Friday, September 15, 2023

Business Spotlight: Numbers By Nikole, LLC

Ask any successful business owner and they’ll tell you that a great bookkeeper can be the difference between profitability or merely treading water and hoping for the best.

Nikole Clough has owned and operated
Numbers By Nikole, LLC for four years
and has more than 20 years of
bookkeeping and financial experience.
With more than 20 years of experience and a thorough knowledge of financials, hiring Numbers By Nikole, LLC to handle their bookkeeping is one of the smartest decisions a business owner can make.

“Our main goal is to help ease business owners' minds by taking the finances off their plate, by providing useful reports to show their profit and help with maximizing their deductions,” said Nikole Clough, the owner of Numbers By Nikole, LLC.

Located in Gorham but having a virtual setup that allows her to work with clients throughout the United States, Numbers By Nikole, LLC has been in business for four years and is known for its reliable and personalized “done for you” bookkeeping services.

“Working with a bookkeeper and taking steps toward knowing your finances doesn’t have to be scary,” Clough said. “The majority of our clients say they waited so long to hire a professional because they were embarrassed. Being in this industry for 20 years, we have seen and heard a lot and there is zero judgement. We are here to help and be a comfortable space for you to know your numbers.”

Numbers By Nikole, LLC provides an array of helpful monthly bookkeeping support that includes making sure income and expenses are categorized correctly; reconciliation of checking, savings, credit cards or third-party payment accounts; loan tracking and reconciliation; a customized chart of accounts; and monthly financials to include a profit and loss and balance sheet and other reports that can be generated and customized based upon client needs.

“We also offer cleanup/catchup services, so for the business owner that has tried to keep the bookkeeping current but just doesn't have the time or it’s not coming out right and is a mess, we can come in and get the books all cleaned up and organized,” Clough said.

Numbers By Nikole, LLC also can help with State of Maine sales tax submissions; payroll support through a third-party vendor; annual budget preparation and tracking; estimated taxes of what should be set aside to make quarterly tax payments; helping business owners with knowing how much to pay themselves and setting up a payment schedule; accounts payable; and accounts receivable.

“While we do not perform tax services, we will have your books ready for a tax professional,” Clough said. “We do have some local CPAs that we can recommend for filing taxes.”

What makes Numbers By Nikole, LLC stand out from the competition is its core values.

“We believe in collaboration and strive to make sure our clients understand their numbers and how their business is doing. When a business owner goes from feeling overwhelmed with their finances to taking control, they are sure to feel empowered,” Clough said. “We are approachable. Whether you feel unsure or a bit embarrassed by the current status of your books, we will guide you through it in a judgment free zone. And we are trustworthy. We totally get that finances are a sensitive topic. Growing up we are taught not to talk about money, but here you are letting someone see all your transactions. We are not here to judge. You can count on us to help you create the business and life you dream of by having a strong financial foundation.”

Pricing is highly competitive and factors in Clough’s experience and expert knowledge of bookkeeping.

“We offer different levels of pricing based on what part of the journey a business owner is on. A business just starting out is likely to have a low volume of transactions and minimal complexity,” she said. “A business that is seasoned and growing is likely to have a higher volume of transactions and accounts with higher complexity. We base our pricing off all these factors.”

Online reviews of Numbers By Nikole, LLC are exceptional.

“Nikole has been a joy to work with. She’s professional, responsive, and extremely competent. Having her work on my books has relieved me of so much stress. It’s been a lifesaver.” L. Siviski

“Nikole is a great bookkeeper, we love working with her.” P. Anania

“Nikole has been fantastic in running my books for my gym. She is always prompt, super accurate, and really easy to get a hold of in case of an emergency. You will find her bookkeeping services superior.” S. Durfee

Clough said she enjoys her work and loves being able to help people alleviate the anxiety and stress associated with bookkeeping.

For more information about Numbers By Nikole, LLC, call 207-405-1633, visit or send an email to Find them on Facebook at numbersbynikole or on Instagram at numbers_by_nikole. <

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