Sunday, August 16, 2015

Business spotlight - The Dump Guys - By Michelle Libby

The Dump Guy is a full service garbage removal company that can haul anything to the dump except asbestos. With 35 employees, they have the equipment and the man power to conquer any job. 
The company started nine years ago, focused on residential clean up in the spring and fall. Friends Jason Gilpatrick and Garrett Gordon were landscapers in Scarborough and Westbrook respectively, when they decided to work together.
They had both been asked to do trash runs for people and saw the potential for a business, said Mike Caswell, who is the marketing coordinator, does sales and also runs a truck for The Dump Guy. 

With two trucks and two trailers they started the business hauling bulky waste and trash. “We are growing insanely,” said Caswell. The company now has 11 trucks and trailers, a flatbed for sheds and mobile home removal, excavator for tear downs and a smart car for giving free estimates.  

“Nobody else does what we do,” said Caswell. The Dump Guy fosters customer relations and professionalism. “We’re not a guy in his truck looking for free metal,” he said. 

There are one truck companies out there, but the reliability of The Dump Guy as well as the experience, makes them stand out. 

They work from the edge of Maine to Bangor, Downeast and over to New Hampshire. 

With a central dispatcher scheduling trucks, the company can handle the 70 phone calls they receive each day. All follow up calls are made within 30 minutes and each customer receives a confirmation call before the truck arrives. 

“I guarantee you can think of stuff to get rid of in the basement or attic,” Caswell said. The dump guys will come in and clean out the space, tidy it up and haul away all of the debris. 

They will take anything that is not attached and have removed pianos and cast iron tubs. The items are disposed of or recycled in a responsible manner. All metal is recycled. Some items with hazardous materials have an extra charge to dispose. Customers don’t have to have a large pile outside for them to remove, but they can clear that way as well. 

They clean up after commercial construction companies. For landlords, they can clean out an apartment almost that same day and for brokers closing on a house, they can have a property cleaned before inspections. They also work with property management companies all over Maine.

We pride ourselves on a 24 to 48 hour turnaround time, said Caswell. “We can do 50 jobs as a company in one day.” 

The Dump Guy charges based on the space that is filled in the trucks and trailers. 

The most popular jobs they do can be cleaning a yard or inside a house, cleaning before someone moves in or out, clearing cut down brush or garage cleanouts.

“We help out by doing good service. We are getting rid of a lot of trash that’s out there and recycling it,” said Caswell. 

For free estimates, questions or to book a job, call Scott, the dispatcher, at 450-5858 or visit the company online at

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  1. Congratulations Caswell! Really happy to read how you they grow insanely and spread their Quality Trailers services in a quick time.