it now and save a lot of your hard-earned money.
Gagnon says that in an effort to stimulate the economy from the impact of coronavirus, rates have been slashed. Gagnon states she has only seen rates this low once before and that was during the Great Recession from 2007 to 2009. What that means for homebuyers and homeowners is anyone pondering whether they should buy now or even those thinking about refinancing their current home loan…now is the time.
“One of the most significant aspect of interest rates being this low right now is buying power,” Gagnon said. “That means if they were considering the purchase of a $200,000 home, they may now be able to afford a $300,000 home.” to Gagnon, Northstar Mortgage Group LLC, based in Windham and Auburn, is committed to helping everyone find the right mortgage product for your individual needs.
“We are local and understand the housing market in Maine,” she said. “We pride ourselves on being one of the premier mortgage brokers in Maine. We understand that every borrower ‘s situation is different, and we offer a vast variety of different loan products to ensure your expectations are met.”
Gagnon said that the goal of Northstar Mortgage Group is to make the process of securing a mortgage simple and straightforward by offering the latest tools and technology. Most of the loan can be done from your home or office or right from your cell phone making the process fast and simple!
“Since day one, we have been dedicated to providing the highest-quality customer care available. We pair that with a casual atmosphere that ensures borrowers are comfortable,” Gagnon said.
She said that Northstar Mortgage Group works directly with a number of lenders, giving us more options to consider for each borrower.
“We pride ourselves in delivering superior and personal customer service,” she said. “Buying or
refinancing should not have to be a stressful time. Our priority is to walk you through the entire process. We will handle the loan transaction from start to finish to ensure you feel comfortable with your investment.”
Buying a house is an incredibly memorable milestone and we work hard to make the process casual, stress-free and as fun as possible.”
Northstar Mortgage Group offers Conventional, FHA, USDA/Rural Development Loans, VA, Reverse Mortgages and Turnkey Construction Loans. 
Because of the low interest rates, Gagnon said she is encouraging everyone to explore how much they could save by acting soon whether that be buying or refinancing.
To learn more about how Northstar Mortgage Group can help you purchase your dream home or refinance your current loan, call 207-893-8499 or visit < 

Friday, August 7, 2020

Business Spotlight: Berry Water Solutions, Inc. an abundant supply of water, human life could not be sustained in Maine and although this necessity is plentiful here, it sometimes isn’t always as clean as it could be. Pollutants and unwanted particles may pose problems, but fortunately Berry Water Solutions, Inc. can identify and resolve water issues sensibly.
Raymond residents Kam and Heather Berry launched Berry Water Solutions, Inc. earlier this year and provide water treatment services, pressure tank replacement, well pump replacement and repair, and water testing for personal knowledge as well as for real estate transactions. The business installs systems to remove dangerous contaminates such as arsenic and uranium, as well as systems to improve the feel, taste and smell of your water.  
“The most significant aspect of our business that sets us apart is our desire to treat the customers the same way we would want to be treated. We provide very affordable annual services and the most competitive prices on water testing,” Kam Berry said. “Our water treatment installations include a site visit to assure we size, install and plumb water treatment in a way the customer prefers on the day of installation. What distinguishes us from our competitors is the personalized service we provide. I will be present on every job, and you will always speak with Heather or myself when calling in to our office.”
As a small business, Berry said that his company prides itself on offering outstanding customer service and affordable options.
“We price our water solutions very competitively and offer package pricing for systems,” he said. “All of our systems fixing a health contaminate include a follow-up independent lab test at no additional charge, and our site visits assure we can provide a quote with maximum accuracy to avoid unforeseen expenses due to the location of the system.”
According to Berry, clean water is essential for health, and working in this field is a responsibility that the company takes very seriously.
Kam Berry is the owner and
operator of Berry Water
Solutions, Inc.
“It’s important that water be tested for your home,” he said. “When we are installing filtration or servicing a well water system, we use only products we can stand behind. We use only the highest quality products we can buy and try to keep our rates highly competitive despite refusing to compromise on product quality.”
The relationship that Berry Water Solutions, Inc. has with its vendors, including a number of New England companies, is vital in assuring customers that systems are reliable and affordable. 
“They support us in our mission to have products we can stand behind,” Berry said. “We also do our very best to use products made in the USA. The feedback we receive has been positive, primarily in regard to annual service and doing our best to provide cost effective solutions.”
Berry said that the company’s business practices are environmentally friendly, by doing things such as making sure discharge water is properly handled, drains and all plumbing is done to code, and they especially be cautious near lakes.
“We do a lot of filtration for homes on bodies of water, and the importance of proper plumbing and drain discharge is so important in these locations,” he said.
Having worked in the industry since 2012, Berry said he stays up to date on the latest trends in water systems and testing to always offer the safest products at the lowest possible prices.
“Current trends are awareness around elevated uranium and arsenic levels,” he said. “These are many contaminates that you can’t see, taste or feel, yet many wells in Maine are contaminated. You are under no obligation to fix the water if it fails if you are just testing for personal information, which is a question we receive a lot.”
He said that even if a customer isn’t ready to do full treatment, it’s important to know what is in the water and what they are putting in our bodies.
“The best way to assure long term savings in your water system is preventative maintenance,” Berry said. “A well system inspection can find things like a failing pressure tank before it destroys a well pump, for example. We specialize in the installation and repair of filtration systems and to provide rapid response to ‘No Water calls.”
For more information about Berry Water Solutions, Inc., call 207-383-5153, or by email at or visit their Facebook page at  <

