Sunday, October 18, 2015

Business Spotlight - Bomb Diggity Bakery & Cafe - By Michelle Libby

Bomb Diggity Bakery & Café is more than just stellar food with unique pairings and clever names, it provides a positive work environment for people of all abilities. Bomb Diggity means awesomeness in its purest form, according to the Urban Dictionary. 
Bomb Diggity was created five and a half years ago with the intention and goal to employ people with disabilities. The business started out in Portland as a wholesale bakery. It made a name for itself selling its fresh baked goods to businesses. Less than a year ago, the parent company that owns Bomb Diggity, Momentum, decided to open the café in Windham. 

“We have multiple goals,” said Dennis Strout, director at Momentum. “We provide exceptional food to the community and we use local and organic ingredients whenever possible. We also focus on what people can do, not what they can’t do.” 

The food they serve comes from local farms. They use cage free eggs, whole wheat from Aurora Mills in Northern Maine, they use local distributors who carry local produce and all the meats they serve are Boar’s Head brand. 

“We offer culture and an option for food. We want you to come here because the food is killer,” Strout said. 

Bomb Diggity serves Coffee by Design and makes their own coffee flavoring syrups. House-made breads and English muffins are steadfast popular items and can be purchased to take home. They also have a grab and go breakfast warmer for those mornings when there’s no time to wait. 

“We are always trying to create and recreate ourselves. The staff is extremely tight as a team,” said Strout. At each staff meeting, which happens quarterly, the group focuses on who they are, what they are about and what their future goals are. 

“As a company who works with adults of all abilities, we keep a very positive atmosphere for our customers and employees. We’re happy, real, upbeat and relaxed for everyone who enters our doors,” said employee Katie Cleaves. “I’m happier in this job. They enabled and encouraged me to be involved in what goes on.” 

The bakery and café has 13 employees. From bakers to dishwashers to front of the house, the team works together regardless of their abilities. Some employees have a support person who works with them. 

Starting Sunday, October 18th Bomb Diggity will serve brunch all day on the weekends. Some of the items planned by general manager Meara Smith are house-made breads, huevos rancheros, eggs benedict, lunch burritos, seasonal salads, coffee drinks, hot cider and much, much more. 

“Meara gets all of it, from the people to the food to the mission and passion,” said Strout.

The most popular item on the menu is the Frye’s Leap with Boar’s Head turkey, Cabot cheddar, Chipotle mayo and house made focaccia bread, according to Smith. Her favorite is the coffee, but second is the Foothill Fury and the breakfast burrito. 

“Everyone loves our cinnamon rolls,” said baker Emily Symonds. She also said that she loves the blueberry lemon scones with lemon glaze and now the apple turnovers made with fresh puff pastry. 

Right now the menu at Bomb Diggity features seasonal goodies. Smith listens to the community and customers on what they want to see on the menu. There are also daily specials.

Symonds is creative with her baking and plans to make more seasonal items that will change almost every day from pumpkin scones to seasonal pies, which can be ordered for take home. 

The hours are changing on October 18. Visit Bomb Diggity at or on Facebook. <

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