Friday, August 12, 2022

Business Spotlight: D&R Paving and Sealcoating

If you’re looking for a locally owned paving company that can provide you with a full array of paving services in both residential and commercial capacities, look no further than D&R Paving and Sealcoating.

Established in 1995, owner Dana Brown has decades of experience with jobs both large and small. He has built a reputation for delivering superior workmanship and customer service for all asphalt and paving needs. From the groundwork to the finish sealcoating, his dedicated crew of 10 performs quality work at a very competitive price.

“What distinguishes us from our competitors is our attention to detail,” Dana said. “We go the extra mile and pay close attention to our work.”

D&R Paving and Sealcoating knows that paving is a big investment and takes thorough steps to ensure that investment will withstand tough Maine seasons for years and years to come. Their attention to detail is unsurpassed.

Some of these details are proper drainage, straight edges, smooth finishes, adequate thickness, and flush transitions. This is important to ensure a durable finish and superior curb appeal. They are upfront and honest about the scope of a project so there are no hidden surprises. From the groundwork to completion, they have all the best equipment to get the job done right the first time and on budget.

If you already have a paved surface, it is important to perform proper ongoing maintenance to significantly extend its life. D&R Paving and Sealcoating can help with that too. They use top of the line seal coat to not only provide a protective barrier on the surface but to also enhance the appearance with a flawless, smooth, jet-black sheen. 

D&R Paving and Sealcoating stresses the importance of sealing up cracks in your asphalt surfaces as well. Even small cracks allow water to seep down underneath the surface of your pavement which will weaken it over time.

Seasonal temperatures can cause asphalt to expand and contract creating more and more cracks which can then turn to potholes. For this reason, crack sealing is recommended as the most cost-effective preventative pavement maintenance procedure and should not be put off.

If your driveway or lot is more than a decade old, it may be time for periodic milling. Asphalt milling is an affordable solution to restore the surface. Rather than a complete demolition, milling grinds up the old asphalt surface and replaces it with a new, smooth overlay.

Whatever the surface problem, D&R Paving can assist you with routine maintenance of your driveway or parking lot to ensure that your asphalt surfaces last. 

D&R Paving and Sealcoating also offers recycled asphalt which can be a great lower cost alternative to traditional pavement. Reclaimed asphalt is recycled asphalt that has been torn up from a previous project.

The asphalt is crushed and mixed with gravel making the surface perform like a gravel road, but with easier maintenance and plowing. It is still far more superior to a dirt or gravel road because it keeps your surface completely solid and free of mud. Once reclaim is laid it will also be simpler down the road to upgrade to traditional asphalt if desired.

For commercial and industrial parking lots, D&R Paving and Sealcoating does striping and marking. Whether you are installing a new parking lot, resurfacing an old one, changing its layout, or simply having existing stripes repainted, D&R will get the job done precisely. They are also very well-versed with ADA guidelines for handicapped access and will provide the knowledge to comply with every regulation.

Working with an independent, family-owned company means you will work with the owner directly and every job is personally guaranteed by Dana himself. Keeping his word, job after job, year after year and doing quality work every time is how they have earned a BBB accredited A+ rating. Their excellent workmanship has earned the trust and loyalty of thousands of satisfied, repeat customers and they are excited to add you to that growing list.

Every job is different, and Dana Brown will bring his more than 25 years of experience in paving to every project. He can advise you on all the options and discuss what is right for your situation and budget. You will get experience combined with personal attention to make sure you are satisfied with your project all the way through.

Prices are based on square footage with groundwork also taken into consideration. Call D&R Paving and Sealcoating for a free estimate now and beat the end-of-summer rush at 207-247-8706 or 207-281-2224. You may also email: Visit them on Facebook or go to their website: to see a complete description of services, portfolio and read their reviews. <

Friday, August 5, 2022

Business Spotlight: Upper Cuts 207

There are no gimmicks or schemes when it comes to getting a great haircut and for Anthony Cadilla, owner of the new Upper Cuts 207, the shop stands out from the competition because of its workmanship and devotion to listening to customers.

Located at 4 Whites Bridge Road, Suite 200, in Windham, the new barber shop is a throwback to old-fashioned barbering because of its high-quality barber service and its attention to detail and precision line work which make their finished product stand out from competitors.

“Our main focus is to give the client what they’re looking for and want,” Cadilla said. “What I want the client to know is that our main focus is on what the client needs.”

Barbering runs in his family and his great-grandfather, Major Lessard was a barber in Biddeford. Cadilla has worked as a barber in Southern Maine himself for 15 years and saw the need for a shop in Windham that is worth visiting.

“I noticed how busy Windham is and that it lacked a real true high-end barber shop,” he said.

Upper Cuts 207 offers all men’s services, including shears and clippers and according to Cadilla, that’s essential when it comes to delivering a great haircut for men.

“A lot of barbers are not skilled in using shears. I can do both,” he said. “I specialize in the hard cuts, anything from a men’s regular to the hardest urban cuts, and razor work creating sharp lines.”

The most challenging aspect of barbering for Cadilla is a consultation where he discusses specifics with customers before cutting their hair.
Upper Cuts 207 in Windham offers all men's
barbering services, including shears and clippers
and that's essential to delivering a great haircut.

“Sometimes people think they know what they want but have a hard time verbally expressing how they want it to look,” Cadilla said. “I take the time to ask questions and listen to them to make sure we’re on the same page.”

The end product, Cadilla says, is that a customer pays their hard-earned money for his expertise and deserves a perfect haircut every time.

“Here at Upper Cuts 207, it’s always about quality over quantity,” he said. The price of haircuts has gone up and I see a lot of people pay top dollar for a haircut that’s not quite perfect. The best thing about what I do is just seeing people happy when I’m done. It makes me feel good when I’m done and they believe I’ve given them the style they want.”

Featuring highly competitive prices and staying up to date with current styling trends, Upper Cuts 207 specializes in all hair types, including ethnic hair.

The shop itself is ultra clean and Cadilla said part of his daily routine is to be mindful of sanitation and safety, to mitigate risks and to closely follow all local health department regulations while keeping the client area free of germs and other health risks.

“We provide the client the best we can give them. every little detail matters,” Cadilla said. “We make sure we get things right because that’s what makes a solid haircut. Every haircut here is performed with precision and style and we promise you’ve never experienced better service. For us it’s about delivering super high quality in the sense that we cater to the client.”