Friday, July 31, 2020

Business Spotlight: Dirfy Generators Generators offer so much more than a backup for when the power goes out, they provide peace of mind and ensure that life goes on as normal when storms strike or blizzards hit.
Covering all of Windham and Raymond and most of Maine, helping people is the essence of what the company does, says Bob Cyr, owner of the Limington-based Dirfy Generators business.
“We have been rated as the Top Dealer in Maine five years in a row,” Cyr said. “We’re the only dealer offering a 20-year protection program on their generators, even those not installed by us on brands we service.”
The company provides sales, the installation and service of standby generators as well as offering inspections, evaluations, and consultation services. Dirfy technicians are factory trained, hold master electrical licenses and are licensed master propane installers.
According to Cyr, what distinguishes Dirfy Generators from the competition is its outstanding customer service, low pricing, its 10-year parts, labor and travel manufacturer's warranty, and its own 20-year Complimentary Protection Program for new and existing generators.
“We have many customers that have switched from their company to ours for this reward program that gives protection for their generator for 20 years,” Cyr said.
Dirfy Generators has been rated as the
Top Dealer in Maine by Briggs & Stratton
five years in a row. Don;t let another
power oputage dampen your days, call
owner Bob Cyr today at 207-637-3346.
Dirfy Generators sells nationally known and trusted brands of generators including Briggs & Stratton Fortress, Kohler, Generac, and Champion.
We sell the only generator that comes with a 10-year travel, labor, and manufacturer's warranty right out of the box,” Cyr said. “It's not an extended warranty like other products. In addition, we offer the 20-year complimentary protection.”
He said that the revolutionary 20-year complimentary protection program assures customers that the Dirfy Generators stands solidly behind the products it sells and services.
“So many of our customers say that the 20-year protection program made all of the difference when they chose to do business with us,” Cyr said. “They say it gives them peace of mind knowing that their generator is protected for 20 years.”
Customers also appreciate knowing that they will have uninterrupted power when required.
“They can feel secure with an automatic natural gas or propane backup generator for when you lose power,” Cyr said. “These generators provide power for heat and air conditioning, sump pumps, security systems, lights, and refrigeration units. Our high-quality professionally installed generators automatically turn on and shut off, providing you with uninterrupted power.”
Staying on top of current trends in the continuing technological advances made by manufacturers, Cyr said that Dirfy Generators is able to keep customer costs affordable.
“Right now, our customers should take notice of the 10 percent and 15 percent discounts we have been able to offer for a while,” he said. “Our service is one of the best values, and new installs run as much as $2,000 less than other competitors due to our volume.”
Different financing plans and options are available such as deferred interest plans, no-interest plans and low-interest plans.
“Dirfy Generators has been in business for 47 years and can offer you the knowledge that comes with over 48 years of generator experience,” Cyr said. “Our licensed and insured company was started by electrical contractors who installed standby generators at the customer’s request. We carry a full inventory of generators and in most cases, we can have your generators delivered in a few days.”
And now during the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for uninterrupted power has taken on added significance, Cyr said.
“Generators are becoming more helpful and serving multiple uses now,” he said. “More people than ever are working from home, or teaching school from home, or have students going to school from home and so the need for uninterrupted power has increased. People with medical equipment need power.”
For more information about DIRFY Generators, call 207-637-3346 or visit them online at or on their Facebook page. <

Friday, July 24, 2020

Business Spotlight: Cleaning Essentials it is time to move, hosting a gathering for friends and family members or simply just wanting to add a new sparkle to your home or business, the Cleaning Essentials team stands ready to help.

