Friday, April 26, 2019

Business Spotlight: Ranger Pest Services Lorraine Glowczak

Whether it is the pesky mosquito that will soon make it’s early summer appearance, ants that live in your home uninvited, ticks hiding in your landscape or the irritating mice and squirrels camping out in your attic – Ranger Rick of the independently and locally owned Ranger Pest Services has your back and is there to protect you, your family and your pets, too.

Rick Reinhard and his wife, Melissa, co-own and operate the family-owned Cornish, Maine business. They offer pest control services in Southern and Western Maine and have done so for over two years. Not new to customer service or entrepreneurship, the Reinhard’s have also owned a construction business, offering honest and reliable service for over 25 years. Rick brings his past experiences to Ranger Pest Services. “Rick’s experience in building and construction gives him the knowledge required to locate and assess any pesky situation quickly, while delivering the most effective results,” Melissa explained.

Krista Lair, owner of Krista’s Restaurant in Cornish verifies the top-notch advantages of hiring Ranger Pest Services:

[We] switched to Ranger Pest Services last year after many years with a major pest company. Best decision ever. Personalized service, check-ins regarding issues and concerns and of course, the best part is....results! Rick also started servicing my house, which had become a squirrel circus training site for the entire Northeast. He focused on removing said circus from the house by tightening up entry points instead of just trapping them...loved this and love the fact that I haven't had an issue since! Definitely very thankful and highly recommend.”

Rick can professionally solve issues like these, and thus gaining trust of the clients they serve. Most service professionals who work for well-known and national pest control businesses would and could not offer what Rick can so easily resolve. First, he owns the business and his reputation matters. Rick delivers the services needed and develops a relationship with his patrons. You will not find this in the “big box” businesses. 

Secondly, and as their website states, “Ranger Pest Services brings the same honesty, integrity and fair prices Rick and Melissa have always been known for here in southern Maine. Using the latest technology, resources, and products, Ranger Pest Services offers both traditional and organic treatments.”

Rick is licensed with Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Board of Pesticides Control and holds a Master’s Applicator License. 

Rick and Melissa take pesticides seriously, using them in the only most needed situations. “We are very concerned about and hold deep respect for the environment,” stated Melissa, who went on to explain her personal limited use of plastic. Rick added, “We think first, spray last.”

Using both traditional and organic treatments, the following are very imperative reasons why pest control services are important and the purpose why Ranger Pest Services opened their doors;

Owners, Rick and Melissa Reinhard
“There are a lot of serious diseases and health issues that are spread by pests and rodents to humans and pets,” Rick explained. “The top health issues to be considered is the West Nile Virus, transmitted by mosquitos and Lyme disease, spread by deer ticks. And, that’s just a few concerns we have.”
According to the American Mosquito Control Association, “As of 2014, there have been 36,437 cases of WNV [West Nile Virus] reported to CDC [Center for Disease Control]. Of these, 15,774 have resulted in meningitis/encephalitis and 1,538 were fatal.”

Regarding the recent health and environmental concerns surrounding local Sebago Lakes region streams and lakes, Rick points out that it is mandated by law to spray a certain range away from watershed areas, thus relieving any possibility of contributing further to water contamination.
As for the over abundance of ants you may have visiting now or the mice who will want to nest in your home this fall, Rick can easily take care of them without entering your home. He can spray the foundation to prevent infestation. What is important to remember is to not put your health at risk by waiting for the problem to escalate.

To receive the highest quality and personalized pest control services that considers and respects the natural environment, contact Melissa and Rick by email at or by phone; 207-712-8871 (Rick) or 207-651-3834 (Melissa). For more information, peruse their website at

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