He said that many believe barbers only work on short hair, but he wants to dispel that idea.

“We work on all lengths and all types of hair and are trained to handle every type of style,” Cadilla said. “We are available, deliver a solid service, are consistent and provide exceptional customer service. We offer transformation with quality.”

Upper Cuts 207 is offering all new clients $5 off any “Premium service” (over $30) and that includes college students and $5 off for first-time visitors to the barber shop.

To make an appointment with Upper Cuts 207, call them at 207-893-8500. The barber shop is on Instagram and Facebook listed as “Upper Cuts 207.” <

Friday, July 29, 2022

Business Spotlight: Sebago Station Four Runway

As dedicated professionals who put their lives on the line each time they answer a call for help,

firefighters know how important food can be and put a lot of effort into preparing tasty and healthy meals for crews on duty at the fire station. Now two retired firefighters are sharing the cooking expertise they developed on the job and the result is a diner featuring savory dishes that everyone can enjoy.

Chrys Nolan and her husband, Fred Harrington, are both retired firefighters who launched the Sebago Station Four Runway diner a year ago, recently relocating it from its original site in Sebago to a new spot at 13 Airport Drive in Limington, which is conveniently located on Route 11.

Breakfast is served all day and it’s a scenic spot for families to enjoy a meal and watch the planes taking off and landing.

They called the old building in Sebago when they were in the department “Station Four,” Nolan said.

“Sebago only has three stations, and Station Four was a local code meaning they were going to eat or meet over coffee,” she said.

The owners began slinging burgers, preparing meals and flipping eggs while attempting to serve the community in a whole new way.

“Instead of answering calls, we were now feeding the community they love so much. It became a hang-out for the locals, as well as a place to listen to one another,” Nolan said. “We are also known for helping and giving back to their community. As Sebago Days were going on, we had no problem after the diner closed for the day to cross the street and go across the road to cook for the Sebago's Fire Auxiliary.”

Now the public and first responders are enjoying the results of the couple’s devotion to great food and dedicated service to the community.

“The most significant aspect is our story. We are two retired firefighters who decided to start a diner, and neither of us went to school for it,” Nolan said. “We are known mostly for our breakfasts.”

This past year Sebago Station Four’s seven employees participated in the “Hike for Hospice” in which more than $2,000 in tips were collected and donated to the Gosnell House, a part of Southern Maine Hospice.

Nolan said that they have been such an influence in the community including “paying it forward” to locals who were short on cash and covering their bill, and in return, recipients “pay it forward” by paying for others’ meals in times of need when they were able to.

Both Nolan and Harrington are committed to shopping local and that means purchasing an array of local products such as getting their maple syrup from Greene's Maple Farm in Sebago.

“We offer 10 percent discounts to first responders, healthcare workers, veterans and seniors,” Nolan said. “We also serve free biscuits complimentary.”

According to the owners, Sebago Station Four often serves the community in ways the public doesn’t always see.

“We have built a family and care about our customers,” she said. “We have come to feel like a close-knit part of the family in many cases. We’ve had customers undergoing cancer treatment or in hospice that we’ve become friends with. Everybody’s part of the family when they eat here.”

Offering competitive prices, quality meals and exceptional customer service, Sebago Station Four’s following is growing by the day.

“We keep the prices low so everyone can afford it,” Nolan said. “We strive to provide the best food possible.”

Harrington’s favorite dish Sebago Station Four serves is called “Hogfat Hill,” and it includes crispy hash browns topped with crumbled sausage, crispy bacon, onions, peppers, and eggs. He also says he enjoys “Fred’s Breakfast Burrito” as well.

Nolan said her own favorite dish at the diner is a Lobster Omelet.

“I never had one until my husband made one for me and it is fantastic,” she said. “It’s a three-egg omelet with lobster meat and American cheese.”

Nolan and Harrington say the secret of a successful business is simple.

“You have to know your customers, provide quality food that tastes great, offer outstanding customer service, serve affordable food and be connected to the community,” they said. “That’s what we’re trying to do here at Sebago Station Four.”

For up-to-date menus and more, visit them online at or find them on Facebook at <

Friday, July 22, 2022

Business Spotlight: Bryant Bros. Painting

For the past few years, homeowners have been taking a long look at their residences and finding a variety of ways to improve them. While many proposed renovations are attached to expensive estimates, perhaps the easiest and best way to transform a home is through painting.

Based in Windham, Bryant Brothers Painting has been in business since 2009 and has become a trusted resource for homeowners and contractors in the Lakes Region. They’re family owned and operated and have an exceptional reputation for quality workmanship, expertise and attention to detail.

Bryant Brothers Painting provides high-end and custom paint jobs and interior and exterior painting.​

“We’re known for excellent quality, efficiency, interpersonal skills with customers and other contractors,” said Shayne Bryant. “We almost always meet our deadlines, cleanliness, educated, and family owned.”

He said the company aims for a different sort of experience than what is typically associated when working with painters.

“We want to create a different environment than what is expected,” Bryant said. "We create this with skills, cleanliness, friendliness and personality.”

According to Bryant, ensuring customer satisfaction is paramount to Bryant Brothers Painting because word-of-mouth in a small town is everything to the success of their small business.

Bryant Bros. Painting is owned and operated by three
Windham brothers. For over 13 years they have been
providing quality interior and exterior painting and have
a growing list of repeat customers due to their high
level of customer satisfaction. SUBMITTED PHOTO 

“We are not your generic paint company and do not fit the typical stereotype,” Bryant said. “We are family-based company with great communication skills that provide an exceptional final product and outstanding service. We are a 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. company Monday to Friday. We enjoy spending time with our families just like everyone else.​​”

He said people may have a misconception that painting is a task that most everyone can do.

“Many think that anyone can do it and that anyone can paint, no schooling is required,” Bryant said. “What we’ve found though that putting out a high-level product takes experience, skill and paying extraordinary attention to detail.”

Bryant Brothers Painting is lead certified and keeps their liability insurance up to date with the required amounts by the state.

“We do keep up to date with new products and trends as this helps us communicate with customers but in the end the customer needs to choose what they want to be completely happy,” Bryant said.