Based in Raymond, Cleaning Essentials offers honest and reliable cleaning solutions for almost every situation that may arise. Through the use of environmentally friendly products and employing experienced staff, the business can assist in making any home or office perfectly presentable.  
Owned by Regan Burke, Cleaning Essentials goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

“The best part of being in this business is certainly our valued customers,” Burke said. “Helping them has always been our mission at Cleaning Essentials.”

As a REALTOR® since 2002, Burke said she launched Cleaning Essentials four years ago when she saw a need existed for this type of business locally.

“A regular thorough cleaning of your home can improve your general well-being and mood,” Burke said. “A weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning may make all the difference in the world for you. We are not like the rest. Every regular visit we fit in something extra. You will notice.”

According to Burke, Cleaning Essentials provides rigorous and meticulous deep cleaning at competitive prices.

Regan Burke is the owner
 of Cleaning Essentials.
“Our team of people are fully trained staff can efficiently clean a house in a reasonable period of time at a reasonable cost,” she said.

Cleaning Essentials offers special discounts for real estate professionals and homebuilders. Burke said that as a REALTOR® herself, she is keenly aware that having a showable property can certainly add value to a listing and make potential buyers feel right at home.

“No matter if it’s residential, new construction or foreclosures, we’ve got you covered,” Burke said. “It makes the perfect closing gift.”

For those in short-term rental situations, Burke said that the Cleaning Essentials team is well-versed in assisting renters and property owners in making a transition.

“We know what needs to be done and we get it done,” she said. “Transition day can be stressful. Included is a report about the condition of your rental so you can best determine any extra charges. No matter what, we make sure your tenants will be happy with the cleanliness that they hoped for, so that they will be return customers.”

Burke said that tenants who are moving can be assured when they employ Cleaning Essentials that every nook and cranny of their rental will be exhaustively cleaned to meet required standards.

“We are friendly, reliable and local,” Burke said. “We’re knowledgeable and environmentally friendly. A clean home is truly the embodiment of the science and holistic cleaning philosophy we maintain at Cleaning Essentials.”

She said through the years Cleaning Essentials has been in operation, the company has received testimonials from several satisfied customers which can provided upon request for peace of mind before hiring.

One local customer boasts about their service. “Regan and her crew at Cleaning Essentials are thorough, trustworthy and extremely reliable.  They’ve been cleaning our camp for three years now and I am always impressed at how the place sparkles after they clean and with their attention to detail. We rent the place year-round and she is confronted with a variety of situations and never complains. Regan uses a line of cleaning products she has created using essential oils which leave the camp smelling like a yoga retreat center.  We use them at our home now, we love them so much. I highly recommend Regan Burke at Cleaning Essentials.”

“For peace of mind, our energetic and trained Cleaning Essentials staff members are fully insured and the cleaning products we use on the job are totally safe and effective,” Burke said. “We arrive when we say we will arrive and we do what we say we will do.”

For more information about Cleaning Essentials services or associated costs, call 207-391-3783 or visit their website at or Find them on Facebook at Cleaning Essentials. <    


Friday, July 17, 2020

Business Spotlight: Maine Power Wash Pros owners of Maine Power Wash Pros believe that their business can best be defined by seven simple words: dependability, reliability and outstanding service to customers.

Maine Power Wash Pros offers low-pressure house washing, cement cleaning/gum removal, roof cleaning, composite decking cleaning, condo/apartment building washing and commercial building washing in the Windham and Raymond areas and has been in business for more than a decade. 

“The best thing about our business is our customers. We have hundreds of repeat customers that come back time and time again. We relate that to clear expectations and incredible results,” said Brian Condon, Maine Power Wash Pros co-owner. 

“We also think the world of the people we have working with us. They take real pride in their work and work very hard to deliver a great service to our customers.”

Using biodegradable products, the company measures every home to keep its pricing consistent. 

“We also offer a price-lock guarantee,” Condon said. “Once you get your quote, the price never changes, whether that’s 30 days or five years or 10 years. The price never changes once you get a quote.”

Maine Power Wash Pros was formed when owners Mike Morin and Brian Condon found a genuine need for this type of business existed in Maine and discovered that the learning curve to perform this service wasn’t too bad.

“We put in a lot of time and energy before every wash.” Condon said. “We stand behind our work and don’t just take our word for it. Look at the hundreds of testimonials from our customers we’ve posted on our website from the last 10 years.”

Condon said each of the five Maine Power Wash Pros employees are determined to go above and beyond to earn the loyalty and continued support of its customers.

“We are all about setting and exceeding expectations,” he said. “We’re very prepared for what we do and any situation we may encounter be it cleaning homes, business, condos or restaurants.” 

