Friday, March 30, 2018

Business spotlight All Seasons Power Equipment by Michelle Libby Seasons Power Equipment is gearing up for the spring season and rolling out the new equipment to help homeowners with projects and help professionals take their businesses to the next level. The company opened its doors at 633 Roosevelt Trail five years ago as an off shoot of Reid’s Service Center in Oxford, which opened in 1945. Andy Paine bought the company in the nineties.  
“We’re a local business. We do everything the big guys do and then some,” said store manager Joe Payton. 

All Seasons Power Equipment carries a full line of Husqvarna power tools and lawn mowers, the entire LS Tractor line, Grasshopper commercial line, DR bush hogs, Little Wonder leaf blowers and Generac power washers and portable generators.  People are encouraged to come in to try out the machines. 

“You get to try cars at the car dealership, why not here,” said Mike Harrington, who does service in the shop. 

From chainsaws with battery packs to zero turn lawnmowers, All Seasons has what Mainers need to keep lawns, gardens, hedges and more in line all seasons of the year. The Husqvarna 100 Series homeowner kit can provide a battery-operated trimmer with charger for $229.95. 

“We’re here for the basic homeowner who mows the lawn once a month to a professional that does it eight hours a day, seven days a week,” Payton said. “We have tractors that are full-sized up to 50 horsepower in stock.” 

The blue LS tractors take prime real estate in front of the store. The popular XJ Series has 1,300 pounds lifting capacity, which is the most for a 25-horsepower engine, Payton said. 

“Anything bought from us is put together, ready to go. We don’t like boxes,” he said. “You can go out and buy the most expensive equipment, but without service to go with it, it’s useless.” 

Every piece of equipment has a 40-point checklist. “We run it. When we hand it to you, you’ve seen it run and we can show you how it runs. Same with all of our tractors,” Payton said. On new equipment there is free delivery within a 50-mile radius. 

“Our motto is ‘save green, buy blue’,” Payton said. LS Tractors carry the same warranties and have the same lifting capacities for a lot less money than the other companies known for their tractors.
All Seasons carries parts for all of the lines they carry and special orders can be placed for items not in stock. They carry leaf blowers, push mowers and riding mowers, whatever a homeowner could need. 

All Seasons Power Equipment is also a “full-service shop, servicing all brands, not just the brands we sell,” said Payton. They also do warranty work on all the brands they sell, even if they weren’t purchased at their store. 

“All the work is done here,” said Payton. None of the equipment is sent to other shops. “The majority of parts can be here in two days, if I don’t have it,” Payton said. 

The service technicians hold certificates in all the major brands they work on.

All Seasons offers a fee-based pick up and delivery service. There’s no limit on distance. Call for prices, Payton suggested. 

The four employees work hard and are often “treated well with food.” The other two employees are Jeremy Perkins, sales and service, and Dave Beaupre, driver. “We all multi-task,” said Payton.

The company stands out because of its “personal service. We do everything in house,” Payton said. “I also get to play with large equipment and I really enjoy working with people.” 

All Seasons is open for sales and service Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Items can be dropped off at any time. No appointments are needed. 

For more information, call 207-894-2298, email or visit them online at

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