Friday, September 1, 2023

Business Spotlight: Maine Management & Business Services

Barry Vaill of Maine Management & Business Services is not a Certified Public Accountant or a tax expert, but he could be the difference between profitability and treading water for a struggling business.

Barry Vaill of Maine Management & Business Services is an
expert at cleaning up company books and can help any
business with his personalized service and expertise.
Vaill is a former banking executive who founded Maine Management & Business Services to help companies clean up their books and understand to improve their profitability performance.

Working from his home in Otisfield, Vaill offers personalized service and the expertise needed for business owners to make sense of their finances.

“We are like a ‘business doctor.’ We clean up client's books either manual or a Quickbooks, then usually we take over the accounting up to income tax filings, done by their CPA,” Vaill said. “We usually take over the accounting after the clean-up. Also, we have a consulting niche advising clients regarding their profitability performance and offering solutions to improve profitability. I have 18 years of banking experience as an executive for large commercial banks. Therefore, we also render assistance in helping a business obtain business loans.”

Clients range from businesses in Cumberland County to Oxford, Androscoggin, and Kennebec counties and because its services are individually tailored to a client’s needs, many businesses feel that hiring Maine Management & Business Services is like adding a Chief Financial Officer at a reasonable cost.

“Most competitors perform bookkeeping and accounting, but they don't have my 50 years of experience doing it,” Vaill said. “I knock my brains out for my clients.”

Costs typically range from $200 per month to $2,500 depending upon the clients’ volume and needs with individualized services designed to fit a client’s business needs.

“If their books are a mess and they do not know how the business is performing, we fix the concerns,” Vaill said. “I just took on a new client close to Augusta, and they needed to file their 2022 Tax Return. They were at their wit's end. They called me, and it took 60-man hours to fix two years of major bookkeeping concerns. They are now ready for the CPA and now they have a greater understanding and knowledge about how their business is performing. It was a first for them after two years.”

According to Vaill, many business owners are so busy running the day-to-day operations of the company that their financial picture becomes overlooked, jeopardizing their success.

“The most challenging aspect of my work is always the clean-up of a client’s books,” he said. “Usually there’s a mess and some business owners have no clue as to the profit or costs associated with their business. We help them with that. We provide clarity and in some ways it’s like hiring a good business consultant and a reasonable CFO financial doctor.”

When he first moved to Maine in 2000, Vaill served as a General Manager for two retailers and then was CFO of a very large year-round resort. He has spent more than 43 years in business safeguarding company books.

“The misconception that some people may have about Maine Management & Business Services is that they think that I’m a run of the mill accounting service,” he said. “I do not do CPA work; what I promise to give my clients is a clean set of books.”

As the owner of a successful business himself, Vaill knows that time is a valuable commodity.

“I’m self-motivated and not a clock watcher at all,” he said. “If I must work on weekends to get caught up, I will. The quality of services that I offer to businesses is second to none and my clients will tell everyone that. When they call me, they get an immediate response and are not blown off. My clients become my friends and I establish long-term relationships with them.”

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