Sunday, March 1, 2015

Business Spotlight - Saco Bay Physical Therapy - By Michelle Libby

At Saco Bay Physical Therapy, the therapists have the skills and equipment to make sure patients reach their goals. Physical therapy works to help clients overcome a variety of injuries, aches, pulls, rehabilitation and so much more.

Four weeks ago physical therapist Gabriel Redmond became the center manager for the Saco Bay Physical Therapy clinic in Windham at 4 Commons Ave. With 14 years in the industry working with patients to heal, rehabilitate, and gain range of motion, he is excited to move to the Windham area to help patients here. 

“The patients have been super nice. It’s great to be in the same area I live in. Now my working and home life are all up here,” Redmond said. Redmond lives in Raymond with his wife and two small children. He transferred from the South Portland clinic.

Redmond joins physical therapist Samantha Reid and two PT assistants as well as two patient service specialists in the front office. Saco Bay Physical Therapy is a division of Select Medical, which is the largest rehabilitation provider in the country. Saco Bay is partly owned by the five physical therapists that started it. 

“Our focus is on therapeutic exercise and manual therapy and patient education. They have to know why they feel pain and take ownership of what’s going on,” Redmond said. 

From back pain and neck pain to post surgery and vestibular/vertigo rehab and fall prevention, Redmond and Reid help clients reach their potential through one hour appointments and home treatment plans. Each patient gets individualized attention and a personal plan whether he or she is recovering from a stroke, is working over overcome deconditioning from Chemotherapy, or any other possible injury or condition. 

“We do a really good job of providing a fun and professional atmosphere,” said Redmond. “If someone’s in pain, they have to like where they’re going and get something out of it.” 

The average treatment plan lasts for four to eight weeks as long as the patient is doing their home program and seeing the therapists as scheduled. 

Redmond said that when he first started out he would create elaborate 45 minute homecare programs, but then realized that the patients weren’t doing the work. When he grouped together strategic exercises in a 10 minute workout, he saw results. “Efficient and effective,” Redmond said. 

The most common injuries, especially this season, are back pain and shoulder and knee issues. Saco Bay Physical Therapy has four private treatment rooms and a large area with cardio equipment, weights and a TV. They use ultrasound, electronic stimulation, heat, ice and iontophoresis. They also do workers compensation functional capacity evaluations as well as pre-employment testing and post injury testing to see when it is safe to return to work. Redmond also works with disability case testing. 

Saco Bay Physical Therapy works with all insurances and also does accept self-pay. The staff helps patients work with the insurance company to get the treatments they require. 

All therapies are appointment based. Saco Bay PT is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Fridays from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. For more or to schedule an appointment, call 892-7642 or visit

The staff at SBPT. Missing Brian Morin, PT assistant and director of work strategies for the State of Maine; Samantha Reid, PT; Maria Rodney, patient service specialist; Gabriel Redmond, PT; Samantha Smith, PT assistant, athletic trainer; Debbie Small, patient service specialist.


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