Friday, September 9, 2016

Business spotlight - Healing Arts & Well-Being - By Michelle Libby a calm and restful place on the corner of Whites Bridge Road and Route 302, massage therapists Jacquelyn Winant and Deanna Raihl have settled into a new shared space that is designed to help nourish their clients’ bodies, minds and souls.

“The new location is much nicer and the location is premium and easier to find,” said Winant.
After being a massage therapist since 2003, Winant plans to take her business to the next level offering classes and coaching in addition to massage. 

“I always knew I wanted to do something to help people. Not to be a nurse, but by touching,” Winant said. After a while she knew she wanted to help more people than by just doing massage, so she started life coaching. She also is a Reiki Master, does polarity, aromatherapy and is a yoga instructor. 

As a life coach, Winant sees herself as “an unbiased ear for issues their trying to work out. I don’t lead you, but help you find the answer. I don’t give advice, but I get you to the ‘a ha moment’.” Life coaching can be used for business, relationships, jobs and physical needs. “I help you see the big picture,” she said. 
“It’s the accountability. It’s a gift,” added Raihl. 

“It’s somebody to listen to you,” Winant finished. 

Raihl specializes in massage for chronic pain and injury. She helps reset the body using deep tissue pressure when needed. She does some counseling and coaching especially around nutrition.  She hopes to start a yoga class for children and a sign language class for children starting in October. 

“I took the mental health approach,” Raihl said. She worked with at-risk youth for a while. She wanted to help them, but now helps others through massage, organic skin treatments and as a holistic health counselor. She also does organic spray tanning. “I try to stay organic throughout my business,” she said. 

On Saturday, September 10th, Healing Arts & Well-Being will host an open house for anyone interested in learning about holistic care or those who want to experience all Healing Arts & Well-Being has to offer, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. There will be a medium, henna tattoo artist, a representative from Isagenix, homemade soaps and a table to make roller ball applicators using DoTERRA oils. They will also have gift certificate specials and raffles. 

“We work well together and offer a lot of services. We’re a wellness center for mind, body and spirit,” Winant said. Their services are important for many reasons. “To learn how to deal with stress,” Winant said. 

“Because you’re important,” said Raihl.

“We get pushed aside and don’t take care of ourselves,” Winant said. “Stress manifests itself in funky ways. I’d like to offer energy based massage and counseling here to unload some of their issues or things that are happening in their life. We all carry the weight of the world on our shoulders.” 

Winant offers restorative and gentle flow yoga classes during the week in their new large, comfortable space. 

Winant and Raihl are both teaching classes through Windham Adult Education this fall. Raihl will be teaching “Healthy Halloween” offering suggestions and alternatives to candy and sugar. She will also have another class about holiday eating and stress. 

Winant will be doing a class on creating Christmas gifts with essential oils. Those classes can be found online or in the Windham Raymond Adult Education booklet. 

Winant also hosts the Think Local chapter on Mondays from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. for business owners to network.

For more information or to schedule appointments, visit or call 207-400-4796 for Winant or call 207-482-0615 or visit They both can be found on Facebook at HealingArts by Jacquelyn and Nourishing Self.  

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