Sunday, December 14, 2014

Business spotlight - Windham Chiropractic and Rehabilitation - By Michelle Libby

Dr. Mark Wasowski grew up being told that chiropractors were “quacks”, but 30 years later, he’s proving that aligning the spine through chiropractic care is a good way to stay healthy. 
“My mom was on the floor and a nurse came to her to take care of her bad back,” Wasowski said. His mother went to a chiropractor and after an adjustment, she was better. “My dad wanted me to be a dentist or a lawyer.”

After graduating from the University of Maine at Orono with a degree in zoology, the pre-med track, he worked as an orthopedic tech, a roofer and metallographer and after five years decided to become a chiropractor. 

“I liked the whole thing that the body heals by just removing he interferences (physical, chemical and emotional),” he said. He described the brain as a computer, the wiring is the nerves and the spine houses those wires. If garbage is put in, garbage will come out of the computer (the body).
Wasowski worked with Dr. George Roy as an associate. He was a mentor for Wasowski, teaching him techniques and business practices, he still uses today.

One man, named Charlie, had chronic migraines, according to Wasowski and after being adjusted by a chiropractor, he never got them again. A chiropractor in Auburn who worked on Wasowski got him thinking about his career path. 

Wasowski started his practice in Windham in February of 2002. Last week, he moved his office to a new location at 584 Roosevelt Trail. He shares the new space with two other medical professionals, an audiologist and a podiatrist. 

Wasowski is a Diplomate in Bioenergetic Synchronization Technique (BEST) and is advanced proficiency rated for activator use. 

“I believe chiropractic is for everybody and the reason being, you have two things working against you as long as you’re here on Earth, plaque on your teeth and gravity. Gravity wins and you end up six feet under,” he said. People have to eat food every day for at least two and a half hours and because of that it is recommended that people see the dentist every six months and brush and floss regularly. Everyone gets two sets of teeth for their lifetime.

People only get one spine and there’s no way to learn or practice how to take care of it. “You can’t’ see what’s going on inside your spine,” Wasowski said.  Everyday people are sitting or standing 14 hours. It’s smart to go out every month or two to get your spine “cleaned” meaning adjusted. Just like cavities, spines sometimes don’t show issues of misuse until years later. Getting adjusted regularly can help with future issues, he said. 

“The whole idea is to keep the body in balance,” he said. “Clients initially come in because of some specific pain or symptom.” Once they are over the “hump” it is up to the patient if they want to keep their spine aligned or if they want to wait for the next time there is pain. 

Wasowski works on people of all ages, commenting that he’s done energetic balancing on infants including his own daughter the day she was born. 

Chiropractic care is no longer thought of as non-medical. Chiropractors are receiving referrals from primary care doctors more and more. In addition to adjustments, Wasowski also sells orthotics, BioFreeze and special pillows. He is looking to get into more nutrition care.

Chiropractic is not for everyone. Most will feel better, a few will feel worse and some will see no change, however, it will bring back a range of motion for most people, Wasowski said.

 Rebecca Andrews is Wasowski’s office manager and although new in the last few months, she worked for him years ago and is excited to be back, but in the new location.

For more information about Wasowski or Windham Chiropractic, visit or call the office to set up an appointment at 892-9001.

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