Friday, September 22, 2023

Business Spotlight: Woodman Mansfield Company, PC

Making an informed decision when choosing a Medicare insurance plan can be difficult and perplexing process, but Woodman Mansfield Company stands ready to help bring clarity to a confusing subject and bring people to a point where they feel comfortable about their healthcare choices.

Hilary Mansfield, left, and her father, Robert
Woodman, are the team at Woodman Mansfield
Company and specialize in bringing clarity 
to the confusing subject of healthcare choices.
Robert Woodman and his daughter, Hilary Mansfield, make up Woodman Mansfield Company, and are independent insurance agents who specialize in Medicare plans. They educate people about how Medicare works and why it works as it does and guide them about the correct process for enrollment to prevent penalties or dissatisfaction with their chosen plan.

“We listen to their needs and goals and compare plans available in their county so that they can make an informed decision about which plan will work best for their needs,” Mansfield said.

From their office in the Old Richardson Place at 510 Main St., Suite 109, in Gorham, Woodman Mansfield Company offers complete Medicare solutions, and they are licensed to assist anyone whose primary residence is in the state of Maine. They typically focus on the southern Maine region, but if someone needs their assistance elsewhere, they are happy to travel further.

“Our business is unusual because we are a father and daughter team,” Woodman said. “We take our time with our clients. We like to get to know each potential client well, and we encourage people to make a decision only when they feel confident and ready. And we maintain relationships with our clients. If there is a problem, we are here to assist.”

The company is particularly proud to feature a team of highly qualified individuals who work with them to provide educational “Retirement Planning For All Ages” workshops. These cover topics relevant to anyone planning for retirement. They typically provide an overview of the Medicare insurance process, investment strategies for retirement planning, and estate planning topics, such as the best way to transfer property to relatives. Participants are encouraged to set up a free initial consultation with any of the presenters, and their Medicare insurance consultations are always at no cost.

There is no cost to attend the workshops, and no pressure; just good information and an opportunity to ask questions. The workshops are held in the conference room at the Old Richardson Place in Gorham, and the event list is readily available on the Woodman Mansfield website.

For those turning 65 or looking for answers to Medicare plan questions, Woodman Mansfield Company is a trusted resource and available without expense to clients.

“We try to have some fun. Medicare is confusing, and we are here to help,” Woodman said. “Our consultations are no-cost to our clients. We are paid by the carriers who represent the plans they choose. This is why we take the time to certify with as many different companies as possible; we want to ensure that we can find the best plan for each person.”

Mansfield said that in speaking with her clients, she’s found that the public’s perception is that everyone promoting Medicare plans on television or online are local and that most of the plans are similar, and that’s not the case.

“We understand that choosing the right plan is a very important decision, and we understand how confusing this process can be. There's a lot of misinformation out there,” she said. “I have a background in education, and my dad has been in the industry for many years. We both enjoy working in a profession that allows us to help people every day. There's no better feeling than knowing that the work you’re doing is making someone's life a little easier. It's great to know at the end of each day we've achieved that goal.”

Woodman said that because their company is small, it’s able to offer personalized service and individual attention to clients.

“We try to go the extra mile for people,” he said. “We do whatever we can to get people what they need based upon their individual circumstances, needs, and goals.”

According to Mansfield, their business has grown primarily through referrals.

“There is no better testimonial than a client who is satisfied with the experience they had with us; so much so that they want their friends and family to have the same experience,” she said. “My dad has been working in this business for many years. I'm grateful to be learning from him, and now that we have our own agency, we can take the time to advertise a little bit, such as in this great local publication.”

For more details about how the Woodman Mansfield Company can help you, visit or call Robert at 207-951-2485 or Hilary at 207-466-4929. Find them on Facebook at Woodman Mansfield Company. <

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