Friday, May 29, 2020

Business Spotlight: Busy Bee Laundromat who’s spent any time in Windham and Raymond has probably visited the Busy Bee Laundromat in Windham and knows of its longevity in business and reputation as the place to go in town when you need to wash and dry clothes.
Owner George Bartlett has operated Busy Bee for the past 35 years and as times have changed, he says the laundry business has too. Busy Bee’s vast array of washers and dryers still accept coins as the traditional method of payment, but now also take debit and credit cards.

Washers and dryers are more powerful and more energy efficient than ever and the customary method of dry cleaning has been discarded in favor of a safer and more environmentally friendly way of cleaning materials using water instead of dangerous chemicals.

Busy Bee Laundromat’s Natasha McFarland, left,
 and George Bartlett, are ready to assist the public
with resolving cleaning issues for fabrics and clothing.
 Busy Bee is open seven days a week and has
 launched a new pick-up and delivery service
for the Windham and Raymond area.
Bartlett said that through the years Busy Bee has evolved from a simple self-service coin laundry into a high-tech, highly efficient cleaning company featuring the newest high-efficiency washers and dryers available.
And Busy Bee has also made the transition to using the new standard process for cleaning clothing and materials called “wet cleaning.”
Water has been a normal cleaning solution, but many garments had problems with water cleaning. Over the years many solvents evolved to replace water as the cleaning medium,” Bartlett said. “The original solvent was petroleum and the term dry cleaning developed since water and petroleum do not mix. Eventually a solution called perchlorethane became the solvent of choice and has been used for decades since it cleaned better, faster, and safer than petroleum.”
According to Bartlett, with today’s focus and emphasis on the environment, the use of chemical solvents in dry cleaning have become unacceptable.
“Enter the digital age where we can now control the agitation, heat, drying times as well as the amount of moisture left in the garment to eliminate shrinkage,” Bartlett said. “Reenter water as the cleaner of choice. We can now safely clean delicate fabrics such as wool, silk, rayon and many synthetics with our highly refined cleaning system. This also means we use less energy, less water and the results are nicer looking and nicer feeling garments.”
Serving the public and helping everyone find affordable and available laundry solutions is key to the continued success of the Busy Bee Laundromat.
“My father was in business for many years and he gave me some great advice. He told me that a business goes through ups and downs and the best way to keep a business going is to serve the people,” Bartlett said. “That’s exactly what we do here.”

Located at 771 Roosevelt Trail, Suite 7, in the Windham Shopping Plaza, Busy Bee is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week during the spring, winter and fall months and remains open until 10 p.m. during the busy summer tourist and camp season.

Busy Bee Manager Natasha McFarland has worked for the laundromat for nearly two decades and said that everyone who walks in through the doors to Busy Bee finds a clean and safe facility with friendly and knowledgeable staff.

“It’s a small business and we really get to know our customers and their needs and preferences,” she said.

To assist the community further, Busy Bee has established a new and convenient 10-mile pick-up and delivery service in the Windham and Raymond areas, McFarland said.  

“To arrange for the pick-up and delivery service, all a customer has to do is come in to the laundromat and set up an account,” she said.

As a mechanical engineer, Bartlett says he’s always striving to find the best way to solve cleaning problem and has learned the latest and top techniques for cleaning garments through constant schooling, seminars and personal experience.

“Many people come in with stains and problems that need our expertise and specialized equipment to help solve,” he said. “We’re here to help and everyone leaves here as a friend.”

For more information about Busy Bee Laundromat, call 892-5914 or visit  <

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