Sunday, June 29, 2014

Spotlight on Sebago Lake Pools - By Michelle Libby

The days are getting hot and humid. Between working fulltime and activities with the children, there’s no time for family vacations or a trip to the beach. Sebago Lake Pools has a solution.

“People are so busy. Having a pool is like having their own mini-vacation in their yard, without the traffic or people,” said owner Steve Richard. 

Sebago Lake Pools has been in business for 23 years and in that time they have installed many in-ground and above ground pools of all shapes and sizes. This company is unique in that they are also a full-service contractor and will put in the pool and perform all the site work, including special jobs like stamped, colored concrete patios. 

“We take care of almost anything for the customer,” said Richard. 

A typical in-ground pool package runs around $22,000, but can vary in price based on the homeowner’s needs. The pool will usually last between 30 and 35 years. Above ground pools are less money, but also have a limited life span. They carry Trevi pools and Techno-Bois pools for above ground units. “They hold up well for an above ground pool,” said Richard. 

“We build our pools so it’s easy to take care of,” he said. They use a good system and teach their customers how to take care of it. “We over engineer everything,” Richard said. Richard also goes to every job site and if there is a problem to find out how he and his employees can rectify the situation.
They have two convenient locations – Route 25 in Gorham and Route 302 in Windham. Both the stores carry a full line of pool chemicals. Two of the wooden above ground pools are on display in Gorham. If someone is having trouble with their pool, Richard encourages them to bring in a water sample to know what type of chemicals to purchase.  

In addition to putting in new pools, Sebago Lake Pools also services all types of pools from Portsmouth to Augusta. With 14 full-time employees, they can work on fixing any issues a customer might have from replacing vinyl liners for in-ground pools to fixing settled concrete. The team is professional and will get the job done whether they installed the pool or not. 

In a summer, Sebago Lake Pools services and creates new outdoor entertainment for between 500 and 600 customers each summer. A new customer can be swimming in their pool in approximately two to three weeks for an in-ground pool and two weeks for an above ground pool, said Richard. 

Customers generally take out home equity loans to pay for a pool, said Richard. “Most (people) aren’t doing big luxury items,” he added. The pool industry hasn’t recovered from the economic downturn in recent years. Sebago Lake Pools does offer financing for some customers, but most times requires a customer to have their own financing set up. 

Richard reminds customers that a cheap price could spell disaster down the road in a few years as things begin to settle. “I’ve heard horror stories,” Richard said. He plans to do it right from the start.

Sebago Lakes Pools is open 6-days a week, Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Windham store is closed on Wednesdays. “Come in and see what we have to offer. Educate yourself,” said Richard. 

For more information and to see pictures of recent jobs, visit, 24-7.

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