Friday, January 27, 2017

Business Spotlight Heaven & Earth Day Spa By Michelle Libby

At Heaven & Earth, everyone can find something to fit their needs
In the past, massages have been considered indulgences and only for the wealthy, but not anymore. People have learned that massages have a variety of benefits from the reduction of stress to the loosening of tight muscles. At Heaven & Earth Day Spa, owner Maura Malia employs 20 therapists whose jobs it is to make clients feel pampered and relaxed. 

Heaven & Earth is known for its massage therapy.  Be it deep tissue, sports, pregnancy or therapeutic, everyone can find something to fit his or her needs. There are therapists trained in oncology massage, which is a specialized massage for those fighting cancer. They also offer reflexology and polarity.
“With relaxation or deep tissue, it doesn’t have to beat you up to be effective,” said Malia. “More people are taking care of themselves in better ways.” With the increase in education around massage therapy, more people are seeking out this type of treatment as an alternative to seeing a doctor or specialist. 

“More competition is better for education. The more education the more people are getting [massages],” said Malia. Trends in massage therapy have changed over the last 10 years, Malia said. Ten years ago, only people with disposable incomes were getting massages. Now it is considered more like a necessary treatment. 

Reflexology has also increased in popularity to where it is almost as popular as massage, Maila said. “Reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands or ears. Reflexologists believe that these reflex points correspond to different body organs and systems, and that pressing them has a beneficial effect on the person's health,” according to the University of Minnesota. 

Heaven & Earth also offers facials, manicures, spa pedicures, nail art and waxing.  A new full spectrum, infrared, detoxing sauna is being installed to help with various ailments. It has shown to help assist your body in ridding itself of deeply imbedded toxins. There will be a tablet in the sauna to give the user the option of listening to music, watching a movie or checking Facebook.
“Our employees are what make Heaven & Earth what it is. We create a soothing and compassionate place,” Malia said. 

The massage therapists listen to their clients and over the course of the appointments, they get to
know the clients. Clients don’t feel like they are rushed and when an hour massage is scheduled, they receive a full hour on the table.
“There is nothing truly like Heaven & Earth around here. We have a more homey-feel, less clinical,” Malia said. 

Most of the Heaven & Earth clients are women, but more men are scheduling appointments every day. They also have a number of children who are clients. In many cases, time and money are barriers to getting treatments. Heaven & Earth offers gift cards, and many clients ask for services for birthdays, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Couples massages are very popular for anniversary and Valentine’s gifts.

For seven years, Heaven & Earth has been offering a membership plan where once a month members receive a core service of their choice, from massage and reiki, to a facial or spa pedicure. Members also receive: An additional 20 percent off all other services/10 percent off retail products /10 percent of gift certificates, all for $67.95 per month. They have had members who have been coming regularly for six or seven years. 

“Most people get their gym memberships and don’t go. No one gets their massage membership and doesn’t go,” said Malia. 

One more benefit to massage therapy is that, “Human touch is so important. Just being touched by someone regularly is so good,” she added.

Heaven & Earth is always looking for new massage therapists to staff their seven day a week schedule. The spa is open from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays and Mondays. 

Malia encourages everyone to get massages at least once a week, but on average people get them once a month. 

To schedule an appointment, book online at: or call 893-0033. Heaven & Earth is also on Facebook.

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