Friday, January 15, 2016

My Three Predictions for Business 2016-2020 - "My Crystal Ball" - By Robert Leonard

Prediction one - Business to itself will flourish and grow over the next five years going from good to great. The markets, which have been growing slowly over the last few years, will continue to grow except that they will be accelerating. For the last five years we have been in a "replacement" market. This market has become the norm for our society today. We, in general, have not been buying products because we wanted them, but because we needed them - "our old one broke down". In the next five years, business and market growth will accelerate as there is a pent up demand for the "I Wants" rather than "I Needs". This points to good times.

Prediction two - Financial instrument marketers will become more aggressive with the offering of more aggressive products. Aggressive investment capital was stifled for several years for two reasons, the media told us of impending doom and the investment /tax rules were in flux - we like to invest where we know the rules. Today, there is still huge pent up capital "waiting on the sidelines", but looking, for a place to flow. In the next 5 years it will flow, possibly like it has never flowed in the past and probably not peaking for 20 years - yes, a 20-year boom. This points to good times.

Prediction three - Business and life are being redefined by our dreams and desires. In the past, it has always been about security and consistency, which came with stress and vulnerability. We will see more people stepping out (even if they are forced out) taking on the world satisfying their own entrepreneurial desires and wants setting their own destinies. This will create jobs, wealth, and be a major part of our future and the economy. This points to good times.

So where are all these opportunities - examples please?
  • Convenience Services
    • Landscaping
    • Food Prep and Delivery
    • Child Care
  • Financial Services
    • More people today are at least concerned about their future
  • Specialty Manufacturing.
    • Anything that can be made and shipped inexpensively and/or regonally  There are even boutique steel manufactures
Entrepreneurism will not only be the future, but the thing to be. 

"A True Entrepreneur does not think they can, they just don't know why they can't" ~rel

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