Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spotlight on 101 Private Studio and Glenn Hutchinson - By Michelle Libby

101 Private Studio is where Glenn Hutchinson trains and educates clients on how to become healthy, fight off illness and possibly save a life. Hutchinson saved his own life 19 years ago when doctors gave him six months to live. Using the Internet, he read everything he could on healthy living and how to heal his sick liver. He uses what he calls integrative medicine, which is using different techniques that sometimes require a whole new way to think about health and wellness. 
After his diagnosis of stage 4 Hepatitis C, he had to decide if he wanted to live or not. With small children at home, he decided he wanted to be there for them. Then after 20 months, he decided that he wanted to help others. 

After years of training clients in his home, on Saturday, Hutchinson launched his new website an interactive website announcing his mobile training. “It’s more affordable,” he said. It offers three price points on 12-week packages that start at under $25 a week. Depending on needs, the plans include one personal training session at Hutchinson’s studio in Raymond or via Facebook or Skype. A personal plan is developed with workouts programed and full access to videos of how to do the exercises properly. 

The next plan has more of a personal touch with training once a week with Hutchinson and then the same benefits the other plan has. The final plan really is a complete personalized plan that the client designs with Hutchinson. “It is personally customized to what the client needs,” he said. “There is a lot of flexibility to the plans.” He wants his clients to work out smarter, not beating themselves on workouts that don’t provide lasting results. “Don’t beat your joints to death,” he said. 

Hutchinson evaluates his clients and sets them up with exercises and cardio conditioning that is good for them. He sets them up to succeed rather than giving them an exercise they are not ready for or their lifestyle doesn’t support. 

He considers himself a health coach, more than a trainer focusing on the whole person rather than just one group of muscles. “Most clients are ready to take the next step,” he said. His clients aren’t the ones looking for fun and to burn a few calories, he said. 

He specializes in working with people with cancer and other health issues. “Cancer is the most scary word out there,” he said. He has an anti-cancer diet that he uses with his clients. 

Before Christmas, Hutchinson’s wife was diagnosed with cancer. “The news is never good, but it’s better with choices when educated.” Through clean eating (no processed foods), using integrative techniques the success rates are much higher, sometimes 50 to 70 percent,” he said.  Now she is clear and her energy is returning, and he attributes it to the knowledge he has gained over the years working with doctors who us integrative approaches to treating cancer. 

He is interested in the science of being healthy. He is interested in working with clients who are looking to be educated and want choices on their road to healthy living.

“We all need a reason to get up every morning. To know the knowledge and skill set can help your own family, is good,” he said. 

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