Saturday, December 12, 2015

B & D Creative

When art meets science and math, it’s amazing the lasting home décor creations that can be created by the artists at B & D Creative in Raymond. Using computerized numerical code (CNC), Bob Martin and his son Dustin design shapes then transmit the pattern to a machine that uses highly pressurized water to cut the object. From fireplace screens to riot gear, the company can cut any material using 60,000 psi and crushed garnet. 
The handcrafted designs can take hours to put into the computer, and once that is completed, the cutting is precise and can take minutes to hours depending on what is being cut and how intricate it is. For example, it could take two hours to cut a large scene after 12 hours of drawing. 

“I can do it with more detail than anyone out there,” Bob said. 
All of their artwork from candle holders to coat racks are made with aerospace grade aluminum. The material is not flimsy or paper thin. “It’s lightweight and won’t rust,” Dustin said. “They use it in planes. It can handle a coat hanger.”

Bob Martin has been working with precision machinery since working in the Navy on a 500-man tender in Vietnam. His background as a CNC machinist and knowing how to draw, made this new business a natural progression. He also has a degree in music education, he said. Using water to create art is a self-taught skill, Bob said. 

Dustin Martin is a mechanical engineer by trade. He creates custom LED panels, tiles and signs for B&D Creative. 

“My wife calls it my hobby,” Bob said.  “I was curious and wanted to do this. I wanted to use my creative side. However, every time I have a hobby it becomes a business,” he added with a laugh. 

The art work has grown into collections featuring loons, bears, happy dogs, happy cats, flying ducks or deer. That’s only a starting point for what B&D Creative can make for a customer. 

“There are so many options,” said Bob from wall art to marble medallions to toilet paper roll holders, the sky is the limit. The metal art is painted with a powder coat that is very safe to use with the fire of the candle. All sconces come with votives so customers can light them immediately. Fireplace screens give tired fireplaces a new look that is personalized. 

The ideas for the various collections came from Bob’s love of wildlife and the interaction with his grandson. 

“If you have an idea, we can draw it,” Bob said. “It’s a great gift idea for the guy or lady that has everything,” he added. Many of the projects are available right away. Custom work takes a little bit longer. 

For those with new homes and new additions, custom tile work makes a great focal point. B&D can create intricate designs to create the look that is personal for the individual or family. 

In addition to the artwork, he is able to help professional clients create tools for their businesses. The machine can cut fiberglass or metals for special awards, foam or custom packaging to ship delicate items. They encourage people with questions to reach out to them. 

Prices for the art work ranges from $29.95 to $2,000 depending on the piece and the number of cuts needed.  

Bob is a member of the Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business organization (SDVOSB). “We know what quality is,” said Dustin. 

Call for an appointment or visit their newest distributor, Essentials on Route 302 in Raymond.
For more on B&D Creative or to order items, visit, email or or call 207-321-9569 or 207-229-3367.  

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