The toughest part of their work is finding enough time, including meeting all deadlines, and getting to work when promised to be there.

“Some might say we are high priced, and others think we are fair,” Bryant said. “We tend to work for contractors and customers that are willing to pay for high quality and great service regardless of the price. Feedback is 99.9 percent positive, no matter if it is our own customer or a general contractor. Comments such as ‘if they say they are going to show, then they show up,’" and ‘you guys do unbelievable work,’ and ‘We love the Bryant Bros,’ are what we receive. I could go on and on.”

One Windham customer, Linda Freese, said “They had a pause between two big jobs and were kind enough to put my condo on their schedule. They arrive early, set up quickly and proceeded to get the job done within two days. Shayne also helped me choose the colors. His suggestions were perfect. I was so happy with their work and how fresh the condo looked. They were polite, professional and cleaned up so well that they left no trace of having been there. The only clue that they had worked in the condo was the sparkling new look and beautiful complimentary colors. They turned tired looking walls, ceilings, and a cathedral ceiling into looking clean, crisp, and brand new! I highly recommend Bryant Brothers for your interior or exterior painting jobs.”

For more information about Bryant Brothers Painting, call 207-939-5519 or visit their website at <

Friday, July 15, 2022

Business Spotlight: Sebago Outfitters

From hiking to kayaking to hunting and fishing, the Lakes Region of Maine offers plenty of opportunities for individuals to get outside and experience an active life. And now a new store, Sebago Outfitters in Raymond, provides the gear to explore the outdoors like never before.

Located at 1254 Roosevelt Trail next to the Aromas Joes in Raymond, Sebago Outfitters opened last fall and is a 2,000-square-foot retail shop providing an array of equipment to enjoy outdoor activities, guided tours by Maine Registered Guides, state fishing and hunting licenses, and FFL firearm transfers.

Owned and operated by Leah Drinkwater, Sebago Outfitters aims to get residents and visitors to explore more of the finest outdoor activities Maine and the Lakes Region has to offer.

“We have something for most anyone. We have the retail outfitter store for families, lake life, kids’ games, fishing, camping, hiking, and local Maine products,” Drinkwater said. “We also have an attached gun shop for the outdoor sportsman or woman.”

She said that the Lakes Region provides a diverse kind of atmosphere with gear that is perfect for family excursions and creating lasting memories for a lifetime while encountering nature at its best. 

“We’re local female-owned and operated,” Drinkwater said. “We focus on education, training and purchasing outdoor gear and whatever you need in a comfortable environment. We are a location where you can find something to do.”

Featuring exceptional customer service, invaluable expertise, a diverse selection of gear and equipment required for all types of outdoor adventures, trained and experience guides familiar with the Lakes Region, and a convenient location to shop close to home, Sebago Outfitters has rapidly become a local favorite in Raymond. 

Emphasizing “Old School Maine Culture” while leading a transformation and renovation of the facility into the first female-owned outdoors sporting goods store in the Lakes Region is a significant accomplishment that Drinkwater says that she’s proud of.

She said that as a local family-owned business that supports other local businesses, Sebago Outfitters strives to be a location where area residents and families can feel right at home.

“Everything from the sign out front and the build out for the renovations of the store were done by local contractors,” she said. “We feature ‘Made in Maine Products’ in particular. Most of our inventory has been supplied by local businesses.”

Drinkwater said Sebago Outfitters is a place where women can learn what they need to know about hunting, fishing or anything related to the outdoors.

“We have had great feedback on our women’s-based hunting and firearms classes last fall led by Maine Guide Emily Parker,” she said. “Across America hunting and fishing are becoming more popular activities for women and that’s evident here in the Lakes Region as well. We can help them do that.”

Surveys show that women are the fastest growing demographic in hunting and fishing nationally and are taking up outdoor activities in record numbers since the onset of the pandemic, reflecting an appreciation for nature and being outdoors, along with a passion for wildlife and public lands.

Drinkwater said families and children are always welcome, and that Sebago Outfitters offers “Wildlife in a box” classes over breaks from school for children that are fun and educational.

“The feedback we get from doing that is great and we’ll continue to offer upcoming classes for the summer and fall,” Drinkwater said.

Opening and renovating the store has been a vision come true for Drinkwater.

“I have my Federal Firearms License and I have personally been training with firearms for over a decade and encourage everyone to practice training, safety, and education,” she said. “You can always expand your knowledge. Our Maine Registered Guides that provide classes and tours must pass the state exam. Fishing and hunting licenses are provided by the state where we are a kiosk location. Everything outdoors has increased in popularity since the pandemic, and we look to help people explore more of the outdoors. Our goal is to have something for everyone. We want everyone to grab a fishing pole and explore more.”

Sebago Outfitters is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays.

For more information about Sebago Outfitters, call 207-655-3700 or visit or find them on Facebook and Instagram at Sebagooutfitters <

Evergreen Credit Union expands to four more Maine counties

Those who live, work, worship or attend schools in Androscoggin, Oxford, Sagadahoc, and Lincoln counties can now access all the financial services of Evergreen Credit Union.

The Maine Bureau of Financial Institutions granted this expansion, enabling the credit union now to provide personal and business banking throughout 6 counties in Southern Maine. Evergreen currently had served those in York and Cumberland counties.

“This is a major win for everyone in these four northern counties bordering Cumberland County who have been asking us for years if they could access our services,” said Evergreen President and CEO Jason Lindstrom. “There are so many that filter between all these counties that now can take advantage of our technology and products. We’re ready to serve their financial needs.”

Evergreen Credit Union is the fifth largest in the state based on asset size, serving all Southern Maine.

Forbes recently named the credit union to their Best-In-State Credit Unions 2022 for Maine. <

Friday, July 8, 2022

Business Spotlight: Maine Power Wash Pros

The arrival of warmer weather is when Mainers can carefully look over what has happened to the exterior of their homes over the past year. Moss growing up the sides, black soot and lichen on the roof and an overall dull look to houses demand attention. After only a few hours, Maine Power Wash Pros can transform a home’s exterior, roof, and decks back to something a homeowner can be proud of.

Brian Condon and Mike Morin opened Maine Power Wash Pros in 2011 and since they have continuously grown every year thanks in part to their professionalism, knowledge, excellent customer service and dedication to satisfaction. They continue to take classes and seminars to improve their skills and keep up with the trends.

