Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Business spotlight - Lavish Dog Day Spa - By Michelle Libby

They are the first ones to greet you at the door. They love you unconditionally. All they need is some love in return and perhaps some pampering at Lavish Dog Day Spa. Owner and groomer Caitlyn Brundage has been grooming for eight years and just opened Lavish to fill a need in the grooming industry. 
“I really want to have dogs have a good experience. I cater to dogs that have aggression and anxiety,” she said. Lavish only sees one dog at a time and grooms them from start to finish. She does not crate dry them and spends quality one on one time with each dog. 

The location, 1004 River Road, in the area of Birchwood Nursery School, is accessible and has plenty of parking. Once inside, it’s obviously not a corporate salon. Lavish has lavender aromatherapy and music to help calm the dogs. It has complementary tea, coffee and hot chocolate for the owners and treats for the clients. There is also a bench to wait on and free guest wifi. 

“I have seen a difference in the dogs I’ve seen before who followed me. They are a lot more relaxed,” Brundage said. 

Brundage’s husband was in the Navy when she fell into her current profession. She filled in bathing dogs for a woman who was out. Then they asked if she wanted to be a groomer. She spent a lot of time learning through the company’s academy. 

“I’ve been continuing my education. I’ve worked under groomers that have experience in the show ring. I’ve picked up things from different people,” she said. 

The basic package for grooming includes a luxury shampoo used for competitions that will be a great conditioner for the coat. She can use a shed release condition that is tailored to the dog’s coat. She uses an enzymatic dental gel to help clean the teeth without brushing and gives the dog a blueberry facial scrub. 

The prices vary on the breed, coat and temperament. She does not groom cats. 

She also offers nail grinding and ear cleaning. Need a little more conditioning? Lavish offers a mud bath which helps to restore the coat, revitalize and bring back moisture. It even works on hot spots. There are warm towel wraps to finish up the pampering. 

Lavish hopes to have a paw soak to help soften the paws and deal with fungal issues. She also would like to dabble with pet safe dyes and feathers.  

Brundage is well versed in many breeds. She does hand scissoring for poodles and is a pro at working on Great Danes, like her dog, Mak. She wants to start simple with what she offers and then as people request different services, she’d like to expand her offerings. 

“I love dogs. I love a dog coming in and make them look their best. I’m constantly improving my skills to make them look the best,” she said. “I love my job.” 

In the near future, Brundage would like to expand to a second groomer and receptionist.  For now the hours are by appointment Tuesday to Fridays 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Saturdays by request only. Appointments are best scheduled a week in advance for specific times. 

Lavish will host an open house on October 24th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. There will be cookies, human and dog, beverages and “a howling good time.” 

For more information or to see examples of her work, visit Lavish Dog Spa on Facebook or visit www.lavishdogdayspa.com. For appointments, call 572-4084.

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