Friday, April 2, 2021

Business Spotlight: TS Staging and Design

Attention to detail and the insight into knowing what converts a house into a home have led Windham residents Theresa Bouchard and Stephanie Eklund to share their passion for interior decorating in a new business called TS Staging and Design.

Serving all of Cumberland and York counties, TS Staging and Design provides an array of helpful services ranging from home staging to interior redesign, color consultation, Airbnb design, personal organization and holiday decorating and event planning. Bouchard and Eklund opened TS Staging and Design in January and say that the most significant aspect of their business is their creativity. They take pride in their creative talent and channel it by making spaces beautiful with color, design, décor accessories, and proper room arrangement.

With home staging, TS Staging and Design assists clients in selling their homes. They work with real estate agents and sellers directly. They stage spaces in homes for professional photos, open houses, and work with both occupied and vacant spaces. Clients looking to refresh their homes use TS Staging and Design for interior redesign expertise such as room layout and décor guidance based upon a client’s requirements and design aesthetic. TS Staging and Design provide their clients with a detailed proposal that includes their recommendations based on the discussion during the client consultation and an estimated cost of the project.  They offer shopping services and all the final touches to make a client’s house a home. 

As color consult experts, TS Staging and Design provides interior color advice factoring in the client’s color likes and dislikes, size of the rooms, lighting, and more. They work with Airbnb owners to offer initial decorating or redecorating ideas based upon property owners’ vision or requests. Bouchard and Eklund also offer organization services for closets, pantries, and other spaces in their home.  Finally, TS Staging and Design can assist with home or office holiday decorating and event planning.

They first met as neighbors who admired each other’s home decorating tastes and their similar interest in staging and design led them to form TS Staging and Design.

“It doesn’t feel like work, these are things we like to do,” Eklund said. “It’s something new every day and we get to have fun doing it.”

Bouchard said that although interior design is creative and fun, it does have its challenges.

“What can be challenging is working with a couple that have completely different expectations and styles.  They look to us to be the deal breakers to prove who is right or wrong!” Bouchard said. “We listen to each of them and develop recommendations factoring in all ideas to reach a common agreement they can both be happy with.”

Both Bouchard and Eklund say that when a client hires TS Staging and Design, they are guaranteed to love their space no matter if they are planning to sell it, give it a new look, or rent it out.

“We provide a very personal touch and build a strong professional relationship with our clients.  We pride ourselves on listening to our client’s ideas while offering our expert advice to enhance their overall goals,” they said. “Our goal is to understand their vision and exceed their expectations.”

Their pricing is reasonable and comparable to other companies providing the same services. Their competitive costs allow their work to be affordable to many in the community.

“I love getting to know a person and what their vision is for their home,” Eklund said. “Each situation is different. Redesign is the focus for many people in their homes right now. Spaces have become much more multifunctional with many of us spending more time in our homes and it’s affected how we approach our work.” 

According to Bouchard, TS Staging and Design is cost-conscious and respectful of a client’s budget.

“We do our due diligence and research décor items that will not only look beautiful in our clients’ homes, but will fall within their budget guidelines,” she said.

Certified through Home Staging Resources, TS Staging and Design delivers the highest quality of services and prides themselves in their attention to detail. They have received numerous reviews that have highlighted their swift and thorough response to calls and emails, for their courteous and friendly customer service, and for their expansive creative design ideas.

Staying up to date on trends is what their work is truly all about. Using Houzz and Pinterest to name a few, they are always educating themselves on the latest styles, most popular looks, favorite furniture, hot color fads, and what’s hot and what’s not. To promote and highlight their work, they use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

For more information about TS Staging and Design, visit their website at or on Facebook at homestaginganddesignjustforyou or call 207-400-9393. <

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