The business is seasonal from April to October, and in that time, they will clean around 1,000 homes and 200 to 300 roofs in Central, Southern and Mid-Coast Maine. With six employees working in teams of two, they cover a lot of ground to service Maine. Maine Power Wash Pros work on residential homes and commercial properties, including condominium complexes.

“Some people are do-it-yourselfers. Power washing homes is a dangerous venture for homeowners to take on themselves,” said Condon, who once saw a homeowner fall off a ladder, while power washing his home and the man broke his back. “We don’t stand on ladders to wash homes,” he confirmed. 

The services offered by Maine Power Wash Pros starts with washing houses. Using a bleach solution, they clean vinyl and wood siding, eliminating it of mold, mildew, and dirt. They also do a low-pressure roof cleaning that uses less pressure than a garden hose to clean shingles. “We go by the National Roofers Association guidelines,” said Condon. “It’s a different process. Pressure washing is not for roofs.”

They also wash decks, full surrounds, cement and more. They refresh and sanitize pool decks, sidewalks, and other cement surfaces, efficiently removing gunk, organic stains, deep-set oil and grease, rust stains and more. “We are very careful of the homeowner’s home. We leave the property in better shape than when we arrive,” said Condon. They are careful not to disturb flowers and shrubs as they are working.

The employees are referred to as co-workers and most come back season after season. All are well trained and insured.

“Every job has its challenges. There’s nothing the guys haven’t seen before,” said Condon. Part of their jobs is educating the homeowners that if there’s moss, lichen or algae on a roof, a simple roof treatment can take care of the issue. They don’t have to put on a new roof, he said. “We’re very particular. Whatever we see – we take care of.”

“There are challenges that some people face, but we don’t have those problems. We have the equipment to be prepared. We’re ready for it, ready for anything,” Condon said.

Most jobs will take between one and two hours to complete, unlike when it might take a homeowner a whole weekend. Don’t spend valuable time doing this job, have Maine Power Wash Pros professionally take care of the power washing and leave your house with a restored beauty and curb appeal. They can easily make your home and surrounding surfaces look years newer and brighter.

The team at Maine Power Wash Pros are honest, trusted, efficient and fast – just ask one of their many repeat customers or check out their website to read their numerous five-star reviews like this one from Michael F. of South Portland: “I hired Mike and the crew at Maine Power Wash Pros to clean the outside of my home. His professionalism began with his prompt arrival the day he came to give me an estimate, which he provided (Printed out! In his car!) on the spot. Mike’s crew was clean, uniformed, professional and personable. They did an amazing job from start to finish, and I am very, very happy with the results. The price was more than fair and the whole process was simple and pleasant. I cannot recommend Maine Power Wash Pros highly enough. Mike and his crew are outstanding and deserve the highest recommendation.”

They are also accredited through the Better Business Bureau. Maine Power Wash Pros offer free estimates, and they accept Visa and Mastercard. 

To contact the company, visit them at or call 207-320-1801. You can also find them on Facebook. When you call don’t forget to mention their $50 off coupon and ask about their senior discounts. <

Friday, July 1, 2022

Business Spotlight: Harcourts Waterfront & Fine Properties

The allure of Maine’s picturesque waterfront views and high-end properties will never diminish and now Harcourts Waterfront & Fine Properties, affiliated with one of the oldest and most trusted real estate companies worldwide, stands ready to assist buyers and sellers.

Although new to Maine, the company did more than $50 billion in real estate sales globally last year and features experienced Maine agents with local expertise who know the state and the real estate market inside and out. 

Harcourts Waterfront & Fine Properties is headquartered in Augusta and led by Charlene Hamiwka, owner and designated broker. Before being recruited by Harcourts to open their first East Coast office, Ms. Hamiwka was with Legacy Properties, Sotheby’s International Realty for 10 years and has been a licensed agent since 2009. Prior to her career in real estate, she was an executive for high tech companies on both the east coast and Silicon Valley, with global responsibility.

One of the company’s key real estate areas is found right here in the Lakes Region. Cindy Rague, who is the local agent and lifestyle expert in the Lakes area, has been a licensed agent for 10 years and lives on Little Sebago Lake.

“We work with sellers and buyers of waterfront and fine properties across the state of Maine. For sellers, we offer true international exposure and networking with other Harcourts business owners around the world,” Hamiwka said. “Harcourts North America is located in high-net worth communities, such as Beverly Hills, California; Baja, Mexico; Vancouver, British Columbia; and Las Vegas Nevada, which offers great exposure to high net-worth buyers for our sellers. Our company also offers a luxury auction option that is a unique route to market and totally different from a typical U.S. auction. It is more of an open bidding platform that offers complete transparency to the buying and selling process. Although it is a new concept in Maine, Harcourts has been running these types of auctions globally since 1888 in New Zealand, Australia, and other parts of the world.” 

Charlene Hamiwka is the owner and
designated broker for Harcourts 
Waterfront & Fine Properties.
“To provide the best national and international exposure, we go the extra mile to present our listings. Professional photography, Matterport 3D tours, and drone photography ensure the property is showcased in a professional manner and allows out-of-state buyers to thoroughly view the property prior to visiting – which saves everyone time,” she said. 

According to Hamiwka, for sellers, the option to incorporate the luxury auction process into the selling process, in addition to networking with other Harcourts business owners around the world is a key service. History has shown that selling a home through auction will increase a seller’s chances of getting the absolute top dollar for their home, rather than dealing with multiple offers and escalation clauses.

For buyers, Hamiwka said that Harcourts Waterfront & Fine Properties focuses on finding a property that fits the lifestyle the buyer desires.

“Many of our buyers are out of state, and as such don’t really know much about the areas,” she said. “It isn’t enough to just find a home, it’s more important to find a home that will match their lifestyle. We can help a buyer narrow down their search to find the right location that will make them happy. Our agents have sold properties in every county in Maine. No one knows Maine better than we do. Customer service is of the utmost importance, and we strive to make every transaction as smooth as possible.”

Harcourts Waterfront & Fine Properties agents cover the Lakes Region, Greater Portland, Southern Maine, Midcoast Maine, Downeast Maine, and Interior Maine including the Rangeley Lakes and Sugarloaf region, Sunday River/Bethel region, Moosehead Lake region, and Central Maine.

