Monday, March 16, 2015

Local BNI chapter invites business owners to visitor's day - By Michelle Libby

BNI chapters are popping up all over the area and next Tuesday one of the local chapters is hosting a visitor’s day so that business owners can come see what BNI has to offer them. 

“Do you like your business to gain more exposure to other business professionals in the area?” asked Niels Mank, vice president of the BNI Lakes Region Business Alliance chapter. 
BNI was formed as a way for small businesses to learn how to and to network in an environment where they have business relationships with business owners in all industries. At BNI only one business from each industry is in each chapter. Once that slot is filled, another real estate agent for example, could not fill that opening.  

“The whole goal is to develop contacts and create a sales force by working together to help one another,” Mank said. 

There are many chapters in the area. This chapter meets on Tuesday mornings at Dena’s Lobster House and Tavern, 765 Roosevelt Trail, from 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. People are welcome to visit as many chapters as they want to find the one that fits them best. 

Most businesses fail in the first three years because they have been beat down by the word “no”. The world is changing into a word of mouth marketing system. People are looking for value. They buy when the perceived value is higher. They also look for trust and credibility when working with someone, said owner of the BNI franchise Tim and Lindsay Roberts. 

“Go, gain exposure,” Mank said. “What is an hour and a half of your time every week on a Tuesday morning worth to you? We’re all there to help each other in business.” 

BNI wants to help small business owners become more effective and efficient. There are openings in the new BNI Lake Region Business Alliance. For more information about that chapter or others, contact

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