Friday, July 31, 2020

Business Spotlight: Dirfy Generators Generators offer so much more than a backup for when the power goes out, they provide peace of mind and ensure that life goes on as normal when storms strike or blizzards hit.
Covering all of Windham and Raymond and most of Maine, helping people is the essence of what the company does, says Bob Cyr, owner of the Limington-based Dirfy Generators business.
“We have been rated as the Top Dealer in Maine five years in a row,” Cyr said. “We’re the only dealer offering a 20-year protection program on their generators, even those not installed by us on brands we service.”
The company provides sales, the installation and service of standby generators as well as offering inspections, evaluations, and consultation services. Dirfy technicians are factory trained, hold master electrical licenses and are licensed master propane installers.
According to Cyr, what distinguishes Dirfy Generators from the competition is its outstanding customer service, low pricing, its 10-year parts, labor and travel manufacturer's warranty, and its own 20-year Complimentary Protection Program for new and existing generators.
“We have many customers that have switched from their company to ours for this reward program that gives protection for their generator for 20 years,” Cyr said.
Dirfy Generators has been rated as the
Top Dealer in Maine by Briggs & Stratton
five years in a row. Don;t let another
power oputage dampen your days, call
owner Bob Cyr today at 207-637-3346.
Dirfy Generators sells nationally known and trusted brands of generators including Briggs & Stratton Fortress, Kohler, Generac, and Champion.
We sell the only generator that comes with a 10-year travel, labor, and manufacturer's warranty right out of the box,” Cyr said. “It's not an extended warranty like other products. In addition, we offer the 20-year complimentary protection.”
He said that the revolutionary 20-year complimentary protection program assures customers that the Dirfy Generators stands solidly behind the products it sells and services.
“So many of our customers say that the 20-year protection program made all of the difference when they chose to do business with us,” Cyr said. “They say it gives them peace of mind knowing that their generator is protected for 20 years.”
Customers also appreciate knowing that they will have uninterrupted power when required.
“They can feel secure with an automatic natural gas or propane backup generator for when you lose power,” Cyr said. “These generators provide power for heat and air conditioning, sump pumps, security systems, lights, and refrigeration units. Our high-quality professionally installed generators automatically turn on and shut off, providing you with uninterrupted power.”
Staying on top of current trends in the continuing technological advances made by manufacturers, Cyr said that Dirfy Generators is able to keep customer costs affordable.
“Right now, our customers should take notice of the 10 percent and 15 percent discounts we have been able to offer for a while,” he said. “Our service is one of the best values, and new installs run as much as $2,000 less than other competitors due to our volume.”
Different financing plans and options are available such as deferred interest plans, no-interest plans and low-interest plans.
“Dirfy Generators has been in business for 47 years and can offer you the knowledge that comes with over 48 years of generator experience,” Cyr said. “Our licensed and insured company was started by electrical contractors who installed standby generators at the customer’s request. We carry a full inventory of generators and in most cases, we can have your generators delivered in a few days.”
And now during the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for uninterrupted power has taken on added significance, Cyr said.
“Generators are becoming more helpful and serving multiple uses now,” he said. “More people than ever are working from home, or teaching school from home, or have students going to school from home and so the need for uninterrupted power has increased. People with medical equipment need power.”
For more information about DIRFY Generators, call 207-637-3346 or visit them online at or on their Facebook page. <

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