Hamiwka said that Harcourts Waterfront & Fine Properties agents are all experienced and full time. As an agency, Harcourts Waterfront & Fine Properties pays attention to the market conditions to better advise its buyer and seller clients on prices, days on market, mortgage rates, and other trends.

“We also have experts we partner with to assist buyers and sellers with decorating trends and remodeling options,” Hamiwka said.

The cornerstone of the company is customer satisfaction and ethical agents who understand the differences between properties, locations and lifestyles, and then match their clients up to them.

“Harcourts is a new name in Maine, and this is our first year as a company in the Lakes Region so our focus is to let people know about the unique offerings we have. Our slogan is “Rethink Real Estate” and our auction process, along with a traditional sales approach and other offerings, is a game changer in the industry.” Hamiwka said.

FMI about Harcourts Waterfront &Fine Properties, visit, or Customers can call toll free at 877-276-5859 or reach Cindy Rague at 207-756-1901 or <

Friday, June 24, 2022

Business Spotlight: Harry’s Heat Pumps

Warmer weather isn’t typically the time when you weigh the costs associated with winter heating costs, but savvy homeowners and businesses in the Lakes Region of Maine should know that summer is the perfect time to install a highly efficient heating and cooling pump from Harry’s Heat Pumps in Windham. 

Harry’s Heat Pumps is owned and operated by Harry Wood, who has lived in Windham his entire life and understands the importance of saving money during the cold winter months for area families.

I have been in business for just over two years but have been working on heat pumps just shy of a decade,” Wood said. “We offer a year-round product and providing exceptional customer service because we live locally and are aware how costly it is to heat and cool a home.”

He sells heat and cooling pumps, installs them, performs service repairs, cleanings and preventative maintenance.

We specialize in keeping you and your family comfortable year around whether it’s in one room or the whole house,” Wood said.

Because Harry’s Heat Pumps is based in Windham, his response time is faster than the larger companies and is an affordable option to help the community save money.       

“I’m the local guy you can call who will provide exceptional customer service and get it done right the first time,” Wood said. “We’re a family- oriented company.” 

Wood said that a heat pump uses electricity to pull heat out of the air. In the winter, it pulls warm air inside to heat your home while in the summer, it acts like an air conditioner, moving warm air out while circulating cool air inside. 

Harry's Heat Pumps is a locally
owned and operated company by
Windham native Harry Wood, shown
here with his son, Liam.

According to Wood, heat pumps are quiet and help to improve air quality by filtering the air and dehumidifying the home. Air quality can be a key component for optimum health and prevention of illness.

Because a heating and cooling pump uses no fossil fuels, it is eco-friendly by reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere while saving a bundle on heating and cooling costs.

Heating and cooling pumps require little maintenance and that can add up to substantial savings which can be used for other projects by homeowners.

Wood said that the primary advantage of installing a heat pump is that it’s one of the lowest cost sources of heat and that when installed with multiple indoor units, heat pumps allow for room-by-room temperature control.

They are safe because heat pumps are electrically powered and there is no risk of combustion gas leaks, he said.

“Many people have the misconception that the electricity consumption cost with a heat pump is higher, but in reality, they’re very efficient and also help dehumidify and cool homes in the summer,” Wood said.

And compared to larger companies, Harry’s Heat Pumps is highly competitive when it comes to pricing.

“We have much lower overhead allowing us to offer significant savings,” he said. “And heat pumps also typically provide 250 to 300 percent efficiency when compared to oil prices.”

Wood’s business is growing as oil prices continue to skyrocket.

“Many families are just not able to afford to fill their tanks anymore,” he said. “We have the expertise, experience, availability, live locally and focus on personalized customer service. We do what we say we’re going to do from the start of a job to the finish and do it with integrity.”     

Harry’s Heat Pumps is insured, licensed, fully certified to work on heating and cooling pump systems and is a registered vendor with efficiency Maine.     

Outstanding social media reviews for Harry’s Heat Pumps are a testament to Wood’s integrity, resourcefulness and his ability to relate to his customers.

“I’m looking to plant the seed so when they think heat pumps, Harry’s pops into their minds - not just the big companies,” Harry said. “We provide exceptional service and work hard every day to earn your trust and business.”

Find Harry’s Heat Pumps on Facebook, Instagram and Google or call 207-310-3473 for Harry’s Heat Pumps.  <

Friday, June 17, 2022

Business Spotlight: The Lender Lady

There’s a good reason why Haley McGovern of Northstar Mortgage is known as “The Lender Lady” and it’s evident with every person that she helps to purchase a home. From the very first phone call or meeting, Haley makes it clear that her first and foremost priority is working on their behalf no matter what needs to be done or the time that’s involved to help them get into their new residence at the best possible rate. 

Haley spends a great deal of time at her office located at 625 Roosevelt Trail in Windham. Her availability doesn't stop when she heads home for the day. Haley is available around the clock when customers seek to purchase or refinance a home.

With the expertise and resources necessary to save her clients thousands, Haley’s reputation has grown as someone who is resourceful and truly understands how important the purchase or refinance of a home can be for individuals and families.

“I am local, you can come into my office anytime. I am a think outside the box kind of person and work with lenders who also think outside the box,” she said. “We can match someone with a mortgage suited for their specific needs. I work with the number one lender in the U.S., offering competitive prices and fees for customers. They say the average savings per homeowner per year is $3,700 working with me.” 

According to Haley, the key to her success with her customers remains the ability to build a solid relationship with them. 

“It’s all about strong relationships and being available,” she said. “I care a lot and I want to see people get into homes. I’m flexible and I’m local and I realize that everyone is different and that everyone has different needs and financial situations.”     

She goes out of her way to help make the process of buying a home or refinancing as easy as possible.

“If someone cannot get pre-approved up front, I work with them to make sure they know the necessary steps to get where they want to be,” Haley said.

Haley offers exceptional and personalized customer service with closings in just 30 days or less.

Her devotion to her customers has led to many outstanding reviews for “The Lender Lady.”

Haley McGovern

“I have 18 Five-Star reviews on Google in about seven months since I first launched my business page,” McGovern said. “I am all about making the experience as stress-free as possible.”

Those glowing reviews reflect the genuine admiration customers have for McGovern’s work.

