Sunday, August 2, 2015

Business spotlight - Protect Pest Services - By Michelle Libby

If there’s one reason people don’t like the outdoors, it’s bugs. They especially don’t like bugs that get inside the house. Ron Keeler, owner of Protect Pest Services, has made getting rid of bugs his life’s work. He is the owner, service man, receptionist and bookkeeper. When a customer calls with an ant problem, he is the one who answers the phone and he’s the one who will be there to take care of the issue. 
“It’s my passion. You’ve got to do something that you enjoy. I don’t like it, I love it,” Keeler said. “It’s unique. Not a lot of people like bugs. I love bugs.” 

In its third year, Protect Pest Services is growing, but when calling Keeler, the knowledge comes from a “42-year learning experience,” as he calls his work history. He learned the business from the bottom up, starting in New Jersey when he was handed a spray can and a bill pad and was told to go to work. He has also been a technical director for a large company in New England, but since moving to Raymond, he has been putting his knowledge to good use with his Maine clients. 

“I’m local. I’m there for you. I’ll answer my phone on Sunday afternoons,” Keeler said. 

Protect Pest Services works with people in Southern Maine and in Northern Maine, especially hunting cabins, children’s summer camps, log homes, residential homes, seasonal camps and cottages, condos, resorts, restaurants, markets and commercial properties.

“I use the greenest, most effective materials, coupled with knowledge and experience. I know what to do,” he said. 

Services Protect Pest Services offer are insect removal, ants, spiders, termites, roaches, fleas, mice, pantry pests and anything else that might pop up, Keeler said. 

“I will do what you need. I will not push repeated service on you. I will not penalize you with a fee for first service,” Keeler said. He doesn’t put out a special price, only to jack up the prices on additional services or tangle the offer up in red tape, he said. He wants to make money on the service, but not on products needed. He does not markup products he uses. “Prices are very reasonable because I don’t have the overhead,” Keeler said. 

When Protect Pest Services comes to take care of ants, he takes care of them for the season guaranteed. When he sets up a contract for service he will come three times a year, spring, summer and fall, when the bugs are out. 

“It’s helpful to know what’s been done. I can remember exactly what I did. In truth, I don’t get callbacks,” Keeler said. 

Keeler uses materials that are State and EPA approved. Pest control is a well regulated field and Keeler holds a Maine Master’s license. Products that are used incorrectly can be a danger, he said. When he uses baits, he uses a minute amount that is placed where no child or animal can get to them…only the pests. Once he treats a home, there will be nothing to see or smell, he said.  His motto is “to protect and serve”. 

The best part of the job for Keeler is “helping people out protecting house and heath and devising an action plan and fixing it at a reasonable price,” he said. 

He does a good job and people come back to him year after year because of that. A lot of his business comes from word of mouth. 

“I think outside the box. That’s something I do very well,” he said. His clients know this. He also consults with local schools and businesses to help educate and entertain. He offers free estimates, free inspections and will give clients information to make an educated decision.  

To reach Protect Pest Services, call 207-321-9733 or visit

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