Friday, May 22, 2020

Business Spotlight: Maine Locksmith Service

For generations, area residents have come to rely on the Crommie Family for quality locksmith and automotive ignition services, but now in addition to that expertise, the Crommies have become a dealership offering Old Hickory Buildings for sale at competitive pricing.
Alec Wurfel has joined his grandfather, Martin Crommie, and his father, Kirk Crommie, in showcasing a vast inventory of Old Hickory Buildings at the Maine Locksmith Services and the Windham display lot at 459 Roosevelt Trail just north of the Route 302 and Route 202 rotary.

Wurfel said that Old Hickory Buildings produce prefabricated structures nationwide and in Canada and are a leader in the portable storage industry providing dependable storage solutions of highest quality for customers.
“We know there are certainly a lot of dealerships and businesses that offer sheds and portable storage buildings,” Wurfel said. “They all look pretty much the same but when you open the door, you’ll find cheaper materials that won’t last. Old Hickory products are produced using quality materials across the board.”
According to Wurfel, Old Hickory Buildings are durable and can be used for a variety of purposes while standing up the harshest of weather condition.
“We've seen them used as simple storage for anything from lawn tools to vehicles, and some costumers have completely insulated our sheds as workshops, or even houses,” he said.
Old Hickory Buildings offer quality
 portable storage solutions for
almost every budget and can
 be viewed at 459 Roosevelt Trail
 in Windham.
The sheds they offer are built with 2x4s or 2x6s at customer request, industry standard T-11 siding, and in-house metal roofs with shingles available upon request. The most common shed size is 10x16, but they can provide any size from 8x8 to 14x40.
“We offer six standard roof colors, 17 siding color options, and color matching for siding as well if a customer would like to match their home,” Wurfel said. “Old Hickory provides us with their own drivers based out of their Cornish build lot that deliver the sheds by trailer. Anything within 30 miles our shop in Windham comes with free delivery and set up.”
Despite being of higher quality than can be found elsewhere, Wuerfel said that Old Hickory Buildings remain competitively priced and they offer a three- and four-year rental option for all of their sheds. Why rent a storage space forever when you can rent to own your shed instead?
“We also offer a five-year warranty on all our sheds as well as a limited lifetime warranty,” he said.
“From the premium materials that are used to the engineering certification process, customers can be confident that they will receive the best building to fit their needs and stay within their budget,” Wurfel said.
Before deciding on a shed or building, Wurfel suggests that customers explore town or municipal policies to meet established requirements.
“Windham has a square-footage policy where past a certain size a customer will require a permit,” he said. “We however are not familiar with every town policy in our 30-mile radius, so we always recommended customers to contact their town hall beforehand.”
Old Hickory takes a local approach to stay environmentally friendly and to support local businesses during the construction of their sheds, Wurfel said.
“The best thing a customer can do to help lower any potential environmental impact is to be careful where they place their shed and to contact their town halls to conform to local guidelines for runoff,” Wurfel said.
Unlike other businesses that come and go, the Crommie Family has built up a unique trust in the community through longevity and a shining reputation for dependability and standing behind the products and services they offer.
“My grandfather started Maine Locksmith Services over 30 years ago, and we have been working as a dealership for Old Hickory part time for two years now,” Wurfel said. “We also have been designing and managing master key systems as well as working on automotive locks for 30-plus years. We began cutting and programming high-security transponder keys 10 years ago and have since added proximity and push button start ignitions all while staying at half the price of most dealerships.”
Sheds can be viewed in person at 459 Roosevelt Trail in Windham weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
For more information about Old Hickory Buildings, visit or call 207-838-4368 for shed sales and auto ignition service and 207-892-8366 for locksmith or visit

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