Thursday, June 23, 2016

Business spotlight - Stretchway Yard Services - By Michelle Libby

Lyndsay and Seth Stretch live in the fourth or fifth oldest house in Windham, built in 1767. They are caretaking it now, is how they see it, but in the mean time they have built a thriving business beautifying the lakes region.

They never wanted to be the lawn care company next door. They have a saying, “we’re the one to call when your yard needs it all, winter, spring, summer, fall,” said Seth. They do earth work, fix driveways and add patios during the warmer months, as well as plant flower gardens, vegetable gardens and trees, and do seasonal clean ups. They also do lawn care, but really do so much more. In the winter they take care of all your snow removal needs.

In 2015, the Stretch’s fell into the business when they bought Storey’s and their client list. “That gave us our start,” Seth said. Before Stretchway, Seth was a full-time mechanic. Lyndsay spent six years as a professional landscaper, which she has been able to continue through the company. 

“When you’re in business for yourself, you come home to see nobody weeded my garden,” she laughed. Lyndsay also went to school to become a chef, which she still enjoys. 

“It’s a lot of hard work. We are our own bookkeepers, project manager and deliver mulch and soil,” she said. 

Lyndsay enjoys the gardening aspect of the company, whereas Seth likes building things and making something out of nothing. Lyndsay has been trained in shoreline zoning and continues her education when she can to better serve her clients.

Stretchway is a specialized company and will deliver anything that they can fit in the back of a truck. Seth will travel in search of exactly what a customer wants from color, shade, size and more. There is also education that happens when a client calls. Asking for rocks will prompt the question of what are you doing with them? Because making a stone wall and filling in a driveway use very different types of rocks. 

In the garden division, Stretchway sells supersoil, a mixture of compost and screened loam that contains no chemicals or pesticides. The Stretch’s admit they might not be the cheapest, however, customers have discovered that they get exactly what they pay for. One woman had a load of supersoil delivered and when she grew her tomatoes, she was amazed at the size of the crop and the fruit. 

“We won’t sell what we won’t stand behind,” Lyndsay said. “We’ve tested everything in our own garden.”
They have a Kubota tractor which is used for grading, patios, rock walls and filling in areas and driveways that have been washed out. Whether it’s brush hogging, cutting and digging drainage or something else a homeowner needs, check with Stretchway first to get the job done right. 

“Our customers really appreciate us,” Seth said. They get thank you cards from some of them and 90 percent know them by name. “This has opened our eyes to the members of the community,” Seth added.
When it comes to lawns, Stretchway does dethatching, aerating, fertilizing and soil conditioning. They try to stay in the natural realm, not using harsh chemicals and phosphates. They always have an open conversation with their customers so they get the satisfaction and outcome they were hoping for, Lyndsay said. 

Stretchway also adds a personal touch to every job and everything they do. When working on free quotes for jobs, they go above and beyond and consider communication to be key. The communication with their customers to make sure they know exactly what is wanted is important regardless of how many emails or phone calls it takes. “We have to collaborate. We take the good with the bad,” Lyndsay said. 

Hardworking from sun up to sun down, this power couple and parents of three children (Zeke, 3;
Lucy Ayn, 5; Preston, 9), takes great pride in the work they do enhancing landowners properties. 

“I have the best job ever. Rain, sleet, snow, I’m outside every day,” said Seth. The company is managing its growth and has brought on three employees this season. “We’re keeping small this year,” he said.
Stretchway works primarily in Windham, Raymond, Cumberland, Falmouth, Portland, Gorham, Westbrook and Gray. They have a variable delivery rate that is very competitive, but they encourage customers to shop around to see that they have the best prices most times. 

Seth is a self-described work-a-holic and believes in his family motto. “There’s one way to do things, the Stretchway.” 

Stretchway can be found on Facebook and the Stretchway website is coming soon at For more information or an estimate email or call 207-892-8000.

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