Sunday, June 22, 2014

Business spotlight - Northstar Mortgage Group, LLC

When a homebuyer looks to purchase a home, rarely does he get excited about getting a mortgage. Homebuyers want to look at houses, shop for curtains and they dream about sitting on the front porch.
Northstar Mortgage Group wants to help homebuyers, and homeowners who want to refinance, to realize their dreams by thinking of Northstar for their mortgage needs. This family-owned and operated business has its headquarters in Windham and answers only to their customers, not an out of state conglomerate.
“We want to be this area’s go-to company for residential mortgages,” said Jason Gagnon, co-owner.
 “We’re able to offer lower rates, lower closing costs and an array of products.”

Northstar opened in 2005 under the direction of Leigh Gagnon, when Jason and Leigh married, they became co-owners. June 1, Northstar opened in a new location after outgrowing their previous office. Now in Turning Leaf Plaza, near Buck’s Naked BBQ, Northstar is ready to service mortgages for at least the next 10 years.  

All of the loan officers are licensed and offer a variety of experience. Jason and Leigh are both licensed loan officers and the others in the group are Deb McPhail, Katrina Virgie and Ian Bushover. 

Northstar has access to 100 percent financing options, VA loans, reverse mortgages, second home products, building packages with local builders and more. They cover the entire state, but want to be known for service in the Sebago region. Being mortgage brokers, Northstar is able to be more flexible in what they offer to their clients. 

“One thing that makes us special is we have one person who walks you through the process from application to the closing table,” said Leigh. “The second thing is experience. I have nine years myself.” Leigh also added that education is important to know which applications go with which products and which might need extra help. 

If someone’s credit is not there, they might need to learn how to get their score where it needs to be to get their first home, said Jason. “We look long term.” 
“We create a personalized plan to get a timeframe of when they could afford a home,” said Leigh.
Northstar has a secure, online web application that takes about five minutes. Northstar brokers will review it within 24 hours. The loan officers will meet people at the office, in the client’s home, after work or on the weekend and will help them with the application, if needed. They can also take applications over the phone. They will issue a pre-approval letter after the application is accepted.
Closings have taken as little as 12 days and as many and 30 days. Northstar does not have an affiliation with any particular realtor, but they do receive realtor referrals. 

“The best part of the job is working with buyers - helping people get into a home, and new couples getting into their first home. It’s rewarding,” said Leigh. 

To reach Northstar Mortgage Group, visit, call 893-8499 or contact a mortgage broker by cell phone. Walk ins are always welcome Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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