“Haley was great to work with. She was super helpful and explained the mortgage process step by step,” said Jordan Boucher. “She responded in a timely manner and was always reachable by phone or email. I would highly recommend Haley to anyone about to go through the mortgage process.” 

David Hall said working with Haley was an awesome experience.

She talks with you in person. No button pushing,” he said. “She is available in person, very knowledgeable and always makes time out of a busy day for you. She saved me a load of money. Not my first rodeo. If you’re not dealing with Haley, you’re missing out.”

Haley said that she’s constantly studying current trends in the mortgage industry that will help her customers save money.

“This brings me to Reverse Mortgages where elder people are struggling right now due to high inflation. I have been getting a lot of calls from the community wanting to pull out equity in their home to live a better, more stress-free retirement,” she said. “Reverse mortgage loans allow homeowners to convert their home equity into cash income with no monthly mortgage payments.

For more information or to reach “The Lender Lady” Haley McGovern, visit or call 207-653-9107. <

Friday, June 10, 2022

Business Spotlight: Wilderness Wags

It’s no secret that once you have had a wonderful dog, life without one is a life diminished. But to keep dogs happy and healthy they need lots of fresh air, socialization and exercise and that’s where Wilderness Wags can lend a hand. 

Owned and operated by Mykenzy Gagnon, Wilderness Wags offers a service where she picks up dogs and takes them off-leash for an outdoors adventure on an area trail and then returns them home after a rinse off and a tick check. The personalized service is provided Monday through Friday in smaller-sized groups and gives dogs plenty of room to roam and an opportunity to make new friends.

"The best thing about what we do is being able to hang out with the dogs and getting them exercise,” Gagnon said. “We have no more than eight dogs at one time and the experience makes both the dogs and their parents happy.”

She said what distinguishes Wilderness Wags from other similar dog experiences and dog walkers is that she doesn’t just walk them around in their neighborhood.

“They get to go out and have fun hiking and swimming while also getting to socialize and work on their trail manners,” Gagnon said. “I also allow for a smaller group setting so dogs aren't overwhelmed by their furry friends and truly get to connect with not only me but with the other dogs.” 

Wilderness Wags is a new business that offers personalized
off-leash adventures for dogs and provides convenient
pick-up and drop-off  service, socialization and plenty
 of exercise and room to roam for dogs.
According to Gagnon, the most challenging part of her work is earning a dog’s trust.

“Getting super shy dogs to trust me is by far and away the most difficult part of what I do,” she said. “But once you do earn a dog’s trust, it is also the most rewarding aspect of this work.”

Pricing for the service is highly affordable.

I consider my pricing to be within range for the area as it is $30 for one dog for one hike where they spend three-plus hours with me as well as I offer discounts for more than one dog in the same household,” Gagnon said. “The most important thing that I would like readers to know is that when they are sending their dog with me, their dog will be with someone who is experienced in all things dog as well as that they will be both mentally and physically enriching their dog’s life leading them to live a happier and healthier life.”

Because of her extensive experience working with dogs at kennels, Gagnon noticed that dogs loved getting outside but enjoyed it even more if they had the opportunity to run and explore with other dogs. She founded Wilderness Wags a few months ago and the business offers pooches a happy place they enjoy rather than being stuck to a traditional kennel style.

“I offer a superior quality as I believe it is quality over quantity and spend my time working to make sure each dog gets the best experience they can have. I ensure that every dog is safe and taken care of by meeting with each client before they can join on any hike as well as being cat and dog first aid/CPR certified,” she said. “Clients are loving my services as now they know their dog is getting out and having a wonderful time while they are working or away and they no longer have to feel guilty for leaving their pup at home all the while they don’t have to do anything.”

Along with being first aid and CPR-certified, Gagnon is fully insured and bonded and has ample equipment to accommodate dog groups during transport.

Gagnon has stayed current with trends in the animal care industry and says that she is always looking for seminars about how to improve each experience with the dogs as well as how to further educate herself in safety protocols, training tools and techniques and researching new and exciting locations to hike in the Windham area.

“A popular trend that customers should pay attention to is that during COVID when everything shut down lots of people got dogs while they were home all day but now that they are going back to work their dogs aren't getting the same attention and exercise that they were used to,” she said. “While they could spend their money going to doggy daycares to socialize and hang out or with a dog walker to get a short outing, with my service they would be paying about the same while their dog would get to socialize in a smaller and safer setting and getting more exercise than with a short walk around the neighborhood.”

For more information about services offered by Wilderness Wags, call 207-233-5583 or visit them online at or find them on Facebook at WildernessWagsME. <

Friday, June 3, 2022

Business Spotlight: Tow Sebago

Being stranded on the water with no one to help is the stuff that nightmares are made of, but a new service called Tow Sebago serving Sebago Lake stands ready to provide help and assistance for boaters when it’s needed the most.  

Tow Sebago crews are prepared for timely responses to boaters’ calls for help.  They have the knowledge and experience available to get the job done as an on-water towing service.


“Our staff is trained and equipped to handle any situation, provided your vessel is still afloat”, said Paul Rogers, Tow Sebago co-owner. “We can tow, provide fuel, and provide jump starts for dead batteries.  We have tools and some common boat parts available to try to keep our customers on the water enjoying their time.”

Rogers said Tow Sebago covers all of Sebago Lake, to the mouth of tributary rivers, and up the Songo River to the state park boat launch. 


Doug Kerr, left, and Paul Rogers launched Tow Sebago in
April, a business which assists boaters on Sebago Lake with
towing and a range of other emergency marine services.
The greatest misconception people may have is thinking another pleasure boat can safely tow another to port.  “The towing stanchions are structural on Tow Sebago” co-owner Doug Kerr said, “designed to handle tens of thousands of pounds of pressure. The cleats and ski posts of most pleasure vessels are only designed to handle hundreds of pounds and could lead to catastrophic failure.”

It's a business operated by captains experienced specifically on Sebago Lake and know the hazards and understand trouble can occur anywhere, anytime on the water.  


“We are proud of the service we can provide for boaters on Sebago Lake,” Kerr said. “It can be challenging responding to a wide variety of vessels in distress in unknown conditions.  Every tow is different as conditions on the lake may change very quickly.”


According to Rogers, demand for boat towing on the lake is steady.


