Thursday, September 15, 2016

Business spotlight - Lakeside Taxi and Courier Service - By Michelle Libby

For Ed Morrison owning a taxi is more than convenience, it’s a mission to keep people safe in the
Sebago region. “The area needs a reliable taxi. I serve all of Cumberland County and Maine. I’ll take anyone wherever they need to go,” Morrison said. 

Lakeside Taxi just opened last month and already Morrison has helped people get home safe. A wife called Lakeside Taxi at 1 a.m. to have Morrison go pick up her husband and his friends who were stranded in Naples. “I was open and able to go get her husband and his friends and bring them home safely,” he said. He also drove a bachelor party around so they didn’t have to worry about transportation. 

Morrison is a native of Vermont, but he moved to Raymond five years ago. He’s a cook by trade, but has done a lot of different jobs including driving a taxi for eight years and driving a truck cross country. He was also a background actor in California. After all of his experiences, he has decided to settle here to help people. 

“I’m 24/7, 365. My goal is to help do away with drunk driving offenses and get people home safe without criminal offenses,” Morrison said. 

The father of adult children, he has always been concerned about drunk drivers. Years ago one of his uncles when to a party with a friend and while riding on the back of a motorcycle he was knocked off and fell into a coma and later died. He doesn’t want that experience to happen to anyone else. The cost of an OUI charge can run into the $10,000 range. The money that could be saved by calling Lakeside Taxi is staggering. Plus there is no loss of license, no loss of job, no increased insurance rates and no being dropped from the insurance company, Morrison said. 
He’s more than just a taxi service however. He is willing to be a delivery service as well. “I can get people home safe after a night of drinking and can do delivery services from a restaurant for a fee,” he said. From McDonalds to Hannaford to Go, Morrison will pick up an order and deliver it to the customer. This would be convenient for the elderly or disabled, when weather is bad and they can’t get out. A mother who needs medication for her child and can’t leave the house, Lakeside Taxi to the rescue. 

The need for a taxi and delivery service is what motivates Morrison. “I’m 10 minutes away. People need to get from point A to point B. It cuts down on emissions and is safer,” he said. 

Morrison drives a 2004 Chevy Impala that seats four people plus the driver. Right now Lakeside Taxi only has one driver, but Morrison’s goal is to have five taxis be the end of the year with 10 drivers and two limousines. 

“The area needs it. If you want anything now you have to call Portland. I am the Raymond/Windham transportation resource,” he said. 

With Lakeside Taxi, people don’t have to be late to work anymore. Trouble getting your child to school, call Lakeside Taxi. The company is available for any type of events and courier services.
Starting in November the company will be offering package deals on casino trips to Oxford Casino, Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods with a per person price for round trip same day service. 

Lakeside Taxi is fully insured. The cost is $3 per mile cash or credit. They accept all major credit cards. Repeat customers qualify for a discount. 

Lakeside Taxi also offers flat rate fees to airports. It’s $125 to Manchester Airport, $35 for the Portland Jetport and $150 for Boston’s Logan Airport.

Would you rather ride in the back of a police car or in the back of a Lakeside Taxi…it’s your choice. 
For more information or for a taxi, call 207-655-6303 or email

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