Friday, January 13, 2017

Business Spotlight - Raymond RediCare By Michelle Libby

With a whole person approach to medicine, doctors Richard Wilkins and Alan Bean treat patients at Raymond RediCare with compassion and respect. At a time when insurance companies are making doctors conform to their rules, doctors at Raymond RediCare have a different model of primary care.

“At home, at work or at play we manage most things very well,” said Wilkins. Raymond RediCare has state of the art equipment, using technology to keep them in contact with specialists and to give patients access to information 24-7.

“Technology has enabled us to sustain cost effective value,” said Wilkins. In the office the doctors are able to do x-rays, use an eye microscope, do laser treatments and simple casting.

“It’s been an amazing experience. It’s a great place to practice medicine,” said Wilkins, who has run the practice since August 2014, at 1278 Roosevelt Trail. The building used to be a bank, but was converted into what it is today.

With the rural area model of medicine, the work they do can save patients time and money.
“People love us because they can see us within 24 hours. Some patients never see their primary care doctor for acute issues,” Bean said.

Raymond RediCare is both an urgent care facility and a primary care office. The growth they have seen in the last two years has been beyond their expectations, said Wilkins. He added that most of the year the urgent care cases they see are established patients. In the summer, they leave extra openings for those from out of the area that are visiting for the summer or work at an area summer camp.

Dr. Bean has been with Raymond RediCare for six months. “I had a patient tell me I was the first doctor who made him feel listened to. We try to give each patient extra time, while being respectful of the next appointment,” he said.

Dr. Bean embraces the “eclectic nature of our business.” The two doctors complement one another’s skills, they said. Their specialty together, is providing primary care and occupational medicine.
One of the secrets to their success is the staff. “Our staff is remarkable, friendly, caring and capable. They are predictable,” in their attitudes, said Bean. There are two x-ray technicians, an LPN and two front desk/medical assistants on staff.

Not being affiliated with a particular hospital gives the doctors an additional layer of flexibility when it comes to the care of their patients. Each hospital in the region, from Central Maine Medical Center to Maine Medical Center, has something they are better at than another hospital. Some hospitals are geographically closer to where the patients live and others are great health partners in the community.

With narrow band HMOs becoming an issue in the field, patients can expect to have longer waits in healthcare delivery, said Wilkins. He does not want the practice ruled by corporations. Patients who see Wilkins and Bean can expect to have the appropriate amount of time spent on their concerns and needs.

Preventive health care allows them to “access preventive measures that will have an impact in the next 10 to 20 years.” The annual physical is really data gathering, said Wilkins. Raymond RediCare doctors not only can show them the numbers, they can give the patients opportunities and ways to improve their health.

“We engage them as partners in their own health,” said Bean, who has worked as an emergency room doctor as well as an occupational and urgent care doctor.

“It’s given me a whole new lease on medicine,” he added.

“People look at RediCare and they’re not sure what that is. It is premium care with a personal touch. We provide an expanded medical home in a rural area,” said Wilkins. 

Raymond RediCare has a goal to be cost effective for uninsured patients as well as accepting most insurances.

“We will continue to evolve to meet the demands of the area,” Wilkins said.
For more about Raymond RediCare, visit them on Facebook and existing patients can use the Patient Portal. To schedule an appointment, call 655-6181.

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