Through its use of low-pressure house washing and no-pressure roof cleaning, Maine Power Wash Pros thrives on delivering quality and overall service.

“We do what we say we’ll do and when we say we’ll do it,” Condon said. “We’re very hands-on and our word is our bond.”

He said that customers have found that there is a distinct advantage in calling Maine Power Wash Pros when working on a project.

“Roofs are guaranteed for two years and we offer free estimates,” Condon said. “Your satisfaction is guaranteed and senior discounts are available. We are fully insured and professionally trained and certified.”

According to Condon, Maine Power Wash Pros provides restored beauty and curb appeal of residential or commercial property with hot water washing available and safe, effective and affordable workmanship.
“You can change your home’s appearance in a single day,” he said. “Power washing is a safe and effective option for a wide variety of surfaces, including concrete, brick, roofs, wood decking, painted and all types of siding. It removes mold, mildew. dirt and grime for a truly clean wash that’s hard to accomplish through others means.”

Power washing can help prolong the life of a home’s exterior surface and a power wash completed by Maine Power Wash Pros can keep all home surfaces in great shape, Condon said.
“Our main service is cleaning vinyl siding, which is about 95 percent of our business and the rest if painted houses,” he said. “Our no-pressure roof cleaning is a great option as well.”
Even during the pandemic, Condon says Maine Power Wash Pros offers no-contact estimates and no-contact services to alleviate health concerns.
“We can come out, review the job and email customers an estimate immediately,” he said. “They can pay with a credit card for cleaning services and we guarantee it will be spotless when we finish. Everything can be arranged over the phone and we do not have to come into contact with anyone in person when we do this type of work.” 
To receive an estimate or to receive more information about Maine Power Wash Pros, call 207-320-1801 or visit their website at <


Friday, July 10, 2020

Non-Profit Spotlight: Windham Veterans Center those who have worn the uniform of the United States of America, the Windham Veterans Center is a helpful resource and a place to gather with those who share the bond of military service to the nation.

A collaboration between American Legion Field-Allen Post 148 and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10643, the Windham Veterans Center was founded in the early 1990s as a place specifically for veterans to meet and receive assistance with veterans’ services and support. The Windham Veterans Association was formed as an organization to support the needs of both posts and in 1994 ground was broken for the construction of the Windham Veterans Center at 35 Veterans Memorial Drive, behind the Hannaford Supermarket Complex in North Windham Complex.

With a great deal of construction work performed by veterans and local contractor volunteers, the Windham Veterans Center opened in 1999 with the building debt free and the Windham Veterans Association owning a mortgage on the property which was paid off in 2009 through various fundraising activities. 

According to Willie Goodman, the Commander of VFW Post 10643, the VFW is grateful to have the Windham Veterans Center in town.

“The VFW Post 10643 currently has 77 members. We sponsor Windham's Boy Scout Troop 805 and they use our facility to hold their meetings,” Goodman said. “The Boy Scouts are a part of our annual Veterans Day Program which is open to the public although the ability to hold this year's program may be impacted by Covid-19.”

He said the VFW sponsors annual essay contests open to all schools in the appropriate age groups as well as those being homeschooled, and the top winners are recognized with certificates and cash awards.
“All veterans are encouraged to contact the VFW for whatever their needs may be and either we will help them or know where to direct them,” Goodman said. “Even though we are located in Windham, the VFW slogan is ‘Veterans Helping Veterans’ and we strive to live by that motto so any veteran in any town should feel free to contact us. Many times, we find veterans who aren't aware of services they could benefit from or don't know who to call to answer specific questions they may have. Our members are more than comrades, they genuinely care about each other and we want veterans to reach out to us if we can be of any assistance.”

Goodman said that the Windham VFW meets the second Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m. at the Windham Veterans Center.

Eric Bickford, American Legion Field-Allen Post 148 commander, said that the Windham Veterans Center is a focal point and home for the organization, which was first created 82 years ago by local World War I veterans.

“The post has been immersed in veterans’ lives and the local community since 1938, providing the town’s Memorial Day events including the parade, ceremony at Windham High School and a splendid open house annual picnic at the Windham Veterans Center,” he said. “The highlight of each week is the Veteran's Coffee held each Wednesday at the Center for local veterans from 9 to 11 a.m. In addition to “Veterans Serving Veterans” the post has very active youth programs including American Legion baseball, Boys State, Windham Little League baseball and a soon-to-be-opened Youth Air Rifle Program.” 

The Field-Allen Post meets on the first Wednesday of each month with a 5 p.m. social followed by a business meeting. All veterans are welcome.

