Monday, June 9, 2014

Spotlight on: The Maine Real Estate Network - by Michelle Libby

Will Plummer, the head of the Windham office of The Maine Real Estate Network , is growing his office with the backing of the “biggest independent real estate company in the State of Maine.” 

With 19 offices all over the state, The Maine Real Estate Network can help locals and those from away buy and sell their properties. 

“Company-wide the focus is on education, education, education. Things are changing. Everyone needs to keep up on them,” said Plummer, who took over the office in January, after 18 years in the business. From MLS listings to DocuSign and ZipForms, Plummer and his team are on the cutting edge of how to use the Internet and technology to work for their clients. “We’re going high tech and we’re keeping up with that,” he said. 

The realtors are required to earn a minimum of 21 credit hours of training every two years much of that is Internet and paperless real estate brokering. 

The office in Windham is at 887 Roosevelt Trail. It has a cozy atmosphere and is close to where the agents live, so they know the area they are working in. There are 14 agents in the office, but Plummer said there is room for more. 

He is looking for people who like to talk and who love working with people. They make the best realtors, he said. “Our tag line is ‘creating relationships for life’ I believe that,” Plummer said. “We’re a highly professional profession,” he added.

The bulk of the property they work with is residential housing. “A lot is waterfront on the lakes and ponds around here and our brokers can do commercial properties,” said Plummer. The clients they list and sell houses for run from people who want to buy multi-million dollar properties to middle class folks looking to purchase their first homes. 

The Maine Real Estate Network also has a database for rentals if clients or customers are looking for a temporary home. 

Having the larger corporation as a backup is great for Plummer, who said he could reach out to approximately 425 agents at one time if he needed information. 

Plummer prefers to be a buyer’s agent, where he is contractually obligated to work for his client.
Plummer said that the market is going well. “It’s recovering, but it’s not where it was a few years ago. People are out buying, looking. They understand the market better,” he said. “The sale prices in Cumberland County have come up dramatically. All signs that the economy is doing better.” 

The Maine Real Estate Network has a network of resources they work with, from home inspectors to banks and builders. For more on the company or to look at properties, call 207-894-5722 visit or visit them on Facebook.

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