Friday, January 22, 2016

Firsts - Starting a business is like the rest of life - By Robert Leonard

Starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur (for the first time) is not about taking one step at a time, it's about getting beyond the firsts - maybe many first or even a series of first (purposely left singular).  The advice here is when you encounter a first, don't consider the task, consider it as a first - you have done 100s of firsts before.

Think about what scares us in life - it's not the doing of something over and over, it's about doing those things for the first time.  But those firsts are more than scary, they also become our most revered and treasured memories. Think about it - here are some examples of our firsts.

  • First day of school - elementary, JHS, HS, college
  • First date, first dance, first girlfriend/boyfriend, first kiss, first time
  • First love, first child
  • First job, first sales call, first rejection, first sale
        • (Celebration of the first $Dollar$ pinned or framed on the wall)
  • First business, first hire, first office
What's common here?  It's the word first. When we are afraid or scared, it's because it's your first time. It is not about being insurmountable or impossible - it's just that we have never done it or been there before.

Remember, your first time at anything has an unknown element to it - the unknowns, by their very nature, at a minimum, cause us hesitation - at the most, cause us fear. 

Any venture, any opportunity, any challenge, and much of life is about doing, and getting beyond, your firsts.

We celebrate firsts. We reminisce of firsts.

"When was the last time you did something for the first time." ~ John C. Maxwell

"What makes the Biggest Difference in ones chance of success - Doing It"  ~rel

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