Monday, September 28, 2015

Business spotlight - Honey Bee Electrology - By Michelle Libby

There are certain grooming habits that most people don’t talk about. Unwanted hair is one of them. Be it facial, back or bikini area hair, there is a permanent way to get rid of it and the solution is close by. Honey Bee Electrology, located at 110 Tandberg Trail, is owned and operated by Renee DeSorbo and Chelsea Edwards. 
The office has been open two months and they are excited about the clients they are helping.
“There’s no electrology out there in the area at all. It’s a needed service,” said Edwards. “Who doesn’t want to help someone to feel better?”

The treatments permanently remove hair using probes and a current that will destroy the hair cells. A client will be lying down for the session in the very clean and modern office. Most clients will need a series of treatments anywhere between three and 15 to treat an area. The amount of time varies depending on the type of hair, like small and fine or hormonal hair or hair on a man. “Every body’s different,” DeSorbo said. 

“We know it works. We believe in it,” said DeSorbo, who is an art teacher as well as a licensed electrologist. The meticulous work appeals to both of the women. “We like the little detail work. It’s such a fine skill. There’s a lot that goes into taking these hairs out.” 

 Honey Bee Electrology offers consultations to look at the hairs and develop a treatment plan for what will work for the individual. Most clients have one session a week. 

DeSorbo and Edwards work for themselves, but share the space each having their own equipment. “With two of us, clients won’t miss an appointment if one of us is sick. We support each other. We’re good friends,” said DeSorbo, who is pregnant with her first child, due in December. 

Both DeSorbo and Edwards attended school at Electrology Institute of New England in Massachusetts. Being the only two from Maine gave them an immediate bond. They remained friends throughout the 600 hour program. 

“EINE is one out of two accredited schools in the nation. We went to a really good program,” said DeSorbo. 

They work on faces, chin hair, eye brows, arm pits, belly hair, patches of hair on the back. Clients are anyone who has facial hair they want to get rid of, said Chelsea. “Women like us.” 

A typical appointment is half an hour long, but it depends on what treatment is being done, said DeSorbo. Prices are reflective of the time of each appointment. 

“Plucking is enemy number one. It grows back more hair,” said Edwards. 

Both electrologists use the Apilus Platinum Pure machines which are newer and tend to make the appointment less uncomfortable. 

Edwards and DeSorbo are accommodating and flexible with their schedules. Edwards works Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. DeSorbo works mornings, all day on Friday, Saturday and Sundays. They take appointments from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Starting in the spring Honey Bee Electrology will offer eyelash extensions, which is where individual eyelashes are glued on to the lash line. Lashes are great for weddings, or when you want to look good without the need for mascara. 

Now is a good time to check out electrology because with winter coming, it’s a good time to get ready for next summer. 

Honey Bee Electrology will work with teens as young as 14 with a parent. “It’s totally safe. It’s the only FDA recognized way to have hair permanently removed,” said DeSorbo.  “Don’t let unwanted hair upset you…call.” 

Honey Bee Electrology accepts only cash and checks. Although doctors refer patients to them, they do not work with any insurances. Prices range from $25 for 15 minutes to $70 for an hour treatment.
For more about Honey Bee and electrology, visit or call Edwards at 318-4245 or DeSorbo at 613-5527. “Come to the queen bees to make life sweeter without unwanted hair.”

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