Friday, June 10, 2016

Business spotlight - East Coast Lawn Care - By Michelle Libby

A green, manicured lawn brings pride to a homeowner and envy to neighbors, but is not always that easy to achieve. But that reality is only a phone call away with East Coast Lawn Care, the newest lawn care business in the Sebago region. Based in Windham and owned by Tomi and John Pastore, they are ready to get to work on your lawn. 
“We focus on lawn care, mulching, mowing, aerating, edging, fertilizing, clean ups and sod installations,” Tomi said.
John is a certified Audi and VW mechanic by trade, who is known for being reliable and having a great reputation. Branching out into lawn care seemed like a good plan to spend some time outside and in gardens. 

Tomi works with John and takes care of their three children, all of whom are under 8 years old. She enjoys vegetable gardening, so planting flowers is part of the services East Coast Lawn Care provides. 

Being cautious of their growth, the company will serve the greater Portland area.

“People are so busy, there’s no time to mow their own lawn. We understand people have lives and want to spend time with their families,” Tomi said. East Coast Lawn Care will take care of the yard work, so families can enjoy the summer.
East Coast Lawn Care is qualified, convenient, responsible and fully insured. They prefer to set prices based on the job after inspecting it. They do free estimates. 

“We want to be an honest, timely, professional, word of mouth business. We’re reliable. If we say we’ll be there every other Monday, we’ll be there,” Tomi said. They believe in customer satisfaction and are a family business that wants to help other families keep their yard in pristine shape. 

“John has always taken pride in his own lawn. Now he wants to help people accomplish a beautiful lawn for themselves,” Tomi said. 

East Coast Lawn Care also takes care of spring and fall clean ups. They can help fix up a summer home on the lake before the family arrives or can plant annual flowers to give the property a pop of color. Raking, mowing or fertilizing, they can have it done now.
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John has the know-how to get your dull lawn to turn green and lush. For example, he knows when to fertilize and with what types of products to suit your soil and conditions. Now is a prime time to fertilize because the lawn is reviving after a long season of cold weather and dormancy. Come spring, lawns need to be fed to turn green and grow. Soil supplies some of the nutrients grass needs, but many soils lack elements that lawns need to survive the growing season.

Trying to sell properties in the area, but don’t want to have to be mowing the lawn before showings? Let East Coast Lawn Care set up a regular schedule to do the maintenance until the home sells. 

Regardless of what type of lawn care work you need call East Coast Lawn Care so the best yard in the neighborhood will belong to your family. 

John has lived in Windham for 15 years and their children attend Windham schools. Tomi has been a Windham resident for five years. As a Navy veteran, John plans to give discounts to honor Veterans and seniors. Both John and Tomi are involved in Windham youth soccer as coaches and volunteer when they can with other organizations.
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