Thursday, December 31, 2020

Business Spotlight: TLC Tree

For more than two decades, Travis Corson has been accumulating insight into the care of trees and his
expertise can greatly benefit home and business owners in the Sebago Lakes Region.

Through his Raymond-based business, TLC Tree, Travis and his staff of professional arborists and expert climbers can solve any tree problem that could arise. They specialize in waterfront properties and are adept in handling both dangerous trees and associated natural aesthetics.

Travis, who has owned TLC tree for the past five years and previously owned and operated a tree business in Hallowell for 5 years, said that TLC Tree staff members are highly experienced in performing dangerous tree trimmings and takedowns near buildings and structures, around leach fields, close to utility lines and hanging over roadways. They take great pride in providing peace of mind to homeowners by eliminating weak and dead tree limbs and branches before high winds or a heavy snowfall can cause disaster.

“Arborists are experts in tree care services and when you consult with a Licensed or Certified Arborist, you can rest assured they have done their homework and are able to advise on how best to approach your tree project in a way that supports your goals and in the best interests of your safety, home, property value, and your trees,” Travis said.

Skilled and experienced, TLC Tree offers competitive and affordable pricing, superior customer service and treat each property they work on with care and respect.

 “We feel that our success is a direct relation to the excellent customer service we provide”, he said. We are your local expert, with a strong eye for detail and an even stronger commitment to be on time and courteous all the time. We sincerely value the opportunity to be of service.”   

Trees are indiscriminate about where they grow. Travis and his team can strategically remove lower limbs that hang over homes, driveways, swimming pools, walkways, and that block sunshine from your yard. TLC Tree trimmers can also assist waterfront property owners by giving them back their scenic views that have become hidden by overgrown and overhanging trees.

They work year-round and provide stump grinding, brush disposal and array of tree care services. Using high-tech stump removal machinery, TLC Tree can restore the look of yards and properties by thoroughly removing stump remains under the surface of the ground.

Additionally, TLC Tree offers basic and advanced tree trimming and seasonal pruning for fruit trees, ornamental trees, and shrubs.

Free estimates are always available for seasonal, routine, aesthetic, emergency, and non-emergency tree services. Ask about their complimentary Tree Care Wellness Check to check the overall health of your trees and to identify those that may be sick, dead or are slowly dying, assess any hazards or environmental threats that may be causing tree damage, sickness and tree death, diagnose your trees for any signs of tree rot or decay, and work with you to develop a tree care treatment and maintenance plan, and if necessary, tree removal.

“Trees take a long time to grow and we certainly take that into account,” Travis said. “Each situation is different, so we carefully explain what course of action we recommend, and we like to give people options.”

He said consulting the experts at TLC Tree in advance can be helpful when planning and budgeting for any tree care or tree removal project.

“Truly the best thing about what we do is that we are able to save trees and make a dangerous situation safe again,” Travis said.

Call 207-655-TREE (8733) to discuss your needs or begin the scheduling process on their website at They are a trusted Home Advisor Service Provider and are five-star top rated. Check out their review page to see what your neighbors are saying. You can also find them on Facebook.

We love trees, and we love what we do. We are your local expert, with a strong eye for detail. We thank you for the opportunity to earn your business and to be of service.” <

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