“There has not been a towing service on Sebago Lake for about five years now.”  Kerr said.  Tow Sebago is independent and owned locally by Rogers and Kerr. Both Doug and Paul live in Raymond and are both on the fire department and active on the department’s marine unit. “We are all too aware of the need for a towing service on the lake,” said Rogers.   


Rogers said that in the short time Tow Sebago has been in business, they have performed with distinction, a fact not lost on those they serve.


“Our customers have all been very grateful for our timely and professional response,” Rogers said. “The feedback about what we do has been outstanding.”   


Towing services can be a one-time job, but the owners offer boaters a $250 annual membership from Tow Sebago, good for three service calls if needed.


“For the peace of mind that our service provides, knowing that your vessel will make it back to port safely, we believe this is a small price to pay in boat ownership,” Kerr said.  


Along with towing, the business also provides fuel drops, stuck anchor removal, help in becoming unstuck from soft groundings, jump starts for vessels disabled by low or not charged marine batteries, and assisting with pump-outs for vessels taking on water.


Both Rogers and Kerr take great pride in the quick responsiveness of Tow Sebago.   Employees respond to calls for assistance and deliver exceptional customer service from start to finish when dealing with boaters seeking their help. 


“We love the water and the boating community,” Rogers said. “Our goal is to provide service within the hour so you can get back to doing what you love.”


The Tow Sebago business was launched at the end of April this year and currently employs a handful of trained captains and deckhands. Their vessel is docked in Jordan Bay at Port Harbor Marina in Raymond. 


Captains for Tow Sebago have completed the U.S. Coast Guard’s OUPV "6 pack" course and hold towing endorsements, though none of this is required by law on Sebago Lake.  “We do this so Tow Sebago will continue to provide the highest level of safety and service,” Kerr said. 


Rogers says “Our captains are on the water almost every day, weather permitting.  We love being on the water, and train frequently for many different types of situations.”  


To learn more about Tow Sebago and details of their membership, call 207-800-0200, visit their website at or find them on Facebook at Towsebago. <

Friday, May 27, 2022

Business Spotlight: Southern Maine Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Visiting an oral surgeon is not something many look forward to, but patients of Southern Maine Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery often come away pleasantly surprised at how pain-free and comfortable procedures are compared to just a decade ago.

According to Dr. Timothy Mitchell and Dr. Rick Crawford, Southern Maine Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Windham strives to make patients feel at ease and it comes from experience.

Through the years, Mitchell and Crawford have treated thousands of patients at their 12 Drive In Lane location in Windham and at their offices at 131 Johnson Road in Portland and 20 West Cole Road in Biddeford.

“The best review we receive regularly goes like this,” Crawford and Mitchell said. “Before I came in, I was nervous about my procedure, and I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t want to come in! But your staff made me feel comfortable, informed, and at ease.”

Mitchell said that when the Southern Maine Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery staff is asked what their favorite part of their job is, a popular answer is: making patients feel comfortable.

“That speaks to a big part of why we’ve been able to keep a practice in Windham for 50 years,” Crawford said.

Since the practice began, it has consistently ranked as one of the top oral and maxillofacial surgical facilities in Maine by patients, fellow dentists and physicians.

The staff of Southern Maine Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
puts patients first. The practice has been around for 50 years.

The goal of the practice is to offer exceptional care that is safe and comfortable in a modern facility with state-of-the-art technology with underlying core values emphasized such as quality, integrity, compassion and accredited services.

That advanced technology includes equipment such as the CS 9300 system using cone beam CT technology to help them diagnose potential issues more accurately and provide treatment with unprecedented confidence, the surgeons can efficiently deliver a painless and positive treatment outcome.  

Southern Maine Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is known as a full scope OMS practice and treats patients for a wide range of conditions in both office and hospital settings.

They perform oral surgery for dental implants; bone grafting; wisdom teeth extraction; jaw surgery; for facial trauma and tooth extractions, among many other surgical procedures. They also perform dentoalveolar surgery; pediatric oral surgery, orthognathic and reconstructive surgery, treat maxillofacial tumors, cleft lip and palates, snoring and sleep apnea and temporomandibular joint problems.     

But Mitchell and Crawford both say the best part of their work is meeting patients, hearing their stories, and trying to figure out a way to help them.

“The most challenging aspect of what we do is trying to stay current with the advances being made in technology,” Mitchell said. “When we’re doing procedures or techniques, we want them to be the most up to date as possible and using the technology that is the most appropriate for our patients.”

Crawford says that working in the Windham community is a benefit to the practice.

“The relationships we’ve made through the years are simply invaluable,” he said. “We have forged excellent relationships with many local dentists and built strong and close relationships with Windham residents. We’re really plugged into the dental health of Windham.”

Mitchell and Crawford both say the keys to Southern Maine Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery’s success through the years involve putting people first.

“We keep our work patient focused and we make sure that we’re available and affordable,” Mitchell said. “We don’t cut corners and we put our patients above all else. It’s better for our patients.”

Crawford said another factor in the practice’s success is they treat everyone with respect and make people feel comfortable.

“As such, we’re the choice for this service in the Windham community,” he said. “I’ve been a part of this practice for 30 years and it’s been a wonderful experience here.”   

The success of Southern Maine Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery has resulted in its continued growth and recently a new surgeon, Dr. Kris Cooper joined the Windham practice and Mitchell and Crawford say that more new surgeons are in the pipeline.

For more information about Southern Maine Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, call 207-892-3100 or visit their website at
Find them on Facebook and Instagram at southernmaineoralsurgery <

Friday, May 20, 2022

Business Spotlight: PeoplesChoice Home Loans

As a Mortgage Loan Originator, Jenn Leanhart of PeoplesChoice Home Loans in Windham is focused on providing an exceptional mortgage experience. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, or looking to move into a new home, PeoplesChoice Home Loans has the experience, expertise and skills to listen to members and make obtaining a mortgage a smooth process from start to finish. 

According to Leanhart, besides being able to offer a variety of loans to fit a member’s needs, personalized customer service is her top priority.

“I listen to a member and get to know them and what their needs are. I explain the process in full detail and make myself available for them whenever questions arise,” she said. “Whether it is a refinance with cash out to update their home, or a first-time homebuyer, I like to listen in detail of what they are looking to do.”

