Friday, June 3, 2016

Business spotlight - Dock World of Maine and Sebago Marine - By Michelle Libby

When it comes to dock sales, service and waterfront construction, Dock World of Maine and Sebago Marine are a full service operation based in Windham. Under the direction of owner Del Wescott, Dock World has been in business for 22 years. 

“These hands have touched every type of dock out there,” said Wescott. “You get it all with us.” The company sells new docks from floating and stationary docks to wooden and aluminum docks. They also offer SCUBA services for underwater work and retrievals, should your boat happen to spring a leak and sink.

The company is a family business employing Wescott’s sister in the office and his son, who is one of the welders on staff.

From dock installation to service after the sale, Dock World is ready for their customers usually within 48 hours. They pride themselves on fast service that is done correctly the first time.

Dock World sells and installs Sunstream Boat Lifts. “They are the most expensive. They’re the Cadillac of boat lifts,” Wescott said. They have a remote control and are solar powered. “Our clients have no time for service issues. Summer is so short anyway. They don’t want to be without a dock for two weeks,” he said. Using the best product almost guarantees that boat owners won’t have to miss prime water time. 

Dock World services 2,000 dock sections per year all around the Sebago Lakes region and some dock work on the ocean. They do their own metal fabrication and welding when a dock needs repairs when a boat runs into the dock or other issues that might come up.   

The company also manufactures wooden docks to customer specifications. “We’ve built and sold thousands,” he said. Customers looking for dock work can speak with dock supervisor Bobby Clark. “He handles most all of our dock installations and service. He’s been with the company for 10 years,” Wescott said. 

Wescott prides himself on the company’s great customer service. “When experience and reputation matters, call us. That counts for a lot,” he said. The company has proved that with continual growth every year since 1995. 

The newest branch of Dock World is Sebago Marine, which has been doing marine construction for over 10 years. The 98,000 pound barge they own travels from Standish to downtown Harrison to repair and build on the shoreline. 

“We service every marina solely from here to Harrison,” he said. They help with moorings and other building projects. Their skilled laborers create permanent dock systems. They have underwater equipment like drills or chainsaws. Some of the team are SCUBA certified. 

Sebago Marine also does dredging work for municipalities and for the Sebago Lake State Park, when they need the river dredged. 

“We work closely with the Maine DEP for grandfathered docks, like permanent crib docks,” Wescott said. They make sure they have permits to do any work on the water. Some of the work is done in the winter when the water level is lowered. “I am a certified erosion control person,” he said. They have saved more than 1000 feet of shoreline over their years in business and plan to save lots more.

“We are a full service company. All of my people are employees, not subcontractors. We pay all insurances and benefits for the seven employees,” Wescott said. 

Dock World has a showroom in North Windham at 976 Roosevelt Trail and will be expanding their retail operations there with cash and carry items and hardware. 

In the off season, the four year round employees work doing building construction, like barns, garages and kitchens, said Wescott. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Dock World of Maine, call the office at 207-892-5500, email or fax 207-892-5527. Their website is under construction at, watch for updates.

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