Friday, April 30, 2021

Business Spotlight: Road Assist Emergency Services

With every call for help they receive, Road Assist Emergency Services employees are establishing new standards for quality customer support and getting drivers back on the road.

Launched in December 2020, Road Assist is an AAA authorized contractor and provides simple roadside help when it’s needed most. They offer lock-out assistance, gasoline replenishment, tire changes, winch-outs and will jump-start a battery for just $60, a highly competitive price when compared to other similar companies charging $230 to answer similar calls for roadside help.

According to Kyle Snyder, Road Assist operations manager, the company has six trained employees and each one of them takes pride in reversing the culture of roadside assistance.

“To put it simply, we are here to provide service for our customers and that’s what we do better than anybody else,” Snyder said. “Our drivers are in uniform and when you call us for help, we pledge to make it to you in 45 minutes or less.”

Snyder said the concept of great roadside assistance is not complex.

“We offer top-notch service and we’re going to make it right and get you back on the road,” he said. “We strive to be the best and to be of help. For us, the best part of the job is the gratification we get from helping people. We see people on their worst days and by helping them and getting them going again is a feeling that is something we experience all the time.”

The pandemic has led to an increased need for roadside assistance services across the nation as drivers have stayed home and haven’t brought their vehicles in for service and regular maintenance. That has led to numerous calls for dead batteries and other vehicle problems as residents slowly make their way back to work and onto area roads.

Road Assist Emergency Services is available 24/7
to help get drivers back on the road by handling 
winch-outs, lock-outs, gasoline replenishment,
flat tires, and dead batteries in 45 minutes or less
at a reasonable cost. COURTESY PHOTO

Road Assist staff are highly responsive, courteous and available round-the-clock for help, with or without belonging to AAA.

Beside basic jump-start service, Road Assist technicians can test a battery’s efficiency and can install and replace a battery on-site for an additional cost. If time is an issue, the technician can schedule an appointment to replace the battery at the customer’s convenience. All vehicle batteries sold by Road Assist are backed by a six-year warranty for customer peace of mind.

For those who may run out of gas, Road Assist technicians can respond quickly with two gallons of fuel, make sure that the vehicle starts and can direct customers to the nearest filling station. They also are available to get you back into your vehicle when you lock your keys inside, need a winch-out when you leave the roadway during a snowstorm, or just need help using the car’s jack and placing a spare tire on the vehicle when you have a flat.

The company also offers a handy $50 on-site maintenance check that can help diagnose problems before they arise.

Snyder said Road Assist will send out a technician that will perform a vehicle examination, looking at tire tread and pressure, battery, starter, alternator, oil level, wiper fluid, an antifreeze top-off, and wiper blade condition review.
“We will give you a copy of our findings to take to your local mechanic shop,” he said.
The challenges that Road Assist technicians often face are when customers lack basic information.
“Many people don’t know what type of vehicle they drive and sometimes where they might be at,” Snyder said. “We need that information in order to be able to get to them and provide our assistance in a timely manner.”
And although there are quite a few basic vehicle services that Road Assist technicians can provide to customers, there simply are some tasks that they are not equipped or trained to tackle.
“The greatest misconception that people may have about what we do is that we can fix everything and that’s not the case,” Snyder said. “We don’t put tires back on the rim or install transmissions or tow vehicles. We are strictly emergency services, providing assistance to get drivers back on the road or to their nearest stop.”    
For more information about services offered by Road Assists, visit or call 1-855-RD-ASSSTS (1-855-732-7787) for help when you need it. <

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