With nearly 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Leanhart stands ready to help members find the best options available for financing and she takes the time to guide you throughout the process, making sure you understand what is needed to reach your goals.

“I have two favorite parts of my job, the first-time homebuyers and the members that I like to call my puzzles,” Leanhart said. “The excitement of watching the first-time homebuyer completing a purchase that they thought impossible, or when members have been turned down elsewhere and they have a situation that makes getting a home loan difficult, I look for creative solutions and help them reach their goals. I love that each member brings something new for me to learn. There are never two days the same.”

Jenn Leanhart is a Mortgage Loan
Originator for PeoplesChoice Home
Loans in Windham.

Even after all these years of working in the mortgage industry, Leanhart said she still feels incredible in helping people realize their dreams.

“There is nothing more exciting than watching a new homebuyer trying to concentrate on signing the paperwork in front of them while their eyes keep shifting to the keys to their first home on the other side of the table,” she said. “I share in their joy knowing that my background in Quality Control Underwriting combined with nearly 20 years in the Mortgage Industry played a significant role in helping navigate the complexities of buying a home, which brought them to this point in their journey.”

PeoplesChoice Home Loans opened their lending focused office in Windham in 2020. The credit union has other locations in Saco, Biddeford, Wells and Sanford. As a not-for-profit financial institution, they are able to offer very competitive rates and do not charge additional fees for services.

“We do both commercial and residential mortgages. Along with your typical FHA, VA, RD, and conventional loans we have our portfolio program that allows us to offer a wide variety of options to our members,” Leanhart said. “These include commercial properties, land loans, construction loans, we lend on mobile homes on their own land, condos, and seasonal camps. The list goes on. I love that we have such a wide variety for everyone’s specific needs. One of the major reasons I decided to come to the credit union, just like myself, not so cookie cutter.”

Leanhart said what separates PeoplesChoice Home Loans from other mortgage companies is their devotion to helping members and being in their corner every step of the way during the mortgage process.

“We provide personalized service to our members,” she said. “We’re responsive to everyone who calls our office, and it is our job to explain details of the process. The greatest misconception some may have is they feel like they may not qualify or are intimidated by the process. A lot are hesitant because they don’t know enough about how things work.”

She said she’s humbled in assisting members seeking a mortgage.

“The greatest compliment I get is when I get a phone call from someone that says ‘I was given your number by (my mom, my friend/coworker) they spoke very highly of you and said I should give you a call.’ That makes me smile every time,” Leanhart said.

To learn more about PeoplesChoice Home Loans, visit their office at 824 Roosevelt Trail, Suite 3 in Windham, call 207-710-1907 or visit

Friday, May 13, 2022

Spotlight: Windham Farmers' Market

The Windham Farmers’ Market is a terrific way to start the weekend. Located on Turning Leaf Drive in North Windham, it is open every Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. from May 21 until Oct. 1. 

According to Lisa Fisher, Windham Farmers’ Market coordinator, the two goals of the market are to support our farmers, food producers and artisans by providing a venue where they can sell their product and to be a vehicle for improved community access to fresh, healthy and affordable local foods.

“We add fun for kids, some entertainment, special events and then offer it up in a happy, stress-free place for our customers to spend the morning,” Fisher said. “This will be our fifth year with that philosophy. We have developed a really nice market community, so it seems to be working.”

She said that Windham Farmers’ Market vendors live and work in Maine and most of them are from the Lakes Region.

“Some are with us every Saturday, and others are visiting vendors who come for a few Saturdays,” Fisher said.

Farmers bring eggs, freshly cut flowers, seedlings, potted herbs, berries, melons, apples and vegetables in standard varieties as well as organics, like rainbow carrots, striped zucchini and blue potatoes to sell at the market. Customers will also find an assortment of locally raised meats:  beef, chicken, pork, lamb and rabbit which are great for grilling.

There’s also honey, maple syrup, jams and pickles to round out tasty possibilities for your table and a generous assortment of sweet treats including freshly baked whoopie pies, cookies, cheesecake, bars and fudge.

Fisher said artisan vendors featured at the market craft seasonal and everyday items for person and home.

“If you like to entertain, we have wooden charcuterie boards, bowls, coasters, and balancing wine bottle holders and wine butlers,” Fisher said.

The Windham Farmers' Market opens for the season at 8:30
a.m. Saturday, May 21 and continues each Saturday through
Oct. 1 featuring goods and products from local farmers.
Want to brighten your home and garden space? There are decorative solar lights, custom signs, photos, and framed art prints, fused and stained glass, table runners and bird houses.”


Quilts, cloth bags, table toppers, aprons and gifts for baby are available in an array of colors and prints and Fisher said that the selection changes weekly and many of the vendors accept special orders.

“The best thing about working for the Windham Farmers’ Market is being there every Saturday morning seeing people enjoy themselves and knowing that the market has created such a positive impact on the community,” Fisher said.    

The support and well-being of our community is important to everyone associated with the Windham Farmers’ Market, she said.

“The market is authorized to accept SNAP and we provide Maine Harvest Bucks with all SNAP purchases,” Fisher said. “Throughout the summer we invite civic organizations into the market for their public outreach. Our schedule of market guests and events is always changing. This allows us to take advantage of opportunities as they arise and to enrich our market environment.”

Jen Kenneally, Celeste Kennedy and Fisher staff the market and the welcome booth and do the set-up and tear-down of market equipment.

“Jen and Celeste volunteer their time and wonderful energy to help guide market activities each week,” Fisher said. “I am endlessly impressed by them.

“When we originally conceived this market, we wanted it to be easy for the vendors to do business and our vendors are lovely people,” she said, “giving of their time, experience and suggestions to help us be better.”   

Other factors helping the market be the success that it is include the Baker Brook Farm Creamery which generously allows the use of their property as the market site and the Windham Economic Development Corporation which supports its media platforms, administrative and marketing efforts. “Several Town of Windham departments also participate in supporting market events.

“Our customers are the biggest reason for our success,” Fisher said. “They come back every week and support all of our vendors. It shows that when you’re nice to people, they respond.” 

The Windham Farmers’ Market wants to welcome everyone back this year, whether you are a veteran customer or if it will be the first that you’re visiting.

For more information, visit and find them on Facebook at WindhamFarmersMarket. Their email address is or call 207-894-4097. <