Friday, March 9, 2018

Business spotlight: Rose Cottage Healing by Michelle Libby are times when traditional medicine and talk therapy doesn’t work for certain people. Spiritual healer Jennifer McAllister offers a holistic alternative that can help heal anxiety, depression, drama, post-traumatic stress disorder, and helps people find their path in this life. 
At her space at 110 Tandberg Trail, Rose Cottage Healing offers a variety of techniques to help people heal from trauma or to help them heal themselves. All of the work she does centers on the energy fields that surround the body. 

“I consider myself to be a spiritual healer,” McAllister said. “I offer spiritual guidance and coaching.”
She offers Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), which is a light touch, holistic energy session, Reiki, a movement of energy in the body, psychic readings using Akashic record readings that work on healing the soul of a person, Shamanic healing which is more soul work, and she teaches classes on IET. 

“Classes are very healing on their own,” she said. 

McAllister went to art school and found herself painting roses, many different types of roses. Her talent with a paint brush was undermined by her debilitating anxiety. 

“I needed healing so desperately for anxiety. I couldn’t function in society, and felt lost and let down by western medicine,” she said. She looked for a way to heal herself. After one year of working with IET, her life had changed and she stopped all of her medication. Now her paintings, which she does for herself primarily, have a spiritual bent with angels making up the majority of her work.    

“I know the power of angels and [I am] so happy I found this amazing healing,” McAllister said. Rose Cottage Healing has been in business for five years and has been in its Windham location for a year.

In addition to the light touch work she does, McAllister also communicates with angels. “It was just what I was drawn to,” she said. 
Clients are welcome to “mix and match” any of her services or choose one specific modality.
“I feel divinely guided in the steps for me,” she said. She decided to help others by teaching classes on IET regularly for anyone looking to help themselves and others. 

“I see a lot of people who I recognize as myself. They are their own healers. I’m trying to guide them in the right way,” she said. 

IET therapy has been around since the 1980s according to McAllister. She herself is an IET master and teacher, having learned it when she was healing her own issues. During sessions she also receives messages from angels and guides for the person being worked on. She writes down those notes including what guidance, signs, symbols and insights they may have for the person. 

“This heals the body at a deeper, cellular level,” McAllister said. “This therapy can help release things you didn’t even know was going on.” 

The IET class has three levels and once completed they are invited to practice in McAllister’s non-profit, The Angels of Healing. The practitioners provide free services to people in crisis the third Saturday of the month at The Portland Recovery Community Center. 

“This gives the students a place to practice dealing with trauma, abuse and stuff,” she said.
By working with all ages, from kids to the elderly, she is able to help them with physical healing, emotional helping and mental healing.  

“There is no one who could not benefit from an IET session,” she added. The therapy also works on pets. “The goal is to create a sense of joy and peace by helping people to feel safe.”

McAllister can be hired to do individual readings for groups of people or gallery readings. She can be found at Leapin’ Lizards the first Tuesday of every month and all of her services can be done remotely all over the world. “There are no boundaries for the work I do,” she added.
For more information or to book a session, visit or email The next 6-hour IET class starts March 31.

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