Friday, August 28, 2020

Business Spotlight: Kindred Farms Market & Bakery’s an old saying that reminds us that love starts with the family, and in the case of the family that owns and operates Kindred Farms Market & Bakery in Casco, that expression is heartfelt.
Kindred Farms Market & Bakery is the realization of a dream for Corrin Conforte-Albrecht and her mother, Shirley Greeley, and their love for family and baking is evident with every bite of every item on their menu. When her daughter was only 8, Greeley took her Corrin on a trip to Lake George, New York and while there, they visited a market and deli housed inside an old restored farmhouse. They dreamed that someday they would create such a place and their persistence paid off.

Three years ago, together with their family, they launched what many customers lovingly refer to as “a little slice of heaven on earth.”
Located at 595 Meadow Road at the intersection of Route 11 and Route 121 in Casco, Kindred Farms opens at 8 a.m. every day and closes at 7 p.m. daily.

Working at the market and bakery is a genuine labor of love for their entire family and despite the long hours and time spent preparing everything just right, their devotion to each other and to providing the finest baked goods, sandwiches and pizza has been popular with the public and visitors to the Sebago Lake Region.
“I’d like to think that our customers can taste the love and the passion for what we do,” Conforte-Albrecht said. “We are a family business, and we’re so grateful we get to do this together.”

Along with her mother, Conforte-Albrecht’s husband and their two daughters work there too and that has led to a unique camaraderie and closeness among the staff.

We work really hard, but we also have a lot of fun working together and that time is precious and invaluable,” she said. “It shows in everything we make and serve to our customers.”

Open seven days a week, Kindred Farms Market & Bakery offers a large variety of baked goods, breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices, gluten-free, keto, vegetarian and vegan options, seasonal lobster rolls, fresh pizza, take-out items, vegetables, ice cream, special orders and catering. For holidays and special occasions, they take orders for pies and other assorted goodies.

“We bake every day,” Conforte-Albrecht said.  “I hope our customers know how much we care about making them happy. “We’ll do anything it takes to bring a smile to their face.”

Each day, the family pours its heart and soul into running the Kindred Farms Market & Bakery. Greely is there early to do the morning baking and the rest of the family continues to see things run smoothly until the doors close in the evening,

“We just want everything to be as delicious as possible,” Conforte-Albrecht said. “We’re so grateful for the support of our community and customers. We’ve even had customers send us thank you notes for staying open and how we’ve dealt with the pandemic.”

Regular customers to Kindred Farms Market & Bakery return time and time again for mouthwatering breakfast sandwiches, chicken salads and an out of this world array of whoopie pies, cinnamon buns, cupcakes, brownies, iced coffee or homemade smoothies.
A convenient take-out window is available and Conforte-Albrecht said many breakfast, lunch and dinner items are cooked to order.
“We don’t take shortcuts,” she said. “We don’t rush things but make every meal we serve delicious and worth it.”
There’s no question that the most popular item Kindred Farms Market & Bakery sells has strong appeal to local residents and tourists alike. Mainers - it’s the traditional Maine favorite, the whoopie pie, which comes in many yummy flavors and fillings. To accommodate all the numerous requests for different whoopie pie tastes from the public, each week Kindred Farms hosts “Whoopie Wednesday” with flavors suggested by customers.
“It’s our best seller year in and year out,” Conforte-Albrechi said. “Every so often we’ll get a request from someone visiting from out of state to send them a box of whoopie pies. So sometime soon we’re going to have a mail order business too, so stayed tuned for that.”
To review a complete and up-to-date menu, find them on Facebook. To place a take-out or curbside order, call 207-627-5224. <

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