Windham Veterans Association President Tom Theriault said association is made up of 10 members of the Board of Directors and that the facility is one of the few in America that is jointly operated by both the VFW and the American Legion.

Theriault said that what makes the center successful is the veterans themselves.

“They are there for each other and will listen when other veterans need to say something, or give advice when needed,” he said.”

The Windham Veterans Center also is a rental venue available with a 2,000-square-foot space for memorial services and other functions. If a loved one was a veteran, the Windham Veterans Center has the ability through the American Legion Honor Guard to provide additional honors along with the appropriate flags at memorial services held there. 

The center also provides a monthly Veterans Service Officer support function on the second Wednesday of every month which will be resumed once the COVID-19 situation is resolved. 

Therault said that the Regional Service Officer works out of the Portland Office but holds office hours in Windham on the second Wednesday of each month and any veteran may visit and receive information and learn about available veterans’ resources during that time.

For more information about the Windham Veterans Center, call 207-892-1159. For rentals, see ad below or contact Dave Tanguay at 207-939-0892 for details. <

Business Spotlight: Chute’s Family Restaurant of Windham’s most familiar and popular restaurants is back open to the public once again and expanding its lunch menu and hours to better serve customers. The new hours are 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, with lunch starting at 11 a.m.

Through the years, Chute’s Family Restaurant has become a Lakes Region tradition featuring a folksy and country d├ęcor and world-class homemade English muffins, Eggs Benedict and giant cinnamon rolls. The restaurant was closed for nearly 3 ½ months because of COVID-19 restrictions, but owners Bruce and Maila Stevens reopened for business July 1.

Almost all of Chute’s Family Restaurant’s 22 employees have returned to their jobs and ready to see and greet old and new friends once more.

“So many people have visited the restaurant over the years that they’ve become like family,” Bruce Stevens said. “I can recall several families stopping in for a meal following the birth of their child and now that same child is coming in with their own family. It’s so touching to see something like that.”
Originally named Chute’s Coffee Shop, the restaurant was launched in 1978 by Edward and Gloria Chute of Casco. It was established as a compliment restaurant to Chute’s Country Tea Room in Casco, which is now called Chute’s Cafe and is independently owned and operated.
At its inception, the Windham location saw a number of members of the Chute Family actively involved in the restaurant’s operation. But in 1982, the Chute’s daughter, Maila, and her husband, Bruce Stevens moved back to Maine with their family of six and purchased the restaurant in Windham, which they continue to own and operate to this very day.
The restaurant’s longstanding reputation as an old-fashioned diner featuring home-cooked meals, cozy and authentic ambiance and friendly staff is richly deserved.
According to Bruce Stevens, the restaurant has become a landmark destination in Windham over the decades because of its quaint family atmosphere, an adherence to the consistency and quality of the meals its serves, and for very generous portions offered to its customers.
“People come here for years and become a part of our family,” Bruce Stevens said. “We have such a loyal and consistent following stretching all the way from Bridgton to Portland. And we’ve had visitors that have stopped in from as far away as Florida, New York and Massachusetts.”
He said the most popular item on the Chute’s menu in the 38 years that they’ve owned the restaurant is the “Mini Platter” for breakfast, which includes two eggs, grilled home fries, choice of meat and toast. Veteran Chute’s Family Restaurant patrons rave about its tasty home-cooked hash, especially the Swedish hash, lush biscuits, an assortment of freshly baked goods, piping hot coffee and heaping plates of fluffy pancakes.
Savvy diners also rave about Chute’s more than ample portions of French toast, sausage biscuits with gravy, a variety of omelet dishes and tea cakes, all prepared exclusively in the restaurant’s kitchen. .   Diners will also find various specials of menu items and old favorites on the weekends and gluten-free bread available for toast and sandwiches.
Since Chute’s Family Restaurant reopened, visitors may notice that a few things are different, Bruce Stevens said.
First, the seating capacity for Chute’s has been set at a maximum of 50 at a time and we are following state guidance on distancing and sanitation.
“We are really building up the lunch menu,” he said. “You’ll find a lot more burger selections and fish and chips and a whole lot more here for lunchtime meals.”
Takeout meals also are available seven days a week for both breakfast and lunch, Bruce Stevens said. 
“We just want everyone to know that we are thankful for our faithful and loyal customers who’ve stuck with us through the years,” Bruce Stevens said. “We also want the community to know that in addition to our great breakfast, we are now expanding our lunch menu too and all of the great service and food that you’ve come to rely on us for is available at Chute’s Family Restaurant again.”
Chute Family Restaurant is at 686 Roosevelt Trail #B in Windham.
To place a take-out order, call 207-892-5197.<